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Benito, not happy with the current borders, and still trying to revive the Roman Empire, invades democratic Italy. Democratic Italy asks for an aid from Argentina, USA, Great Britain, China, Japanese Federation and Soviet Union, while Fascists ask for an aid from France, Third Reich, Romania, Brazil and Finland.

Finland declines to send aid to the Fascists. Spain sends aid to the Democrats.

Project Diana bounces radio waves off the Moon, determining the exact distance between the two, and proving that communication between Earth and outer space is possible.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues. Japan also sends supplies to democratic Italy.
  • China: China continues to move their forces to south Thailand, taking many cities along the way. China continues its environmental conservation program. Settlements in Western China become popular due to their warm climate. The Chinese obviously agrees to help support Democratic Italy financially and militarily. It also asks Canada for an alliance and a trade agreement. They also call for Tibet to join the country. (Can mod do RNG for it).
  • ​Great Britain: Great Britain's aid to democratic Italy arrives. The British begin building an improved version of their old rocket. The call for Ireland to join their country. (can a mod do an RNG for it?)
    • Ireland declines this offer. Nor would GB have reasons to join Ireland to them.
    • Last month you said you would tell me if you would accept the alliance or not, What was your answer? RandomWriterGuy 04:29, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
    • What alliance? Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 04:31, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • United States: The US sends military and economic aid to Democratic Italy. The US declares war on Fascist Italy. And invades at Genoa, battle ships fire on the city, bombers run sorties and soldiers invade from the land. Troops aid Democratic Italy and sends troops to the front to try to force back the fascists. The US condemns South Brazil from banning Judaism and place embargoes on South Brazil and encourages other countries to do so too. In the mean time spies are sent in to get the Jews out of the country and into the US on temporary visas until, the situation settles.
    • Chinese Response: China sends a secret mission for reasons secret (not told until next month).
  • Romanian Empire: Romania sends aid to the Fascist Italy with Arms and volunteer Troops. More Military bases are built and Romania starts building re-education camps for Ethnic Groups in Yugoslavia.
  • The Third Reich: North Italy is supplied with weapons and arms, the German navy also blockades the Straits of Gibraltar. The waters around Italy are declared U-boat hunting grounds, and any ship belonging to a non-pact of Steel country in these waters shall be destroyed. Hitler tells the world to let the Italians fight their own civil war, and to see who they deem to be the true Italy.
  • Argentina: Argentina sends troops to the Italian front, using it to train its troops. Production starts on modern aircraft and modern cruisers. Argentina also sends a message to Peru to join the South American Confederacy. (mod RNG please).
    • We have Brazilian player for a reason. Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 19:11, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
    • Sorry, small error on my part. I meant Peru.
    • Peru declines the offer.


Democratic Italy is currently winning the battles at the current Civil War. US battleship is sunk by German battleship.

Train derailment kills 185 near Aracaju, Brazil. Panamá accepts its new constitution. Nicolai Schwernik succeeds Kalinin as President of USSR. First US rocket to leave the Earth's atmosphere (50 miles up). Jordan peacefully asks for independence from Great Britain. Tsunamis generated by an earthquake in Aleutian Trench strike Hilo, Hawaii. Syria also asks for independence from France.King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy abdicates the throne.Umberto II succeeds Victor Emmanuel III as king of Italy. Civil war in Italy continues. United flight 521 crashes on takeoff at La Guardia Airport (New York), 42 die.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • China: China releases news to the world: the secret mission to Brazil (mentioned in the previous month) succeeds in killing the leader of Nazi Brazil. Fortunately, they manage to escape back to China. China continues to send aid to Democratic Italy, hoping to beat back at the Fascists. China conquers most of Thailand, leaving only the peninsular area left. China also begins to develop Tibet before its unification with China by providing it necessities, and developing the region. China hopes this improves Tibetan-Chinese relationships. They also begin building a highway system to Tibet, yet its steep terrain forces architects to figure out a good method.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain launches its second rocket, making it 400ft in the air before coming back down. Research on the hydrogen bomb continues. Jordan is granted independence.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania asked for the other Nations to not participate in the War, no one listened. Romania bombs American forces at Genoa to force them out of the city.
  • United States: The US asks Germany to apologize for the sinking of he US Battleship and no actions will be taken. The US sends more troops, supplies and vehicles to Italy. US troops counter attack Romanian troops and retake Genoa. The US declares war against Romania. They launch a series of attacks on Constanta and Bucharest, and series of cities, towns and emplacements on their coast. Rockets are used for the first time attack Romanian and Italian Fascists. Aid and recovery officials/workers are sent to Hawaii to help with recovering from the tsunami. An investigation is ordered to find out what caused United Flight 521 crash. The science community celebrates the first rocket to breach the atmosphere and puts to work on developing these rockets and more.
    • US scientists say, that United Flight 521 crashed from a bad weather, not proper to fly. They also warn US about upcoming storm, forming near Hawaii, moving towards US, which may bring many casualties in the summer or autumn.
    • US flight regulations, specifically weather related are improved. Hawaii and the West Coast are getting prepared for the upcoming storm, sand bags placed, national guard mobilized and evacuations planned.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler is angry that no one listened to his appeal to let the Italians fight it out for themselves. He turns the Straits of Gibraltar into a minefield (as in naval mines), and declares unrestricted U-boat warfare in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. The Reich apologizes to the US, but states that it was their own fault their battleship was sunk, as the Reich had clearly stated the dangers of sending aid to Italy. Hitler tells the world, that the Italians WILL sort out their own problems, without international help.
    • United States: The US accepts Germany's apology and no retribution will be taken. But they are to deep to stop interfering, plus Romania attacked the US so a response was needed
  • Romanian Response: Romania puts more troops in North Italy and counters and destroyers gets some of their ships destroyed by a couple of American Battleships.


Civil War in Italy continues. Democratic Italy is fighting at the far northern Italy, using American and other equipment sent by their allies.

