PoD tentative; not before 2005 and not after 2007. All of this, especially the relatively implausible bits on the nuclear exchange, is subject to change.


This timeline explores a limited-scale nuclear exchange on January 1st, 2009 between the United States and Russia, following a large-scale conventional war between Russia and NATO. This exchange results in the collapse of American federal structures, the complete end of Russia as a centralized state, and the succession of 24 American states from the Union. The geopolitical balance of the world is altered drastically in an instant, and to say that there are troubling days ahead is quite a pronounced understatement.

Principal Content/Interesting Pages

Status [17FEB15]

Working primarily on POD and leadup to the exchange at the moment, and general background work. The plan at the moment is to get all of the important stuff dealt with from the POD to 2011, and then I will begin working on fleshing out specific content areas, primarily on a regional basis - i.e. I will start with the US and then work on East Asia.

The timeline will be the primary mechanism for everything pre-2009 - everything from 09' onwards will be done in greater detail. I will probably eventually go back and work on making everything pre 09' more detailed, but that's quite a ways away.

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