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The Nazi Party loses the elections in Poland despite rigging the results. The new government is Pro-Soviet due to fears of growing German power. They request a mutual defense pact with the USSR, and leave their alliance with the Germans.

  • France: The new aircraft carrier and battle cruisers are completed.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • The Third Reich: A second aircraft carrier is added to the German navy, however U-boats shall be the main force in the Reich's navy. The Volkswagen plan is also put into action, and the Reich aims to have the majority of its population to have easy access to cars.
  • Gran Americana Gran Colombia: The country changes its name to Gran Colombia to prevent confusion of the name. It also sends diplomats to America to asks to take desperate measures about what Brazil is up to. It also begins to improve infrastructure and build up its economy. It also asks Portugal for an alliance. It also begins to build up the military in Spanish South American countries. Colombians engineers invent a new weapon similar to OTL modern machine guns and a mass production of them is in effect. New, stronger tanks have been invented and are currently being built in the assembly line. Scientists are interested and atomic physics and are asking the US for a joint research on it to produce a new weapon.
  • Portugal refuses their alliance offer. And doesn't invade them for it, because it won't work.
  • United States: The US builds more aircraft carriers and battleships. More fighters, bombers, guns, ammo, tanks and jeeps are also built and produced.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain continues to improve its economy and infrastructure. The War Ministry in London thinks that the military is well prepared that the factories begin building more civilian stuff, like toys and radios.
  • Romania builds up its military and researches more techs, they start building the Vanatourl R-35 Tank.
  • Brazil: More armament is produced in the weapons factories of Brazil. The population is officially over 50 million people. the Brazilians reverse-engineer the spitfire into the avion Brasilia. 200 are ordered to be produced. A massive arms buildup is happening, reversing many effects of the great depression, giving the people jobs as workers. Meanwhile, the first rain forest tank is constructed to clear the rain forest instead of a gun and with 50 cal machine guns for defense. Brazilian scientists are getting very interested in the new arising topic of atomic physics, and how it can be used militarily. the Agência Brasileira de Inteligência or Brazilian intelligence agency is formed. one of its divisions is also counter-espionage.
  • Kingdom of Iceland offer UK to do joint operations and to send some troops to the British colonies
    • Great Britain agrees and offers Iceland to help defend supply routes from an aggressor or aggressors.
    • Kingdom of Iceland Agrees.
  • The USSR builds up its military, specially the navy and the air force. The Union asks Poland to join it as autonomous republic with special trade rights. The soviet ambassadors ask a trade agreement with Brazil and the United States.
    • United States: The US accepts the USSR's trade request
    • Poland declines, preferring to keep their independence for now, but they ask for an alliance.
  • China: Chinese diplomats meet with the US for a trade agreement. It also asks Britain if it can buy Hong Kong from the country. It also asks Portugal to buy Macau from the country as well. The building of new settlements and buildings in the place of former city slums begins to rise as the standard of living does. The Chinese economic growth continues as factories are being built and farms beginning to modernize and increase production. The railroad project in China is complete.


  • Italian Empire: Coup d'etat - In the morning of May 1st, a group of politicians invade Benito's office and eventually arrest him, by the help of La Polizia Italiana. The new politicians call themselves "Green Democratic Party of Italy(GDPI)". The fascism ideology in Italian Empire is almost completely destroyed. They grant independence for Ethiopia and Yugoslavia. They leave the Pact of Steel immediately. The #1 Referendum regarding changing the name from Italian Empire to Italy, is to be held in Summer.
    • Great Britain: The British recognize the new government.
    • Empire of Japan: Japan also recognises the new Italian government.
    • United States: The US recognizes the new government.
    • Gran Colombia: It recognizes the new government.
  • Great Britain: The British, not feeling threatened by the old Italian Empire, recalls its forces home.
  • Romania continues researching Technologies and expanding their Military. Also Romania heard of the Italian Fascist Regime demise and the Independence of Yugoslavia and began to plan the invasion of Yugoslavia.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure. Japan then asks the new Italy for an alliance.
    • Italy approves the Japanese offer of a Formal Alliance.
  • United States: The US continues to build up arms supplies. They also start an initiative in the country to make sure every child gets and education and starts funding schools and building new ones. Universities and colleges are also given funding. the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency. The president gets word of atomic physics and the possibility it can be weaponized and used peacefully, invests in its research and production. Scientist Albert Einstein is appointed head of the research committee.
    • Great Britain ask the Americans for a non-aggression pact with the US and offers to sale the Bahamas for $1,000,000.
    • United States: The US agrees to the non-aggression pact and accepts their offer to buy the Bahamas.
  • The USSR asks an alliance to Italy and a non-aggression pact. Stalin is still improving the militaristic field of the Union. The Soviet Union asks Romania to participate in the invasion of Yugoslavia.
    • Italian Senate, under #2 Referendum of Italy, decides the following: approve only the non-aggression pact and will sign an alliance when USSR proves to be neutral and peaceful.
  • France: watches the Italian situation with interest, but will consult other members of the Pact of Steel on what to do.
  • Gran Colombia: The government asks the USA government to cooperate with them in the American project. Internal improvements such as transportation systems and public facilities are being built and repaired all over the country. It also continues to arm Spanish South American countries against Brazil. It begins to ask the US to help them.
  • China: China meets with European leaders to ask if they can give their Asian colonies self-rule concerned about the independence movements there.The modernization, increase of the military, industrialization, increase of agricultural products, improving infrastructure, and rise of the standard of living begins to continue.
  • Brazil: the Brazilian Government is improving existing military infrastructure. The ABI discovers some Mexican spies in their midst, and quickly ousts them out of the nation. The Atomic Project or now Rio Project continues progress.


  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Great Britain: The British begin to research on an more improved tank.
  • Gran Colombia: The government begins to research on more powerful tanks, guns, armour, aircraft, submarines, and ships. Internal improvements are being built across the country. It still begins to arm Spanish South American countries and is asking France and Britain for an alliance.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain accepts the alliance and offers to sale Jamaica to Gran Colombia for $1,000,000.
    • France: politely declines for now, but offers Gran Colombia a trade agreement, non-aggression pact and a possible alliance in the future.
  • Romania would be delighted for the USSR and Pact of Steel help them in their conquest of Yugoslavia and Romania will share its resources equally. BUT Romania Demands that the Eastern Portion be annexed into Romania.
The Third Reich: The Reich shall aid Romania by invading North Yugoslavia (OTL Slovenia and some of Croatia) so that the Reich has easier access to the Mediterranean.
Hungary: Hungary joins the Reich and Romania and invades Yugoslavia aimed to annex a bit of Northern Yugoslavia.
Romania is pleased with the Hungary and the Third Reich's support, Romania sends The Third Reich and Hungary $1Million in currency plus Arms. Romania also begins building the Prietenie (Friendship) Highway that will link Bucharest, Budapest and Berlin does Hungary and The Third Reich Accept?
The Third Reich: The Reich accepts, and we can force Hungary to because they're in the pact of Steel and don't have a player. The Reich will also fund the extension of the road to join up with the current German Autobahn, link the road to Czechoslovakia, and Poland, as they are also in the pact of Steel.
Romania: Romanian works begin to work on the Highway to link it with the German Autobahn and also link it to Czechoslovakia and Poland.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich supports the Nazi party and they launch another coup; the Nazi take control of Poland again, and pledge to protect the nation from the expansionist USSR. The former Communist government is executed and socialist parties are banned in Poland.
    • I'm pretty sure that it was a mod post that detailed the polish coup, so you should obey it for at lest one year... I mean, how hard is it to wait for tomorrow to do a coup...and methinks you just started WWII by banning socialism in Poland-Lx (leave me a message)
    • How hard is it to give somebody else some god-mod treatment? I just love how I seem to be the only one getting any negative mod actions made against. The God-mod stuff has only been done against me and the Reich, the Spanish civil war, Spain stopping Valencia from breaking away, and against Mexico/Gran America (which the whole of that Gran America stuff, probably should be cancelled anyway). Why do you keep picking on me? VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 15:50, November 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: China begins to build up internal improvements. People in the country begin to live comfortable lives like people in the US. More and more schools are being built. A new constitution is also created that is based on the US Constitution.
  • Gran Colombia's player RandomWriterGuy quits playing as that nation and switches to China.
  • Brazil: The Brazilian Socialist Union Party, or communist bloc are planning an overthrow of the government secretly. while visiting Moscow, the Party asks in secret the USSR's aid in the planned communist revolution in Brazil against the "military led fascists in Brazilia". The Brazilian armed forces trains more pilots and the Rio Project continues research on atomic technology, but to limited results. the capital is moved to Brazilia city.
  • The USSR builds up its military.

