The Articles of Union was a series of conditions drawn up by the Union of Borealia under which its government would unify with the Empire of Mexaca.

Conditions of Union

  • All participating nations reserve the right to withdraw from the union at any time if their government so desires.
  • The legislators of Mexaca shall participate as constituent members of the Curia Borealia located in New Vienna (OTL Crater Lake National Park, Oregon). This government will oversee economic and political matters in both nations
  • The Emperor of Mexaca reserves control over matters of policy in Mexaca, but remains subject to the Curia Borealia.
  • The military of Borealia and Mexaca shall remain separate. However, Mexaca's military may only participate in conflicts approved by the Curia Borealia.
  • The money of both nations is standardized to the Borealian Reichsthaler, which is minted in Borealia.
  • The new government in Mexaca will reaffirm its acceptance of the Fourth Treaty of Chan Chan, the Treaty of Midway, and the New Munich Pact.

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