Argentine Federal Republic
Republica Federal Argentina
Timeline: Cthulhu Sleeps (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Argentina minus several territories
Flag of Argentina Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag Coat of Arms

Igualdad y Libertad (Español)
("Equality and Freedom")

Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
Capital Capital Federal
Largest city Buenos Aires
Other cities Cordoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, Mendoza
Language Español
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestant, Judaism
Ethnic Group Latin
Demonym Argentinian
Government Constitutional Republic
  legislature Congreso Nacional
President Bartolomé Mitre
Established 1816
Currency Peso
 Argentina, is a nation in the most Southern space of America.



Argentinian Army

  • Buenos Aires Province: 10 Infantry battalions and 2 Cavalry regiments, 5000 men.
  • Santa Fe: 3 Infantry battalions and 1 Cavalry regiment, 1025 men.
  • Entre Ríos: 2 battalions, artillery and pikemen, 751 men.
  • Córdoba: 2 battalions, 459 men.
  • La Rioja: 1 battalion, 360 men.
  • San Juan: 1 battalion, 336 men.
  • Tucumán: 1 battalion, 300 men.
  • Salta: 1 battalion, 298 men.
  • Catamarca: 1 battalion, 282 men.
  • Mendoza: 1 battalion, 271 men.
  • Corrientes: 1 battalion, 219 men and 1 Cavalry regiment, 4500 men.
  • San Luis: 1 battalion, 195 men.

Argentinian Navy

Naval Jack of Argentina

Naval Jack of the Argentinian Navy

The National Navy currently controls 7 ships.

  • Guardia Nacional
  • Chacabuco
  • Libertad
  • Pavón
  • Buenos Aires
  • Gualeguaychú
  • Itapirú


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