Perhaps World War II never had to occur. At the Treaty of Versailles , all nations of the world meet to discuss their plans for rebuilding a battered Europe, ensuring democracy, and helping disadvantaged ethnic groups. Russia, meanwhile, remains engulfed in a civil war between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Once the Treaty of Versailles is signed, America and Britain declare war on the Bolsheviks and help to secure a Menshevik government in Russia. After the end of the Russian Revolution in 1920, America and Britain help to slowly democratize the country, allowing the Bolsheviks to remain as a political party. In Germany , meanwhile, America , Britain , and France invest millions of dollars into rebuilding the country's shattered economy, beginning in 1921. To pay for this plan, President Wilson raises heavy taxes on the American upper class, including some of the nation's largest corporations. America never becomes an undisputed world power, and neither does the Soviet Union.

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