The Articles of Confederation is the ruling of the United States.

Under the Articles, three branches of federal government are established, the legislative, executive, and judicial.

Legislative Branch

The legislative powers of the United States are vested in the Congress of the United States. The powers of which are very much like those in the OTL U.S. Constitution. one difference is that the congress must have a two-thirds majority to pass any appropriations bill. Also, both houses approved treaties and cabinet members.


The U.S. Senate is the upper house of the congress. Each state is entitled to two senators each who are elected by their state legislatures for a term of two years.

House of Representatives

The U.S. House is the lower house of congress. The members of this body chosen based on population of each of the states. The members are elected by the people of their states for a term of two years.

Executive Branch

The executive branch consists of a President and Cabinet of the United States.


The President of the United States is elected by Congress for a two-year term and is limited to two consecutive terms. The president has the power to veto legislation but only with the approval of the Cabinet. He also appoints the cabinet members with approval of Congress.


The Cabinet of the United States is appointed by the president. Cabinet members vote on presidential vetos and other important matters similar to the British Cabinet.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch consists of one supreme court as well as other courts that may be established by congress.

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