Meanwhile, Italian plebiscite chooses Republic over the Monarchy, and republic will be established after civil war. Estelle Bennett in New York City, New York, USA; rocker (The Ronettes) is born. A storm raises in Hawaii, heading north-east. 15 are injured.

  • China: China finally conquers the remaining parts of Thailand, officially making it a part of China. The government declares a return to normalcy. They give aid to Thailand and develop the region to help give the country a hopefully greater reputation. China still helps aid and develop Tibet for its reunification with China. China responds to the minefield in the Gibraltar Strait by sending submarines to clear them. They also begin to mass-produce submarines to clear off land mines in the Gibraltar Strait. They ask Britain for an alliance and ask if they can buy Malaysia from Britain for $30,000,000. They also ask the US to give the Philippines independence to the disorder there.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain accepts, but request that they can keep the city of Singapore.
    • China: China accepts.
    • United States:: The US must decline, The Philippines is in good condition and is a state in the union.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain launches its third attempt to launch a rocket and it works, successfully making it in the atmosphere.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • United States: The US starts letting Italy take charge in their war but still gives them plenty of aid. The US offers Romania a peace treaty if they leave Italy. The US starts research into improved rocketry and Space.
  • The Third Reich: After hearing the Italian Republicans are using American weapons, the Germans supply the fascists with weapons to balance the odds, between the two forces. U-boats in the Atlantic destroy the Chinese ships going to help Italy, and tells them Europe isn't their war. The Reich forms an alliance with Tibetan nationalists to stop them being taken over by China.(Mod RNG?)
    • (I thought we weren't having that China being involved with Europe stuff? Mods intervene please; VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 11:10, December 9, 2011 (UTC).)
    • Sorted. But why would you intervene with Asian stuff then? Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 12:52, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
    • That was in case you didn't over rule China's actions. I was doing the same to China what China was doing to Germany. Its nullified now :P VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 16:44, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • USSR: In his paranoia, Stalin issues a second purging but the generals will have none of it, with the generals getting the better of him and murdering him. General Zhukov takes command and reforms the communist government. He makes himself Premier and allows other types of communist parties to form, mainly the Leninist Party of the Soviet Union, the Marxist Party of the Soviet Union as well as the already functioning Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The chosen leader from these parties through elections will become the General-Secretary of the Soviet Union. The Premier will not be elected for and will be chosen by Zhukov himself to succeed him. Zhukov orders the production of T-34/85's to speed up (secretly, no one in the Pact of Steel knows about this, remember?) and mass conscription is begun. A pool for Generals is made to improve the skills of the leaders of the army.
    • I'm honored that you would use the idea that I did in AvAr. Azecreth 14:56, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
    • You being sarcastic or serious? ;) I remember you killed off Stalin and replaced him with Zhukov and another General although I'm not really sure if you allowed other communist parties to be elected. :D 1 Imperium Guy 17:08, December 9, 2011 (UTC)
  • Democratic Italy: Democratic Italy sends an ambassador to USSR, and asks for USSR to build him an embassy to establish friendly relations.
    • USSR Diplomacy: The Soviets happily agree to the proposal.
  • Fascist Italy: Benito flees to the Third Reich, and abandons Fascist Italian army for their commanders' fate. Civil war still continues, but it's already visible who would win. (Benito is now in control of Von. :) )
  • Romanian Empire: Romania supplies North Italy with Arms and even puts some of its military in North Italy to aid the Fascist to push back the Democratic Italians. Romania still waits on the word of the ambassador.


Italian Civil War is finished with republican victory. Fascist parties are banned and all fascist leaders, who were unable to flee to Germany, were arrested and put into Roman Prison. A devastating terrorist attack occurs in the Philippines. The governor of the state is killed when his private yacht explodes. The pro-independence rebels claim responsibility, and say the attacks will continue until the US lets them be their own nation.

  • Italy: Italians find the parts of German war technology in northern Italy, and only now find out that Third Reich was supplying fascist Italy. Italians are not surprised, but still, offers Third Reich a trade agreement.
    • German Diplomacy: It was common knowledge we were supplying North Italy, we stopped and then started again after the Southern Italians continued to be supplied by USA. Anyway the 3rd Reich accepts the Italian trade deal.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • United States: The US congratulates Italy on their victory, and pull their military out of the country. They do leave the Italians good amounts of military equipment and other aid. The US will make peace with Romania. The Philippines are put on high alert. The Lieutenant Governor is inaugurated as the acting Governor. The Military is put into high alert and troops moved in to crush the rebels. Saying, that they are fairly represented in the government, their main ethnic groups are not suppressed, why they want to be an independent nation, when they have the full benefits of a state. CIA operatives are moved in to find the rebel camps and terminate the leaders.
    • Romanian Response: It accepts USA peace agreement.
    • United States: The US is glad Romania accepts and pulls troops, ships and planes out and stop attacking Romanian land, ships and planes.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler blames the intervening nations like the USA for supplying South Italy as why North Italy lost. A lot of Italian fascists are in the Reich now, under German protection. The Italian fascist ex-pats set up the Italian National Socialist Party with German help, and this party sets about planning with the German Nazi party on how to take power in Italy legitimately like Hitler's Nazis in Germany. The V2 rocket is also created, it is bigger than the V1 and as a result has a higher payload of destruction & further range. Most of the rocket bases across the Reich are stocked with V2 rockets now, but the older V1's remain to be used as well, as they are still useful.
  • USSR: Zhukov agrees put add funds to build and produce more Katushyas as well as increase their accuracy, firing range and rate of fire as well as capacity. Elections are planned for next year. Zhukov brings Lenin's plans into the mainstream again. Production of the tanks continue.
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian troops return to Romania in shame after a humiliating defeat at the Hands of USA and Democratic Italy. 86 percent of Yugoslavian pop is all but assimilated into Romanian Populace. Romania begins to build new Tacam-89 Tanks, Artillery and putting more in Arm Development and Researching Lethal Gas Tech. Romania ask for Military Tech in exchange for Blueprints Lethal Gas Technology.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich offers Romania rocket tech, for its lethal gas tech, as this would greatly help the Wunderwaffe programme. Germany however tells the Romanians to keep this lethal gas tech secret, and only to be discussed with other Pact of Steel member states.
  • China: China's new president declares temporary neutrality due to domestic reasons. They begin to make educational reforms that allow benefits to students and teachers who do well, put public funding to all schools (including new ones) and make public schooling free and available for everyone. They also begin to build diesel warehouses, where used cooking oil comes to be converted to fuel to cut energy and fuel costs of the country. The military is given the latest weapons. Economic and humanitarian aid to Tibet continues to flourish. It continues research on new technologies, new medicines, space program, and plastic.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain begins researching on a rocket that is able to go into the atmosphere, break up, and return the capsule back to Earth.
  • Brazil: Both factions have finally finished rebuilding after a lasting civil war. Living conditions improve as a wave of mutual hatred is spreading between north and south. the North works on a grater nuclear bomb as the south contemplates and tries to regain ties. However, the South manages to create a rocket capable of flying one mile into the sky, a feat the north still hasn't managed to accomplish. The Socialist Republic of Brazil finally decide on a flag
    Brazil Commie flag

