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  • Fascist Italy: continues their plans on invasion of Ethiopia. They begin reforming their military for specific zones of their work zone. Italians are also in a trade agreement with The Third Reich.
  • Empire of Japan: begins to build up their military and begins building ships and some aircraft carriers.
  • Soviet Union: develops its military, creating new plans of urbanization and industrialization. The Supreme Soviet offers a formal alliance to Japan.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Empire of Japan accepts the Soviet's offer of alliance
  • United States: starts to build up their military. Mass producing of tanks, planes, weapons and different warships begin. This increases jobs by people enlisting in the military and working in the factories and shipyards.
  • Great Britain: begins to build anti-aircraft defenses across England, mostly around the major ports and cities, as well as air bases and army bases. The RAF begins building back up runways and camouflaging their existing planes, bombers, and hangers.


  • Fascist Italy: In Rome, Military Parade is organized by Mussolini. A new sub-machine gun is researched and started to be fabricated. It is a very similar model to PPSH-41. In Italy it is called LMGM-5. They also offer USSR a trade agreement.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The USSR accepts.
  • Empire of Japan: continues to build up their military and continues building ships and some aircraft carriers.
  • USSR: The soviet government continues the modernization process. The soviets sends a trade proposal to USA.
    • American Diplomacy: USA Accepts
  • Third Reich: The Third Reich offer to expand Italy's trade deal to a Pact of Steal. Austria is also annexed into the Reich. The Führer also expands the country's military and declares the treaty of Versailles void.
  • Great Britain: begins enlisting men for the air force, army, and navy. Mass producing of rifles, tanks, ships, and airplanes begins, with most men in the army, production is left up to the women.
  • United States: builds up defenses around the country. The US sends a trade agreement to Great Britain


  • Fascist Italy: prepares final plans for Invasion of Ethiopia. They also send some diplomats to USA, to show their future plans of their politics. The plans themselves look quite interesting and realistic and very peaceful enough. Mussolini also goes to visit The Third Reich, to revive the relations between the two nations.
  • Empire of Japan: asks the United Kingdom for an alliance. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • France: continues construction of the Maginot Line along the border with Germany.
  • Third Reich: Saarland rejoins Germany after a Plebiscite, the nation celebrates. The German military continues to grow, with the Luftwaffe being formed. The flag is changed to the Nazi Swastika flag, and Hitler vows to recreate the German Second Reich.
  • United Kingdom: accepts Japan's alliance. Meanwhile, anti-aircraft defenses are continued to be set up on the homeland and in her colonies. The Royal Navy expands to having five battleships, twenty-five destroyers, thirty cruisers, and fifteen submarines. The United Kingdom ask America for an alliance. Great Britain accepts the US trade request.
  • USSR: offers a trade agreement to France and Great Britain. The military of the country still developing
  • United States: They accept the USSR's trade agreement and send Great Britain a trade request. The President gladly accepts the Italian Diplomats, in order to keep international peace.
  • China: In a skirmish, troops manage to kill off Zhou and Mao in the long march. Plans are formulated to kill off all communist troops left to fight. Chiang Kai-shek is hopeful that troops could be killed of by next spring. Military development is a priority, with aircraft training schools being set up around the country. Work on a monoplane is also begun.


  • Fascist Italy: The Diplomats in USA, finally leave back to Fascist Italy, and the process was considered successful. Italy, after little thinking, decided not to invade Ethiopia for now. They also offer US and China trade agreements. They begin constructing land and coastal forts around Rome and Tripoli. They also build a series of forts by the Third Reich-Fascist Italy border, calling it "Mussolini Line".
    • American Diplomacy: The US Agrees.
  • United Kingdom: The British begin building an new naval base on Northern Ireland and airstrip near London. The Royal Navy builds one more battleship and two more destroyers. The garrison at Dover is equipped with seven 3.7 inch AA guns, each one is positioned near the dry docks and fuel yards. More anti-aircraft guns are positioned on the coast facing the English Channel. The British send a trade agreement to China.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • The Third Reich: The military continues to expand and German industry expands rapidly too. The Nazi party also found and fund a Nazi puppet party in Poland known as the National Socialist Party of Poland. The Nazpis in Poland as they are later nicknamed are supported by the Nazis as the Nazpi craze begins to sweep Poland; and Nazi plans for their puppets to get into power look set to bloom.
    • Italian Diplomacy: sends emissaries to Third Reich to show their plans for invasion of Poland which they made a few days ago. They will support Third Reich in that invasion if Third Reich will support Italy in Invasion of Ethiopia.
    • Reich Diplomacy: The Reich will support Italy if she invades Ethiopia as this would be good testing of the latest German weaponry, including the Luftwaffe. But the Reich requests help in invading rather than Poland, the next country Germany invades, as Poland shall not be the first country for Germany to invade.
    • Italian Diplomacy: accepts Third Reich's counteroffer.
  • Brazil: Brazil starts to update its air force and navy. A new President Vatigos Vargas steps into the provisional government, speaking of a greater Brazil that extends past Portuguese America. The Army is ordered to construct and design a Brazilian Tank.
  • United States: The US builds several battleships and continues construction on aircraft carriers. After a plebiscite is held it is voted, that the Mexican States of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nueva Leon, Tamaulipas and Yucatan to become states.
    • Whoa, no. First, why would the Mexican government agree to this. Second, why would all those places decide to join the United States, especially the Yucatan, since tourists don't get included in plebiscites. Retconned until a legitimate reason for this can be given Azecreth 21:36, November 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • USSR: The Soviet Union asks Germany to join the invasion and receive the half of Poland. They also will support Italy in Ethiopia. The USSR asks to join the Pact of Steel. The Soviet military is built up with new industrial weapons and tanks, and the armies start to march in the borders. The Soviet Union asks Chinese permission to integrate the Communist Party of China in the Red Army, in exchange, it will not intervene in China to support the communists.
    • Fascist Italy welcomes USSR into the Pact of Steel and invites Third Reich into it.
    • There is no Pact of Steel. It was retconned. And why would Stalin ally with Mussolini. They are totally opposing ideologies, and honestly, Stalin wouldn't give a care about Italy. Azecreth 21:36, November 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: Plans formulated to kill off all communist troops left to fight are put into action. Chiang Kai-shek is still hopeful that troops could be killed of by next spring. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country. Work on a monoplane continues.



