Arthur St. Clair

Portrait of Arthur St. Clair

9th President of the United States in Congress Assembled
February 2, 1787 - October 29, 1787

Predecessor Nathaniel Gorham
Successor Cyrus Griffin

1st Governor of the Northwest Territory
July 15, 1788 – November 22, 1802

Predecessor New Office
Successor Charles Willing Byrd
Born March 23, 1737
Thurso, Caithness, Scotland
Died August 31, 1818

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Political Party None

Arthur St. Clair (March 23, 1737 - August 31, 1818) 9th President of the United States in Congress Assembled was an American soldier and politician. Born in Scotland, he served in the British Army during the French and Indian War before settling in Pennsylvania, where he held local office. During the American Revolutionary War, he rose to the rank of major general in the Continental Army, but lost his command after a controversial retreat.