    flag of the Socialist Republic of Brazil



Muiden Netherlands ammunition factory explodes, 16 die.

Small river steamer sinks on Yangtze River, killing 400.

Poland starts a huge resistance against Nazis, starting a major Polish-German war. Their leader, Marya Dubrovska, is hiding, assigning co-leaders and making future plans for new Polish government. Third Reich receives a letter of threat, that, if Germans won't declare independence of Poland and make this country completely neutral, they will use partisans all over Germania.

24 die in a train crash in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania. Chemical mixing error causes explosion that destroys 42 blocks in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The storm in USA changes its route, to the west - into Japan. Japanese scientists warn the government of that.

American General Dwight Eisenhower opens drive to raise US$170 million in aid for European Jews.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • Great Britain: The British amp up their nuclear arsenal to 200 warheads and forty bombers to carry five of each. Research on their rocket continues; Great Britain sends its sincerest condolences to the US and offers help if necessary.
  • Italy: Italy declares their neutrality in current German-Polish war, fearing attack of members of Pact of Steel. However, they send secret plans to US and Great Britain, USSR of dividing Third Reich into two sectors: Eastern Bloc and Allied Bloc. Italy also fortifies the Italo-French border, for the reasons not stated.
  • The Third Reich: A crackdown on Polish nationalists begins, killing the anti-Germans, and the communists. However Polish resistance remains to German rule Polish rule, so German officials go to meet with Dubrovska to discuss Polish independence. After a long meeting, Poland is given independence, on the condition that they join the pact of steel as an observer, in order to protect Poland from USSR. Hitler says as long as the Poles remain friendly to the Reich, they can be independent. (I've updated the map to show this VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 14:35, December 10, 2011 (UTC))
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian scientists are done completing the new Lethal Gas weapon and equip it to bombs. 92 Percent of the Yugoslavian populations is being absorbed into the Romanian populace, The Government of Romania is happy that the Re-Education project was a success.
  • United States: The US thanks Great Britain for their condolences and will accept any help they offer. The Section of LA that was destroyed is roped off for the process of cleaning and citizens in a 20 block radius around the blast area are evacuated in the event of another accident and the CEO of the Chemical Plant and the plant is investigated to find the cause and who is responsible for the blast. Relatives of the victims are sent condolences and compensation. The train crash in Gallitzin, PA is investigated. The government donates money to help General Eisenhower's drive. Puerto Rico and Alaska reapply for statehood ( Can a mod do an RNG for this?)
    • Great Britain: Great Britain offers help to clean up the debris in Los Angeles and search for what survivors remain.
    • United States: The US accepts Great Britain's offer and thanks them.
    • Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261)
    • Puerto Rico: 10
    • Alaska: 6
    • Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261)
  • France: Begins improving its navy once more.
  • USSR: Upgraded Katushyas go into production and tanks are rolled out in mass numbers. Elections are planned soon. Zhukov brings Lenin's plans into the mainstream again. An alliance is offered to Japan and America. Sakhalin island is also offered to Japan as a whole.
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding, and its aid to Tibet.


Coal mine explosion in Centralia, Illinois, claims 111 lives. Mississippi Valley flooding kills 16 and causes $850 million in damage.First US ballistic missile fired.

George II, king of Greece, dies at age 56.

Atomic Energy Commission is formed.

Massive explosion and fire kills 500 in Texas City, Texas, USA.

French ship explodes in Texas City harbor, kills about 522.

