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  • Italy: Italy, while seeing USI's actions as most threatened, puts an embargo on them, and also warns other countries to prepare for a possible nuclear war, started by USI. Italy asks for an alliance with Third Reich and Romania.
    • The Third Reich accepts the alliance.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also announces their neutrality from any possible war. Meanwhile, more Shinto shrines are built in Karafuto Prefecture.
  • United States: The US continues researching more on nuclear power/weapons, computers, space tech, and green energy tech. NASA launches several communications satellites, which will let the government and military communicate with any other US official in the world, from anywhere in the world.
  • China: China begins to launch several communication satellites. Research on computers, ICBMs, space tech, atomic weapons, nuclear power, lasers, and new medicines continue. Due to Italy's threat against the USI, it will withdraw all of its military support since it does not want to get involved in the situation.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain begins procedures to protect its population after a nuclear war. Construction on a bunker, similar to NORAD, is going to be built in Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family, prime ministers, parliament, military commanders, ambassadors of other countries, are chosen as the people who would got to the bunker if an nuclear war, or even an world war would occur.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich send another rocket into space, this time with a man in it, making the Reich the first nation to put a man in space, Frederick Ibuntoff. Ibuntoff while in space sees the USI's space nuke weapon and reports it back to the Reich. The Reich steal the idea but uses around 20 nuclear missiles. Plans for a German space station are also put into motion.
  • France: offers to co-operate with the Third Reich with their rocket program, as it feels that efforts would be better spent here than going alone.
  • The USI: The USI, after years of building up its military, invades Afghanistan to create one Greater Asian Republic and to stamp out the Muslims in Afghanistan, as they have been launching raids into the USI for years now against the Hindus of the USI, and the war is deemed both a political and religious necessity by the USI government. The USI begins to gain lose ground quickly. Someone please do an algorithm. China has agreed to provide military aid as the USI's ally. DeanSims 18:15, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
    • USI loses automatically due to it becoming most implausible move in history.


Women get the right to vote in Greece.

The Opera House in Geneva is almost destroyed by a fire.

A military coup overthrows the Bolivian government.

  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also builds a few more railways.
  • United States: The US sends a man into space. After other nations planning space stations, the US expresses interest and announces that they will build a space station of their own. A separate branch of NASA is founded to exclusively work on a space station and given a good budget. After years of research, the worlds first nuclear plant is built in a rural town in Pennsylvania. It produces enough electricity to power almost the entire county.
  • China: China proposes a union called the G-8, where the world's top eight economic powers attend the G-8 meeting to discuss issues about the world economy. They try to end the diplomatic crisis by sending peacekeeping diplomats to India and other countries threatening to declare war against India. They also denounce Italy's alliance to Germany, and ultimately breaks all ties with the nation.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich condemns China for breaking ties with Italy, simply because Italy wanted to have peaceful relations with another nation. Germany also breaks ties with China because of this. Germany amps up her military too.
    • Great Britain offers the Third Reich an alliance and trade agreement.
    • The Third Reich accepts both the alliance and trade agreement.
    • China apologizes and agrees to restore relationships with Italy.
    • The Reich applauds China for maintaining the peace, and re-establishes relations with China.
    • Italy refuses to restore relationships
  • Great Britain: The secret bunker is 75% done, due to it being rushed since possible war is imminent. The Challenger is released, and the nuclear arsenal is prepped for just in case situations. Queen Elizabeth also condemns China for breaking ties, and troops in the colonies are recalled. After years of discussion: Great Britain ask which colonies want to stay, and other who want to leave (Can an mod do an RNG)
    • France offers an alliance and trade agreement, as a member of the pact of steel they feel inclined to follow Germany.
    • Almost colonies refuse to receive independence, due to the threat of other nations, except Egypt. Egypt wishes to receive independence.
  • France:Plans to yet again upgrade the air force are announced. Preparations in case of nuclear attack start to get underway. Construction of missiles, some nuclear, is commenced.
  • The USI: The war against Afghanistan continues. I still need an algorithm please. ends.
  • Venezuela begins drilling for oil in parts of the country. It nationalizes all oil rigs and oil refiners in the country. Now, countries must get a trade agreement if they want Venezuelan oil. They also ask the U.S for tank designs in exchange for oil shipments.


  • The Third Reich: Military is amped up, and the space race continues as a women is sent into space. Thus making Germany the first nation to send a man and a woman into space.
  • United States: The US must decline Venezuela's offer, for we have enough oil in our own oil fields. But will gladly offer an alliance were, we would cooperate and help with scientific and military research. NASA sends up more satellites.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also builds a few rural areas around some cities.
  • China: It officially sends a man into space just after the Germans done it. It proposes an organization dubbed the United Nations, whose purpose serves of that in OTL.


China becomes communist after a rebellion.

Algeria demands independence. The people of Algeria are not yet protesting or rebelling.

Benito seizes the throne of Italy again with his camicie nere (blackshirters). Italy becomes fascist again.

