Ðis holey boocke by ðe genade of ðe holey Asal Yehouuee / is ðe slissal to ðe / being filleð uppe to ðe hiad / uuið gaudbeing / and saþisfacshoun about leiffe. And so letteþ usse be happey / to haffe the slissal / and to haffe the Proffett for ðe nouuuingness off ðe groþe Asal.

Firrst Boocke

Capiterlum 1

In ðe beoginninge ðehr uuas nowwet / niððer time nore spase. But ðenn / ðair uuas a groþe shocke of ise / a shocke groþer ðanne anniþynge. And ðenn / came a groþe shocke offe fire / exaccteley as groþe. Afterre / came a shocke offe water / ðenn uuan offe earþ / ðenn uuan offe luft / all ðe same as before. Þey all mished / to ðe mackeing gouud: Yehouuee / anh Asal. Ðe mackeing / Asal / Yehouuee toocke a yihr / of mackeing ðe mundia / and oute came / ðe holey warld / and ðe palanetts arauuend iþ. Ðe Asal / þough / even makedþ more gouuds / to fille uppe / ðe hoch amounte / offe jobbes to do. And uuan / uuas to be / ðe gouud / offe ðe niuusbrenging / uuelc uuas ðen / or nauu / to breng / ðe goode niuus / to ðe piapel / offe ðe ceilteach impiratordom / or impire. Saddeley / thay haffe auolreadey / been behit / bey oððer warldviuus / suche as ould ceilteach / romanne / greach / normanne / kristiaine / germanicce / jewicce or / umusalam / nauun as ðe mslm or / slm relidgion / which aunley all / to a partte / gotte itte rihty.

Note: This is not finished yet

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