Official national language Argentinian
Co-official languages Spanish, English, Italian, Interlingua
Capital Buenos Aires
Largest Cities Buenos Aires
Population 8,615,000
HDI 0.903 (Very High)
Nation Formed 1904
Currency Argentina Peso (ARS)
Our Timeline Equivalent Buenos Aires City and Province, Argentina

Argentina is located in southeastern Pacha. Its climate is temperate. Originally inhabited by various Pachan Aboriginal groups, it came under Spanish, and then British colonialism. Argentina is famous for its official language, Argentinian, which started off as a creole language with major Spanish, English and Italian influences, but was modified intentionally to become the language currently spoken by a majority of the populace. As is illustrated by its official language and its three co-official languages (with the synthetic Interlingua being a fourth), Argentina is a linguistically diverse nation. Largely temperate, Argentina has a large ethnically European population. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is sometimes termed the "New York City of Pacha" or the "New York of the South", as it is known for its large size and its European-influenced yet multicultural nature.



63% Vegetarian
37% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

Ethnic groups given below are generally based on people's heritages. Most people think of themselves as simply Argentinian - that is, a unique mix of Spanish, British, Italian, and some other influences, although some people (particularly more recent immigrants) think of themselves as more distinctly Spanish, Italian, etc.

37% Italian (from across the Italian League nations)
31% Spanish
20% British
04% Pachan Aboriginals (Guarani, etc)
02% Multiple race
06% others (Catatanians, Germans, Netherlanders, Japanese, Chinese, etc)


61% Argentinian
12% Italian languages (from across the Italian League nations)
11% Spanish
10% English
02% Aboriginal languages (Guarani variants, etc)
04% others (Interlingua, Occitanian, Low German, High German, Netherish, Japanese, Chinese, etc)


35% Cathar
30% Christian
24% Catholic
20% nonreligious
15% atheist
05% agnostic
10% Jewish
05% other

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