  • Fascist Italy begins preparing their air force for the Invasion of Ethiopia.
  • Empire of Japan: The Japanese Democratic Party is founded and led by Ichirō Hatoyama. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • Mexico: Mexico establishes the Union of Spanish American Countries, to unite the Spanish-speaking American countries into one nation. Meanwhile, Mexico signs trade agreements and alliances to its American neighbors: the USA, Brazil, Haiti, and with other non-Spanish American countries. Mexico also begins to build and upgrade their military.
  • France: feels threatened by Germany so decides that an extra one billion francs must be invested in the Maginot Line, to extend it northwards. It's military is also improved. It accepts the USSR's request and asks Britain and the USA for a trade agreement.
  • United States: The US accepts Mexico's trade and alliance requests. The US accepts France's trade request. Defenses are built in Hawaii.
  • Great Britain: Accepts France's trade agreement.The RAF builds two aircraft carriers and five patrol boats. The British build anti-submarine nets in its harbors and ports. Britain begins building early designs of the Cromwell tank.
  • USSR: The soviet government starts to develop the military for a possible invasion of Finland.
  • China: Plans formulated to kill off all communist troops left to fight continues. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, with the Government formally asking the US for proper aircraft instructors . Work on a monoplane continues.


  • Fascist Italy: builds their first Military School in Castelbenito, where people are trained for paratrooping (OTL it was built in 1938). The elite soldiers of Fascist Italy are now being trained and prepared for Invasion of Ethiopia.((Oh, I just realised that Italian Somaliland belongs to me, not France. Changing it now on map)) Benito states to their people that they are attacking it because of wanting to rebuild the Roman Empire, since that territory originally belongs to them, and Benito doesn't see anything wrong in taking back what belongs to them.
  • Mexico: Mexico signs agreements with Spanish Latin American nations that will promote economic prosperity by developing the natural resources. Meanwhile, Mexico creates a new constitution that is modeled after America's and promises Mexican criminals who committed lesser crimes to be released. Mexico establishes a secret police network that aims to crack down on corrupt officials. Mexico continues to build and upgrade the military.
    • No definitely not. Relations aren't that close, and I think they all like being separate nations. And why would they be called Greater Columbia anyway. I'll allow all those alliances, (although I hope you did RNG for all of them) but a unified Latin America will never happen. Azecreth 19:42, November 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • Great Britain: The British High Command begin to prepare for an invasion of Ireland. British Rangers are being trained to infiltrate and destroy key targets, spies are being inserted into Dublin. An Royal Navy battleship docks near Dublin with an white flag hanging from the top, meaning peace.
  • Empire of Japan: Keisuke Okada goes out of office and elections are held. Soon, the results are in and Ichirō Hatoyama, of the Japanese Democratic Party, wins and steps into office. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • The Third Reich: The economy and military continue to grow, the popularity of the Nazpi party in Poland also increases dramatically. The Rhineland is also re militarized and part of this includes the Rhine line being built to counter the French's Maginot Line which is strengthened with the use of the River Rhine as a natural barrier in the majority of the border.
  • Brazil: the Brazilian weapons committee is formed. Brazilian President declares Brazil a future world power. He sets up military schools and starts building them. the Brazilian Secret Service is formed, and elite espionage group.
  • France: the French Social Party launch a successful political coup. Although initially eyed with suspicion, their actions and promises win the hearts of some of the French people. Many others start riots and want a Popular Front government. Great civil unrest follows.
  • China: Plans formulated to kill off all communist troops left to fight continues. It is taking more time them previously thought. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, with the Government formally asking the US for proper aircraft instructors one again. Work on a monoplane continues.
  • United States: The US sends aircraft instructors to China.


