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Armstrong-Allegheny War
Yellowstone: 1936
French army
Allegheny troops and tanks destroying a rebel position
Date 26 November 1948 - 13 June 1951
Location Erie County, Warren County, Crawford County, Venango County, Mercer County, Clarion County
Status Ended
Flag of Pennsylvania Republic of Allegheny 25px Free Erie Militia

Armstrong County

Commanders and leaders
Flag of PennsylvaniaGeneral George Knott

Flag of Pennsylvania President James Patrick Rossiter

25px Commander John Becit
24,000 Soldiers

2,500 Police
7 M2 Light Tanks
12 M1917 Tanks
180 Improvised Armored Vehicles
4 Boeing P-12
3 Boeing P-26
1 Martin B-10
1 USCG Tahoma

~25,700 Militia-members

1 M1917 Tank
70 Improvised Armored Vehicles

Casualties and losses
1,470 Killed; 4,194 Wounded 3,237 Killed; 7,956 Wounded

The Armstrong-Allegheny War was on of the bloodiest wars in the history of the founding of the nation. It was fought over a two and a half year period in the North-West part of the former state of Pennsylvania. The combatants were the Commonwealth of Armstrong and the Republic of Allegeheny.


The war started after the president of the Republic of Allegheny dissolved the State Council and froze democratic elections, declaring a state of emergency, and arrested leaders of other poltical parties. The reason he had claimed was for stability and to destroy raider and gang strongholds mainly in the Northern Tier.

After the State Guard (as it was called then) eliminated the threat, the president refused to relinquish the control, and continued to rule with an iron fist. Death squads and public executions became common an some people who remember that time claim every night they could hear gunfire somewhere in the city.

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