Early Life

Arthur Seamus O'Neill MacDonald, born April 3, 1806, in Porto Duarado, British Southern Africa. He was born to a poor Irish immigrant family. At an early age, he was sent to King John VI School. He then won a scholarship to the Catholic University of Southern Africa in Marazo. After, he joined the Royal Army of British Southern Africa. He was quickly made a Lieutenant, and later a Captain. In 1836, he was given the rank of Major, and named in command of the Changa Campaign. The Changa rebels were attacking Europeans, and resisting control. After a successful campaign, MacDonald was granted the option to retire. He took his leave, and moved to Cunningham in the Duarado Valley. Here he was elected to represent Cunningham in Parliament. In 1846, South Africa declared and ultimately received independence from Great Britain. MacDonald was unanimously elected President. In 1835 MacDonald married Maria da Silva, daughter of Paulo da Silva, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Army of British Southern Africa. They had five children, four boys and one girl, including a set of twins.

  • Children:
  • Arthur Seamus O'Neill MacDonald II June 11, 1836
  • João Francis da Silva MacDonald March 21, 1837
  • Miguel Oliver da Silva MacDonald March 21, 1837
  • Jonathan Nathaniel da Silva MacDonald September 16, 1839
  • Emma Maria da Silva MacDonald January 2, 1841
  • Marcus Antonius MacDonald March 3, 1843

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