  • Fascist Italy mobilizes their troops and sends most of them to Italian Somaliland. They send their ultimatum to Ethiopia, but they deny it. Fascist Italy issues an embargo on Ethiopia. The Second Italo-Abyssinian War is soon to start and the world knows it.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama begins to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • United Kingdom builds two more battleships, an aircraft carrier, and five destroyers. Bombers are loaded with bombs and are awaiting for the Battle of Ireland to begin.
  • USSR: The soviet troops initiate mobilizations to the frontier and the Soviet sends an ultimatum to Finland. Meanwhile, the soviet government sends a ultimatum to China, asking it to send the communist refuges to Moscow. The red army sends troops to occupy Nationalist Spain (I think that's what you meant) Spain in Civil War.
    • Italian Diplomacy: sends their troops to support nationalists in the Civil War of Spain. They also ask USSR not to interfere.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The USSR will restore the sovereignty of Spain and the Socialist Spain will be part of the Pact. The Red Army must intervene to win the war against the evil rebels.
  • France: Peace is restored to richer areas of most cities. FSP gain full control of the military and use this to their advantage.
  • The Third Reich: The Nazi backed Nazpi party in Poland launches a coup against the Polish government. This involves the seizure of government buildings, and German tanks rolling into Poland to support the Nazpi coup. With this the Nazpi regime takes power in Poland and the German puppet state returns land to the Reich as part of the conditions of getting support (I'll do the map myself rather than trying to explain how much of Poland the Reich gets). With this the Reich also starts deporting Jews from Germany to Poland to live in the pro-Jewish Nazpi state. With the Jews removed and former German land returned to the Reich, Hitler announces to the German people that the nation has returned to its former glory and the Jewish problem in Germany has been solved. The day of the coup is declared a national holiday in both Germany and Poland.
  • Mexico: Mexican diplomats meets with American, Brazilian, and other diplomats from around the American continents proposing a unified nation in the American continents called the Union of American States. The proposal for all Spanish-speaking countries to unite under one government was just one first step. Meanwhile, the Mexicans are starting to prepare for an invasion of Spain.
    • A Spanish invasion will epically fail, if not get retconned for absurdity. And a Union of American States will be retconned as well Azecreth 19:40, November 13, 2011 (UTC)
    • That's why I'm preparing for the Spanish invasion. What is retconned by the way? RandomWriterGuy 23:21, November 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • China: Plans formulated to kill off all communist troops left to fight continues. It is nearing completion. However, problems are arising in the northern mountainous regions, where the communists are managing to hold out. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Work on a monoplane continues.
  • United States.: The US builds more defenses.


  • Fascist Italy finally started the invasion of Ethiopia. (Algorithm is finished. Just need Third Reich's approval on helping. Refer to Talk page).
    • Reich Diplomacy: The Reich shall aid Italy!
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and aircraft carriers.
  • France: Further riots are crushed in the north of the country. Things begin to turn back to normal, at least in Paris. The new, fascist government begins upgrading the aging military.
  • The Third Reich: Danzig is also annexed into the Reich. The newly gained areas of Poland are integrated into the Reich as the bureaucrats, services, police, and everything moves into the area to make it just like the rest of Germany. Also with all the Jews being thrown out of Germany, the Jewish businesses left behind are given to mostly jobless Germans in order to reduce unemployment, fill the void of the closing Jewish businesses and to improve the economy.
  • USSR: The urbanization of the Soviet Union is on way. The Red Army will support the Italian invasion to Ethiopia. The troops in Spain fight the nationalist and non-socialist rebels.
  • Great Britain: cancels the invasion or Ireland and moves its troops to the English Channel. Two-hundred more Cromwell tanks are produced and are automatically moved to the front. The Royal Nave positions submarines in the channel and wait.
  • China: It seems that the communists might soon fall, with all their major leaders captured or killed. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, with the Government formally asking the US for proper aircraft instructors once again, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Work on a monoplane continues, with the first prototype nearing completion while nine others continue to be built.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Mexico will aid the country in its elimination of communists and promises them to help battle the Japanese.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: The request is agreed upon and it is promised that Mexico will receive China's first monoplanes built as a gift.
  • United States: The US sends more aircraft instructors to China. The US tells the Third Reich if they don't won't want Jews that they would gladly take them. The US starts taking Islands in the Pacific. So far Midway, Wake Island and the Johnson Atoll are captured and defenses built.
    • Reich Diplomacy: expelled the Jews into Poland, but I'm sure some of these Jews would prefer to leave Poland to go America rather than stay in Poland, but Poland is pro-Jewish, hence the Nazpi party is popular among the Polish people; so they might not all be willing.
  • Mexico: Mexican diplomats meets with leaders of countries that border the Pacific (except Japan due to its threatening ambitions in the region) to form an organization called the Pacific Ocean Treaty Organization (POTO). They also pressure countries who own colonies in the region to give them independence and in exchange, Mexico and the newly independent governments may cooperate with them. Mexico passes an economic agreement with the Spanish-speaking American countries that helps improve infrastructure and exploit natural resources to be used for economical and certain military purposes. Mexico continues to build up defenses and upgrade and build up the army. Mexico also calls for the Organization of American States to cooperate for economic prosperity for all.
    • British Diplomacy: decides to recognize Belize as an independent nation and in exchange, Britain request full Mexican cooperation.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Mexico happily agrees with Britain's request.



With the arrival of Red Army troops, the tide of the Spanish Civil War begins to turn in favor of the Republicans. This is also coupled with an increased communist influence in the Republican government.

