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Armed Forces Movement (Germany wins)

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Armed Forces Movement
Movimento das Forças Armadas (MFA)
Participant in the Portuguese Civil War
Military flag of Portugal
Active 1974
Ideology Communism
Leaders Leader: António de Spínola
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
(de facto capital)
Allies Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Soviet government in exile
Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
Opponents União Nacional União Nacional

Exército de Libertação de Portugal
Flag of Portugal Portugal

Flag of Facist Spain Francoist Spain
Movimento das Forças Armadas (MFA)
Armed Forces Movement
Founder António de Spínola
Party leader António de Spínola
Founded 1974
Headquarters Lisbon
Ideology Marxism–Leninism
Political position Far-left
International affiliation Comintern

The Tuvan People's Revolutionary Party was the regin Party in the Republic of Portugal.

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