Republic of Argentina
Republica de Argentina (Spanish)
Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: Argentina and Falkland Islands
Flag of Argentina Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag Coat of Arms

In Unity and Freedom (Spanish)

Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
(and largest city)
Buenos Aires
  others English
Government Republic
President Daniel Scioli
Vice President José Manuel de la Sota
Area 2,779,063 km²
Population approx. 40,000,000 
Independence July 9th, 1816
Currency Argentine peso
Time Zone UTC-3
Calling Code +54
Internet TLD .ar

The Republic of Argentina (Span: La Republica de Argentina) is a large South American republic, with its capital at Buenos Aires. The country as of 2012 has a population of approximately 40,000,000 people. The current President of Argentina is Daniel Scioli, elected in 2012. Argentina is referred to as one of the "Triple Powers" of South America, alongside mighty Colombia and the massive and populous Brazil. Argentina eclipsed Colombia in the mid 2000's as South America's most productive economy. In the geopolitical sphere, Argentina tends to align itself with the American-Colombian power bloc.


See: History of Argentina




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