  • Fascist Italy: After crushing victory of Italians, against the Ethiopians, they fully annex Ethiopia, killing most of their leaders and creating a totalitarian fascist dictatorship there. Most of the troops are sent back to Rome.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and begins building planes.
  • USSR: The Soviet Union initiates the invasion of Finland.
  • Great Britain: The Royal Navy builds more aircraft carriers and submarines. The remaining troops in Belize begin to pull out towards home.
  • Mexico: Mexican leaders meet with Americans to discuss a possible invasion of Spain. Meanwhile, Mexico continues to build and upgrade its army. Mexico also proposes the Treaty of Mexico City that in three years, anyone who signs the treaty will be part of a new nation called USS (United Spanish States). Here's the list of the nations and whether they signed the treaty or not:
    1. Guatemala: 37 (No)
    2. Honduras: 95 (Yes)
    3. El Salvador: 44 (No)
    4. Nicaragua: 69 (Yes)
    5. Costa Rica: 23 (No)
    6. Panama: 1 (No)
    7. Cuba: 41 (No)
    8. Dominican Republic: 74 (Yes)
    9. Venezuela: 48 (No)
    10. Colombia: 8 (No)
    11. Ecuador: 45 (No)
    12. Peru: 57 (Yes)
    13. Bolivia: 43 (No)
    14. Paraguay: 99 (Yes)
    15. Chile: 91 (Yes)
    16. Argentina: 74 (Yes)
    17. Uruguay: 15 (No)
  • United States: The US builds up more defenses in the Philippines. The US offers a military alliance with Great Britain and China. Stating if one nation is attacked the others are to declare war on the aggressor. The offer is open to any other nation that wants in. The Americans reject Mexico's proposal of invasion of Spain unless attacked by them or they are found of committing an atrocity against men. They do offer Mexico to join the US in a mutual defense alliance.
    • Great Britain accepts America's military alliance.
    • Mexico: Mexico accepts America's military alliance. It also calls for every country in the American continents to be a part of the military alliance.
    • US: The US is glad that Great Britain and Mexico accepted the military alliance, don't forget to post it in your diplomacy page, and we should suggest a name for the alliance.
    • Once again, the USA is still in the throes of isolationism. Remember, it took until the Fall of France to shake the American out of their isolationist stupor, and even then they only sent the Allies aid until Pearl Harbor. It will take more than what has happened to give the Americans a reason to ally with anyone off the American continent. Azecreth 00:47, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
    • This is alternate history, although, the US player should be informed of this, although I believe that US isolationism should not be enforced, thy can cause something, like another president being elected to shake them out of that era-Lx (leave me a message) 00:58, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
    • FDR wanted to shake them out of that era, but he couldn't. The USA was trying to prevent being drawn in to WW2. Just look at the Neutrality Acts. Even after WW2 started, the isolationists still were a powerful force in Congress. Just having a change of president or something economic is not going to get the USA out of isolationism. Azecreth 16:10, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Yugoslavia begins to upgrade its army, specifically focusing on developing man-portable anti-tank weaponry and anti-aircraft emplacements. The government begins to wage a propaganda campaign against communist movements within Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia also begins to look for allies in Eastern Europe.
    • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: is also willing to accept trade relations with most countries at this time.
    • American Diplomacy: Agreed.
  • Third Reich: The German nation & people would like a trade agreement with Yugoslavia. This can also lead to a trade deal with the German puppet state of Poland.
    • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: accepts.
    • This ain't happening either, USA Azecreth 00:47, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Third Reich: The Reich invests heavily into industry and keeping the German workers happy and motivated; this includes the creation of several German holiday camps across the country for workers & their families to visit and stay at during their holidays. Furthermore new labour laws are introduced, national service is enforced, and the autobahn road system also begins construction.
  • Brazil: the Brazilian government creates more jobs. the first military Brazilian machine is drafted. the "Plan of Action" a plan to improve the industrial setting, roads and transit in all cities and on highways. the Brazilians want a decent ally that produces weapons. they look towards the technologically great third Reich for at least momentary support.
  • China: The communists are just about defeated with Mexican help. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. The Chinese are making great use of the American instructors. Work on monoplanes continue, with the first 3 prototypes completed while 7 others continue to be built. The new monoplanes are used by the government to train pilots. Seeing the aircraft fit to serve, the aircraft begin mass-production, with improvements being added to the designs all the time.


  • Fascist Italy sends their diplomats to Yugoslavia, to show the basics of fascism, and why is it good for low-economy countries. Fascist Italy also asks(in a friendly manner), to start fascist politics. Fascist Italy also continues researching new types of paratrooper weapons and equipment. Fascist Italy invites all Major Power-countries(G.B., France, USA, etc.), excluding Czechoslovakia itself, to sign the Munich Agreement , the purpose of which is to discuss the future of Sudetenland. Fascist Italy would agree that it would be given to Nazi Germany.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and planes.
  • Great Britain: The Royal Air Force continues to build more bombers and fighters while the Royal Navy builds 3 more battleships and 2 more aircraft carriers.
  • United States: The US builds more bombers and fighter planes, to add to their air force. The President and congress agree and and start a transition from an isolationist nation to an open nation. A national highway system is beginning to be built.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich offers Brazil a trade alliance, and a Pact of steel is formed with the German puppet state of Poland. Universities specializing in science and technology in the Reich are also given extra funding in order to help propel the Reich into a new age of unparalleled technology.
  • The USSR still in military expansion.
  • China: The communists finally fall with Mexican help. More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Work on monoplanes continue, with all 10 prototypes ready. The new monoplanes are used by the government to train pilots. It is predicted that around 200 will be ready by Summer. The aircraft are used by future monoplane teaching-pilots.
  • Yugoslavia continues its military buildup and propaganda campaign, and the country becomes increasingly radicalized. Yugoslavia condemns the attempt to violate Czechoslovak sovereignty.


