Arrival in England

After three days of straight travel Alexei and his sisters arrived in England on the evening of September 19th, 1917. Though they couldn't stop for long, literally a quick lunch and then a long ride to Sandringham. Alexei seemed to have eaten his meal TOO fast which ended in him throwing up all over the interior of the motor car they were being driven in. It took hours to get to Sandringham and Alexei had also seemed to drunk to much as well. After complaining that he needed to go to the toilet which meant they had to stop in a town so Alexei could "relieve himself" Olga, the eldest, was afraid someone would recognise them though the event was unlikely. The children eventually reached Sandringham at midnight, King George V along with three of his children (Prince Edward, Prince Albert and Prince John) where there to greet them, Tattina had to admit how "nice" prince Edward was. Alexei was looked at sorely by Edward and Albert (because of his age) but Prince John, who was about the same age as Alexei got on for many reasons including because John suffered from Epileptic fits and Alexei, Hemophilia.

Life in England was good for the most part, they were always mostly happy and Alexei had made a friend, Prince John. As well as having epileptic fits, John suffered Autism (precisely Aspergers) Alexei liked to help with Johns school work, he would try to teach basic mathematics and history. "The two got on well" wrote Maria. Though shock soon consumed Alexei and his sisters a month after arriving in the UK, the Winter palace in St Petersburg (also known as Petrograd) had been stormed by a angry mob, the Bolsheviks. The Tsar and Tsarina were exiled to Siberia which allowed any power struggles to die down. Alexei eventually got a letter from is Mother in late November to tell him and his sisters they were all right.

By Christmas of 1917 the war had indefinitely changed. With American help the Germans were being pushed severely back, the Prime Minister had predicted a total collapse of German forces by Christmas 1918. The king invited the Imperial children to Buckingham Palace for Christmas dinner. While a quiet dinner at Sandringham would be preferable, the children accepted the offer. After reaching Buckingham they were quickly fasted in to big dining room, Alexei could see many important dukes and politicians. Alexei got to sit beside Prince John while the other four girls were put throughout the table. Alexei was directly facing Prince Edward who started to talk first, "So you are the heir to your country's throne" Alexei simply and briefly said "Was". Edward quickly snapped back "There's no need to be cheeky, I have heard that you are interested in the army". "Yes I am" said Alexei "Well, after this terrible war is over, which, apparently, is to be very soon then maybe I could teach you thing or two" said Edward, Alexei's eyes lit up. "Oh would you!?" "Yes, I would. Now, have you been to your country's frontlines?" asked Edward, Alexei replied "Yes, I have. I got to see big guns and real soldiers and ----" "Yes, yes, yes. Well, I can see you're truly enthusiastic about this, I shall see what I can do for you, hmm?" said Prince Edward, Alexei nodded in agreement.

To continue to read, Search "The war turns in our favour (Tsar Alexei II)"

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