Flag of Argentina

Argentina | Argentine Republic | República Argentina (Spanish)

Capital: Buenos Aires

Largest city: Buenos Aires (2,891,082)

Official language: Spanish

Other languages: Guaraní, Italian, Mapuche

Religions: Catholic Christianity (86.5%), Protestant Christianity (1.9%), Judaism (1.3%), Others (0.9%), Non-religious (9.4%)

Demonym: Argentine/Argentinian

Government: Constitutional republic | Federal presidential

President: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Vice President: Ricardo Lorenzetti

Legislature: Congress

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: Chamber of Deputies

Independence (from Spain): 9 July 1816

Area: 2,780,400 sq km

Population (2014): 42,669,500

Currency: Peso (AGS)

Internet TLD: .ag

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