  • Fascist Italy Italian Empire: Fascist government of Italy, in June 2nd, proclaimed the creation of "Italian Empire" and left the League of Nations. They begin building fortifications in Tunisia and in Italian Libya and on the beaches of Ostia (commune of Rome).
    • Tunisia is a French Protectorate. I'm sure they enjoy you building forts on their land for them.
    • Thought ya' wouldn't notice xD
    • Don't try to beat the mod :D
  • The Third Reich: The Reich waits for Brazil's reply to the Reich's offer of a trade alliance. Otherwise the question of Sudetenland also gains more popularity in the expansionist sections of the Nazi party, after some investigation Hitler decides that it is German land, and demands that the world obeys the Munich Agreement. However Hitler states that the Hungary and Poland won't gain any of Czechoslovakia (unlike OTL), so the Czechoslovakians being removed from the Sudetenland have somewhere to go live after. Hitlers states that once Sudetenland is rightfully returned to Germany, the lands of Greater Germany shall finally be reunited.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds some more ships and planes.
  • (Newly Fascist) France: desires to improve relations with the Third Reich. It starts upgrading the air force by building new bombers. Anti-government activities are now confined to the underground.
  • USSR: The government improves the military of the Union. An alliance is offered to France.
    • A Franco-Soviet alliance will not happen here. The FSP is the farthest right party in pre-WW2 politics, until it got banned. Their support came from opposition to communism. You will not get an alliance, period. Azecreth 19:40, November 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Great Britain: The Royal navy continues expansion on its fleet and the Royal Air Force continues on its expansion. Fortifications are built on the shore of England facing France.
    • Yugoslavian Diplomacy: Requests an alliance with Great Britain.
  • Yugoslavia continues its military buildup. However, one of its practicing units of soldiers accidentally crosses the border illegally into Hungary. Hungarian forces proceed to arrest the soldiers. Both nations demand the other apologize formally and stand down their militaries. The propaganda campaign, focusing on anti-socialism and Pan-Slavicism, begins to incite the populace against Hungary. Yugoslavia also opens diplomatic support for Czechoslovakia, warning that the land seizure will cripple the country’s defense and leave it at the mercy of expansionist states or soviet takeover.
  • United States: The US builds up its military. The National highway system now reaches a little past the east coast. The US extends friendly relations to Mexico.
  • China: More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. The 200 aircraft are completed and Mexico (true to their word) are offered around 20 aircraft. The pilots who test-piloted the aircraft go to teach other aircraft students how to fly these new aircraft. Huge industrial action is promoted and many new factories form with the use of cheap labour. Mass employment returns and the Burma road is continuously extended and designs are put forward on how to make the road shorter. In many places, bridges are to be built over treacherous criss crosses and river gorges.
  • Mexico: Mexico continues to build and upgrade the military and build up the defenses. It asks the United States if they could try to invade Japan now.
    • No reason, and you can't invade Japan anyway. Neither should you care.Azecreth 02:12, November 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • Brazil: Brazil accepts its economic alliance wiht the German Reich. the Brazilian Tank design is ordered to construct a prototype. more work continues on the highway network across Brazil. Brazil opens a new naval port along the coast. Plans for attacking Paraguay and Bolivia are popping up in discussion. Military buildup starts.


German attempts to occupy the Sudetenland are repulsed by a spirited Czech defense. The Czech call for Britain and France to honor the military alliances they have with Czechoslovakia, and to come to their aid against the expansionist Reich.

  • Italian Empire starts their plans of Invasion of Albania, but yet, doesn't want to attack it, because King Victor Emmanuel III states that it generate threat of Italy from the side of many countries. Benito agreed to that, but still continues the plannings.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Great Britain: The British begin construction of an bridge connecting Northern Ireland to the homeland. Dirt roads in the country side begin the transformation from dirt to paved and making it more accessible to cars and transportation.
    • Isn't that a bit far, even by modern standards (I live in the UK, I know)? 1 Imperium Guy 11:56, November 16, 2011 (UTC)
    • Building a Bridge from Ulster to Wales is insanely difficult by modern standards. There was no way they could build it in 1937.
  • China: More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Another 150 new aircraft are completed. All these new aircraft go to aircraft training schools all around the country. Huge industrial action is promoted and many new factories form with the use of cheap labour. Mass employment returns and the Burma road is continuously extended and designs which were put forward on how to make the road shorter are now implemented. In many places this includes, bridges are to be built over treacherous criss crosses and river gorges and alternate stretches of road are to be constructed.
  • Yugoslavia: Artillery fired from Hungary impacts on a Yugoslavian border town. Yugoslavia takes this as a declaration of war, and invades Western Hungary.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich moves in and seizes the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, however Germany gives the Czechoslovakians a trade agreement and some economic assistance to make up for losing the Sudetenland .
  • Moderator jurisdiction over this event. See top of segment for results.Azecreth 16:50, November 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • Mexico: Mexico sends diplomats to Britain and Brazil to establish alliances and trade agreements. Mexico continues to build up the military and its defenses.



The Czech Army is mobilized for war, and takes up defensive positions in the Sudeten forts. They once again call for French and British intervention in the crisis.

