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Timeline: The British Ain't Coming

OTL equivalent: Armenia, Parts of Eastern Turkey, Portions of Western Azerbaijan.
Flag of Armenia (The British Ain't Coming) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Armenia (The British Ain't Coming)
Location of ARM
Largest city Yerevan
  others Arabic, Turkish
Religion Armenian Apostolic
Ethnic Group 96% Armenian, 2.5 Azerbaijani, 1.5% other
Demonym Armenian
Legislature Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
President Narek Parazian
Prime Minister Nare Sarafian
Area 160,000 Sqkm
Population 14,900,000 Millions
Established November 8th, 1946
Independence from Soviet Union
  declared November 8th, 1946
Currency Armenian Ruble
Internet TLD .ar
Organizations UN, GTO

Armenia, officially The Republic of Armenia, is a nation in Asia, lying south of Georgia, West of Iran, East of Turkey, and north of Iran & Turkey.


Invasion by the Soviet Union

In 1934, the Soviet Union invaded Armenia, and the country was forced under Soviet Control. However, Nations from across the globe help liberate Armenia and in 1946, they declared independence. It was a very small nation until Turkey signed The Treaty of Yerevan, Which was signed by both countries and Armenia gained a substantial amount of territory where ethnic Armenians had been living.

Armenian-Azerbaijani War

Armenia was once again invaded, but this time by Azerbaijan. They wanted to takeover Armenia and control the Caucasus, however, with the help of Iran and Georgia, Armenia won the war and signed The Treaty of Baku with Azerbaijan, again with Armenia gaining territory.

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