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  • Italian Empire Italy: In the #1 Referendum, it was agreed, by 100% of votes, that Italian Empire may and will be renamed to Italy. It is planned that it will take 30 days to change all banners, repaints all store names, containing "Italian Empire" names. Italy also is not pleased with Yugoslavia being attacked, and builds up forts in Italian border near Yugoslavia.
    • ​Romania assures that they will not Attack or Enter Italian soil, but will not stand for their troops being attacked by any Italian troops if aiding the Yugoslavian and will attack.
  • United States: They offer an alliance to China. The US accepts Great Britain's offer for a non aggression pact and gladly buy the Bahamas from them. They also ask for an alliance with them. Work is continued on the atomic project, now called the Manhattan Project.
    • Great Britain: The British gladly accept the alliance.
    • Japan, not China, has Taiwan. If you want that, you better either ask them or invade them (with me).


  • United States: The US adds the Bahamas as a territory of the US. Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine bases are built and modernization projects are started, including multiple ports, airports, schools, a university and electrical plants. Puerto Rico is also given a modernization plan, with The entire island being wired for electricity and phone by the end of the year. New military bases, ports and airports are built, as a are new schools and a university.
  • Great Britain: The British continue to build civilian goods. Research on the new tank continues.
  • Italy: Under Referendum #3, it was decided, that Italy declares their neutrality in Yugoslavian-Expansionist War.
Voting in Referendum 3
Voter Percentage (Aye), %
1st voter row 97%
2nd voter row 100%
  • The Third Reich: German forces move to invade Yugoslavia.
  • Romania: Romanian forces cross the Border into Yugoslavia.
  • USSR: Builds up its military. The Soviet Union sends troops to support Romania and the Third Reich.
  • Kingdom of Iceland The second meeting of the Baltic Sea Nations took place in Copenhagen.
  • France: Construction of ten heavy cruisers begins to take place in an effort to further modernise the navy. This will take a long time and cost a large amount of money. (Did I mention the one billion extra francs put into the Maginot Line has been withdrawn?) It also sends troops to assist the Third Reich.
  • China: Chinese leaders meet with Americans to discuss an invasion of Japan and carving the territory for themselves. The modernization and rebuilding of the country continues. The navy, army, and air force continue to expand and upgrade thanks to the help of the US. It also begins to build up defenses to protect themselves from the Japanese.
  • Brazil: The BSUP start to seriously plan a communist coup. a date is set for February 1942. The Communists plea for Soviet support as such a coup would be impossible without soviet help. Brazil Continues with the Rio Project, based in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Military is updated. Meanwhile, more forces are set on the Bolivian border...
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure. Meanwhile, Ichirō Hatoyama passes a law that gives minorities even more freedom, even being allowed to vote in elections.



A coal dust explosion takes place in Honkeiko China, claiming 1549 lives.

  • Italy:
Brazilian civil war copy
  • Romania: Romanian soldiers advance across Romania into Yugoslavia in hopes of expanding their border. Romania puts more funding into the Highway being built and begins mass production of Tanks and researching tech.
    • Romania: Romanian troops push through Eastern Yugoslavia and face Medium Casualties.
  • Great Britain: Research on an new tank is finished and it is named the Cromwell II.
  • The Third Reich: Panzers break behind enemy lines and destroy a few large towns. German bomber planes also reduce Ljubljana and Zagreb to mostly rubble. The technological superior Reich continues to beat back the inexperienced and only recently reformed Yugoslavian military.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure. They also give Manchukuo, Japanese puppet state, back to China and also gives the Chinese Taiwan as well. Ichirō Hatoyama also passes an anti-discrimination law that will protect minorities (including Koreans) from being discriminated against.
  • USSR: Builds up its military and accepts the Turkish offer.
    • Brazilian Socialist Union Party (communist/left Bloc) diplomacy: Sorry if this is a bit repetitive, but the Brazilian Socialist union party cannot do a communist revolution without USSR aid, we will be crushed, and we have a majority of people on our side and the Brazilian government isn't letting us have how about it, some weapons and support?
    • USSR: Stalin will send troops to support the revolution in the good and allied nation of Brazil! With the help of the Brazilian people and the Soviets, the entire world will be soon under a government of justice and equality.
  • France: The navy continues being updated. All newspapers except the newly introduced 'La Presse de Paris,' which is run by the government, are deemed illegal.
  • China: China begins to send rescue crews to Honkeiko to help evacuate people and rescue survivors. China accepts the territory from Japan, but still demands Korea. In the newly acquired territories, the Chinese government begins to develop industry in the regions. The abundance of coal and iron makes Manchuria a major producer of world steel. Settlements are also built around the region as well. In Taiwan, the Chinese begin the modernization of the country. Ports are being built all over. It also asks Britain and Portugal to give back Macau and Hong Kong to China.
    • How about if Korea becomes its own nation instead, is that okay?
  • United States: The US keeps working on achieving a nuclear bomb and other nuclear technology. They are worried about the communist revolution in Brazil.
  • Brazil: February 16th;Revolution rips through Brazil. the discontent of the current government, especially since loss against Bolivia. The Brazilian Socialist Union Party, with the help of Soviet troops, the revolution is an outstanding success, and Manuel Arojo, the leader of the BSUP takes the head of the government. Although Brazilia and the north are quickly taken by the Revolutionaries. After the Beginning of the revolution, the government flees to the south, maintaining operations centered in Rio de Janeiro, starting the Brazilian civil war. the Government, happy that the Rio project's information did not fall into the hands of the BSUP (or so they thought), put more and more money so that Brazilian scientists can hopefully make a bomb before they are taken over. A map will follow.
    • Romania: The Romanian Conductor sends 800 Romanian volunteer Troops with R-2 Tanks and Arms to Help Brazil defeat the Communist rebels.
  • The Third Reich sends support to the Brazilian government to defeat the communist rebels


  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure. Japan also gives Korea their independence.
  • USSR: Builds up its military.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain improves the infrastructure of its land and colonies. British Parliament passes an law that all people, no matter race or color, will be treated fairly at home and in the colonies.

  • Romania: The Romanian 4th and 2nd Regiments with Artillery Support surround Belgrade. The Siege of Belgrade begins! Romania research more tech for their Military. Romania puts more funds into the Highway and begin creating their Navy.
  • China: China declares war on Japan to regain what has been lost years ago. It asks the US to give them support. It also prepares for an invasion of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. The military is expanded and upgraded more and more. New types of tanks, armor, planes, and guns are being developed. The modernization and economic expansion still continue.
  • United States: The US continues the development of the nuclear bomb.
  • The Third Reich: The invasion of Yugoslavia continues after Ljubljana and Zagreb fall to the Reich. Bombing runs become an increasingly important tactic in the invasion of Yugoslavia.
  • Brazil civil war 2

    green-loyalists blue-revolutionaries

    Due to German aid, the Old government is able to gain some territory in the west, and advance further north. However, the BSUP is able to gain air supremacy over the loyalists with soviet aid and win countless battles in the air, and start a bombing of loyalist-controlled cities. More neutral parties are equally dispersing with the other sides. Meanwhile, the government puts more and more of its resources into the Rio Project in hopes that it will produce a wonder weapon that will save all of Brazil from the communists. the Communists ask for Russian T-34 tanks so they can launch an offensive on Rio.


  • Great Britain: Britain ask Italy for an presence of an British Naval Base on Sicily, and if so, the British would allow Italian Inspectors to inspect the base every month.
  • Italy: Italy would be glad to accept it. And it does accept it, after little, five-minute voting, resulting in all votes positive (100%). They promise not to inspect that base, because they are sure that Britain will not harm Italy in any way. They also fund Great Britain with $2'000'000, for helping to build that naval base.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain is happy that Italy accepts and for that agreement, Britain offers Italy the design of the Cromwell II tank.
  • Italy: Italy gladly accept the design and begins building these tanks straight away, to defend for a possible invasion of fascists and socialists.
Voting in Referendum #5
Voters Percentage(Aye), %
1st voter row 98%
2nd voter row 73%
  • USSR: The USSR builds up its military and asks the annexation of Poland to the Union.
  • Empire of Japan: Japanese Federation: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure. Also, after a vote for name change, Ichirō Hatoyama picked the winning name and the Empire of Japan is renamed to the Japanese Federation (日本連盟). The Federation in the name was chosen for a historic reason.


Nearly 500 die in a fire that destroys Coconut Grove nightclub in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Scientists at the University of Chicago in the US induce a nuclear chain reaction, proving an atomic bomb to be possible.

