Born in 1589, Arunta was the leader of the Aboriginal Union from 1608 to 1623 and was the first leader in the 'Age of Culture' in that union. He is celebrated for his love of art, particularly music, and the brilliant effects that this love had on the Union. He succeeded the unpopular Orad from the position of leader.

While in power, he would draw crowds from all over the country to listen to the recitals performed by his musicians. He would then use influential speeches to convince them of the wonderful ways of the Union. In many respects, this was very successful, and many people were swayed into joining.

His death in 1623 brought a great sadness to the Union, and the leader who succeeded him, Yuka, was still a lover of culture but not so much of music, instead more visual arts. Nevertheless, his love of music was continued throughout the history of the Union.

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