Previous - Nazi's March on Berlin! (CYOAH)

The Weimar Government decides to send a couple divisions to stop the Nazi's march on the capital. However, the did not realize that one of them, under a Colonel Ernest Roehm, is secretly loyal to Himmler, and instead of stopping the Nazi's, joins them. Berlin is shocked, and decides to suspend the constitution and declare martial law, and give all power to President Hindenburg to stop the threat. Immediately, even though it is against the Treaty of Versailles, Hindenburg orders a draft for 125,000 more soldiers, mostly World War One veterans if possible. Many who disagreed with the Nazi's and horrified that they tried to overthrow the government, as well as the fact that the where unemployed, willingly joined the ranks, and soon Hindenburg had a force of over 250,000, most of whom were armed with either WWI Rifles or personal weapons.

Meanwhile, the Nazi's reached the outskirts of Berlin, and start confronting the hastily raised men. Himmler does not the battle to end in bloodshed unless he absolutely has to, but the growing German army is posing a serious threat, even with his large numbers.

What does Himmler do now?

Call a ceasefire, and try to work it out

Dig in and Prepare for the Coming Battle

Preemptive strike!

Tbguy1992 22:43, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

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