Aries are one of the most strong of the Zodiac signs and are often warriors or military commanders.

Bust of Alexander the Great one of the most famous Aries


Extremely stubborn. They never surrender or stop doing what they've put their minds to. No matter if the goal is near impossible or not they will not stop trying to succeed in doing their goal. Also they are prone to fits of rage.

Also they are one of the most violent of the Zodiac signs and they are almost always in the military. They enjoy being in the midst of battle and often after a battle they have been known to take their enemy's head with them as a trophy. Although other signs say that this is not good they often ignore them much like the would an annoying fly.


Aries are the second strongest of the Zodiac signs with Leo being the first. They are able to bench press far more the a regular human and able to lift more as well. They can lift up to almost 1,000 pounds with ease and are able to crush heads with their bare hands. They are able to withstand much more then a regular human with an Aries recorded as surviving a full two minutes after having his throat slashed.

Elemental Control

Aries are able to control and create flame. This very much suits their Zodiac sign as fire is almost always destructive. They are able to create flames for nearly any part of their body and are able to use it to shoot the flames nearly 500 feet with accuracy. They re also able to manipulate most any open flame but oil fire is recorded as being more difficult to control with a wood fire being the easiest.


Many stereotypes exist for an Aries but the most well known and widespread is that they are vicious bloodthirsty people. This is not necessarily true as Mahatma Gandhi was an Aries and he is often hailed as a great peacemaker. But some of the Aries do live up to their stereotype and pretty much think about nothing but killing.

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