Kingdom of Arkhastan
Timeline: A Great World (Map Game)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Arkel
Largest city Arkel
Other cities Hastana Kastavistan Gralistan
Language Arkhastani
Established 3500 BC
History=== Arkhastan is a country in the timeline A Great World. In 3500 AC the various city-states were united(or conquered, in the case of Kastavistan) under the banner of Emperor Walrus, which led to the crowning of Arkel as the capitol, although Hastana was also a large and influential settlement. The people of the nation at this time mostly used stone tools and stone was used widely in the construction of permanent buildings, though wood was used in the construction of human-pushed carts, useful for carrying heavy loads between the various settlements of Arkhastan. 100 years later in 3400 AC the cities had grown substantially, and horses were tamed and humans learned to use them to pull carts larger than those of 100 years before, and they were also used for riding. By now most stone tools had been phased out in favor of bronze and iron tools and weapons, and bronze had also been utilized(along with gold), in a currency, following the development of numbers, mathematics, and written language.

A Arkhastani iron longsword, c. 3410

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