Map of Arkansas with commune boundaries drawn

Arkansas, officially the Socialist Republic of Arkansas, is an independent state in North America, bordering Missouri, the Confederate States of America, Texas and Oklahoma.

Arkansas has an area of 137,733 sq km and a population of 2,915,918 residents. Capital and largest city is Little Rock.

Arkansas was a state in the United States of America 1836-1861, then it was a state in the Confederate States of America 1861-1920, and after the declaration of independence of the Socialist Republic of Arkansas in 1920, which was immediately recognized by the CSA, it has been an independent country.

Arkansas is run by the Socialist Party of Arkansas, which is an elitist marxist party (according to it's own program), founded by Russian emigrant Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov and Swedish emigrant Zeth Höglund, who became Arkansas's first party chairman (Ulyanov) and first secretary-general of the people's council (Höglund). The party chairman is the head of government, and the de-facto ruler, and the secretary-general is the head of state, mostly having symbolic value.

Today, Bill Clinton is party chairman and Mike Beebe is secretary-general.

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