Kingdom Of Argentina
Reino da Argentina
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
Flag of Argentina PMII CoA Argentina PMII
Flag Coat of Arms
Argentina PMII
Argentina as of 1925.
(and largest city)
Santa Maria
Language Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
King Garcia IV de Lara
Prime-Minister Leão Ortiz de Rosas
Population 4,000,000 
Established 1512, as a settlement belonging to Brasil
1561, as a colony
1853, responsible government
1910, establishment of the kingdom
Currency Real

Argentina is an Portuguese associated kingdom located in Southern Antília (OTL South America).It borders the Aymará Equalist Republic at North, the kingdom of Brasil (Principia Moderni II Map Game) at east and the Fascist State of Patagonshina at south.


The area now known as Argentina was relatively sparsely populated until the period of European colonization.

Europeans first arrived in the region with the 1509 voyage of Pedro Álvares Cabral, in which he discovered the estuary of the Prata river, then thought to be a sea.Other European nations quickly got word of the discovery, and in 1511, the Kingdom of Naples founded a colony in what today is the city of Sacramento, in Brasil.In 1512, João Dias de Solís estabilshed a settlement called Santa Maria in the other side of the Prata.The Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães sailed up the Prata, discovering that it was a river.Eventually, as Naples started to violate Portuguese territorial claims on Brasil, Santa Maria was sold to Naples in return for the territories they held in Brasil (equivalent to today's city of Porto Alegre.)

In 1559, Portugal entered a war against Naples on the side of Venice and Scandinavia, in the hopes of recovering Santa Maria and the territory that had been gained by it under the Napolitans.After the victory of Veneto-Scandinavian victory, in 1561, Portugal regained Santa Maria.The hereditary capitania system that had already been established in Brasil was also set up in the colony, that was renamed Rio da Prata, due to the fact that at the time, both margins of the river were under the control of the colony.After that, the colony started to expand inland along the tributary rivers, especially the Paraná and Uruguai rivers.Many inland settlements were also founded during this time.Eventually, in the 18th century, the colony reached the Pacific Ocean, with the foundation of the capitania of Chile.

After the 17th century, the colony started to receive a greater influx of non-Portuguese settlers, especially Basques, Catalans, Castillians and Leonese, differently from Brasil, that received smaller numbers of those and more Galicians and Portuguese. eventually, Rio da Prata gradually started to lose territory to Brasil, starting with the settlements along the Paraguai river, and after Brasil became a kingdom, all land beyond the Paraná river was also lost.the colony eventually was granted responsible government in the late 1860's, three A'Asabist states were established in territory claimed by Portugal in behalf of Rio da Prata.One of them was annexed in a war in the 1880's, and the other two quickly fell under Argentine influence.Meanwhile, Rio da Prata was elevated to a kingdom in 1910, and the two A'Asabist states were annexed in 1915.


  • José Gonçalves de Rivadávia (1910-1912) [Protectionist]
  • Afonso Carvalho (1912-1913) [Protectionist]
  • José Fagundes Queiroga (1913) [Labour]
  • Leão Ortiz de Rosas (1913-1914) [Free Trade]
  • Afonso Carvalho (1914-1915) [Protectionist]
  • Leão Ortiz de Rosas (1915-1917) [Anti-Socialist]
  • Cirilo Rivarola (1917-1918) [Labour]
  • Leão Ortiz de Rosas (1918-1919) [Liberal]
  • Cirilo Rivarola (1919-1922) [Labour]
  • Sancho Urbieta e Sousa (1922-1923) [Liberal]
  • Cirilo Rivarola (1923-1924) [Labour]
  • Manuel Belgrano (1924-1932) [Labour/National Labour/Nationalist]
  • Eduardo Freire (1932-1938) [Nationalist]
  • Diego Salazar (1938-1941) [Labour]
  • Manuel Oribe (1941-1948) [United Argentina]

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