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Article Eleven (A11) centers around a world controlled by imperialists and the United States. The main point of divergence is Gaudium 16th, 3rd Anno Unum (January 12th, 1779.) After much consideration the Canadian colonies join the United States. This single event sparks a bloody American Revolution, a much more severe War of 1812, and the birth of the "American Empire".

Important Events

See also: Timeline (A11), Wars (A11)

The following is a summarised timeline. For the full version click the link above.

*Three dates are provided in the following timeline The first being the Calendrier d'Amérique, the second the Gregorian Calendar, and the final being the French Revolutionary Calendar (beginning in 1792.) Individualised Calendars pertaining to certain nations are on the full timeline and the individual timelines of said nations. To learn more about the calendars click the following Calendars (A11).

  • Libertas 4th, 1st Anno Unum | July 4th, 1776 - The thirteen colonies declare their independence from the British Empire.
  • Fidem 25th, 3rd Anno Unum & Pax 7th, 3rd Anno Unum | November 21st, 1778 & December 3rd, 1778 - Delaware ratifies the Articles of the Confederation earlier in this timeline and Maryland quickly follows suit.
  • Gaudium 16th, 3rd Anno Unum | January 12th, 1779 - Due to the quick ratification of the Articles of the Confederation a Canada with few loyalists opts to join the United States.
  • Honorem 6th, 4th Anno Unum | October 2nd, 1780 - The British in Yorktown are surrounded and forced to surrender to the American and Canadian colonists.
  • Gratia 7th, 6th Anno Unum | September 3rd, 1782 - The Americans, French, Dutch, and British meet in France and sign the Treaty of Paris which recognises the USA as an independent sovereign state.
  • Libertas 18th, 13th Anno Unum | July 14th, 1789 - French rioters storm the Bastille prison and begin the French Revolution.
  • Unknown Date, 24th Anno Unum | Unknown Date, 1800 | Date Inconnue, VIII - Nouvelle-France is re-established in North America.
  • Gaudium 5th, 24th, Anno Unum | January 1st, 1801 | Nivôse 11th, IX - The Kingdom of Ireland joins with the United Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Fortitudo 29th, 25th Anno Unum | March 25th, 1802 | Germinal 4th, X - The United Kingdom recognizes the French Republic with the Treaty of Amiens.
  • Maius 22nd, 26th Anno Unum | May 18th, 1803 | Floréal 18th, XI - The Napoleonic Wars begin.
  • Pax 6th, 27th Anno Unum | December 2nd, 1804 | Frimaire 11th, XIII - Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself the emperor of France.
  • Virtute 25th, 30th Anno Unum | August 21st, 1807 | Fructidor 3rd, XVI - The British lead a surprise attack on the USA and storm the East Coast and take supplies that will aid them in their war against the French Emperor Napoleon.
  • Gaudium 26th, 30th Anno Unum | January 22nd, 1808 | Pluviôse 2nd, XVII - President Jefferson formally declares war on the United Kingdom.

New Pages

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  • Nations (coming soon) - A list of all current & former sovereign states as well as territories
  • Timeline (coming soon) - A complete timeline of the Article Eleven world.
  • Wars (coming soon) - A list of wars which have taken place from 1776 to present day


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