Christian X, King of Denmark (1912-47), dies at age 76. Frederik IX replaces him.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • Great Britain: The British begins putting funds into research for a nuclear-tipped rocket. The rescue workers from England arrive in the US.
  • Romanian Empire: Towns in Romanian Yugoslavia are replaced with Romanian names as Romanian becomes the Official Language of the Region. Romania sends aid to the US after the Explosion in Texas and California.
    • United States: The US thanks Romania for their aid.
  • USSR: Upgraded Katushyas go into production and tanks are rolled out in mass numbers. Elections are happening next season. Zhukov brings Lenin's plans into the mainstream again. An alliance is offered to Japan and America. Sakhalin island is still offered to Japan as a whole.
    • Japanese Republic Diplomacy: Japan accepts the alliance and accepts the island deal, pays 1,000,000,000 Yen for it.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviets happily accept the money and transfer the island to complete Japanese control.
  • United States: The US sends the rescue workers from England to LA and have them help clean up. Through the investigation it is found the CEO of the Chemical company was negligent of safety concern, he is fined heavily and sent to prison for a minimum of 50 years. Reparations are sent to the workers families. On the statehood bill, Puerto Rico and Alaska are voted in as states and elections are held and their congressmen are sent to Washington DC. The ballistic missile that was test fired, was a found an effective weapons platform. More are produced and different models are made for delivery of nuclear, chemical, and biological tiped warheads. Reconstruction begins in the Mississippi Valley and Centralia, Illinois. An investigation is made into the disaster (findings posted later). Reconstruction begins is Texas City, TX and an investigation held. And the explosion of the French ship is investigated and the remains sent back to France. The US accepts the USSR's alliance offer, and offers to build an embassy and send diplomats to Moscow if they do the same in the US.
    • Soviet diplomacy: Embassy construction is started in the US and diplomats are sent to discuss topics of interest.
    • French diplomacy: France sends its greatest apologies and sympathies and will pay for any damage caused. An investigation into how the ship exploded is ongoing.
  • Italy: Nuclear shelter program is started. Over 100 nuclear shelters are now being built.
  • The Third Reich: The Wunderwaffe programme succeeds in arming V2 missiles with Romanian nerve gas. The V2 Nerve Gas missiles are loaded onto another new German weapon: missile-firing U-boats. These new missile-firing U-boats are capable of firing V1 or 2 rockets (once surfaced of course) and German naval power increases as a result. These events cause the German military machine to amp up, as it allows the Reich to attack far away enemies.
  • No nuclear ICBM's yet. USA's thing is allowed because they are making designs and haven't built anything yet, I assume. Azecreth 15:04, December 12, 2011 (UTC)
    • Why not? I have nuclear bombs, V2 rockets, & I have some V2 rockets armed with chemical gas; a nuclear warhead is hardly a huge technological leap. Besides I could always just drop a nuclear bomb anywhere via aircraft carriers & bomber planes. I don't see how not allowing this, will make a difference? VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 23:55, December 12, 2011 (UTC)
    • Because the V2 can only hold a 980 kg warhead. Little Boy was 4,400 kg. So unless you have a REALLY compact warhead, which would be beyond the tech level of the time, you aren't fitting a nuke on it. Azecreth 14:53, December 13, 2011 (UTC)
    • OK then. But you could of just changed my post to developing a nuclear warhead, rather than just deleting it altogether :P VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 17:06, December 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • France: Announces that the problems on board the exploded ship are unlikely to reacur, although nobody can be certain at this point.
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding, and its aid to Tibet.


Flying saucers sighted over Mount Rainier, Washington state, by pilot Ken Arnold.

In the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico, USA, an alien flying craft (supposedly) crashes.

200 die when train derails and falls into a river in Canton, China. One of victims is a british actor.

-8 degrees F (-13 degrees C), Charlotte Pass, New South Wales (Australian record).

India asks for independence from Britain.

Gas leak explodes in a beauty parlor, ten women die in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA.

Turner Caldwell in D-558-I sets aircraft speed record, 1131 kph.

Over 200'000 Yugoslavians flee to nearby countries, because of a quick language change. Many are protesting.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues. The Japanese government also officially names Japan, 'Japanese Republic' for good. However, this doesn't mean the the Royal Family is retired for good. The decision to restore the Emperor title once Akihito is old enough is still ongoing for the Japanese government, though even if Emperor is restored, the official name for Japan won't change and the Emperor will have no powers in government at all....
  • Italy: Italy makes an investment of $100 Million, on farming, expecting to receive higher income in 1948.
  • United States: The US builds more highways, roads, railroads and schools in all states, both new and old. The US Air Force verifies, that a UFO has crashed and is in military custody.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain grants India independence and recalls all troops and civilians who want come home. Research on a nuclear-tipped rocket (not an ICBM) is continuing.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania begins rebuilding their destroyed Naval Base that suffered major damages. Romania builds Air Bases to start their Air force.
  • Soviet Union: Asks India for a trade and military alliance. Karelia is also going to be sold to Finland to avoid any future wars in the area (we're focusing somewhere else!!). Katyushas are still built and so are T-34/85s. New models of tank are going to be worked on.
    • India declines the military alliance, but they would accept a trade agreement.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: Trade agreement it is and trading begins.
  • France: several French ships are docked as the investigation continues. However, building of new ships continues as well.
  • The Third Reich: Spurred on with the success of the lethal gas armed V2s, the Wunderwaffe Programme looks to add a nuclear warhead to the V2s, however getting a nuclear warhead small enough is proving to be a challenge for the programme, and nuclear warhead R&D is set to take a while to build. The Volkswagen plan is also put into practice and the German people are offered cheap, affordable Volkswagen cars. This causes the number of drivers in Germany to dramatically increase. Driving tests for drivers are also brought in, and driving licenses are needed legally for all drivers. The Volkswagen Bus is also unveiled and bus routes are opened so people who can't afford cars or can't drive cars can easily get around; and the train services are also improved for the same reasons, with buses aimed at local transportation and trains at national transportation for commuters.
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding, and its aid to Tibet.


Over 50'000 other Yugoslavians flee to other countries, due to the language change.

An earthquake in the Chilean Andes kills 223 people.

Clashes occur in India between Muslims and Hindus. The Muslims call for the creation of a separate state which is made up of Indian states with a Muslim majority.