  • Italian Empire: Following the unsuccessful attack of Sudetenland by Third Reich, Italian Empire invades Albania and in two days, they take it from Albanians and annex it, fully connecting it to Italian Empire. They send anti-resistance units all over Albanian main cities.
    • Royal Yugoslavian Diplomacy: If Italy does not pull out of Albania within a season, a state of war will exist between Yugoslavia and Italy.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Before, Yugoslavia and Italian relations were very good. But since this is a threat, they see nothing else, than issuing embargo on Yugoslavia, which they actually make. Italian Empire prepares their army at Italo-Yugoslavian border.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama continues to democratise the nation. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
    • Just an FYI, but you can probably stop democratizing Japan by now. Japan was fairly democratic until the militarists took over, which hasn't really happened here. And you can't really give up the Emperor anyway. Azecreth 19:43, November 16, 2011 (UTC)
    • I know, but I just want to make sure that this Japan in this ATL to be a peaceful and friendly nation (like OTL today’s Japan is) and also trying slowly to make it have a similar government type that OTL Japan has currently. Though I'm doing it slowly and may take a long while.. -Kogasa 宮城県Flag of Japan 19:57, November 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • France: continues to build up an air force.
    • Italian Empire's diplomacy: Italian Empire forms an "Italian Fascist Party of France" and sends highly-educated party members to France.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler is appalled with the Germans losing to the Czechoslovakians, and orders the complete invasion of Czechoslovakia using the full might of the German army. Poland are also forced into the invasion. Hitler also demands Italy to send assistance after the German help in the invasion of Ethiopia.
    • Italian Empire after two hours of thinking decided to send some of elite paratroopers to Germany, as an expeditionary force, hoping that it will help them. Italy offers a diplomatic approach.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain tells the Czechs that they will not intervene military-wise but will sends supplies to their armies.
    • Who does the algorithms for the war by the way?
    • Basically you start it, and mods correct it if needed.
  • Yugoslavia's armies successfully take the Western Half of Hungary. The Hungarian army is broken by the war. Yugoslavia negotiates a peace with the remaining Hungarian government, and effectively reduces Hungary to a satellite state. Yugoslavia condemns the Italian aggression in Albania, declaring that this was a cowardly act of expansion with no cause or declaration of war, and sends an ultimatum. Yugoslavia commences preparing its army for the invasion of Albania and the defense of the Yugoslav coast, as well as funding and supplying Albanian Rebels.
  • Mexico: Mexico begins to expand and upgrade its navy. Mexico also continues to attract foreign businesses by creating industries through cheap labor. It also proposes the United States a road project spanning all of the Americas.
  • United States: The US's interstate highway system, now spans over half the country, reaching past the Mississippi River. The US agrees with Mexico and gives full support for a continental highway system. The military takes several more islands in the Pacific. To further get rid of the former isolationist policies, The President extends relations with Britain.
  • Kingdom of Iceland: The Naval Protection Act is completed. Which means that the navy of the kingdom doubles in size.
  • Free City of Danzig: The leaders of Danzig meet in the city hall to talk about becoming allies to America and Britain and a Trade Agreement with China.
  • Danzig has already been annexed by Germany. Michael Douglas
  • I didn't see that, Sorry Westsylvania 00:42, November 17, 2011 (UTC)Westsylvania
  • Brazil: Brazil declares war on Bolivia, in an attempt to catch them off guard. In this surprise attack something happens depending on what happens in the algorithm. Here's a signature for time.-Lx (leave me a message) 03:57, November 17, 2011 (UTC)
    • Mexican Response: Mexico condemns Brazil's actions and has called on its allies to help Bolivia in the war.
  • China: More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Another 150 new aircraft are completed. All these new aircraft go to aircraft training schools all around the country. Total air force numbers around 500 and pilots are starting to get good experience on flying these aircraft. Huge industrial action is promoted and many new factories form with the use of cheap labour, they are mainly producing. Mass employment returns and the Burma road is continuously extended.


  • Italian Empire: Italian Empire, after two-month preparations, invades Northern Yugoslavia, from the land, sea and air. They ask for support from Third Reich and France.
    • The Third Reich: Germany shall provide Italy with military support if Italy joins the Pact of Steal.
      • Italian Empire agrees to the counteroffer and signs a Pact of Steel straight away, as it receives troops from Third Reich.
    • France: France agrees to send military support.
    • Kingdom of Iceland: Condemns the war.
  • Yugoslavia: Declares war on Italy. Yugoslav troops engage fighting in Northern Yugoslavia and in Albania. They also ask all countries for material assistance.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain continues to improve its infrastructure and builds an series of freeways connecting London to other major cities in the country. The Royal Engineers begin construction on a ferry connecting North Ireland to Scotland.
    • Italian Empire asks for military aid for current war, from Great Britain.
    • Great Britain sends Italy its first shipment of tanks and rifles and ammunition. They also send fuel and rations to Italy. The HMS Hood is deployed to keep the convoy safe from enemy vessels.
    • Italian Empire gratefully thanks the Great Britain for Military Support, and they pledge to support them in any upcoming wars, if attacked.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama introduces the neutral policy, and thus making Japan neutral, and only will use its military as a defence. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Mexico: Mexico, declares the start of the construction of the Pan-American Highway (the highway that stretches tip to tip of the American continents) has started constructed, and calls for its allies to help in the project.
    • Great Britain offers to help in the construction.
    • France acknowledges this and hopes Mexico will keep the promise.
  • Kingdom of Iceland: After a meeting in Oslo with all of the other Kingdoms and Republics of the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland) they have agree to build refugee camps in their territories for the Hebrews of Europe. The Countries also agree to work together to defend these camps from the Nazi party.
  • China: More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Another 150 new aircraft are completed. Total air force numbers around 650 and pilots get good experience in flying these aircraft. After talking with the Mongolians, they decide to merge with the Chinese because of the many threats facing them. The flag is changed to incorporate the Mongolian flag with the Chinese.
  • United States: The US interstate highway system is now almost to the west coast. The Intercontinental highway is begun. The highway is started near the borders of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, they will connect with the Mexican part of the highway and then be connected with the US Interstate Highways. Money is sent to Mexico to help them build the highway and send a a group of Army Corp of Engineers to help in the construction. The US will help Mexico with Spain if they can get a piece of the land.
  • No. even if you are non-isolationist now, you still don't want an overseas empire. America was done with that sort of thinking since before World War 1. Azecreth 12:02, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Third Reich: The Reich's forces are defeated yet again by the Czech defenders, and Hitler is furious. He orders the military to be expanded and improved. Panzer tanks go into mass production, as do Stuka bombers. Anti-Czech Propaganda is sent around the country to whip the Reich into a Czech hating frenzy before the Reich tries to invade Czechoslovakia again. Passage through Czechoslovakian-German/Polish borders is now near impossible, and random German air raids are ordered against the Czechs against military targets deemed a threat to the Reich.
  • France: begins sending troops over to help Italy. The government begins taking steps towards a more fascist constitution. Propaganda is introduced in force, and the national slogan is changed to 'Travail, famille, patrie' (work, family, fatherland).