  • Italy offered a Formal Alliance to Lithuania (, Latvia (22), Estonia (13), Sweden (16), Norway (51), Canada (88). Norway and Canada accepted it.
  • Great Britain: Remaining troops from the Falkland Islands return home. Scientists begin research in nuclear physics that can be used as both military and peaceful. The military base in Sicily is at mid-completion and more troops are deployed to the Middle East. Great Britain offers Canada a trade agreement and alliance and Portugal and trade agreement and alliance.
  • Canada has an alliance and a trade agreement with you already, as they are in the Commonwealth. Azecreth 14:58, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: China manages to captured parts of Northern Korea and are slowly advancing southward, near Pyongyang. China asks the US to see if it can participate in the nuclear project as well. The modernization, economic growth, and military growth all continue.
  • Japanese Federation: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Korea is not an independent nation. They are Japanese territory. China is at war with Japan now. Azecreth 14:58, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
Actually, I made Japan give Korea independence in Spring of 1942..-Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan 15:58, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
  • The USSR builds up its military.
  • Argentina: The Argentinian government takes control of its press deeming it to be uninformative. They also start a government owned heavy industries company called "Fabrilo Armaments" and a technology company called "Fabrilo Inventions". This company then proceeds to begin designing weapons that will be finalized in the summer next year.
  • Romania: Romania accepts the Third Reich's proposal. Romania cedes Croatia and Slovenia to the Reich. Romania hires more Workers for the Highway with the Third Reich and begins on their Navy Project.
  • United States: After the fire which resulted in the deaths of 500 people at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub and a train crashes into a bus, a unanimous vote is passed to improve building and safety and train and safety regulations are passed and enforced all over the country and its territories The President announces these changes to the country over the radio. After a nuclear reaction is proved possible, the President immediately gives funds to the development of a nuclear bomb. The US will let Chinese scientist sit in and helping the development of the nuclear bomb and share info to their leaders for Taiwan. The US offers a trade deal to Argentina, which includes oil.
    Brazil civil war 4
  • Brazil: Brazilian rebels continue to rally people to their cause. The government forces start pushing the rebels back to Brazilia, making great gains on the east coast of Brazil. THe rio project continues to do research on atomic bomb theory, however, due to the large influx of funds, much is done, but the government is slowly running out of money...
  • The Third Reich: The Reich declares the Reichskommissariat of Slovenia from its recently gained land from Yugoslavia. Ports are expanded in recently gained Yugoslavia, and several naval bases are built there too. The Cross-Reich railway and highway are also built to connect the Reich to Slovenia.



Riots take place in the Danzig Ghetto

A huge snow storm passes through Europe, destroying lots of cables and closing the road with trees.

  • China: The area that fills OTL North Korea is annexed by China. Due to the fact it is winter, they decide to wait for warmer weather. The modernization, economic growth, and military growth all continue. The first democratic elections are held. China agrees to let the US buy Taiwan, as long as the officials are still governing it.
  • Japanese Federation: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Italy: Italy, not wanting to have weak military and get cleaned by expansionist, under referendum #7 of Italy, decided to build more tank-driving and para-trooping schools near the Rome.
    • Britain: The British offer Italy an joint research in nuclear power for weapons and energy.
    • Italy: Italy accepts the offer and sends some scientists to Britain to help them with researching.
Referendum #7 of Italy
Voters Percentage(Aye), in %
First Voter Row 98%
Second Voter Row 100%
  • Great Britain: An British scientist told Churchill that they can split atoms, and that nuclear power, both military and peaceful, is possible. Churchill orders the research into nuclear weapons begins and code named the "London Project." An highway connecting Edinburgh to London begins and an railroad from Dover to London begins. Construction on the naval base in Sicily is at half-completion. Britain offers assistance to any country affected by the snow storm.
  • Romanian Empire: After the successful Invasion and Occupation of Yugoslavia the Romanian government forces about 2,000 Yugoslavians into the Romanian Army. Romania begins to research Military techs, Romanian Workers enter Czechoslovakia on their work on the Highway.
  • The Third Reich: After seeing how much easier it is to control a Reichskommissariat than a puppet state or protectorate, Poland and Czechoslovakia respectively are declared as Reichskommissariat territories, and German control over these territories is solidified. Jews are also removed from Ghettos like the ones in Danzig and placed in new Jewish holding lands (basically bigger ghettos but big enough so that they could farm and sustain their own livings) in the Reichskommissariat states. Any Jew refusing to move to the Jewish Holding lands are either forcibly moved, arrested and sent to labour camps, or deported to anywhere which would take them (usually the USA).
  • United States: The US agrees to China's terms, saying that the current officials will stay in power for a few years until elections are held. Work continues on the nuclear bomb. The Military is expanded. Work is started on modernizing Taiwan. A highway down and across the island is built, schools and a university are built, ports, naval, army, marine and air force bases are built, and the island is entirely electrified.
  • Argentina: The army conscripts 250,000 extra soldiers, the new army is now 300,000 strong, with the conscripts being heavily drilled and trained by foreign officers. The armament designs begin to pick off, with new technologies being integrated into them. The economy continues to grow, while the borders are also being more heavily fortified.
    • United States: The US offers Argentina a trade agreement.
    • Argentina: Argentina accepts the trade agreement.
      Brazil civil war 5

      green-loyalist, blue- BSUP, pink-bolivia, white-neutral

  • Brazil: The civil war rages on. The government, putting most funds for a creation of a "wonder weapon" is pouring more and more of its money into the Rio Project, which in turn creates a small scale nuclear chain reaction, proving it possible to be done in the southern hemisphere. The government is spending most of its resources, however into this project, causing much mistreatment of the infantry, lesser pay, food and benefits for the soldiers loyal to the cause of the Old government. Because of this, many of the soldiers decide to side with the revolutionaries. With continuing military aid from the USSR, the first set of soviet troops are starting to train for Rain forest Warfare in the Brazilian summer. Taking the opportune moment, the Brazilian revolutionaries make a massive counterattack, taking much of the coastline lost during fighting, making their "Eastern" offensive an outstanding success and begin tightening their southern front. The number of the loyalist air force diminishes from 100 to 12 fighter planes in less than one month, while the number of Revolutionary planes only decrease from 300-275, as Soviet planes are more trained and better in the air than any Brazilian ace. The tide begins to slowly turn in the Brazilian civil war. A land attack of Rio de Janeiro is being planned as the western offensive plays out into a stalemate.


A military coup overthrows the Japanese government. The Empire is re-established with the Emperor as the head, but he is little more than a puppet for the military. They vow to drive the Chinese out of "rightful Japanese territory."

  • United States: The US keeps working on developing the nuclear bomb. The US keeps developing all of its possessions.
  • Great Britain: The London Project is at mid-completion, the military factories are started up again.
  • Empire of Japan: With many of the Japanese displeased of the military coup overthrowing the Japanese government, the Japanese rebel and fight against against the Emperor starting the Japanese Civil War. The democratic Japanese rebels asks for help from other countries to help overthrow the Emperor and the military who took over.
    • Italy sends secret military aid to democratic Japan, in order to stabilize the diplomacy there.
    • Argentina: sends troops to assist the Imperials of Japan, in order to cement a strong military empire. They ask that other nations force the minority rebelling against the Empire, considering that they represent the corrupt politicians who also tried to force the Empire to become a Federation through rigged voting.
    • Great Britain sends secret military aid to democratic Japan and sends the HMS Hood to protect the aid.
    • Who are you sending the aid to?
    • China: China agrees to help the rebels, suspicious of the military leaders' threats on China.
    • United States: The US sends guns, ammo, tanks, planes and several ships to the democratic rebels.
  • The Third Reich: The Hitler orders the creation of a "Wunderwaffe Programme" in order to give the Reich super weapons needed to defend the purity of the Aryan race. This includes the commissioning of a third aircraft carrier, the creation of several new Bismark-class battleships, improvements to make the U-boats truly ocean-going, a radar air defence system, the creation of "Kugelblitz" mobile AA guns to defend ground troops from aerial attacks, improved Panzer tanks (including super-heavy tanks), bomber planes with a much longer range and heavier payload capacities, gliders to transport troops in future attacks/advances in war, rocket powered aircraft, long range heavy pay load artillery, missiles, assault rifles, and nuclear power and bombs. The Wunderwaffe Programme is kept super secret and extensive background checks are carried out on members operating in the programme, and members families are moved to live on site in the newly built town of Glückseligkeit in the Austrian Alps. The majority of the Wunderwaffe programme's laboratories and works are built underground and in the mountains themselves to keep them hidden from outside eyes. German Air traffic control is also intensified in order to protect German skies from unwanted aircraft.
  • Argentina: Argentina continues to build military, with the heavy industry beginning to pick up tanks begin to be manufactured for the armed forces. Meanwhile the government starts a campaign to increase population, rewarding couples for having more children.
  • France: production of the ships continues. The storm damage is dealt with efficiently.
  • Italy: In the territory of Libya, infrastructure is started to upgrade massively, alongside with new houses being built, for African climate.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania's head Government removes the Yugoslavian language from been taught in schools in Yugoslavia and replaces with Romanian. Romania's navy is done and an act passes which renames every Yugoslavian named places in Yugoslavian as a project to disintegrate the Yugoslavia and expand Romania's culture and ethnic populations in Europe.
  • China: The warmer weather finally comes, allowing the Chinese to move southward into Korea. Seoul is being sieges along the way. The modernization, economic and military growth all continue in the country. It begins to develop the atomic bomb with the Americans. The Chinese ask the French to buy French Indochina for $30,000,000.
Brazil civil war 6

