Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
(EEM)naplesflag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Arendall
Largest city Arendall
Other cities Sorlois, Bramandin
Language Arkha
Religion Yeshianity
Ethnic Group Arken
Demonym Arken
Government Empire
  legislature Nine Princes
The Arkha Empire is an empire located on the continent of Aria and on the island of Los Islas.


The people of Arkhavan speak Arkha, a language similar to German. In the city of Bramandin, the newest incorporated city, a mixture of Arkha and Byther (Bramandin's native language) is spoken.


Arken practice Yeshianity, a monotheistic religion. The god of Yeshianity is Jahveh. In Yeshianity, Jahveh created the world and everything in it. Since man sinned, he is imperfect and sinful. To show repentence, Yeshians make sacrifices to Jahveh in temples dedicated to him. Scriptures speak of a savior who will come and remove all sin from the world. After death, Yeshians believe that believers will ascend into Hevin and live with Jahveh forever.


Arken are typically about 6 feet tall with tan skin, straight dark hair, and green or brown eyes. However, with the addition of the people of Bramandin to the gene pool, some Arken are begining to display lighter curly hair and lighter eyes.



  • The Arken are mainly hunters and farmers. The crops most grown by the Arken are Mais and Weizen, which form a staple of their diet. The meat obtained from wild animals is also important to the Arken. The meat is usually from the hairy elephants of the eastern grassland or from the giant wild dogs who live in the Kunau forest. A few Arken have taken to raising livestock, though it is not yet a common practice.
  • Arkhavan is a group of city-states located on the Orne River (southern-most river) on the continent of Aria (the western continent). They are located on the outskirts of the Kunau forest.


  • The Arken are a quickly-developing people, with many farms and cities.
Arkhavan World

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