Ariax empire





The Ariax are a from a very "mystical" type planet where things may act out of its normal behaviour. Plant life tends to glow and there are many different types of land and air animals. The Ariax are very human like people and are very advanced in technology. We have large military and space based units and have the capability to generate shields around our larger units using a certain chemical procedure. The Ariax have developed nanomite technology and have a very resource rich planet. We have figued out how to effectively use Uranium in a safe way and even use some of our planets exclusive resources like Harfenite. Harfenite helps make shield generation.


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The population of the planet is not too much at a current amount of 17 billion. We are slowly increasing in population.


We intend to land on Earth and make our colonies there but instread on going to destroy the indigenous population, we are looking forward to sharing our technologies and resources. We however, do not want to share this planet with other alien races that are violent against peaceful people and we do hold the capability of being a strong competitor against these people.

Capitol ship:

The capitol ship is based near our home planet and is veryt large equipped with some of the best and most advanced defence equipment. The shield generator can withstand the force of 100 nuclear explosions and it has many turrets on its sides. It has an inbuilt military base with some airborne and space based units that are vertailly indetectable due to their amount of radar jamming capability. The capitol ship goes by the name of Traii.


A side view of the Ariax capitol ship


The current leader is Exian XVI and the heir is Trempaliian III. Exian XVI is based in our Capitol ship Traii and Trempaliian III is on the Mother Ship on the voyage near Earth.


Our currency is called Ariax Ez or just Ez for short. The Ez can be used for any sort of buying and selling just like the currency on Earth.



Active personnel: 400,000

Personnel: 1,250,800 Small tanks: 90,000

Medium tanks: 75,000

Large tanks: 30,000

Small mechs: 87,000

Medium mechs: 90,000

Large mechs: 1,000

Mechanised or motorised: 120,000

Land field generators: 32,000


Small gunboats: 15

Carriers: 60

Transport: 90

Air force:

Small fighters: 40,000

Medium fighters: 15,000

Large fighter: 1,000

Small bombers: 50

Medium bombers: 42,000

Large bombers: 32,000

Gunships: 16,000

Air field generators: 2,000


Space fighters: 96,000

Space gunships: 64,000

Space transport: 8,000

Space field generators: 4,000

Space ports: 1,240

Mother ships: 4

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