Pink-Bolivia, blue-BSUP, Green- Loyalists

*Brazil: The Brazilian Loyalist start to loose ground fast. The Revolutionaries launch a large offensive on Rio and the Brazilian Coast. The Brazilian Government, unable to keep many of its functions alive, as a result, many soldiers defecting to the BSUP forces, the revolutionaries promising a free state, and unity, and equality, adopting the slogans "viva livre Brasil!"(long live free Brazil) along with the traditional communist "proletarians of the world unite" motto.After a 2-month long siege, the greatest stronghold of the Brazilian Loyalists, Rio de Janeiro, is taken from the loyalists. The government, however sneaks away and moves south to Porto Allegro. Much information regarding the Rio Project, and the revolutionaries, not wanting to wind up like the loyalists, decides to suspend the project until further notice(end of civil war). The loyalists, in desperate need of aid, plea from help from Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina, but however, the BSUP also asks for the aid of Argentina to possibly strike from the south. the loyalist Western Frontier collapses, and the BSUP is able to take the entire Guiney border and the northernmost Venezuelan Border. The loyalists are pushed back everywhere, and are in dire need of help...
    • Argentina: Argentina considers its position carefully. Then they decide to act, seeing that Brazil is on a tipping point. Their entire army mobilises along with their developing air force and navy. They charge north into Brazil to aid the loyalists. A large elite cavalry force moves to force the western flank, the main infantry force begins to push the center while a smaller force moves east. The air force attacks Rio de Janeiro heavily with bombers and provides support for the central force, the navy provides coastal support and begins a strategic blockade of areas before they are assaulted. A large conscript force of 2,000,000 start mobilising and are expected to be ready next season.
    • The Third Reich: The Reich vows to support their loyalist Brazilian allies in order to keep the alliance and trade going and to stop socialism spreading. The Reich sends its three aircraft carriers down to Brazil where it sends bomber planes to destroy important communist targets like their airfields, ports, towns and cities, etc.


Worried that it may be attacked during the Brazilian-Argentinian War, Paraguay asks Gran Colombia and the United States to diplomatically intervene to resolve the conflict.

  • The Third Reich: Military help is continued to be given to the loyalist Brazilian forces, bombing of key communist assets is stepped up, and this bombing campaign basically renders the BSUP air-force useless. Panzers are also given to the loyalists in order to give them the upper hand in the ground conflict. Other ships of the German navy are sent to blockade the BSUP and to starve them of imported goods. The Fernando de Noronha islands are taken by the Reich to be used as a naval base for operations against the BSUP. The Wunderwaffe programme's funding is also increased specifically for the nuclear bomb and the nuclear bomb is seen as one of the main goals/prizes of the Wunderwaffe Programme.
  • The United States: The US tries to intervene between the loyalists and communists in Brazil, trying to work out a truce. One Brazil, but jointly governed by the loyalists and communists or two separate Brazils, one for each side. The US continues working on building a nuclear bomb. The military is expanded a little.
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues. And with the help and supplies, the democratic Japanese rebels are able to secure Kyūshū and Shikoku as well as the Ryūkyū Islands. Heavy fighting continues in Honshū, as well as Hokkaidō, though the democratic Japanese rebels are making decent advancements. The Imperialists are fighting a losing battle, but they don't seem to give up easy. Meanwhile, a democratic Japanese government in Kagoshima (city is in the island of Kyūshū) is established, calling themselves "Japanese Republic"
  • Argentina: The Argentinians withdraw aid from Imperial Japan however offer the Japanese Generals refuge in Argentina, a few accept seeing the tide of support the democrats got and leave with the Argentinian force. The Generals start to assist the development of the Argentinian forces. The heavy industry finally receives designs for new gas operated rifles, modern artillery and tanks, production occurs immediately. A message is sent to Paraguay reassuring it of its safety and telling it that if it is attack by any side Argentina will act to preserve the interests of Paraguay. Meanwhile on the front, the Argentinians push the centre hugely after the influx of conscripts and push the east even harder retaking western Rio de Janeiro. In the north more interesting tactics take place: the cavalry force finds a large unopposed infantry force, they manage to lure it out and then cut off its supply lines after a week most of the infantry are dead, when the cavalry finally charge, the troops are too weak to resist, this allows for a huge push. The air force also makes gains dropping huge amounts of bombs on industrial areas manufacturing for the BSUP, while the navy seeing that Germany has made an effective blockade begins to use hit and run tactics, taking out camps on the coast and small black market supply vessels. Argentinian military leaders meet the Germans on their carriers and observe the German aircraft's operational ability. The people are greatly motivated by these successes bringing production up and support for the government even higher.
  • Brazil: A giant counter-offensive is launched by the socialists, in the chaos, they are able to relatively keep the lines stable, despite loosing a bit of territory, the lines develop into a vicious stalemate. The United Socialist Republic of Brazil is proclaimed by the BSUP, which becomes its ruling party with a capital in Brasilia. The war draws more and more blood. Meanwhile, as a final "screw you" to the old regime, Bolivia joins the war on the socialists' side...much more to come
    • Just a question but since when is Germany+Argentina+South Brazil=North Brazil+a little bit of Russia? I think that those lines would be pushed much farther back and would not be able to develop into a stalemate due to the lack of supplies to the socialist side, they would either have to attack or retreat. Bolivia is kind of logical however they must have forgot that Argentina still has the ability to turn round half its forces and continue to beat the hell out of both the sides and that it would be entering a war with Germany and Argentina together. I don't object to them joining but seriously the BSUP lines would be pushed back quite a bit.
      • The thing is I want to wait until the algorithm is done to do actual things and the thing is the capital of the new socialist state is kind of near the border so they would have to put up more defenses, not to mention most of the Brazilian population is under the control of the north. Until I finish the civil war's algorithm there will be a bit of stuff not done but there will be progress by the end of the year. Brazil can turn out like OTL Koreas or something...or maybe...whatever, I'll decide what to do with them later...
  • Romanian Empire: Romania starts researching more Military tech equipping their Soldiers with Bazookas and Grenades, Using Armored Trucks. More of the Yugoslavian populace is assimilated in Romanian culture.
  • Colonization of Antarctica will not be done by anyone except the great powers. They only have the reason and resources to do it. Romania should have no interest in Antarctica, since it doesn't offer any possible resources to them. Azecreth 23:22, November 29, 2011 (UTC)
  • Italy: Italian government funds artists, actors and musicians with 500ITL, and spend 50'000'000ITL on building new theatres, cinemas and music schools. After many news articles about possible Italian mafia in Sicily, most of police officers are sent there, and corruption is being supervised closer. Detective Bureau of Sicily is established.
  • France: production of the ships continues with speed. France watches the Brazilian conflict with interest, but will not intervene for now. It also improves conditions within its colonies.
  • Great Britain: The London Project is nearing the end, Parliament begins to establish to an nuclear test site off the cost of Scotland, and another in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Infrastructure in Britain's colonies continue to be improved.
  • China: The Chinese ask the French to buy French Indochina for $30,000,000. In order to attract students from around the world to China, they begin to build museums, art schools, dance schools, and schools dedicated to China's history. They continue to aid the democratic Japanese forces. The economic growth, modernization, and military build-up continue. The population has grown to half a billion, forcing the government to build new, space-saving housing, fund research on new farming techniques, and encourage settlements in western China. Seoul is captured by the Chinese and they move down south to the last remnants of southern Korea. Construction projects pay off, as new housing, schools, road systems, and other important infrastructure projects help provide a new standard of living for the people. Most people now have a high standard of living similar to western countries.


Lebanon begins agitating for an end to the French mandate over them, since they say that the French have helped them reach a suitable level of stability so that they can conduct the running of their nation on their own.

