The Army of the Republic of California (abbreviated as ARC) is the armed forces of Northern California. This page is devoted to its divisions and enlistments.

Army of the Republic of California
NotLAH Californian Army emblem
Founded 24 June 1969
Current form 1989
Headquarters Eureka
Commander-in-Chief Abel Maldonado
Minister of Defence Richard Brown
Military age 17
Active personnel 100,000
Reserve personnel 345,000

ARC Land Forces

Bear Guard

about 1000 + men

Invasion Forces

55,000 specially trained forces, 17,000 tanks and other vehicles, and air support

Internal Civil Defense Forces

10,000 police trained forces to secure and defend citizens

ARC Naval Forces

  • 45,000 forces
  • One aircraft carrier
    • ​RCS Eureka
  • Four battleships
    • ​RCS Manuel Perez
    • RCS Modoc
    • RCS Sacramento
    • RCS San Francisco
  • Five destroyers
    • RCS Alex Mercer
    • RCS Mendocino
    • RCS Avalon
    • RCS William Ide
    • RCS John Sutter


R.C.S. Eureka


R.C.S. Modoc

  • 14 patrol ships
  • Two subs
    • RCS Black Bear
    •  RCS Lone Star

Air Force

Fighter Force

F-15- 400 
NotLAH MiG-29 with North Californian markings

MiG-29 fighter jet with North Californian markings

MiG-29- 1500 

Transport Force

Bombing Force

Tu-22 - 200

Yak-28 - 1000

Raid Force

Phlaxicortin-x delivery force


Black Hoods

4,000+ men (mostly 18-21 years old in average; semi-infected)


  • US-DSC-RIBBON Order of the Golden Bear
  • Defense Distinguished Service ribbon Defense Distinguished Service Medal 
  • Distinguished Service Medal ribbonArmy Distinguished Service Medal 
  • 450px-Silver Star ribbon-3d.svgGold Star
  • Legion of Merit ribbonLegion of Merit
  • Distinguished Service Medal ribbon Distinguished Offense Service Medal
  • Bronze Star ribbon Lone Star Medallion
  • 106px-Air Medal ribbon.svg Air Medal 


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