  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • Romanian Empire: The Romanian government Moves some Romanian Military Stocks the Arsenal in Bucharest. Naval base repairs 98 percent complete. Foot Soldiers are equip with Gas mask and Lethal Gas Weapons.
  • United States: The US drafts up a bill to better students in the country. The bill will better teachers salaries and benefits, create a standardized test to get into schools, colleges and to pass to the next grade in elementary school through high school. Plus provide supplies and other educational materials. Progress is made in military research and civilian research. Research continues on nuclear power and nuclear tipped rockets.
  • Italy: Italy forms the "Greater Union of Leadership and Peace"(GULP), aiming to establish peace and stabilize the economy in the whole world. All nations, except for Third Reich and Romania are invited.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain accepts the invitation.
    • United States: The US accepts the invitation.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain offers many of the refugees homes in the UK, and offers them to teach them English.
  • '
    Brazil division

    green-National Socialist republic, blue-Socialist republic

    Brazil:' After long periods of research, the north Brazilians manage to create a Theatre Ballistic missile. More research is poured in and the South Brazillians finally manage to get a rocket moving into space. After many years of vigorous debate, the two nations agree to "occupation zones of a united Brazil" which would be the de facto borders of the North and South while both lay claim to the entirety of the nation.
  • The Third Reich: The military continues to be amped up, and Volkswagen cars are sold on the international market, and due to the cheap price and efficiency of these cars, they allow Volkswagen to quickly become one of the most popular car brands in the world.
  • Canada: Due to their plans of becoming a major power being pointless, the Canadians decide to have their territory annexed into the U.S in need of better leadership.
    • Having better leadership is not a good excuse for annexation like this. And your designs of being a major power haven't been thwarted, you just need to give it time. Azecreth 02:42, December 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Soviet Union: Military aid is offered to India to keep the country in order. If accepted, troops will be rushed over. Secret production continues and tanks are continuously rolled out. Research continues and Katyushas are built. An alliance is offered to China. The first Nationalist parties in the USSR form and start to gain a following.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China accepts.
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding, and its aid to Tibet. It also signs a very special law that puts funds into the research in the navy and air force, hoping to expand and modernize its air force and navy.



The 1948 Winter Olympics open in Switzerland

Miranda, the innermost moon of Uranus, is discovered.

NASCAR is founded in America

  • Italy: GULP sends offers second time to USA, China and Japanese Federation.
    • Japanese Republic Diplomacy: The Japanese Republic accepts Greater Union of Leadership and Peace's offer of invite.
    • United States: The US accepts.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • United States: The US expands militarily. Oil is discovered in Alaska, wells are set up. The US is on of the worlds largest oil producers and exporters. This new discovery makes the economy explode with growth. The US asks Great Britain if they can buy Jamaica and their territory in the Arabian Peninsula. Research continues for nuclear tipped rockets and nuclear power. A scientist invents the first transistor.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain agrees to the US,
    • United States: The US thanks Great Britain.
    • No. Realistically you could only give Newfoundland to Canada, so thats the only thing I will accept. Azecreth 14:42, December 16, 2011 (UTC
    • So, what will you allow in the deal?
    • The US can have Jamaica. Thats it. Azecreth 16:17, December 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian Treasury is fired and taken over by the Government with a new Treasurer, Everyone is taxed by with the Romanian National Citizen's tax and Military tax, Government endorses citizens who have the wealth to open up their business to help flourish the Romanian economy.
  • Great Britain: British research on advanced rocketry continues, as well as research on a better tank. Britain discovers oil deposits in the North Sea.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich discovers oil and gas deposits in the North Sea, and drilling operations begin. More research is put into developing nuclear power to. Super heavy tanks are also brought into the mainstream military after Wunderwaffe R&D into these super heavy tanks finally pays off. The super heavy tank the Jagdtiger is produced and one Jagdtiger is to accompany one infantry unit, and provide the infantry cover and to help them attack high value targets like other tanks or buildings.
  • Soviet Union: Military aid is offered to India to keep the country in order. If accepted, troops will be rushed over. Secret production continues and tanks are continuously rolled out, with the first experimental T-43s coming out of the production lines. Research continues and Katyushas are built, while armored version development initiated. The first Nationalist parties in the USSR start to gain a following and people start so see huge similarities in both ideologies. The USSR opens up borders to all Jews and Zhukov puts forward money in billions of Rubles for them. Zhukov starts to allow a few religious practices to be followed again.
  • China: After months of preparation, China and Tibet officially unite. It continues its educational reform, research funding in the space program, new technologies, new medicines, plastics, navy, and air force, and its aid to Tibet. The navy and air force all continue to expand.


  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • Great Britain: North Sea Drilling Operations begin.
  • The Third Reich: The military in general is amped up
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian military begins to recruit. Jobs spring up in Factories to build Tanks, Artillery support, Armored Cars, Military Airplanes and for the Navy, Warships.
  • United States: The US start drilling oil in Alaska.
  • Italy: GULP is funded $500,000 by Italy, to send supplied to U.S., to the people who were injured, or the relatives of the ones who died, in the natural disasters, or accidents.
  • France: The fault in the ship is found to be a one-off mistake caused by several factors. Leading figures in the production of the ship, however, 'disappear'.
  • China: Continues its educational reform, research funding in the space program, new technologies, new medicines, plastics, navy, and air force, and its aid to Tibet. The navy and air force all continue to expand.


Alright guys, please write longer sentences for your country's actions. Thanks.

The first London chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous is founded.

A major oil fire breaks out in the harbor of Naantali Finland.

The 1948 Summer Olympics opens in London.