  • The Third Reich: The military is amped up and war is seen to be immanent. The space race continues as the Reich puts a man on the moon.
  • China: China declares war on Japan.
  • Cuba: Cuba begins massive military build up.
  • Italy: declares war on China, in order to protect Japan. Italy is outraged by Chinese decision to attack Japan. Italy also kicks China from United Nations.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also begins to fight off China, and asks for help from any other nations to help fend off from the Chinese. Japan also begs to have a peace treaty as soon as possible.
  • North Brazil: works on improving their system, they are constantly viewing South Brazil as a threat and as a result, they fortify their borders and their military. A faction of the Communist Party, Unified Brazil gains traction, and many more members of this faction get elected into the Supreme Parliament.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain continues to improve its infrastructure and research into rocketry and space flight.Great Britain declares war on China.

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Late Winter

The war of Chinese Aggression continues, while the Chinese people begin to revolt in most of the parts of China.

  • Italy sends aid of 10,000 mechanized infantry and 1,000 transport planes to Japan. The fortifications are built through the coast of Italian Eritrea and Somaliland.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also continues to defend itself from China. President Shigeru Yoshida of Japan continues to sue for peace, and demands a peace treaty. The well trained Japanese Navy manages to destroy the Chinese Navy in a few battles.
  • The Third Reich: The military is amped up and war is seen to be immanent.
    • Am I the Hongone struggling to remember what was going on in this game? -VON
    • Just read through the headlines of the past ten turns. It must give you an idea. The main stuff currently going on is Chinese War of Aggression. -DOC
    • Oh, also. I'm not going to let this game die again. If nobody shows interest I'll play with myself :/
    • Don't worry, I also intend to continue playing the map game no matter what happens. -Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan 16:02, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
    • Thanks. Glad to hear that :)
  • Great Britain: Great Britain declares war on China in assistance to Japan. The British military from Hong Kong bombs Shanghai with bombers, and garrison troops are better equipped and dig in.


Japanese troops force China to retreat the front line to the northern Korea, while Japan already has taken eastern China. The leaders of China flee to Tibet, where they are met by rebels, who kill the Communist Chinese leaders. Half of the Chinese soldiers surrender, while the rest keep fighting without knowing what's going on. China is forced to have no government. Meanwhile, France, Netherlands and Kingdom of Iceland joins the war against China. Soviet Union, due to it being in United Nations, but still being communist, decides not to do anything and declare neutrality in the war.

  • Italy keeps sending aid to Japan. Meanwhile, Benito makes a speech in UN HQ, that during his time in prison, he agreed to himself to be more democratic. But these are only words. Fortifications are built in Sicily, and weapons are now allowed to be carried in Western and Northern Sicily. Government secretly sends aid to Italian mafia in USA through the actual Palermian mafia, who the Benito has many connections with. Italian Eritrea begins massive local African people genocide and sends Italian "colonists" to settle there and build more modernized buildings.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also continues to defend itself from China, and begins a counter attack. The Japanese Imperial Army begins an attempt to push the Chinese out of Korea, and elsewhere the Imperial Japanese Army continues fighting the Chinese, hoping they would eventually give up completely and end this pointless war.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain's Parliament meets to discuss the independence of its colonies, due to the need for budget cuts, and thinks that letting the colonies go would be best. Meanwhile, British troops from Hong Kong launch small offensives into China, burning or destroying smaller towns, and taking prisoners.
  • The Third Reich: The military continues to be amped up, and a plan to rid the world of Bolshevism is formulated.


Japan wins the Chinese War of Aggression and receives whole China and their occupied territories. All African nations who did not yet receive independence, ask for one peacefully.

  • Italy reminds that Japan, under the UN resolutions, must give the Chinese ex-holdings to democratic government. But, however, Italy at same time secretly asks to wait a little longer, while at the same time sending political spies to overthrow the republic in Japan and bring back the fascist government. Meanwhile, Italy annexes Ethiopia. Benito explains it as an act of defence, because the land belonged to Italians "just a moment ago".
  • Japanese Republic: Japan gives Thailand, Indochina (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia combined), Malaysia, Mongolia, Tibet, and Korea independence under democratic capitalist governments; and forms an East Asian Union (similar to NATO) with them to ensure that they are protected from any threats etc. Meanwhile, Japan holds on to China itself for a while, and so to soon establish a democratic government; and soon Peng Peiyun (female, Democratic) is appointed President of the new democratic China while Soong Tse-ven is appointed Prime Minister of China under Japanese watch. President Shigeru Yoshida promises to give independence to China soon; though Japan will keep Hainan Island and Shanghai as special territories (I'll give Shanghai back in the near future; Hainan Island, no).

Autumn and Early Winter

The attempted coup of Japan fails, as the security managed to capture the political spies. Though, it is unknown who send them still, but links to somewhere in Europe is given.

