Arctic Theatre
Part of World War III
USS Alabama (SSBN-731) en pruebas
USS Alabama preparing to patrol Arctic waters
Date 24 March 2014 - present
Location Alaska, Northern Canada, Northern Russia, Norway, Greenland, international waters
Status Ongoing
Flag of the United StatesUnited States

Flag of CanadaCanada
Flag of DenmarkDenmark
Flag of NorwayNorway
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Flag of JapanJapan

Flag of RussiaRussia

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United StatesJonathon W. Greenert

Flag of the United StatesMichael D. Stevens
Flag of the United StatesMichael P. Barrett
Flag of the United StatesJames A. Cody
Flag of CanadaMark Norman
Flag of CanadaYvan Blondin
Flag of DenmarkHenrik Roboe Dam

Flag of RussiaAleksandr Golovko

Flag of RussiaViktor Chirkov
Flag of RussiaSergei Karakayev
Flag of RussiaVladimir Korolev
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWu Shengli

Flag of the United StatesUp to 150 aircraft, 8 warships, 4 submarines

Flag of CanadaUp to 56 aircraft, 5 warships, 1 submarine
Flag of Denmark10 aircraft, 3 warships
Flag of NorwayUp to 40,000 military personnel
Flag of the United Kingdom6 aircraft, 3 submarines
Flag of Japan2 warships

Flag of RussiaUp to 200 aircraft, 26 submarines, 10 warships

Flag of the People's Republic of China6 submarines, 2 warships

Casualties and losses
Flag of the United States1 aircraft shot down, 4 aircraft damaged, 1 submarine destroyed, 3 warships damaged, 4 personnel killed

Flag of Canada2 aircraft shot down, 3 aircraft damaged, 2 warships damaged, 2 personnel killed
Flag of Denmark1 aircraft damaged, 1 warship damaged
Flag of Norway1 warship damaged

Flag of Russia3 aircraft shot down, 6 aircraft damaged, 2 submarines destroyed, 1 warship destroyed, 8 personnel killed

Flag of the People's Republic of China2 submarines damaged

1 civilian airliner shot down, 11 merchant ships destroyed; 347 non-combatants killed

The Arctic Theatre of World War III is an ongoing limited naval and aerial battle between coalition forces and anti-coalition forces in the arctic region. Anti-submarine warfare, along with anti-ship warfare and anti-aircraft warfare, is most commonly employed by belligerents and as a result, direct combat has been limited, and the battle has so far only killed 14 combatants. However, 347 civilians have been killed by forces from both sides due to a civilian airliner being mistakenly shot down by China, 4 merchant ships being mistakenly destroyed by coalition forces, and 7 merchant ships being destroyed by anti-coalition forces

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