Arthur von Wittelsbach
Timeline: Habsburg Texas

Arthur von Wittelsbach in uniform, 1840s

Count of Castell
1833 –

Born 13 August 1797
Munich, Bavaria
Religion Roman Catholic
Profession Major General, Austrian Army

Arthur von Wittelsbach, Count of Castell was an Austrian aristocrat and Major General in the Austrian Army. Serving since he was 17, Wittelsbach showed an affinity for command and became one of the most well-respected Brigadier Generals in the army. In 1833, he succeeded to the traditional title of Count of Castell after his father, Otto, died. Wittelsbach was promoted to Major General in 1835 and was appointed head of the Austrian Expeditionary Force. After Texas became independent, he stayed in Texas and became the founder of the Texan Army. By doing so, he renounced his title of Count, passing it to his second son, Julius, who remained a subject of Austria; despite this, he was still affectionately known as "the Count Wittelsbach", "Count Arthur", or "the Count of Castell" for the rest of his life. Like Franz Karl, he took a strong liking to the Texian people and later became fluent in English. He was a good friend of Franz Karl of Texas and a distant relative of the House of Wittelsbach, the royal family ruling Bavaria.