  • United States: The US completes their nuclear project and successful detonate a nuclear bomb in the desert in New Mexico. The President and other officials are present at the test and are both impressed and scared. The President and after a film clip is shown to them, congress order the production of several of these nuclear bombs. The military is expanded and bombers are built to be able to carry these new bombs. The country and it's territory's are finishing modernizing.
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues. The democratic Japanese rebels secure Hokkaidō and Karafuto. The only heavy fighting left is in Honshū, and the democratic Japanese rebels are doing fairly good, and are soon about to close in. The Imperialists still don't seem to want to give up and continues to fight, but are still losing.
  • Italy: Italy begins developing bombs, which could deactivate most of firing weapons and could do no damage to civilians. They also begin funding beginner farmers with money to help them get higher income from their lands.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain finishes their nuclear project and successfully detonates a nuclear bomb on an remote island off the coast of Scotland. Bombers are being produced for these weapons.
  • One word, radiation. The radiation from the bomb will either end up in Scotland, or in Norway. That's why the Americans detonated in Arizona, cause there's nobody there. The area you chose is fine, but I just thought I would point it out. Azecreth 14:45, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Third Reich: The Wunderwaffe programme's nuclear bomb project is running smoothly, and German scientists expect to have a fully working nuclear bomb in around 2 years. The Reich also annexes the Fernando de Noronha islands and makes them an overseas territory of the Reich. The Reich steps up its bombing campaigns of BSUP territory and more military aid is given to Brazil as payment for taking the Fernando de Noronha islands.
  • China: After the Chinese scientists who accompanies the American nuclear scientists witness the explosion, they carry the plans to China, who begin to refine uranium. The Chinese ask the French to buy French Indochina for $30,000,000. The modernization of the country is finally completed. The last remnants of Korea are now part of China.
  • Even with blueprints, you can't make a fully functioning A-bomb in 6 months. It will take time to refine the uranium and make a working device. Wait a few turns, maybe to like Summer next year. Azecreth 14:45, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Argentina: The Argentinians turn one million troops round along with 100,000 standard forces to fight Bolivia, the border guards hold the Argentinian-Bolivian border as the enemy tries to break the reinforced line. The majority of the air force leaves the BSUP front and begins to heavily bomb Bolivian cities. The Bolivian conscript forces are outmatched by the Argentinian troopers (who are also conscripts), after several months fighting on the BSUP front they have become hardened jungle fighters. The Bolivians are fought back heavily and overwhelmed by the Argentinian numbers however they hold fronts just outside their borders still. The BSUP front is heated but the damage to the Communists has been done and the forces still stationed there continue to push north. Rio de Janeiro is secured completely and the elite forces in the east receive the first shipment of the medium battle tanks, they outmatch the inferior crews and older tanks, they also receive the gas operated rifles, which give the infantry a much needed firepower advantage. The Navy continues their tactics. The Homeland is still unaware of the horrors of the war and continues to work hard to fuel the army and grow the industry.
  • Brazil: The civil war is winding down, the Brazilian Communists are ready for all that can stand before them, to maintain their freedom. The war continues and the Communists, despite losses everywhere else, manage to deal some damage near the capital Brazilia and the northeast, but that is short-lived as the Bolivians that took that part of the nation have been forced to come back into their homeland to defend themselves, allowing the others to fill in the gaps. the communists leave their east and west. Meanwhile, a small force attack the Germans, pushing them temporarily off the islands. Bolivia loses much land. The Loyalist forces are able to make short advances. Many people do not want to continue the bloodshed of war, and the BSUP is thinking of opening negotiations. The Loyalists, able to now recuperate economically, restart the Rio Project. The communists secretly ask the Soviet Union for their largest amount of aid yet, so they can rid the world of the "fascist scum in South America"
  • Romanian Empire: Romania's project becomes more successful and More and More of Old Yugoslavia becomes more of Romania. Romania increases their Navy, Air force and Army. More of Production of Tanks, Airplanes, Carriers and Battleships.



A huge snow storm passes through the Baltic states, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Great Britain. It is one of the biggest winter storms of 1940s. Scientist call it "Forge of Snow".

Radiation from the United Kingdoms atomic bomb test makes landfall in Norway, causing radiation poisoning among the coastal population. The Norwegian government issues a protest to the United Kingdom.

  • Italy: Italian government send material aid of $2,000,000 to Great Britain, to assist them in cleaning the snow and regrowing fallen trees. Italy also builds up coastal defences around their borders, to protect themselves in case of invasion of fascists. Benito Mussolini and some of his followers are to be hanged in the spring, in the "Roman Trial".
  • The Third Reich: The Reich stops the communist attack against the German Fernando de Noronha islands. The German navy then proceeds to destroy all of the BSUP's ports so that they are unable to have any sort of naval presence.
  • China: The Chinese ask the French to buy French Indochina for $30,000,000. Trade offers are given to France, Space, Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal. The Chinese manage to create a banking system similar to OTL Luxembourg, causing massive increases of GDP. The government manages to refine uranium, but it will take longer to develop the atomic bomb.
  • France will consider this offer and hopes to inform China of it's decision this Spring.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain begins to recover authorities declare an state of emergency and from the snow storm. British Government apologize for the detonation of the bomb near Norway and tells them that they'll start testing underground in India.
  • You know, you have an entire Empire you could test in. Go to like Australia or something. Azecreth 15:14, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Wait, how can the UK recover from snowfall that quickly; you're talking about the place where it is total panic if there is one cm of snow. Imagine feet of it..
  • Romanian Empire: Romania builds numerous bunkers around the country and Yugoslavia. Romania breaks up Yugoslavia and claims it to be a state in Romania. The Romanian Empire crowns King Michael as Emperor of Romania and the beginning of a huge Naval base in Western Romania (Former Yugoslavia) on the coast of the Aegean sea.
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues. The fighting continues in Honshū, and the democratic Japanese rebels are almost achieving victory. Major fighting takes place in large cities, while smaller cities are conquered and secured by the democratic Japanese.
  • Argentina: Argentina forces north again on the BSUP front however due to dwindling resistance the Argentinians are willing to negotiate with BSUP. Bolivia continues to be beaten however Argentina also offers to negotiate with them. The homeland continues to be prosperous.
  • United States: The US reinvents its banking system model China's changes did and the country's GDP soars. Money soars, and the US starts to pay off its national debt. Funding go towards a program to research and produce rockets, missiles and jet engines. With the access to large amounts of money, air travel gains popularity among US citizens and nationals. Airports are built over the states, two in Puerto Rico, several in the Bahamas, one every several islands in the Pacific, several in the Philippines and two in Taiwan.
  • Brazil: The civil war is starting to quiet down, fighting however continues, but it is a great possibility that the war will end soon, but what result will happen is unknown. The Rio Project, With all that extra funding due to war is able to design an A-bomb, the designs are intercepted by the Communists, that rush more money into completing a bomb. Uranium is discovered in Brazil.


Josef Stalin is assassinated while visiting Stalingrad. The assassin is caught, and connections to the German Reich are revealed.

  • The Third Reich: The Nuclear bomb program continues, and success is seen to be just around the corner, thanks to all of the money poured into the project. The Reich however sees the Italians fortifying their borders and the Reich creates their own line of defences around the Italian borders (Between Germany and Slovenia) to counter Italy's line of fortifications. The Reich also demands that Mussolini be let go after all he made Italy a world power again, and due to Hitler's wish not to see his good friend die.
  • Italy: The Third Reich's demand, or more like an ultimatum, was denied, whereby Benito was hanged in Rome, at the "Roman Trial" with his party members. Italy builds up some more paratrooper schools. Italy mobilizes their army, preparing for a possible war with Romania and Third Reich.
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues. The fighting continues in Honshū, and the democratic Japanese rebels close in on Tokyo now. Kyoto remains the only other city with heavy fighting, and most of Honshū is secured by the democratic Japanese.
  • Great Britain: The snow in England begins to melt and England begins to recover.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania finishes with the Highway project and enters Germany to connect it with the Autobahn, Romania's naval base is almost finished but do to the harsh Winter in Western Romania the Naval base is delayed and fortifications begin to be built along the Aegean coast.
  • France: agrees to sell French Indochina to China.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain request the purchase of France's colony on South America for $3,000,000.
  • China: China annexes Indochina from France after the deal. The country, by a combination of a highly, modern economy, gold and silver deposits, growing industries, and a perfect banking system, China becomes one of the top twenty wealthiest nations in the world. China still is developing the atomic bomb. The famous book, Nationalism, is spread to Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, which states the ideology of the Nationalist Party in China. Many Nationalist followers call for Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan to be Nationalist just like China (Can mod to RNG for this to decide whether the party gains power in the country)
    • Tibet: 5
    • Nepal: 1
    • Bhutan: 7 Doctor261 05:37, December 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • United States: The US expands its military. They offer Italy an alliance offer. Out of fear, of the possible the president and congress enact a program to built municipal fallout shelters/nuclear proof bunkers in every city in the country and territories. Secret nuclear proof bunkers are built all over the nation that are specifically for the president, the chain of command, congress, and the military brass. The territories of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, The Philippines, and Taiwan apply for statehood.
    • Italy accepts the alliance offer from US.
  • Canada: Canada builds up its military in case of attack and seeks to gain Greenland peacefully. At the same time, it also seeks to industrialize its lands and plans to become a major power. They plan to make a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union. The Canadian government then takes away rights for German Canadians and then drives them out of their country as a response to Germany's continued nuclear program.


