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Artemis Global Security
Artemis insignia.jpg
Abbreviation AGS
Formation June 21 1972
Type Private Military Company
Legal status Active
Headquarters Bridgetown, Barbados
Secretary General Orlando Salinas

Artemis Global Security (A.G.S) is a Private Military Company that is based in the Caribbean Islands.


After World War Two most of the small Islands began to run into chaos. A former Bolivian Military personnel, Orlando Salinas, began to train military units in Trinidad and Tobago and other small islands around the area.

It is the most powerful PMC in the world, it is seen as the military for Trinidad and Tobago, and for other Caribbean Islands. It has also had its share of arguments with the United States Government over contracting in the Virgin Islands.


A.G.S is the largest commercial producer of Aircraft while having factories around the world, and is also a leading producer in chemical weaponry.

Air force

A.G.S has amount of 22 Mikoyan MiG-29 that have been bought from the Russians and is also beginning to produce the new Sukhoi PAK FA.

Serbian Air Force MiG-29
Pak fa in flight