The Spanish nationalists are driven from mainland Spain by Republican forces and Red Army troops. Manuel Azana declares victory in Madrid. Franco has fled to Spanish North Africa, and vows to return.

  • Italian Empire: The war is still ongoing, and the Italians are taking Yugoslavian cities one by one. The last days are awaiting, until Yugoslavian fate will be divided into two. However Benito sends their emissary (a person sent for a secret mission to talk to specific country) to Yugoslavia to state what do they offer. (Yugoslavia, refer to your talk page)
  • Kingdom of Iceland: The Kingdom of Iceland agrees and becomes allies with Czechoslovakia. Also defences are being built in all of the Baltic Sea nations. An disagreement between Iceland and Portugal have lead into a meeting of both national leaders in London. UPDATE: One half Icelandic navy is now station in Denmark. The army is at high alert.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Mexico: Mexico forms a coalition between its allies and their allies (obviously except Brazil) and calls them to liberate Bolivia. Mexico begins to build portions of the highway in its major cities. It also forms an alliance with France and calls for France and its Latin American (obviously except Brazil) to help it invade Spain. It manages to capture cities and ports in Southern Spain.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain builds more paved roads in its cities and country side. The convoy of emptied cargo ships and the HMS Hood return from Italy.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich continues to prepare for an upcoming second war with Czechoslovakia; Poland also readies its troops and Poland is to play a greater part in the second war and get some land from the conflict. The Reich asks Italy to confirm that it will send troops to support the Reich against Czechoslovakia. Mercenaries are also hired to help in the impending war. Industry in the Reich is also increased as more armaments factories are built or expanded in the Reich, this causes unemployment levels to fall and the citizens of Germany declare in an opinion poll that they like the Nazi leadership and are proud that Hitler has nearly restored Germany to her former glory. Italy joining the Pact of Steel also pleases the Reich, and more troops are sent to help fight against Yugoslavia.
  • Czechoslovakia has trade with Hungary, and thus, to Russia and Romania. Azecreth 00:43, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • United States: The US completes The Inter-State Highway, the country is now connected, except for the Pacific territories, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Philippines. Alaska is being connected with Highways around the territory and to the lower 48 states by a highway going through Western Canada. The Hawaiian Islands are connected to each other and the Mainland US by a series of ferries and ports. The Philippine Islands are connected to each other by Highways or if too far by ferries and to The mainland US and Hawaii by ports. The rest of the Pacific Islands have a port each. The US declares war on Brazil, the US asks Mexico what its first move should be.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Mexico tells the US that it should attack and occupy northeast Brazil so that some Brazilian forces will have to be drawn there.
  • China: More aircraft training schools being set up around the country, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened. Another 150 new aircraft are completed. Total air force numbers around 8000 and pilots are able to handle the aircraft like it was made for them. The Burma road begins extension into Mongolia to link it up with the rest of the country.


