Arthur Richard Henry Tudor, The White Eagle (21 December 1518 - 1 March 1560)

Arthur II of England (The Welsh Rose)
Prince arthur.jpg
'Duke of Clarence and King of England'
Duke of Clarence & King of England (more...)
Reign 27 September 1547 - 1 March 1560 (13 years and 157 days)
Coronation 23 December 1547 (aged 29)
Predecessor Henry VII
Successor Henry IX
Spouse Isabella Blanche Percy

m. January 1540

Issue Harry Owain Percy Tudor

James Arthur Tudor
William Ralph Tudor
George Thomas Tudor
Catalina Elizabeth Anne Tudor

House House of Tudor
Father Arthur Tudor I
Mother Catherine of Aragon
Born 21 December 1518
Hatfield House
Died 1 March 1560 (aged 41)
Dover Castle, England
Burial Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey

Arthur married Isabella Percy in a secret wedding, which became a court scandal when it was discovered as he was far above her status in society and second in line to the throne.

Early life


Arthur Tudor was the last child born to King Arthur and his wife Queen Catherine. His birth was much celebrated around the country as second boy provided stability to the Tudor dynasty. Extreme care was taken over his household as two elder sons had died in infancy and the Queen did not return to court until his health was considered stable.

As the youngest child the King and Queen educated and brought Arthur up at court and not away in Ludlow like his brother. He was an exceedingly handsome and intelligent boy with a lively disposition. Despite being of less importance dynastically he was his mother's, and to some extent father's, favourite child and she was more involved in his upringing than some of their elder children.

In his younger years he was doted on by his elder sisters and people of the court. As he grew up he clearly possessed all aspects of a medieval prince, intelligent and fluent in spanish, latin and french, being excellet at duelling, jousting and hunting, whilst also participating in pageants and other aspects of court life.

Court Life

Arthur held a high position in the court and on his 8th birthday was made a Knight of Bath and the Duke of Clarence. Many women of the court were entranced by his looks and intellect and the high lords of England were already trying to press their daughter's suits in marriage. However Catherine and Arthur were determind not to enter negotiations too soon, especially as their elder daughters had already left the English court by the time Arthur


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