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Argentine Republic Union
Argentina de Republica Unida
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: Argentina With Uruguay
American Republic Union Flag Coat of arms of Argentina
Flag of Argentina Coat of Arms of Argentina
Argentina Orthographicos (America takes all lands from mexico and ottoman empires).svg
Map of argentina

En Union y Libertad (Spanish)
("In Unity And Freestates")

Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
Capital Buenos Aires
Largest city Montevideo
Other cities Bahia Blanca, Viedma, La Plata, Cordoba, Rosario
Language Spanish
Religion Catholic, Roman Catholicsm,
Ethnic Groups
Spanish, Natives, Mitzoid, English, white, Mestizos, American,
  others Swiss, German, Italian, Irish and Welsh.
Demonym Argentine
Government Federal Presidential Republic
President Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner
Area 2,957,220 km² km²
Population Over 30.000.000 
Established 1816
Independence from Spain
  declared 1816
  recognized 1820
Currency Argentine Peso
Time Zone UTC-3
Calling Code +54
Internet TLD .ar, .usa, .mex, .SovietPact, .eu,
Organizations UN, EU, SovietPact, NATO, US Military Command,
Argentina Especially Known As Republic of Argentina Union Spanish: Republica De Argentina Unida is a Global Supperpower On Earth And Twelveth Lunar Landing Nation On Moon On December 19, 1969 And Supperpower Economy And Futuristc Invention On Earth And Compose Regions Of Argentina And Alliance With United States And Soviet Union Also Arsenal Logistical Nation on Earth And Also Major Supperpower And Alliance With United States Major Armies.

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