Asami Saito
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Asami Saito
Official portrait of Asami Saito

25th President of the United Republic of Tiangong
1 February 2012 – present

Predecessor: Wang Shaojing

Senator of the United Republic
from Tokyo

1 February 2007 – 1 February 2012

Member of the United Republic House of Representatives
from Tokyo's 1st District

2004 – 2007

Born: 5 January 1981 (aged 35)
Tokyo, United Republic
Residence: Palace of the Republic
Spouse: Caspian Virtanis (2013 - present)
Political party: Democratic Alliance (2002-2004)
None (2004-present)
Religion: None
 Asami Saito (Japanese: 斎藤朝美 "Saito Asami") is a Japanese and United Republic politician who is the 25th and current President of the United Republic of Tiangong. Saito is widely considered one of the nation's most successful Presidents, having increased the economic growth by 2%, reducing illegal immigration by 90%, creating 5 million new jobs, legalizing polygamy and making 50% of the nation's power come from green sources. She is a recipient of numerous peace awards, and often regarded as one of the world's leading advocates of peaceful coöperation. Saito is commonly considered as the most powerful person in the world. Saito was electd in 2012, and was re-elected in 2016.

Political views

Asami Saito has described herself as a liberal-progressive social democrat. She is a strong supporter of equalism and like almost all United Republicans a strong supporter of democracy.

Human rights

Saito is a frequent speaker at human rights conventions and forums, and has frequently expressed her concern for nations with grave human rights conditions. Saito supports universal voting rights, the equality of all humans, same-sex marriage, LGBTA rights and consensual polygamy.

Free market

Though she accepts the free market and capitalist system of the United Republic, Saito has described herself as a socialist. She also supports a more equitable distribution of wealth and has introduced many taxes for the wealthier populace. After her reelection in 2016, Saito successfully petitioned the Congress to draft a bill which introduced a guaranteed basis income for every citizen in the United Republic.


Saito is a fervent supporter of globalism, and believes nations need to work closer together and humanity should be more united. Saito also describes herself as a semi-Unificationist and believes one day humanity will unite under one flag. However, she has stated she will not push for a global government like Kuvira Laghima.

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