  • Japanese Republic: Elections are held. Tetsu Katayama becomes Prime Minister of Japan, and Shigeru Yoshida becomes President of Japan. Meanwhile, military begins to be improved in order to be able to keep guard and defend Japan and the infrastructure is improved to keep it and ensure it is kept up to date.
  • Great Britain: Funds are being put into ballistic missiles and nuclear power. North Sea drilling operations continue. The Cromwell III is released to the public, and is more powerful than the first two versions. Winston Churchill dies of natural causes; and burial service is occurring. Rolls-Royce produces a new sport car.
  • You realize that both you and Germany are drilling in the North Sea. Maybe you should work out boundary lines or something. Azecreth 21:00, December 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy: Two Italian spies are sent to Third Reich to locate and assassinate Benito Mussolini. The spies were trained hardly, not to say secrets and not to blame Italy for attempts. Italy also upgrades their infrastructure in Sicily. Farmlands are also built there.
  • The Third Reich: More funding is given to the Italian National Socialist Party, and the time period of military national service in the Reich, is increased by two years. The SA is also reformed as the elite units of the German military, and they are to have all of the latest weapons and hardware. The STG assault rifle is also mass produced and given to elite SA units, and SA units are to be accompanied by two Jagdtiger tanks.
    • Britain asks Germany were would it be good place to divide the North Sea and its oil deposits.
    • Like this map, but Germany takes some of the Netherlands & Denmark's bits too.
    • Great Britain agrees to the boundaries.
  • United States: The US develops a new heavy tank called the Houston, where it was developed. It is meant to take out other heavy tanks and support troops against emplacements. It is immediate put into production and will replace the current heavy tank. More farms and factories are built. The US develops a primitive ballistic cruise missile, it uses a mini radar system on board to guide it, to a particular target, and it called the Navajo.
  • Romanian Empire: The first Romanian television channel goes on Air. Romanian Government jams over a thousand Radio broadcasts coming from Italy and the USSR, If anyone is caught tuning into these Broadcast stations they will be arrested. More Factories open up.
  • You can't hire a general. They have to be promoted from within your military. Azecreth 14:54, December 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding in the space program, new technologies, new medicines, plastics, navy, and air force, and its aid to Tibet. The navy and air force all continue to expand.


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurs in Ashgabat, USSR. killing 11000

A Presidential election occurs in the USA

Benito survives the spy attack.

Canadian invasion of greenland (greater europa)
If this is just blatant expansionism then I will remove it. Canada has enough oil to satisfy all your needs for a long time. Any more pointless invasions will see the Quebecois getting restless. Azecreth 16:16, December 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Meanwhile, Korean begins to be taught as a second language in Japanese schools.
  • France: Tensions with Andorra increase suddenly as a ringleader of an underground organisation, dedicated to toppling the fascist regime, is chased over the border. He was found by the army in Mérens-les-Vals but managed to escape in a stolen car. France demands that Andorra let them continue operations.
  • The Third Reich: The military is amped up, and the Reich tells Andorra to let France deal with the anti-France terrorists.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain begins a Space Agency and begins to research on satellites (It will take the next 20 seasons to complete and then another five for the launching of a satellite.) Britain begins to put research into MRBM missiles (non-nuclear).
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian government begins to repair roads and building more Railways in Romania. Romanian officials arrest two Men who own a radio broadcasting station in Romania who were getting signals from the USSR Stations and broadcasting them to the public, the radio station is now in Government hands.
  • United States: The new president is inaugurated into office. The military is expanded and the new Houston Heavy Tanks are implemented into the armed forces. The President and Congress form The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NASA is formed to research, build and manage rockets, satellites, planes, etc.
  • Canada: The Canadians build an army of at least six million and declare war on Denmark in a need to control Greenland. They begin invading the western coast of the island. One reason for this is because of its valuable resources such as oil. Once it is annexed, the Canadians will have enough fuel for their future. About eight battleships and ten destroyers are sent to blockade trade between Greenland and Denmark. With the nuclear weapon complete, the Canadians then place it hidden within Nunanvit.
  • China: It continues its educational reform, research funding in the space program, new technologies, new medicines, plastics, navy, and air force, and its aid to Tibet. The navy and air force all continue to expand. The officially form the Chinese Aeronautics and Space Organization (CASO). It is formed to research space and build and manage rockets, satellites, planes, etc. It also ask the USSR if they can have Soviet Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgystan) for $100 billion.



A series of winter storms slams Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

  • France: Diplomats are sent to Andorra.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also builds a few Shinto Shrines in Karafuto Prefecture.
  • United States: The states of Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada declare states of emergency. Once the storm is over, recovery vehicles, personnel, and aid are sent. NASA continues research in satellites and rocketry.
  • Italy: Italy builds up medieval fortifications around Rome, trying to make it World's Wonder and attract more tourists.
  • The Third Reich: The Wunderwaffe programme manages to make a slightly smaller nuclear warhead; however it is still too big to fit on the V2. The Wunderwaffe engineers decide to instead build a bigger rocket to put the warhead on, so they get to work designing the V3. The military is also expanded.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania a builds up the navy and the air force, More research on bettering Tanks and Artillery. Dams are built on the rivers in Romania. Romania starts a few shipping industries on the Aegean and Black Sea.
  • Communist China: Ho Chi MInh, unhappy with the Chinese Government, takes control of local governments and sets up the Communist Republic of China in Vietnam. Thousands of people join the new Communist Army of China and guards the borders. An alliance is offered to the USSR.
    • Chinese Response: China is horrified by this and sends troops to the region to put down the threat in their backyard.
  • China:China continues its funding and educational reform. They send troops to Communist China to put down the national threat. It asks the USSR to buy its Central Asian republics for $100 billion.
  • India: The military is amped up. Work on the Nuclear bomb begins.


A Fascist coup takes place in Denmark, overthrowing the Parliamentary democracy there.

  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. More Shinto shrines are built in Karafuto Prefecture and some ships are built more.
  • Great Britain: Research on space flight, advance rocketry and satellites begins. North Sea drilling operations continue. The Cromwell I and II is replaced by the Cromwell III, and a new design called Challenger is being researched into.
  • Communist China: Secures its Boundaries and improves its military. An alliance is offered to Japan for Protection. In order to fund the economy, factories are build to make goods.
    • Chinese Response: It calls for the US and its allies to help it defeat the Communists in Communist China.
    • United States: The US sends military and economic aid to China.
    • Great Britain: Britain sends military and economic aid to China. As well as a division of Cromwell I tanks.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania aids the Fascist coup in Denmark. Romania builds more military bases in Yugoslavia and begins repairing the infrastructure there.
  • The Third Reich: The German military is amped up, and Denmark are offered membership into the Pact of Steel. (Mod RNG, please?)
    • Denmark agrees and joins the PoS straight away.
  • Italy: Actors and media are funded with additional money from government.
  • China:China sends troops to Communist China to put down the national threat and arrest Ho Chi Minh. To prevent disasters like this, they begin aid on all underdeveloped regions of China.
  • United States: The US denounces the fascist coup in Denmark. An increased interest in movies, sends Hollywood exploding with productivity, as it becomes world renowned for the films coming out of it. More research is placed in nuclear energy, weapons, and space tech.
  • India: The military is amped up. Work on the Nuke continues.


