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Comunidad de Argentina (Spanish)
Argentine Commonwealth (eng)

Timeline: Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Argentina
Flag of Argentina Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Argentina
(and largest city)
Ciudad de Pobras Cobarzones
  others Native American languages
Roman Catholicism
  others Native creeds
Government Federal Parliamentary Democracy
  legislature Federal Congress
Supreme Federal Council First Council
Population 17,200,042 est.- (1950) 
Established 1949.5
Independence from Spain
Currency Argentine Pound

The Argentine Commonwealth is a newly-federated nation made up of six autonomous states. The capital city is Ciudad de Pobres Corazones (the City of Poor Hearts), which is usually simply referred to as 'The [Federal] Capital'.

The Argentine Commonwealth is often referred to as Argentina in informal conversation.


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Argentina has a strong agricultural sector and abundant natural resources. Her main exports include wheat, beef, soy, maize, copper, petroleum and gold.


The states of the AC are largely self governing, the exception being matters of great mutual importance, such as macroeconomics, defense, and world affairs.


The Federal Government of the AC enjoys cooperative and mutually respectful alliances with Venezuela and Hindustan.

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