Egypt, Sudan, British East Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, French West Africa and Tunisia protests to gain independence. While Libyan and Ethiopian protesters are silenced by Italian military.

Also, Greece flips to Fascist after a coup happens there, that was backed by Italy.

  • Italy begins massive military recruitment and war machine build-up. They prepare to invade Albania again, after it was unlawfully taken from Italians. They send an ultimatum to Albania to give the land peacefully as a precaution.
    • The Albanians surrender peacefully and agrees to give the land.
    • Italy stations 20,000 infantry troops at Albanian-Greek border in order to prepare them to move on Greek lands when (if) Axis will fight against Turkey, which is likely, due to its alignment to USSR. Benito also founds Segreto Servizio Rete (Secret Service Network), where spies will be trained not to betray the motherland.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Prime Minister elections are held, and Kiyoko Ono is elected as the new Prime Minister. After the failed coup, President Shigeru Yoshida decides to tighten security in the nation to make sure it doesn't happen again. Research into technology continues. Meanwhile Tokugawa Yoshimitsu decides to write up a plan as he plans to enter into politics and wants to bring back the good old days, with some new elements mixed in.
    • Benito invites Tokugawa to the newly built SSR HQ to share with its plans of bringing back fascism to Japan. Benito also pledges to support Tokugawa's army with Italian army, in case of a war. Benito also suggests that Tokugawa made a coup d'etat in China, because Chinese are already unhappy with current government, because the governments been changing too quickly now, from republic to communist state. From communist state to democratic state. Benito says that he sees no difference between the current people's happiness in democracy and future happiness of theirs in fascism.
    • Tokugawa Yoshimitsu goes to the SSR HQ. He also sort of disagrees with having a coup d'etat as he planned to keep it under Japanese control when he eventually goes into power in Japan (he doesn't want to lose China).
    • Benito states, that Tokugawa would still be under control of both China and Japan. And with Axis Powers' military, it wouldn't be that hard, if no other nations would interfere.
    • Tokugawa Yoshimitsu then agrees to create a coup d'etat in China.
    • Benito nods, and gives Tokugawa a corps of 10,000 Italian blackshirts, in case if current Chinese government or actual Japan shows resistance. However, it would be a good idea, to wait until Japan grants independence to Chinese democrats itself.
  • Romanian Empire: Romanianization and assimilation of cultures of occupied Yugoslavia it's all but completed. Military is amped up, Military tech is updated. Infrastructure in Romania and Romanian Yugoslavia is updated, Technology is researched more Factories for Weapons and other things.
  • The 3rd Reich: The Reich funds another coup in Poland as the Nazpi party once again comes into power in Poland. The political opposition in Poland are all sent to work in labour camps. Poland is turned into a puppet state of the Reich, and the German military begins to set up camp in Poland, and supporting the Polish military. The Reich also begins funding the Hungarian National Socialist party and asks Romania to help ensure the fascists stay power in Hungary. The military continues to be amped up. Poland are forced to join the Pact of Steel meaning the global fascist alliance of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, France, Denmark, South Brazil and Argentina; now spans the world. The Reich asks for all nations in the pact to send aid to South Brazil to help them in the civil war against the communist north Brazil; and they also ask pact of Steel nations to ensure France doesn't loose their colonies to the independence movements.
    • Italy suggests to Third Reich to establish their own major espionage network, so it would be easier fighting Soviet Union in the future.
    • The Gestapo and SS are everywhere don't you worry....
    • Benito speaks of external, not internal espionage networks.
    • And the Gestapo and SS's operations are at times external (they're a bit different to OTL)
    • Benito nods and after a little cup of tea with Hitler (lol), after shaking his hand, leaves.


Late Winter

Gas explosion in Belgium coal mine kills 14. First US telecast transmitted to Canada from Buffalo, New York, USA. First movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres. Princess Victoria capsizes off Stanraer, Scotland; 133 die.

Hurricane-like winds flood Netherlands drowning nearly 2,000. USSR breaks diplomatic relations with Israel. In Pecklesheim, Third Reich, a meteorite falls harmlessly to the ground.

