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Argentine Republic (or Argentina)
República Argentina
Timeline: Look Out, Sir! Revised (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Argentina
Flag of Argentina Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag Coat of Arms
Argentina-CIA WFB Map

Motto: "En Union y libertad"
: ""In Unity and Freedom”)

Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
Capital Buenos Aires
Largest city Buenos Aires
Other cities Cordova and Santa Fe
Reo Grandes dialect Spanish
  others Patagonian dialect Spanish, Andean dialect Spanish, Machupe, German, English, Welsh, Irish and Italian.
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Natives, Mitzoid, English, white American, Swiss, German, Italian, Irish and Welsh.
Demonym Argentine
Legislature .
President Victorino de la Plaza
Prime Minister .
Population 21,983,000 (est.1911) 
Established July 9, 1816
Independence from Spain
Currency Argentine National Peso
Organizations .


The Ottoman-Argentine trade deal was signed in 1917. Argentina offered political support to Spain in 1917.5.

Farms and ranches

Sheep, goats and cattle. As the Patagonian sheep industry grows, Immigrants from Europe cause a population boom as in OTL, 2.5% population growth 1917.5-1918.5.

Mines and minor oil wells

Copper and stone. Oil in Patagonia.


45,000 men as mounted cavalry and infantry.  

Air force

None. A few civilian planes only.


In the late 1800s, the Argentine Navy began modernizing itself. At the close of the century, the force included:

  • Five armored cruisers
  • Four coastal defense ironclads
  • Three second-class, high-speed, British-built cruisers
  • Seven modern small cruisers and gunboats
  • Four destroyers 
  • 22 torpedo boats.

The most powerful ships (counted in the list above) included the Italian-built Garibaldi and her sister ships, the General Belgrano, Pueyrredón, and the San Martín, each at over 6000 tons. Three older ships, the Almirante Brown, Independencia, and the Libertad dated from the 1880s and early 1890s. 

Four lesser sloops of war and Two monitors were added in 1914.

Two Rivadavia-class battleships were made in the USA and both of this class entered service between 1914 and 1915.

One Central-battery ironclad was added in 1915.

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