Argentina is a South American country and military dictatorship which suppresses all opposition through the National Re-organisation Process and the Dirty War. People tend to "disappear", there is no separation of the legislature and judiciary and it is estimated that 150,000 people have been murdered by the regime since 1976.

It is also a partner in the South Atlantic Co-Dominion with the Federated Kingdom. This situation has been much criticised, as it is seen as an alliance between a liberal democracy and a Fascist junta. None of the governments of the FK has made any attempt to criticise or bring pressure to bear on Argentina to improve their human rights record and the perceived window of opportunity is now past due to the decline of oil, a resource which led to the alliance in the first place. The Federated Kingdom's response to this question is simply that the regime would become more oppressive if they withdrew from the arrangement, but since the regime is generally regarded as one of the world's worst, it is hard to imagine how this could be so.

Economic Policy

Like its neighbour Chile, Argentina has pursued monetarist economic policies well beyond the brief period of flirtation with the ideas in the wealthier parts of the world. This has led to heavy unemployment combined with low inflation. The Argentinian government deals with the long-term unemployed by simply allowing them to starve. The Argentinian and Chilean pesos are among the strongest currencies in the world.

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