  • Italy offers Greece and Bulgaria to enter Axis Powers(Kogasa, you decide on these two). Italy also sends financial aid of 3.5 million american dollars to Netherlands, to help them recover from the wind catastrophe. Italy also begins the plans of Invasion of Egypt, after it receives independence and discusses it with Third Reich and Romania. The other nations are not informed.
    • Greece and Bulgaria accept and joins the Axis Powers.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida gives China their independence but Shanghai and Hainan Island are held onto by Japan. A few days later, Tokugawa Yoshimitsu with some backup manage to sneak in the Parliament in Beijing during a bad snow storm, and manage to successfully rid both President Peng Peiyun and Prime Minister Soong Tse-ven of China, along with other officials. They escape quickly without ever being known. Soon elections are held in China, and Deng Yingchao (female, Fascist) is elected as Prime Minister of China and 'Huang Ming' (it's really Tokugawa Yoshimitsu, just using a phoney name just to get by) is elected President of China. However, the media announced as that they were democratic (they really aren't). This leaves the East Asian Union unnoticed. President Shigeru Yoshida however, is very suspicious, and increases security some more with-in Japan.
    • Italy strengthens the Japanese spy network, by sending some SSR agents to Tokyo and other major Japanese cities. Some agents are also sent to Beijing to cause small chaos.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich sends troops over to stop North Brazil. German aircraft carriers in the seas around North Brazil send in waves of bomber planes to bomb North Brazil into submission so South Brazil can take it over. Poland continues to be militarized by the German military forces in the country and they heavily fortify the Poland-USSR border. Hitler also agrees with Mussolini's plans to enslave Africa as he sees the Africans as too stupid to be able to govern themselves, but the Reich has no plans to start an African empire so he leaves this up to Italy and France, but other high ranking German officials ask Italy to leave Namibia to Germany, so Germany can re-take her former German South West Afrika colony. He also notes to Mussolini the use of African labour may be useful once the Jews and political prisoners are all "used up."
    • Benito agrees to give Namibia to Germany, after he takes it from Great Britain. He also finds the idea of Hitler quite useful, because, as a current order, all African people are ordered to be killed, so now, Benito gives an order to only kill these African non-European people, who are potentially dangerous to the current fascist government.


Josef V Stalin, Soviet leader responsible for 11 million murders, dies at age 73. Malenkov becomes chairman of the USSR. An American B-47 accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Carolina, the bomb doesn't go off due to six safety catches.

Few days after, Nikita Khrushchev succeeds Malenkov as Secretary of Soviet Communist Party. Earthquake strikes West Turkey, 250 die. 21 die in a train crash in Conneaut, Ohio, USA. Albert Einstein announces revised unified field theory. House of Wax, first 3-D movie, is released (New York City, New York). Feisal II installed as king of Iraq. Hussein I installed as king of Jordan. Pulitzer prize awarded to Ernest Hemingway (Old Man and The Sea). Tornado kills 114 in Waco, Texas, USA (US$39 million damage). Nuclear explosion in Nevada (fall-out in Saint George, Utah). Premiere of first animated 3-D cartoon in Technicolor: Melody is scheduled at the end of the spring.

  • Italy invites France and Nationalist Spain to join Axis Powers (Kogasa, decide). Italy is outraged that Great Britain did not yet declare Egypt as independent, but keeps that to himself, and Hitler(the bad thoughts). Meanwhile, railroad tracks are built around the mainland Italy.
    • France and Nationalist Spain accept the invitation and joins the Axis Powers.
      • France is already in the Pact of Steel. Ergo they are already in the axis.
        • ​Ah. All rightly.
          • For the record Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Romania, France, Denmark, South Brazil and Argentina are all in the Pact of Steel prior to the game's re-boot. Who else has joined the axis/pact of steel since the re-boot by the way?
          • Check the Axis Powers page, and update with the nations above please :)
  • Romania: Romania sends troops to aid South Brazil and the Third Reich. Meanwhile economy, infrastructure, military tech and tech is updated and researched.
    • (( Remember, it's In_Fra_structure. Not In_Fan_structure. ))

  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida is getting very suspicious of the environment in Japan. Some Japanese are also noticing a bit of strangeness when walking in the streets, and notice that there are a few more tourists travelling in large cities, but dismiss it as nothing to worry about. Soon in the Prefecture of Hokkaido, Shigeharu Nakano, member of the Nihon Kyōsan-tō (Japanese Communist Party) is elected as governor (he's just being governor, don't expect him to spread his influence anywhere else in Japan); people in Hakodate and Sapporo are concerned that the elections might have been rigged or something, no one knows for sure, but they don't say anything. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kiyoko Ono is concerned about the future of Japan, as she feels tensions lingering around; she soon has second thoughts, and begins looking toward Imperialism and Fascism as the way to survive; she does not announce this to anyone and keeps it to herself. Anyway, President Shigeru Yoshida calls for a meeting with all East Asian Union members (Korea, Thailand, Indochina, and Tibet) to discuss economic and greater co-operation between members. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) begins to secretly device plans on how to take Japan as his, along with, in the near future, conquering back Tibet, Thailand, Indochina, Korea as well as a few other lands (Philippines, Taiwan, maybe Indonesia).
    • Italy peacefully asks Japan to remove Nihon from governor's position, because he is considered a threat to United Nations. Italy also sends more SSR agents, with a mission of rigging the next elections, so that Benito's "democratic" party (personified as "Peace and Seniority Party") could gain some positions in the next elections. Other operations in Japan are halted, so it could not bring suspicion.
    • President Shigeru Yoshida attempts to do so, and soon Shigeharu Nakano steps down after three months on the position and is replaced by Shin Kanemaru, a 'democratic' (he's actually Imperialistic-Fascist in secret). Though, he shrugs why it would be a threat and points out that the Soviet Union happens to be a Head Council of the United Nations.
    • Benito states, that Soviet Union helped to fund the start of UN, but it didn't actually do anything useful while in this organization.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain gives its colonies independence and still maintains troops to build up the government and infrastructure. Britain prepares to give its remaining Asian and Oceanic colonies independence, and asks Japan to supervise the elections and government. Technological research and military expansion continues.
    • President Shigeru Yoshida of Japan, along with the East Asian Union, will be sure to supervise the elections and government to ensure that they will remain a democracy; and they do so.
  • The Third German Reich: The Reich continues to bomb North Brazil, and threatens to nuke its capital city if the North don't surrender. The Reich ask all of the Axis nations to send aid to help South Brazil destroy the north and unite Brazil under the national socialist banner and remove the communist threat. Poland continues to be militarized by the German military forces in the country and the border has thousands of panzer tanks stationed near-by for invasion. This continued amping up of the German military cements the Reich's position of having the most advanced military in the world.


