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The High Kingdom Of Arkasia
Valyn Arcalys Kalsyrys Ver Naearinor
Timeline: Damalias Untold
Arkasia Flag Wavey Arkasia Coat-Of-Arms V1
Flag Coat of Arms
Arkasia Location
Location of Arkasia

Valnyarys, Nystarlys, Garicus (Arkasian)
("Strength, Courage, Vigilance")

Anthem "Valnyarys Nya Naearinorian Kalsyn"
Capital Providence
Largest city Minas Naear
Other cities Valadius Nystar

Valyrianus Nystar

Nyvalius Nystar

Garicanus Arkanalius

Minas Valnys

Minas Stylas

Minas Nystas

Minas Destinius

Valacadius Arcaslys

  others Old Arkasian




The High Heavens
  others All/Secularism/New Age
Ethnic Groups
  others Arcanisayn




Demonym Naearinorian (Arkasian)

Arkasian (English)

Government Democratic Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature High Council

High King

Angiris Council

High King Arkanian III Valyrys
Head of the High Council Valadius Arcanius
Leader of the Angiris Council Arkius Doomer
Population - 2015 Estimate


Established 987
Currency Damascan
Time Zone GMT -2
Calling Code 1197
Internet TLD .hka
Organizations Order of the Black Cross

Order of the Black Phoenix

The Archangel's Blades


The Knights of Providence

Arkasia (Arkasian: Naearinor) officially the High Kingdom of Arkasia (Arkasian: Arcalys Kalsyrys ver Naearinor) was a nation located in Central Damalias. It is bordered by Fahrgrave to the East and Avgrov to the North-East. Providence is it's capital and Minas Naear is it's largest city. Arkasia is a founding member of the Damalias Security Council and a member of the United Nations. Arkasia's official language is Arkasian, however they use Damali as a trade language.

Arkasia's founding dates back to before the birth of Christ, and as such, is one of, if not the, oldest nation on the planet. It has been destroyed, reformed, reshaped and rebuilt several times, but is now stronger than ever, and it could likely challenge much larger nations.


Work In Progress, Arkasia will be continued as soon as inspiration strikes and time is available.

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