Ascension Program Logo

The logo of the Ascension Program

The Ascension Program (Russian: Програма Вознесение) is the current Soviet Space program, dedicated to projecting Soviet power and influence into space. It has a high amount of the Soviet economy reserved specifically for its missions, about four percent of the total GDP, and the majority of its missions were successes.


Ascension Space Station

The Ascension Space Station (Russian: Станция Вознесение) is the only current space station, and the largest that humanity ever constructed. The first section was launched into Earth orbit in 1968, and more sections were added up over the years. In fear of possible attacks or infiltrations by other nations, the Soviet government put weapons on the space station. It currently has two cannons, a heavy machine gun, a rocket launcher, and an armory full of AK-47 assault rifles and Makarov semi-automatic pistols.

The space station is largely self sustaining, and has a crew of about 19 cosmonauts.

Ascension Moon Base

The Ascension Moon Base (Russian: Лунная База Вознесение) is the only base that humanity has on another celestial object. It was first formed with the first Moon landing. It currently has no inhabitants.

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