In London, England, the news of Edmund Hillary reaching the peak of Mount Everest is first reported. Denmark adopts a new constitution. First color network telecast in compatible color, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Cluster of six tornadoes touch down in Flint, Michigan, USA killing 113. Tornado strikes Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, destroying Assumption College, killing 100. Egypt proclaimed a republic, General Neguib becomes president. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviets, are executed by electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. First passenger plane to fly commercially around the world in under 100 hours. The Abee enstatife meteorite falls in Canada. King Faisal of Iraq and other family members are killed. Fidel Castro leads attack on Moncada Barracks, begins Cuban revolution. The Soviet Union acknowledges that it had tested the hydrogen bomb. Nippon Television broadcasts Japan's first television show, including its first TV advertisement. Brazil is united into one, fascist government.

  • Italy deploys railguns and begins shooting from Libya onto main Egyptian strategic points. Meanwhile, soldiers are prepared to attack.
  • The Third German Reich: German military forces return home from Brazil as their mission to defeat the communist north Brazil is over and Brazil is united under the national socialist banner. The German military continues to be amped up, and the Reich ask other axis nations to prepare to invade the USSR either by setting up their own fronts or sending troops to bolster the German front.
    • Italy would be glad to join the German front, but first they need to take care of Egypt.
  • United States: The United States begins to expand its military (especially the Navy and Air Force) to combat the Reich's influence. Meanwhile, the United States begins to research on ICBM's and satellites, in an attempt to beat the Russians as well. In support of the government of Cuba, the United States declares war on the Communist revolutionaries in Cuba and launches an invasion. The Philippines becomes the 51st US state, and Puerto Rico becomes the 52nd state. Guam and the US orders its remaining Pacific Territories to be incorporate into the Philippines.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida asks Nepal and Bhutan to see if they want to join the East Asian Union. The daily life style in Japan is slowly feeling a slight shift, as days go by. Soon, the Tōhōkai Party (東方会Society of the East; is fascist group, though in TTL is somewhat similar to OTL Taisei Yokusankai as it incorporates some ideals from it) slowly and secretly begins climing in numbers. Even Prime Minister Kiyoko Ono secretly switched from the Liberal Democratic Party to the Tōhōkai; but of course the Japanese and President Shigeru Yoshida don't know this. Meanwhile President Shigeru Yoshida asks if he could purchase Taiwan from the US if it's okay. Also in China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) is also noticing the change in Japan and begins to secretly fund the growing Tōhōkai Party of Japan.
    • American Diplomacy: Sure, as long as it goes directly to Japan and not back to China.
    • Japanese Republic Diplomacy: President Shigeru Yoshida says it will go directly to Japan.

Autumn & Early Winter

Authorities at the British Natural History Museum announce that the "Piltdown Man" skull, discovered in 1912, and held to be one of the most famous fossil skulls in the world, was a hoax. Lavrenti P Beria, soviet minister of internal security, executed. Wellington-Auckland (New Zealand) express train swept away in flood kills 166.