  • Italy: Italy finally gives back the independence to Albania, back to the former government, if they're alive. Albania receives full independence, and no conditions were given to them by Italy. Italy aids Albania with $5,000,000 to return to the stabilized economy, which was damaged during fascist times. Italy also strengthens the German-Italian defence line.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler denies involvement in the assassination of Stalin, but he congratulates who ever did kill him. Hitler also welcomes the German-Canadians who had been forced out of their country, and free housing and support is given to these returning German ex-pats. The Reich condemns Canada for forcibly removing them, and points out that China and Brazil are also developing nuclear weapons, and that Great Britain and USA already have them. Hitler then asks if the Canadian government will also drive out any Chinese-Canadians, Brazilian-Canadians, British-Canadians, or American-Canadians. The German nuclear bomb development also finishes with the successful testing of the weapon in the Arctic Ocean (it is dropped by a long-range German bomber and watched by scientists on a German ship a few miles away).
    • Great Britain: Great Britain ask the Third Reich to broadcast its sincere condolences to the German-Canadians that were forced out of their country.
    • The Third Reich: The Reich reports this in the national newspapers, and thanks Great Britain for its concern.
    • China: China greatly condemns this, and warns Canada not to follow Hitler's request, but also demands the German-Canadians come back to Canada.
    • Brazil: Even at the notion of this claim as to "why not deport Brazilian-Canadians" Brazil loyalists react by officially ceasing fire with the revolutionaries and (secretly) aiding the BSUP in destroying the German outposts in South America
Woah there Brazil, Hitler was merely sarcastically asking the Canadians to test their resolve and show how anti-Germany they are; VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 02:02, December 4, 2011 (UTC).
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues. The only fighting left is now in Tokyo. The democratic Japanese rebels are close to achieving victory.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain is still recovering from the snowstorm, much of it has already melt. Great Britain begins an project for building fallout shelters and secret bunkers for Parliament, the Royal Family, and military brass. Great Britain, although not real happy with the fascist government of Germany, also condemns the forceful re-movement of German-Canadians.
  • United States: The US also not happy with fascist Germany, but condemns Canada for the removal of German-Canadians. On the vote of statehood a vote is held.(Can a mod do an RNG for statehood for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Philippines and Taiwan?) More nuclear bombs are built. Anti-Air defences are built all over the country.
    • Hawaii:6
    • Alaska:0
    • Puerto Rico:0
    • Bahamas:3
    • Philippines:9
    • Taiwan:3 Doctor261 18:37, December 3, 2011 (UTC)
      • Canada: Canada apologizes and cancels the removal of German-Canadians. They also agree that Taiwan should be part of the US and that they wish for them to join a proposed economic-military alliance known as the North American Union.
  • China: The government finally manages to create the nuclear bomb and has detonate it in the Gobi Desert. The government begins to produce several of these weapons and aircraft to handle them. They begin to station troops in the Indochinese region, preparing to modernize the area and to militarise it for reasons unknown.
  • Canada: The Canadian government begins to recruit about 3 million soldiers and constructs 3000 tanks in case of German aggression. German-Canadians are now to remain in Canada and only 300 of them have left to the United States without any force being used. They have also decided to condemn China and the third Reich for their nuclear bomb production. The Canadians then decided to form the North American Union with the US. Seeing Hitler's request to be unfitting, they remain loyal to America. Thus, they are forced to begin their own nuclear program. By then, the Canadians annex Greenland with Greenlander civilians happily welcoming them. The annexation is done only for defensive strategies. Haiti and Thailand also annexed, as they are needed for economic reasons.
    • United States: The US takes in the German-Canadians and gives them houses and a little money to help them get started. But the US must reject Canada's North American Union, though will remain friendly with them.
    • Denmark protests this blatant violation of their sovereignty by the Canadians annexation of Greenland, a rightful part of their nation. They ask that Canada return Greenland.
Therefore, isn't this an invasion then? So why no algorithm? Same for the lack of algorithms when Canada took Thailand. Can't just go around invading NPCs instantly
Voided Doctor261 06:27, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Romanian Empire: Romania installs a senate that acts nothing more then simple Law makers. The Romanian naval base is complete and Romanian workers connect the highway with the Autobahn, More Carriers and Battleships are built.
  • After years of fighting, the BSUP and the Loyalists finally sign a temporary ceasefire, the loyalists, being very angry at the Germans, and the BSUP, discouraged at not having any aid in the war. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Loyalists manage to take back the Bolivian territory lost in the prior war, and Bolivia too, signs a peace agreement with the loyalists. The BSUP sets up the Brazilian Democratic Socialist Republic (BDSR), with a capital in Brasilia as the Loyalists officially declare the Federated Republic of Brazil in the south with a capital in Rio. Both Factions claim sovereignty over the entirety of Brazil. One of the articles in the treaty states that unification of Brazil will be a foremost goal, meanwhile, the Rio project is accepted as a mutual project. The German camps are completely bombarded.
You obviously didn't interpret the Reich's last post correctly? "The Reich condemns Canada for forcibly removing them, and points out that China and Brazil are also developing nuclear weapons, and that Great Britain and USA already have them. Hitler then 'ASKS' if the Canadian government will also drive out any Chinese-Canadians, Brazilian-Canadians, British-Canadians, or American-Canadians." Hitler was basically mocking Canada to show that they are hypocrites as they are friends with nations who have nuclear bombs and now as you can see they're making their own nuclear bomb so they're even worse hypocrites. He never said remove the other peoples from Canada. Besides the Reich has no camps on the mainland of Brazil, just the base in the Fernando de Noronha islands; which considering German air and naval superiority, is untouchable by Brazil. VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 02:15, December 4, 2011 (UTC)


  • China: The country manages to produce several nuclear bombs, including aircraft to handle them. They ask the United States to cooperate in a space program to bring the first man in space and the first satellites into space. The Chinese begin to fund research programs for new technologies, medicines, plastic, renewable energy sources, and new types of tanks and guns. They begin to develop a highway system to Indochina, eliminate most of its poverty, build schools, improve economies, modernize agriculture, and provided money for the growth of services and industries. They still begin to militarized the Indochinese area for reasons still unknown.
  • Italy: Italy also fortifies their current defences in Italo-German line. They say to Third Reich, that Italy will not attack Third Reich, so there is no need for them to build defences, president states: "It's just self-defence. We are threatened by you, so we build it. You have done too much already, and you still want more." Also. The newspaper states that Benito was not hanged. It is suspected that he has escaped, but the government states that he was hanged.
  • A united space program between nations who don't even have basic rocketry or common interests in just implausible. Azecreth 19:45, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
    • German Diplomacy: You've had a line of defence up against the Reich for years now and this was seen as a threat to national security so we built our own to counter it.
    • Italian Diplomacy: "Counter-what? National what? THIS was seen as a threat? All right, dear Hitler, I'm putting an Embargo against you. Get out of our office. Never come back."
    • German Diplomacy: "A military build up around our borders? Yes that's a threat. But the amount of things that Italy seem to see as treats is simply shocking, it was only put up to neutralise yours so Italy doesn't have an advantage in the area, and if protecting the German people is a problem with you, then do one. Germany and its Reichskommissariat territories form an embargo against Italy, and the Reich calls upon other members of the Pact of Steel (Romania, Hungary and France) to do the same. The Reich will remove the embargo against Italy if she removes hers, and the same goes for the defensive line. Fair is fair."
    • French Diplomacy: France enacts an embargo against Italy.
  • Argentina: Brazil having been split in two after a horrendous civil war
    Argentinian Bolivian exchange

    new Argentinian-Bolivian borders.

    causes Argentina to become the sole regional power in the area, they assert this by demanding the territory they occupied from Bolivia during the counter attack, Bolivia is forced to agree due to Argentina's greater force. Out of the two million mobilised men, one and a half are demobilised while the rest join the standing armed forces bringing the grand total to 800,000 troopers in the forces. Argentina also asks that Brazil compose itself and stop acting aggressively towards Germany, who along with Argentina has helped bring stability back to Brazil. The Navy has increased in size and the first aircraft carrier rolls out of production lines, the admirals and advisors to the navy are the Imperial Japanese Generals who greatly improve Argentinian tactics. Argentina also begins negotiations with Chile to form the South American Confederation (which will allow other players to join as the countries within it as the confederation is simply a union of nations in self defence and self development) starting negotiations are rocky but are beginning to look optimistic. Argentina also sends a message to the German Reich asking if they may co-operate on the nuclear project as many great Argentinian minds are stuck working on comparatively medieval technologies.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich sends scientists and some classified research papers concerning nuclear bomb manufacturing to Argentina in order to help them develop a nuclear bomb.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Argentina thanks Germany and begins a huge public development project called black storm.
  • The Third Reich: The German Luftwaffe and navy continue to rule the seas around and sky above Brazil. The Reich continues to bomb BSUP bases, and they also tell the loyalists that the war will be won soon if the Loyalists launch a big strike against the BSUP as the BSUP have been reduced to mere guerrilla fighters, with their bases all destroyed and military presence all but wiped out; and that they have been forced to live inside holes. Mussolini is also found by German border control as he is trying to sneak into the country. He is taken to Berlin where he meets with Hitler... (more to come)...
    • You don't decide that, sorry.
      (Talk to Doctor!) 12:23, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
    • Why not? VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 13:42, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
    • Because I control my nation, you control yours. You don't control my people. Any more questions?
      (Talk to Doctor!) 13:44, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Civil War continues and is close to an end. The democratic Japanese rebels continue to fight in the downtown areas and near the government buildings in Tokyo.
  • Great Britain: Britain slowly builds its nuclear arsenal up. Governments asked for research on rocketry and renewable resources. Britain continues to recover from the snowstorm that ravaged the country two seasons ago.
  • United States: The US amps its nuclear arsenal. Military and defenses expanded.
  • Canada: Canada, envious to see that Denmark has claimed Greenland, continue their nuclear program and recruit up to 7 million people with 500 tanks and 500 fighter planes already produced. They also begin improving their weaponry. Eventually, they end up with a total of ten million troops total. They begin building up defenses around its borders and within major Canadian cities.



First gas turbine propeller-driven airplane flight tested, in Downey, California.