  • The Third Reich:The Reich's military is amped up and a prototype V3 is built but it is too costly to build and prone to exploding to use with actual nuclear warheads. Aid is also offered to China to deal with the communist insurgents.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan secretly sends supplies to China to help them defeat the communist. Meanwhile, a few motorways begin construction.
  • Soviet Union: Due to the growing closeness of the two countries, military aid is offered to China to keep the country in order. If accepted, troops will be rushed over. Secret production continues and tanks are continuously rolled out, with the first experimental T-43s coming out of the production lines and the T-54s reach the designing stage to replace the inadequate T-43s. Research continues and Katyushas are built, while armored version development initiated. The first Nationalist parties in the USSR gain a following and people start so see huge similarities in both ideologies and Zhukov starts to consider allowing the Nationalists the right to become a National Party. The USSR opens up borders to all Jews and Zhukov puts forward money in billions of Rubles for them.
  • Great Britain:The Challenger Tank is designed, and prototype is shown to the public. They test fire the tank from on top of a hill toward a couple of old Cromwell Tanks. The tank knocked the first one standing in the same position, the other two were hit when the tank was moving. The Challenger will be built in limited numbers. Research into computers begins and satellite research continues.
  • Italy: Army recruitment is no longer mandatory, and people are encouraged to have a peaceful life. Italy, however builds up castles in Sicily, for the purpose not stated.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania sends aid to the Chinese to help them fight the communist. Romania builds underground tunnels across Romania and Yugoslavia to mobilize troops in case of an invasion, stocks are also built in them too.
  • China:It thanks every country for support against the Communist China. It explained that it is not fighting them for political reasons, but fighting them because they could create a possible national threat to the country's security. It asks the USSR to buy its Central Asian republics for $10 billion.
  • United States: The US continues research in computers, rockets, satellites, and nuclear power. Popularity in car, rail and air travel increase. The national highway system is starting to be rebuilt, more airports built, more rail lines built and refurbished all over the country.
  • India: The Military continues to be amped up. Work on the nuke continues.


  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The motorways continue construction.
  • Great Britain: The British continue research into advanced rocketry, computers and satellites.
  • United States: The US expands militarily. Research continues in rocketry, computers, satellites, and nuclear power. The sends the first mammal into space; it is a monkey.
  • The Third Reich: Work on the V3 continues, however some prototypes have been strong enough to go into space, so part of the Wunderwaffe programmes moves into the Reich's space programme. The Space programme is a sister project to the Wunderwaffe programme and lots of the rocket specialists end up working on both programmes. The Reich's Space Rocket, the Raumfahrt 1, begins to be engineered from the prototype V3 rockets. The military is amped up as the MP 40 is improved to make the MP 50, and StG 44 is more widely distributed to the main army.
  • China: China officially launches a small spacecraft into space, wtih a dog in it. The Chinese government continues to put down the rebels in Communist China. Research on new technologies (rocketry, computers, satellites, nuclear technology, lasers, plastic) continues. It invents a new tank called the "Earth Giant", which is larger and tougher than other tanks. It is now been put into production.
    • Sorry, but how can China suddenly just get a man in space and advanced rocket tech all of a sudden whereas the rest of us have slowly researched it over many years? I'm calling implausibility here
    • I am very sorry. I will change it. It actually was inspired by the US's move.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania military dabbles into Rocketry Science but there's a far more the research. Romania puts more research on Lethal Gases.
  • Italy: Italy begins preparations of creating independent African countries, which are currently owned by Italy.
  • India: India begins to build up its army and navy. Germany is asked what it wants for plans for a nuclear bomb and the V2 rocket. Work on the nuke continues.



Vietnam calls for independence from China, and has gathered enough men to create a rebellion. Rebels claim the OTL Vietnam for themselves and are defensively positioned, ready to start a war.

  • France: Begins researching rocketry to a greater extent. Troops start building up on the Andorra/France border.
  • The Third Reich: The V3 nuclear ICBM is completed, however it is far too big to be fired from anywhere but land bases. A few V3 silos are built in secret locations across the Reich, but not loads because they are so expensive to make. The German military is amped up thanks to this news.
  • India: India continues to build up its Armed Forces and Navy while the Air and Marine Corps are established. India changes its name to the United States of India. Work on the nuclear bomb continues.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. The motorways continue construction.
  • United States: The US extends relations to India. Research continues in nuclear power, computers and rockets. The military develops their first ICBM, named the Atlas. The technology is large and expensive so only several are made at first. Silos are built in key places around the country and the atlas's place in the silo's. The US warns France about attacking Andorra.
  • China: China reluctantly agrees to give Vietnam independence, as long as they remain an ally to China, don't threaten the country, or work with China's enemies. China asks India for an alliance and asks them if they could aid the Indian people. Funding to new technologies, new medicines, and the space program continue.
  • PRC: Thanks China for its independence and creates the Peoples Republic of China. The economy grows and in order to make commence, prisoners are made slaves for their prison terms in factories to make goods. The PRC asks China for Laos and Cambodia OTL to become allies with them. Russia is offered an alliance.
    • China politely refuses.
  • Great Britain: Research continues into rocketry, computers and satellites. The British government expects for a prototype ICBM to be made by Autumn. Great Britain sends an alliance to India and the PRC.
    • PRC accepts.
    • USI Diplomacy: India will agree for your plans of the nuclear bomb and your current missile plans. The USA is offered a trade deal while China is asked if they can split Tibet and the countries between India and China.
    • Great Britain agrees, and the plans will arrive soon.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI thanks the UK and India invites Britain's Current Prime Minister and Monarch to the unveiling of the Statue of Anglo-Indian Unity which is built in Delhi.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China offers an alliance to India and offers aid to the country.
    • Great Britain accepts the invite, and Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth II, and a security detail, along with the weapons plans will come to Delhi.
    • United States: The US accepts USI's trade offer.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI will accept China's alliance offer if it helps India achieve the following borders: Parts of eastern India will go to China while Tibet will split between China and India:
    • Chinese diplomacy: Sorry, Tibet has just joined China, but I can give you some land if you want.
    • USI Diplomacy: Tibet can stay Chinese, the USI apologizes for the failure to acknowledge this. The rest of the proposed borders of India would be reached quicker if China helped, which would be graciously accepted.
      Rough Border Offer Selected