  • Italy, after months of bombardment, finally begins the massive invasion of Egypt.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The Prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Ōita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi all have elections and soon the results are in. The so called 'Japanese Liberal Peace Party' (it's really the Tōhōkai, but they don't know this) manges to win all those (now Kyūshū, Chūgoku region, and Hokkaidō are Imperial-Fascist areas). Most of the Japanese in Kyūshū and Chūgoku region looks at this with suspicion but soon dismiss it as nothing to worry about. Other elections in other Prefectures are bound to happen soon as well (not yet, wait a few more turns). Meanwhile President Shigeru Yoshida purchases Taiwan from the US, and is turned into Taiwan Prefecture with one of the senators becoming governor of the Prefecture. President Shigeru Yoshida also increases security in the new Prefecture (just like the rest of the Prefectures in Japan), and adds Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka Chinese, Mandarin as official languages. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues secretly funding the Tōhōkai for more support.
  • United States: The USAF and USN is expanded, and the USMC begins expansion, with all three goals to combat the larger influential areas in the world. Meanwhile, research into ICBM's and satellites continue and is expected to end next winter. Iraq and Yemen is given independence to help ease tensions with the Arabian nations. The amphibious landing against Cuba is successful, and advancements toward Havana begin.
    • Cuba surrenders, after it realises, there's no point fighting against superpower.
      • Cuba aren't just gonna surrender like that to the Imperialist American Capitalists! You won the algorithm sure, but that's a lousy way to win the war. Just have the Cuban communists all killed in battle or something.'
  • The Third Reich: The Reich decides to hold of invasion of USSR until Egypt is taken by Italy. That way more of the Axis forces could join the fight. The Reich continues to amp up its military and asks its Axis ally Romania if the Reich can station some of its forces in Romania to invade the USSR from a southern front so the USSR would be caught off guard.
    • Romania: Romania say's yes.
  • Romania: Romania increases Military and updates it, Infrastructure is updated, economy is updated and technology is updated.


Lately Winter

  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The Tōhōkai slowly rises in numbers. The Prefectures in the Kansai region is expected to have elections next season. Meanwhile a few Winter storms hit parts of Japan badly this year, mainly in the Tōhoku region and Hokkaidō. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues secretly funding the Tōhōkai for more support; and also has infrastructure built for China.
  • Italy begins massive railroad construction in Egypt, while approx. 80% of the Italian soldiers are sent to North-east Romania, in order to assist Third Reich in the invasion of Soviet Union. Italy also sends 20,000 blackshirters to China.
  • United States: The United States Marine Corps enters Havana after an tense conflict with both the government troops and Communist. Meanwhile, all branches of the military is expanded and improved with modern weapons. The first satellite is launched into space, and NASA receives more funding to improve space flight and other advances technology. Annexation of Cuba begins, with Communist arrested and sent to prisons in Alaska. The United States secretly asks the Third Reich and Italy if it can get involved on the Invasion of the Soviet Union, so it can destroy communism once and for all.
    • The Third Reich will allow this, and ask the USA to invade via Alaska to take far eastern USSR.
    • The United States will do this.
    • Italy allows USA to invade USSR.
  • The Third Reich: With all the war preparations in place, and the axis powers all in place, the Reich declares war on the USSR! Huge Panzer divisions break through the USSR defences along the Polish-USSR border. The southern strike force in Romania breaks enemy lines even easier as the USSR didn't have enough time to prepare defences for the entire border. The German navy also sails up the Baltic to besiege St. Petersburg too.


  • Italy invades USSR through Romanian front line. Meanwhile, the resistance of Egypt is suppressed. The crimes of manslaughter for blackshirters are allowed.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The Tōhōkai slowly rises in numbers. President Shigeru Yoshida and the meets with the leaders of Indochina, Tibet, Thailand, and Korea in another East Asian Union meeting, and all agree to stay neutral. Meanwhile Mie, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo, Nara, Wakayama Prefectures have elections. Except for Kyoto, Shiga, and Hyōgo Prefectures; the 'Japanese Liberal Peace Party' (Tōhōkai) manages to take power. In the Kyoto, Shiga, and Hyōgo Prefectures, the Liberal Democratic Party wins those elections. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) declares war on the USSR, as part of his plan include in recovering the former Chinese areas that Russia took away (see here) to be part of China once again.
  • United States: The United States launches an second satellite and detonates its first thermonuclear weapon. Meanwhile, United States Marines and United States Army launch an invasion via Alaska into Siberia to capture the valuable oil deposits located across the country. The US asks for a map for a division of the USSR between the Third Reich, Italy, and the United States (I believe Japan as well). The population of the United States support the invasion, since the source of communism must be destroyed once and for all.
    • Italy begins working on the new map, which could benefit to both Italy, US, Reich and China.
    • GreaterEurope1954A1-Proposal

      The Proposal of Division of Soviet Union

      After a few days, Italy finishes the sketch.
    • The United States agrees.
    • President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) of China asks the US if they could have more of the former land that Russia took away, like Tannu Tuva and part of Central Asia (which was also under control in 18th Century Qing China). He offers to pay much money for it.
    • Sure. All we want is the oil deposits in eastern Siberia.
    • GreaterEurope1954A2-Proposal
      Italy makes corrections, by adding more territory to China.
    • If you agree, sign here:
      • Italy agrees.
      • United States agrees
      • President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) of China agrees.
  • Romania: Romania invades the USSR alongside their Allies. Military, infrastructure, technology and economy is updated and expanded.


Soviet Union collapses. Communist countries cease to exist, but there are still communist politicians who would be glad to revive the communist ideologies in the countries. The Chinese-American Soviet borders are now adjusted and border markers are started to be built. It's only Romania and Third Reich left who still have to sign the treaty of dividing the Soviet land.