Pro-Independence rebels rise up in the Philippines, calling for the United States to honor its promise to give them independence in 1945.

  • Empire of Japan: Japanese Republic: The democratic Japanese rebels finally defeat and overthrow the Imperialist government. The Japanese Republic is established as a temporary name. Japan becomes a Unitary parliamentary democracy, while Emperor Hirohito is kept as Emperor, but loses all his powers, becoming a figurehead. However, the Japanese government begin discussion on what to do with Hirohito.
  • Italy: The Italo-German borders are fortified more, while Italy stops all diplomatic relations with The Third Reich. Military is massively recruited. Newspaper publishes that Benito is alive, and is currently located in Sicily, leading a crime family. Italy also sends a Formal Alliance and Trade Agreement treaties to Japanese Republic.
    • Japanese Republic diplomacy: Japan accepts Italy's offer of Formal Alliance and Trade Agreement.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain recovers from the snowstorm. The government continues to put funds into the research of rocketry and renewable resources. After years of faithful service, the HMS Hood is decommissioned and put as an museum in Dover.
  • Argentina: Chile finally decides to form the South American Confederation with Argentina. Meanwhile the heavy industry being well established is unsubsidised and instead technology companies are subsidised.
  • ​United States: The statehood bids, Hawaii, The Bahamas, the Philippines, and Taiwan are inducted as states of the Union. Voting is held and representatives from the new states are sent to congress. As for Alaska and Puerto Rico, not enough votes for statehood were accumulated. The President orders funds for the production of planes with the new turbine engines. The US agrees with China's bid for space.
  • You do know about the uprising in the Philippines, don't you?
  • China: China, after months of preparation, declare war against Thailand. They evacuate people from the Indochinese-Thailand border and begin to invade northern Thailand. The Chinese begin to fund money for research on the space program with the US.
  • The Third Reich: The Italian border defence line is strengthened, and military presence is the area is built up too, in response to Italy's continued acts of aggression towards the Reich. The Reich also pulls out of Brazil, seeing that they can't really win a guerrilla war against the BSUP with only naval and air attacks; and the Reich is unwilling to commit more ground troops to the war effort against the BSUP. The Reich tells loyalist Brazil to strike fast while the BSUP are weak, before they rebuild, or else the BSUP may take over all of Brazil. The Wunderwaffe programme scientists also get to test out their nuclear bomb on the now abandoned German military base on the Fernando de Noronha islands, so see how effective nuclear bombs are on reinforced concrete structures, and military installations. The test is successful and the base is completely destroyed, but some of the foundations remain, albeit irradiated and scourged. The Fernando de Noronha islands are then designated as a nuclear testing ground of the Reich.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich offers use the Fernando de Noronha islands to Argentina to test out their nuclear weapons in return for Argentina joining the Pact of Steel.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich tells Italy the Reich will stand down if Italy stand down, and a non-aggression pact is offered to ensure that this is the case.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Argentina thanks the Reich for the testing facility and accepts the offer to join the pact of steel.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Italy approves the non-aggression pact, and moves their troops away from Italo-German border.
  • (soon-to-be-separated) Brazil: The Federated republic of Brazil is in awe about the power of the Nuclear bomb, and are very angry that the Germans have tested in Brazilian Territory. The Rio project comes to a close, and is now a de facto mutual project between the Socialist (north) and Federated (south) republics due to the both sides having swayed influential scientists sharing information with scientists of the other side. The SRB (Socialist Republic of Brazil) passes a law allowing multiple socialist parties to exist, as long as they "do not threaten the revolution as decided by the Committee for the protection of the revolution", while the FRB (Federated Republic of Brazil) officially is declared a one-party state with the National socialist(Nazi) party of Brazil being declared the official party. both factions begin to rebuild and count the losses each has suffered. many fear that as much as one fifth or more of the Brazilian population may have perished in the chaos. SRB men manage to catch the footage of the A-Bomb going off. The FRB (not Argentinian or other armies) is partly reduced to practically the same magnitude as the north Brazilian one. more uranium is mined, as spies planted in the nations of the USA and China discover the plans for an A-bomb, planted there before the chaos of the civil war, they do not know which faction to report to...
  • Romanian Empire: The Romanian senate and the Emperor but a embargo on the Italian republic with their Allies The Pact of Steel. Instead of forceably removing the remaining Italian and Yugoslavic populace they put them into a slave labor in factories.


Italy's Communist Party (CPI) calls for armed uprising in Italy. Benito Mussolini prepares for a second blackshirt coup d'etat.

Ethnic tensions rise in Yugoslavia, as clashes occur between paramilitary forces of different groups, such as the Croatians, the Serbians, and the Bosnians.

  • Italy: Italy sends police to kill the possible future communist rebels. They also ask for U.S. support in an upcoming civil war.
    • United States: The US agrees to help Italy, when and if a civil war occurs
    • To the US: Brazilian spies had found out the secrets of the nuclear bomb and had passed them to the non-communist Brazil government! However, they are retiring in the country. You have to capture these spies to gain the revenge you need!
  • China: China continues its invasion of Thailand. They manage to captured many towns in northern Thailand, and have advanced southward slowly. China also sends aid to Italy against their war against Italian communists. Chinese continue research on the space program, new technologies, medicines, plastic, and new types of guns and tanks. They begin to produce nuclear weapons and the aircraft to handle them.
    • Italy thanks China for a generous support.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain fully recovers from the storm. Research on rocketry is an quarter of the way done and the British test their second nuclear bomb, this time underwater, the test was successful, and the bomb was classified as an hydrogen bomb.
    • the first h-bomb in OTL was tested in 1952*cough*
    • Voided. Give a few months for a research. Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 14:08, December 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Third Reich: The Reich is pleased that Italy accepted the non-aggression pact, and the status quo around the Italo-German borders has been equalled to a small defence line on either side. The Wunderwaffe programme also finishes building the V1 rocket, a few small secret bases to fire these rockets are built around the Reich in various locations to protect the Reich if she was ever invaded. The troops returning from Brazil are welcomed with a hero's welcome and a small parade.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich forms trade deals with her Reichskommissariat territories (Poland, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia).
    • Italy removes embargo from The Third Reich, and once again, asks for trade agreement, especially in supplies, because of upcoming civil war. Benito and communists also visit Hitler's office. Hitler is left to choose, who will he support: Nobody, Communists, Fascists, or Democrats.
    • The Third Reich offers support to Mussolini's fascists and gives them lots of supplies. The embargo on Italy itself is also called off, and the Reich tells Romania to do the same
  • Brazil: The spies returning from china decide to just give the information to the Rio project, stating that the state that employed them no longer exists, and retire to the USA to live the rest of their lives. The SRB gets hold of the plans first, not letting the FRB get their hands on it. A nuclear bomb is constructed and in May the Bomb is competed. On June 5th the SRB explode their first Nuclear bomb on the Fernando de Noronha islands, as they are already a nuclear wasteland and the Brazilians consider them a part of their nation. they warn any other nation that if another bomb is dropped it will be an act of nuclear war. more bombs are constructed and work on strategic bombers begin along with the reconstruction. the FRB is furious, because they only get the design on the day after the bomb is tested.
    • Chinese Response: China is horrified and angered by this, realizing that the secrets have been spilled and calls for the US to break all relationships with Brazil, while China does its act by doing this. They also send assassins to hunt down the former Brazilian spies.
    • United States: The US is also, horrified that spies got into our ranks and got info. As for the spies that stole nuclear secrets, to let them go since they tried do the right thing. The US places an embargo on Brazil.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich is rather cross with Brazil for using the German nuclear testing ground without permission (its German because the Reich annexed it in the Autumn of 1943 and Brazil never said anything against it at the time). The Reich forms an embargo against BSUP as a result, and calls on the rest of the Pact of Steel to do the same against these commie pig-dogs.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild begins. The Japanese government decided to retire the Emperor for now, until Akihito is old enough. However, even if the emperor is restored, they won't have any power in government at all.
  • United States: The US amps up recruitment and the armed forces expand exponentially. A two naval fleets including battleships, destroyers, carriers, 30,000 soldiers and marines,tanks and other vehicles, and over a thousand fighters and bombers are sent to the Mediterranean to prepare for the Italian civil war. Massive military, economic and civilian aid is sent to the Italian Democrats. US Scientists develop, their own rocket, the R-1. The President sees the power and opportunity these rockets offer, orders the production of these rockets and placing them around the country. The US creates/re-prioritizes the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Their first act is to scour the country for any more spies and to prevent more from coming in.


Italian Civil War starts. Benito's army, Italian Army and Police Department and Communist Party are fighting against each other in Italy. Communists ask for Soviet and Brazilian help. Fascists ask for eastern and central european countries for help. Italian democrats are asking for support from western countries.

Conflict increases in Yugoslavia. Deployment of the army only increases factional violence as some units rebel and join the clashing factions.

