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Rank insignias of the armed forces

Les forces armées Québecoise [Quebec's Armed Forces] are a small, all-volunteer organization. Its nucleus were members of the Canadian Armed Forces' regular and reserve units who chose to take on Quebec citizenship. The Forces are composed of the following:

  • L'Armée de Terre [Land Army]: Composed largely of light mechanized units and geared toward disaster relief missions.
  • La Marine Armée [Armed Navy]: Mainly use for local Coast-guarding missions. It use fewer sea-going vessel then riverine ones. Some of its icebreakers patrol the Hudson Bay and the arctic sea as statement of sovereignty: there is an ongoing (diplomatic) dispute with Canada regarding the exact limit of national waters and the USA does not recognize either claims of sovereignty to the Arctic Sea.
  • L'Armée de l'Air [Air Army]: Small organization used for air patrol, rescues and firefighting. It also maintain a few cargo planes used for humanitarian missions abroad.
  • La Milice [Militia]: undergo a smaller military training then the army and its member are used mostly for disaster relief. Can only be deployed oversea in a support role (the militia only has non-combat units such as engineering and field ambulance).

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