      • Just no. If you honestly think the USSR is going to fall after just a year of war, then I'm just gonna leave this game because that's so implausible it hurts. This war is going to last four years minimum. The Reich will also not give the USA all that land as they aren't fascist and won't have Italy telling the Reich what to do. VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 12:49, June 22, 2012 (UTC)
      • So be it. But Italy never told Reich what to do.
  • Italy patiently awaits for Third Reich's acceptance of dividing the land. If Third Reich would accept the treaty, Italy would name their soviet land by a name of "Italian Russoland". Military is sent back to the Russoland and Italian mainland, while the orders are given to kill anyone who is suspected to be a communist. People who come to the local authority buildings and pledge to support fascism, are given free 5kg of random food and a sum of $10 as a sign of support from Benito.
  • The Third Reich: Panzer divisions continue to push into the USSR, with the southern divisions moving southwards to seize the Caucasus oilfields. The Axis navies move into the Black Sea to send in more troops and support as the Axis forces take over most of southern Ukraine. The battle in Belarus is much more static as the line of battle goes back and forth between German and Russian advances and retreats.
    GreaterEurope1954-summer German-plans for USSR division

    Hitler's plans for the division of USSR

    The Reich sets up extensive trench lines and defences to stop the Russians pushing back again, and dig in for the winter to consolidate the newly gained territory. Hitler also rubbishes the other maps as this is his war. Hitler puts a new map on the table, and scolds Mussolini for giving the American democratic pigs so much land.
  • United States: The United States continues to launch small offensives across the Kamchatka Peninsula and tells Hitler that we don't care how much land we get, as long as we get the other side of the Bering Strait. Meanwhile, the military is drastically expanded to compete with the other major powers. Another satellite is launched and research on nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers begin.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The Tōhōkai slowly rises in numbers. President Shigeru Yoshida improves the economy as well. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) invades the USSR, by attacking into Russian lands above Mongolia, and he starts by invading Tannu Tuva.
  • Canada: Canada politely asks the British if the Canadian people may have Newfoundland as part of their territory. They also ask for Denmark to give away Greenland in return for $1,000,000. At the same moment, Canada improves its economy and builds up its military and infrastructure. Canada support's 'Huang Ming' against the Soviet Union. By then, the Canadians secretly prepare to send out Canadain secret agents to aid the Brazilian rebels into overthrowing the Nazi government that contros their country.
    • Great Britain accepts.
  • 20111203191734!Plans for greater canada 2

    Proposed map of Canada.

Autumn & Early Winter

  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The Tōhōkai slowly rises in numbers. The Tōhoku Region's prefectures have elections. Aomori, Akita, Iwate, and Yamagata the 'Japanese Liberal Peace Party' (Tōhōkai) wins, while in Miyagi and Fukushima the Liberal Democratic Party win there. President Shigeru Yoshida continue to improves the economy and increases security a bit more. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues invading Tannu Tuva, and begins to stomp through the area, and soon begin attacking upwards into the Soviet Union.
  • Italy continues to push soviets from the "Italian Russoland". Meanwhile, railgun production is ordered to be priority #1.


Late Winter

  • Italy finally pushes the soviets from Italian Russoland. At this point, Italy stops the offensive and switches to defensive doctrine. Fortifications are built at the northern Russoland borders.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida continue to improves the economy. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues invading the Soviet Union above, and wins a few battles here and there.
  • United States: The United States captures the Kamchatka Peninsula and northeastern Siberia from the Soviet Union and begins to launch offensives westward towards the oil deposits, but respects the Chinese claims if they respect the American claims. Meanwhile, satellite and thermonuclear weapons are constructed, and another satellite is launched. The military continues to expand and tensions flare along the US-Mexican border after illegal immigration has become an issue for the border states.
    • China President 'Huang Ming' respects the US claims, and will promise not to go beyond the Chinese claims.
    • Then we will not go beyond are claims as well, we promise.


Benito Mussolini dies (aged 70) from the heart attack.

