The Arlington Contaminated Zone is the radioactive ruins of Arlington, Virginia, which was destro
393px-Russian soldier 2001

Soviet Soldier in McLean, Virginia, on the border to the ACZ, 2011

yed in 2010 in a Soviet nuclear bombing in the last days of the Fourth World War. The area is under the sovereignty of the Republic of Northern Virginia.

Contrary to the name, the ACZ does not consist solely of Arlington, and also includes parts of nearby Fairfax county and the independent city of Alexandria, as well as a small portion of Washington, D.C. The destruction of said portions of DC were poorly received by the DC government, an independent city-state, and its Head Councilman, Marion Berry.

While under the nominal sovereignty of the RNOVA, the area is patrolled by a security force consisting of troops from all the nations of the Havana Pact, the organization founded by the Soviet Union and its allies/puppets after the end of the Fourth World War. The commander of the occupation force is Anatoliy Serdyukov.

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