Seal of Arlington, Virginia

Arlington, Virginia was a county in the State of Virginia, part of the United States until its dissolution, and later a part of the Confederate States of America until 2008, when its ruins were assigned to the Soviet satellite state, the Republic of Northern Virginia
300px-The Pentagon January 2008

The Pentagon, located in Arlington

During the Cold War, Arlington was the site of the Pentagon, the head of the United States Military. During the course of the War, the military's funding from the federal government was cut substantially after major wars, such as the Cuban War and the War for Nicaragua. The local economy suffered as a result, as most of the jobs in the area were for the federal government.

After the Dissolution of the United States, Arlington fell under the sovereignty of the Confederate States. During the years from 1986 to 2004, Arlington experienced a minor economic boom from trade with the Republic of the Middle Atlantic, but it never regained its former prosperity.

In 2004, the Confederate States went to war with the Soviet Union, in the conflict known as the Fourth World War. Arlington became a transshipment point for Confederate and Allied forces en route to fight in Europe. During the Soviet Invasion of the Confederacy, President Mike Huckabee fled to Arlington and hid in a nuclear bunker left over from the times of the United States. The Soviet Union learned of Huckabee's presence due to the interrogation of various officials, and promptly decimated the city with a nuclear bomb dropped on the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program.

After the end of World War IV in 2008, the radioactive crater that was Arlington became the Arlington Contaminated Zone, which was deeded to the Republic of Northern Virginia.

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