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Map of the World, 1900

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Welcome to a world of new colonial empires. You are the heavyweights? The German Empire, The Netherlands, Austria-Hungary, Sweden, and Denmark.


15th Century


  • February 1480
    • Minor POD The Netherlands is formed


  • August 1492
    • Main POD Christopher Colombus disappears on his voyage to find Asia
  • March 1494
    • Major POD A Great Depression-like state mysteriously falls over western Europe
    • The Netherlands fund nervously a voyage to Asia
  • June 1497
    • The voyage finds the Americas

16th Century


  • May 1507
    • The Netherlands establishes the colony of New Amsterdam

      European colonies 1665. White borders-1900 borders. Blue-Sweden, Orange-Netherlands, Turquoise-Denmark.

17th Century


  • April 1666
    • The Netherlands perchase New Sweden from Sweden in exchange for naval ships

18th Century


  • January 1700
    • Sweden declares war on Denmark, War of the Arctic begins.

19th Century

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