  • Italy: Pietro Badoglio succeeds in taking over the throne of Fascist Italy, and continues the fascist government. Meanwhile, fortifications are continued to be built in Italian Russoland.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida continue to improves the economy. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues invading the Soviet Union above and begin invading the Central Asia side, and the Chinese fight the Soviets with-in the Chinese claims only.
    • Pietro of Italy invites China to Axis Powers.
    • China President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) agrees to join the Axis Powers, but also secretly tells him that he plans of having China a part of Japan once he manages to finally take down the Democratic Japan government via rigged elections.
  • France: France offers the Axis Powers help against the USSR in return for parts of the Far Eastern USSR. France completes its military overhaul and declares war on the United Kingdom. French forces invade by crossing the Channel and massive bombing runs as well destroying British military installations along the coast. France destroys the remnants of England's once great Fleet at the Battle of Dover, and France is given control of the channel, allowing free movement of troops into the UK. Germany is asked if it wants a piece of the united Kingdom.
  • Canada: Canada annexes Newfoundland from Great Britain and builds up a naval base within it. They also send aid and supplies to the United Kingdom in order to drive out the French invaders. About 500,000 well-trained soldiers and 400 tanks have been sent there to defend the British Isles.
    • 500k? Hell no.
    • Well, I was building up my military, wasn't I? After all, Canada is a friend to Britain.
    • Canada will not reach 500k men while I'm alive. Even (in 2012) it has less than 130,000 personnel (including reserves and paramilitary -- see here )
    • I have seen it, and yet, this is alternate history. I was busy recruiting 1,000,000 of my 34,000,000 people into the military, due to France's invasion against the UK, which is an important ally for Canada.
  • United States: The United States continues to invade the American claimed region of Russia, and stops at the Chinese-claimed area, the US Army captures many areas inland, and after an vote by Congress, Kamchatka becomes part of Alaska. Meanwhile, the M4 Sherman is replaced by the new Sheridan and Patton tanks, sending them across the Bering Strait toward the front lines. Seeing how the economy and military might of the Axis powers is going, many people (particularly in the rural area of the southern United States) call for an Fascist Political Party to form. Another satellite is launched and tensions continue to flare along the American-Mexican border.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich continues to push into the USSR despite harsh Soviet resistance. They also tell France that the Reich is currently focused on taking out the USSR so can't afford to fight the UK too.


Soviet Union shatters. It is up to Third Reich to confirm the borders.

  • Italy halts the building of fortifications in Italian Russoland. Krasnodar Krai is renamed to Italian Heaven (il Cielo Italiano).
  • Bolivia begins a period of industrialization, modernization, and westernization. They ask Western nations to help with their program. They ask the United States for an alliance and trade agreements.
  • United States: The United States accepts the alliance and trade agreements with Bolivia. Meanwhile, the Far East USSR is annexed into the United States as the US state of Siberia. The United States asks to purchase Jamaica from Great Britain. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and deportation of communists in the United States begins. Fascits influence begins to take shape in the southern and southwestern United States, due to the large amount of minorities in the area. Another satellite is launched and research on "composite armor" and "television" begins, and tensions begin to flare along the Mexican-American border.
    • Great Britain refuses to sell Jamaica, due to american imperialism and their threat.
    • Italy sends diplomats to United States about the discussion of joining the Axis Powers.
    • What if we join.
    • You will not be touched by our allies.
    • We see. We'll have Congress vote on it in December,
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. In the Chūbu region, all those Prefectures have elections. Prefectures of Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, and Aichi are won by the 'Japanese Liberal Peace Party' while Shizuoka Prefecture is won by the Liberal Democratic Party. President Shigeru Yoshida continue to improves the economy. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) annexes all the Chinese claimed lands into China (see map that Germany had divided up), and the Soviets are taken as prisoners and are taken to a special place so they would get brainwashed and will become completely re-educated (they are not killed, as could be actually useful).
  • The Third Reich: The Reich launches one of their V4 nuclear warhead missiles at Moscow. The centre of the city is destroyed and the Soviet leadership is annihilated, as the other Soviet forces loose their leadership. The Soviet forces fall into disarray as the German military now easily breaks the Soviet lines and morale. Victory is practically assured, but small pockets of Soviet resistance remain across the former USSR, and the Axis forces move into deal with these pockets.
    GreaterEurope1955-USSR division

    The USSR divided

    The Reich publishes a map dividing the USSR between the Reich, Romania, Italy, USA and China. The Reich declares the Reichskommissariat of Russia and sets it capital at the partially destroyed city of St Petersburg.


  • Bolivia: It begins to reform the country economically, socially and politically. It begins to bring advisors from the United States to help the country develop. Since the war with Brazil, they have maintained a strong military presence in the east. They plan for an invasion in which no one knows what.
  • Italy: amps up the military by providing them with newly developed weapons and equipment.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. President Shigeru Yoshida continue to improves the economy and has more ships and tanks built. In China, President 'Huang Ming' (aka Tokugawa Yoshimitsu) continues to have the Soviets brainwashed and re-educated.
  • Norway: Norway begins building up their military. Norway asks the Netherlands and Canada for an alliance.
    • Canada agrees to aid.
  • United States: The State of Siberia becomes a state, with a total of 53 states in the Union. The Fascist Party has influence across the southern and southwestern United States, and a few Congressmen from the influenced states have become Fascists. The US Army and US Marines Corps begins to round-up and deport communists for brainwashing and re-educated with the ideals of Fascism. Satellites continue to be launched and research on composite armor continues and plastic. The United States Government has made a secret new list of targets: Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, British Guyana, and Panama.
    • Canada realizes this and makes a mass build up. The Canadian government begins to have a huge distrust of America and begin rounding up American spies into prison camps.
    • American Diplomacy: The United States asks politely to join the Axis Party, due to the large amount of fascism influence within the United States.
    • Italy warmly welcomes USA to Axis Powers (Party).

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