Arthur I of England and Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line

King of England and Ireland
29 February 1573 - 17 July 1576

Predecessor Henry IX
Successor Edward VI

Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall
9 January 1544 - 29 February 1573

Predecessor Henry IX
Successor Edward VI
Born 9 Jan 1544
Greenwich Palace, London
Died 28 July 1576
Tower of London, London
Queen Elizabeth of Palatine
 Arthur I of England and Ireland was the son of Henry IX and Princess Maria of Portugal, daughter of John III of Portugal. He was born in 1544 and grew up in the disaster of his father's reign. His daughter would be skipped in favour of her uncle Edward VI due to the fact that female inheritance for England would be made into law during the reign of Henry X, long after Elizabeth died and her family didn't want to claim a colonial empire of that size. He started the huge war for Portugal that lasted for a year between 1574 and 1575, undermining the power of the monarchy and topping off the discontent in Ireland, eventually this caused the creation of the Frith-Béarla. Two years later conspirators removed him and two weeks later he died of unspecified causes. Edward VI would eventually have to repair the state and reconnect with Europe.


Hatred from Europeans meant he could only marry a lowly Elizabeth, daughter of Louis VI, Elector Palatine. Their only daughter would be Elizabeth (1566 - 1630), she was also married to a lowly man Sigismund Frederick, Elector of Brandenburg. Their family would not claim the throne after Henry X's change of law.