Armenian State
Hայերեն պետություն
Flag of Armenia.svg Coat of arms of Armenia.svg
Armenia in Axis Triumph.png
Armenia in 1945
Largest city Yerevan
Official languages Armenian,
Demonym Armenian
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  Chairman of the Council Drastamat Kanayan
Legislature Armenian National Council
 -  Declaration 3 August 1943 
 -  Liberation by the Soviets 25 November 1945 
 -   estimate 4,594,290 
Currency Reichsmark
Drives on the Left

The Armenian State (Հայկական պետություն) was a government established in August 1943 by Drastamat Kanayan, an Armenian nationalist leading the Armenian Legion of the German Army in World War II. After the Germans successfully invaded the Soviet Union, Armenia was granted independence, as part of Hitler's plan to isolate and punish Russia. It was planned for the Armenian State to largely be a puppet regime of Germany, however, due to its distant location from Germany, Armenia was given generally free reign in its policy making. One of the Armenian State's first acts as a government was to expel all Russians from the country, as many other newly-created puppet regimes in former USSR did.

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