Argentine Republic
República Argentina
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Flag of Argentina Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
Capital Buenos Aires
Largest city Buenos Aires
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Argentine
Established July 9, 1816
Independence from Spain
Currency Argentine peso
 Argentina, officially the Republic of Argentina, is a nation located in South America. Following its independence and decades of civil war and reorganization, Argentina emerged as one of the strongest and wealthiest nations in South America, managing to mostly avoid neo-colonization from Europe, though it did align itself with France. Despite it's wealth Argentina would be defeated in World War I, resulting in a devoirist government coming to power and leading the country into World War II. Argentina was defeated and the devoirists were overthrown, replaced with an unstable republic that was overthrown by the military. A right-wing military dictatorship was established, and resistance to the regime would result in the decade-long and Cold War proxy conflict Argentine War. The regime was overthrown and a Greater Union-backed unitarian government was installed. In 2002, a peaceful revolution would lead to the fall of the unitarian government to be replaced by a republic.


La Sociedad Moderna

With the aid of the French, the new Generation of '80 was a convservative and elitist movement that led to the creation of a modernized Argentina. Known as the "La Sociedad Moderna" (Modern Society"), the movement attempt to use the large numbers of European immigrants, the movement attempted to industrialize the nation,
El General Roca ante el Congreso Nacional

Leaders of La Sociedad Moderna

modernize agriculture, and eventually re-invent Argentine society and economy and strengthen the nation. Thanks to French and American investments, the dream came to fruition, with thousands of new jobs created and a stronger economy. An industrialized economy meant new railways and telegrams that connected the nation, as well as factories in Buenos Aires. Argentina became one of the world's ten richest nations.

In terms of the military, the army was modernized, with new rifles and artillery. Argentina would confirm alliances with Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela during the 1890s. Argentina would become a member of the Allied Coalition and ally with France and the United States in 1901. This meant that Argentina's enemy Brazil would join the London Pact, and the continent was divided between the two powers.

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