      border offer


  • China: China continues to fund research into new technologies (computers, lasers, plastics, etc.), new medicines, and its space program. They apologize to India about Tibet, telling them it is already under Chinese rule. They will help them in their conquests though, just bit (of land) by bit. They also ask Japan to help rebuild their torn relationship.
    • Japanese Republic diplomacy: Japan agrees, and begins to strengthen relations.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI agrees to the Chinese's offer and say that if Tibet is Chinese, then it shall stay Chinese. China is asked if the research China is working on can be worked on by both countries working together, so it is researched faster and both nations can receive it.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China agrees to USI and the Japanese Republic. They begin to donate money to Japan to rebuilding.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI asks if China will declare war on Afghanistan and help India conquer the country.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. Japan also decides to research more into technology.
  • The Third Reich: The military is amped up, and another aircraft carrier is added to the German Navy.
  • USI: The USI receives plans for the nuclear bomb from Britain, and the UK is thanked graciously. The USI begins research on harnessing Energy from the earth's geothermal heat as to provide unlimited electricity to India's people. The USI begins helping the UK's research on ICBM's.
  • Italy: Five million dollars are funded for police force.
  • Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II and her security detail returns from India. The prime minister stays back. Research on ICBM's continue, as does research on satellites, computers and advance rocketry. Military advisor says the first prototype of an ICBM should be built next season.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI gives the British Prime Minister the best place possible to stay, the palace of the USI President himself. The Prime Minister is asked to dine with the President until he leaves to discuss the current world status of the USI and British Empire and threats to their two nations.
    • The Prime Minister accepts.
  • United States: The US continues research in nuclear power, weapons, computers, rockets and space tech. The US offers the USI President to go on a tour of the US with the American President.
    • USI Diplomacy: The President accepts and will arrive next year after the Prime Minister returns to England.


  • France: Andorra finally allows a search for terrorists, but they are not found. Research begins into basic computing, and combining this with rocketry.
  • United States: The US continues research in computers, nuclear power/weapons, rockets and space tech. Work is begun on a satellite to send into space. It is estimated to be completed within a couple of months.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure.
  • The Third Reich: Research into providing nuclear power for German citizens begins after hearing about nuclear power being experimented with in other countries. The military is amped up, and work on the space programme continues after a Raumfahrt 1 with some egg cartons in it goes into space, and the rocket returns back to Earth to examine the condition of the rocket to make sure it is safe for animals and humans.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain launches its first rocket with two chickens into space. The rocket returns back to Earth to make sure its safe for humans. Research on computers and satellites continue. 75% of the prototype ICBM is built, and is expected to be ready for launch next season. Research into wind and green energy begins.
  • China: China continues its funding to the space program, new technologies, eco-friendly energy technologies, and new medicines. They accept India's deal, but say India needs to develop an army first. They call for the US to end the discrimination of black Americans.
  • USI: India asks if India may have Britain's spaceship technology. The USI successfully completes the first ICBM prototype off of the British research and advancements, and it is immediately shared with the British in hopes that Britain will share its Space Ship technology with India. The USI completes its research on harnessing Energy from the earths geothermal heat as to provide unlimited electricity to India's people, and immediately electricity begins to arrive in the most rural areas of India. Britain is offered the plans for unlimited geothermal powered electricity as a gift while they are also offered to China and the USA. The army now numbers three million men and several tank divisions.


  • Italy: Italian government establishes Italian Medieval Role Play studio, where people will roleplay living a medieval roleplay life and practise sword fighting.
  • China: China begins research on ICBMs and asks Britain if it can cooperate with its ICBMs researching program. They begin installing solar panels, wind mills, rain-storing tanks, and local recycling centers in Chinese villages to decrease the country's footprint. The growth of technology in China gives people a good standard of living (similar to America in the 1950's). A series of artificial satellites are being launched into space.
  • USI; The USI asks China for its space technology and in return China will receive plans for unlimited electricity and heat provided by geothermal energy.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: It agrees, but about the geothermal energy, yjru already are developing renewable energy for Chinese villages, so that will go to villages in Western China.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain warns Norway of the test, so it could prepare for its coastal people. The prototype ICBM is launched from a mobile platform, and devastates the island. Green energy, advance rocketry (for space), and computer is under research. Military Command says a new and improved version of the Challenger should be released by 1955.
    • USI Diplomacy: The USI asks the UK for its new technology and in return the USI will help the UK construct Geothermal plants across its empire and place nukes in space.
  • The Third Reich: A monkey, dog and a fish (in a fish tank, of course) are sent into space. They all come back alive and the Reich aims to have a man in space in a few years.
  • Japanese Republic: Japan continues to build up their military and improve infrastructure. A few fishing ships are also built.
  • United States:The US accepts the USI's offer for plans for Geothermal Plants and thanks them. The First plant is starting to be built. NASA completes their satellite, and it is launched into space and makes history as the first artificial object in space. It is equipped with cameras and communication instruments. It beams the first images of Earth back to the US and they are shared with the world.
    • The USI asks the USA for its new space technology and in return the USI will help the USA construct Geothermal plants across the USA.

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