  • Great Britain: Great Britain responds to the Italian democrats request for support and deploys two battleships, two aircraft carriers, fifteen cruisers and destroyers, fifty planes and bombers, and 3,000 men to help fight the communists and fascists. Meanwhile, research on rocketry is complete and the government orders the development of a test one. Research into an hydrogen bomb begins.
  • French Diplomacy: France agrees to sell it's colony in South America.
  • France: the selling of colonies is explained to the French people as 'putting the fatherland first'. France sends troops to help Benito in Italy.
  • Argentina: Argentina sends help to the Italian Fascists in the form of medical supplies and small arms. They also send their new three carrier fleet to assist the Italian Fascists along with 50,000 men. They ask the German Reich to deploy their navy to its fullest extent so that the Democrats cannot force a naval victory. Meanwhile Argentina declares an Embargo on Communist Brazil after their display of suicidal violence with their newly developed bomb.
  • The Third Reich: The Third Reich sends aid to Benito's army, including weapons and vehicles (included a prototype super-heavy tank). The Reich also tests out their own V1 rockets by firing them at communist held Trieste in Italy, in order to help Benito's army to take control of the city. The V1 rocket test is successful and their destructive capability is confirmed; this also allows Trieste to fall into Benito's army's control. The Reich asks Benito's army to concentrate in the North east of Italy so they can easily be supplied by the Reich.
    • German Diplomacy:

      Hitler's proposal for a divided Italy. Green=Democratic and Dark Grey = Fascist

      The Reich makes the suggestion of splitting up Italy into democratic (south), and fascist states (northeast). (The Reich doesn't want any more commie states). German officials send plans for the division (note I only used German colours because North Italy is fascist like Germany).
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Argentina supports this solution as it would lead to a guaranteed victory for the Fascists and Democrats.
    • Italian counter-diplomacy: Italy agrees to the plan, and suggests fascist Italy and democratic Italy to unite for now, and defeat the communists, after that, splitting can be done.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich would support this action.
    • United States: The US supports this plan.
    • Great Britain: Great Britain supports the plan.
    • France: supports the plan.
  • Romanian Empire: Romanian military officials cracks down by killing any rebels also they go by village killing and exterminating Villages and towns in hopes of striking fear in Yugoslavia. Romanian citizens hear of the atrocities by the Government and pro liberal protest begin in Romania, the government puts down the protest by killing any of them. Romania draws closer to Civil Unrest. Romania also helps the Fascists In Italy. Romania also asks for the Pact of Steel allies to help them get rid of their Yugosalvia problem.
    • German Diplomacy: The Reich sends aid to the Romanian Empire, and the Reich also purposes splitting up the Yugoslavian territories into separate territories to ease the ethic tensions (e.g. a Serbian territory, a Bosnian territory, etc.) The Reich also recommends killing the rebel leaders to stop the resistance from being organised so well. The Reich also suggests the government get tighten control over the media to stop things like atrocities becoming public.
  • China: Chinese assassins in the USA finally manage to find and kill the Brazilian spies. They return home with happy faces from the government and the crowd who met them. They tell the US it was the only way to get revenge against the Brazilians. China funds more into space research, rocketry, new technologies, plastic, and new medicines. Chinese forces continue to advance in Thailand, seizing the middle portion of the country and are seiging Bangkok. China now becomes one of the top ten richest nations due to its economy, gold and silver reserves, and its banking system. The Chinese Nationalism ideology from the party of the same name is entered to Nepal once again, and also once again, call for Nepal to be Nationalist (can mod do RNG for this). China continues to break all ties with Brazil for the lost of the secrets.
    • The shit just hit the fan...Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the FRB! and Brazil already got a nuke since there is uranium in Brazil, so all you accomplished was a nuclear war.
    • Fine, all eliminate all of that stuff. let's pretend it never happened.
  • United States: The US roots out, communist spies and sentences to death. The US will allow the Chinese assassins leave, not to do it again without permission. Communist rallies are allowed to be held, but their organizations are closely monitored. The Army lands in Italy and assault communist held Naples. Battleships fire on the city and bombers make sorties hitting key targets. The Army starts marching into the city, and after several days, the commies surrender and the US is in control of the city. They ask The Democrats were to go next.
  • Canada: Canada completes its defenses and has a military of 10 million troops, 50,000 tanks, 30 battleships, ten aircraft carriers, and 20,000 aircraft. The nuclear weapon they produced is also complete and is stored in a classified area. With Hitler's proposal for the creation of Fascist Italy, Canada begins to prepare its forces if Germany threatens or gains territory from democratic nations such as the USA and France.
    • You realise better than me, how impossible it would be. Even British army NOW has only 100'000. How are you going to have so many. Sorry no. Not going to allow that. Ever. Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 17:39, December 6, 2011 (UTC)
    • Also considering that the population of Canada at the time would have been at most 20 million, recruiting 1/2 of the population, don't think so.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.


Austria and Czechoslovakia demands independence granted by The Third Reich. They also ask other countries to help them.

Guatemala holds free elections for the first time since 1931. Juan Jose Arevalo Bermejo is elected on a Christian Socialist platform.

  • Italy: After Civil War is finished, Italy is now split into fascist Italy and democratic Italy. While Fascist Italy removes all Italo-German defences, democratic Italy increases the taxes for the high-class population.
  • China: China captures Bangkok securing all of central Thailand. The army begins to move south. Back at home, the government makes tax reforms, including eliminating taxes for certain classes for incomes and increasing taxes for the higher class. China also begins a wildlife preservation program that includes replanting bamboo forests, caring for endangered species, and establish protected wildlife areas. Because the population is not as high as OTL (only half of it), the program goes well smoothly. They also begin to develop settlements in Western China, obviously using water and energy conserving technology. China continues to fund money for the space program, new technologies, plastics, artificial materials, and medicines. China asks Britain and France to establish an alliance against the Third Reich. It also continues sanctions against Brazil. It also agrees to help Austria and Czechoslovakia. It calls of most of the world to establish a pact to help the nations be independent. (If you're willing to join, sign up here).
    • Great Britain Diplomacy: The British government will consider this and let China know next month.
    • France: declines the offer, as they are in the Pact of Steel with Germany and would not betray their close allies.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain's research on the hydrogen bomb continues, and more advance type of tank is being researched, and their first rocket, QE-1 is launched and successfully makes it 200ft before falling back to Earth.
  • Japanese Republic: Major repair and rebuild continues.
  • United States: The US builds more nukes and more nuclear shelters. Research is put into nuclear power. Congress votes on and passes an environmental bill, which will make car companies improve their mileage, the same goes for planes and ships. National Parks are created and species protected. Research into stopping pollution is funded and water pollution by different factories in different businesses are curtailed. After the end of the Italian Civil War, the US pulls out their military, but asks Italy if they want the US to leave some elements of the military to help them rebuild and keep the piece.
    • Democratic Italy asks US to keep the the troops in case of fascist invasion.
    • United States: The US keeps 18,000 troops, tanks, several hundred bombers, a carrier, two battleships and several cruisers and destroyers, to help keep Democratic Italy safe, in the event of an invasion.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China does it part by sending 20,000 troops, tanks, one thousand bombers, ten carriers, five battleships, and several cruisers and destroyers. It also send humanitarian and economic aid to the country.
  • Romanian Empire: Romania follows the Reich's advice and eases down on the protesters, dividing the Territories and if the ethnic groups in Yugoslavia learn the Romanian language and embrace the culture then they will give them rights as Romanian civilians. The Romanian senate takes over the Ministry of Information and puts a strict banning policy and if caught a life enprisonment and or execution on any information that has to do with Propaganda against the Romanian empire and the Government, government issues and anything do with Anti-Fascism and Communism.
  • The Third Reich: The small number of Austrian separatists are executed (I say small cause Austria is German-speaking, and is a German nation and now all of the German nations arre united under one Reich), and the Austrian separatists are forever defeated. The Czechoslovakian separatist leaders are also killed, and Czechoslovakia is given more autonomy to appeal to the masses. This solves the problems. The Reich also sends aid to Mongolian, Manchurian, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Thai separatists, so they can achieve independence from China. The Reich also tells the Chinese to deal with their own problems concerning giving nations independence which they themselves are occupying.
    • French Diplomacy: France offers to sell Alsace (but not Lorraine) to Germany for £950,000 as the region has little French presence.
  • France: construction of the new ships are finished. The plans for Alsace are explained to the public.
  • Public reaction is negative, as the people think that its stupid to give land back to Germany that they fought a war over. While they're at it, they call for elections in France.
    • German diplomacy: The Reich tells France that the Germans are still integrating Austria and former Czechoslovakia into the German Reich, and considering the recent anti-Reich protests in these regions, now isn't the best time to integrate another region into the Reich proper; but maybe one day the Reich will be in a better position to add Alsace into the Reich. They thank France for the offer, but at the moment it isn't in Germany's best interests to do so, but in a few years it should be.
  • Argentina: Argentina not wishing to be caught in between two great nations, one of which is a great ally and the other an important trade partner, Argentina offers China a non-aggression pact. Meanwhile Argentinian forces return from Italy with greater experience.
  • Brazil: North and South Brazil are still at odds. South Brazil officially declares being Jewish illegal and punishable by death, and declares itself a Nazi State.

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