  • Italian Empire: After crushing victory against Yugoslavians, and without any response from their government, when they peacefully asked about what would they choose their fate to be, annexes their land, completely connecting it to Italian territory. Italy thanks Third Reich, Great Britain and France once again for the support and sends their troops back to them. However many Italian soldiers will still stay in Yugoslavia to maintain peace and kill any rebels. They give back Western Hungary to Hungarian government, since it was occupied by Yugoslavians. Hungary agrees to join Italian Alliance ( 6).
    • Great Britain: England ask Italy for an alliance.
    • Italian Empire accepts the alliance and signs it two minutes later after British diplomats arrive.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain builds more Cromwell tanks and begins research on a more faster tank.
    • Kingdom of Iceland Diplomacy: The Kingdom ask for the tank technology and will give in return one Battleship and advance technology for the fishing industry.
    • Great Britain: Agrees to Iceland's request.
  • The Third Reich: The Reich calls on Italy and Poland to come help the Reich as the Reich once again attempts to invade Czechoslovakia, but this time with more strategic bombing to go with the infantry assault, and Panzer blitzkriegs to get behind enemy lines.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Italian Empire has already made a plan for this. Third Reich will also need support from France and Great Britain, or/and other major nations. Then... Since Czechoslovakian border is heavily fortified, there will be a good use of paratroopers, which Italy has prepared. And Italy also suggests that the attack is made NOT at winter or autumn, but in 1939, March 1st, Spring. Hungary will help ( in this war too, since it's an Italian ally.
    • Reich Diplomacy: The Reich decides to listen to Italy's advice, and also thanks Hungary for their support. If Hungary join the pact of Steal then Hungary shall be entitled to a part of Czechoslovakia to annex.
    • Word of warning, Britain and France have military alliances with Czechoslovakia. Russia has a mutual defense agreement with Czechoslovakia. Britain has already announced that they will be sending supplies to Czechoslovakia. Watch where you tread. Azecreth 14:40, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
    • We know. At least I do. But there's always a difference between "pledging to support" and supporting. Czechoslovakia did not pledge to support Great Britain in any wars yet, while Italy did. Doctor261 17:08, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
    • Except, the fact is that Czechoslovakia has no ports. How you expect them to help you in any war you fight is beyond me. And the USSR is still allied with Czechoslovakia. Besides , what happened to taking a stand, Mr Chamberlain? Azecreth 20:54, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Kingdom of Iceland:The Kingdom ask for support from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania to stop the Germans from taking Czechoslovakia. The nations strategy is to "Bombard, Blockade and Bon Voyage" as one put it.
    • Reich Diplomacy: The Reich assures the Baltic and Scandinavian nations that the Reich shall not expand into their territory as they are not historically part of Germany, and the people's of these nations are largely Aryan. Instead an Aryan defence pact is offered to these nations. Would a mod do a random number generator to see who would join the Aryan defence pact please in order to maintain fairness?
    • On it: Doctor261 17:16, November 18, 2011 (UTC)
    • Norway(33): No
    • Sweden(3): No
    • Finland(78): Yes
    • Estonia(5): No
    • Latvia(84): Yes
    • Lithuania(29): No
    • Denmark(12): No
  • China: A few aircraft training schools being set up around the country this time, while airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened with older airstrips being upgraded to accommodate heavier aircraft and more aircraft. 200 new aircraft are completed this time, because of new factories being set up finally starting to produce aircraft. Total air force numbers around 1000 and pilots are able to handle the aircraft like it was made for them. The Burma road continues extension into Mongolia to link it up with the rest of the country. A two-bomber variants of the monoplane enter development, one which is heavily armoured and another which is fast and quick but with much less armour. Troops start to be reorganized into better fighting units.
  • United States: The US invades North East Brazil at Amapa, Belem, and Sao Louis. The navy bombards emplacements and key targets with their naval guns, the air force bombs depots, factories and other military targets. After the area is lightened up the army and the marines land and start the difficult process of taking the cities and surrounding land. Within the season Amapa is taken.
  • Mexico: The Pan-American Highway in Mexico is complete that links to the American highway. It asks the Central American countries to help out in the project. Meanwhile, Mexican forces take cities in Southern Brazil. Mexican forces in Bolivia manage to subdue the Brazilian troops, liberating many parts of Bolivia from Brazil.
  • France: starts construction of new tanks.



  • Italian Empire is massively recruiting new members of paratrooper brigades, and researching new types of paratrooper weaponry. They ask for a military alliance with France.
  • Great Britain builds more battleships, aircraft carriers, and destroyers. Great Britain begins to research on more advance monoplanes.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • The Third Reich: Preparations for the oncoming Czechoslovakia invasion continue, the German military is hyped for the war. The Reich also offer Fascist France membership into the Pact of Steel if they abandon Czechoslovakia and send the Reich troops and aid in the oncoming war against Czechoslovakia. Latvia and Finland are now both members of the Aryan defence pact and the Reich vows to help its friends in their time of need.
    • France accepts.
  • Mexico: Mexico manages to conquer areas of Southern Brazil. Meanwhile, the government begins to improve and upgrade all infrastructure in the country that is the most obsolete. It also begins helping the Central American countries build the Pan-American Highway there. It begins to attract foreign businesses, making Mexico's economy growing at a very fast rate.
  • China: Airstrips are build where the aircraft schools are opened with older airstrips being upgraded to accommodate heavier aircraft and more aircraft. 200 new aircraft are completed. Total air force numbers around 1200 and pilots are able to handle the aircraft like professional fighter pilots. The first, second, third and fourth fighter core are remodeled and the monoplanes are pressed into service. Two bomber variants of the monoplane continue development. Troops start to be reorganized into better fighting units. A communist rebellion breaks out in the mountains. Both of the sides know that another war cannot be fought. Therefore, both sides negotiate and the communists become part of the Chinese parliament. The flag is changed to show this.
  • United States: The US keeps attacking Brazil


Dissatisfaction with the government rises in Mexico over what the population sees as pointless wars. They see no gain for them in fighting Brazil or Spain

  • Italian Empire sends most of their paratroopers to Third Reich as an aid for Invasion of Czechoslovakia, however Third Reich will have to supply these paratroopers with their own transport planes.
  • Kingdom of Iceland: began to reciting paratroopers.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
    • Great Britain: The British ask Japan for an alliance.
    • Empire of Japan: Japan accepts British offer of alliance.
  • Mexico: The Pan-American Highway portion in Central America is finished, and s moving to Colombia. The Mexican government begins to invite oil companies to drill for oil in the country. Mexican diplomats also go to the United States to ask about inviting American companies to the country to exploit the oil resources.
    • Keep this up, and your government WILL be overthrown. I'm also surprised that the French haven't complained about a third rate power conquering Spain.
    • The war in Spain has been canceled.
    • Strike 1, and Sao Paolo is in Brazil...and you lost the war.-Lx (leave me a message) 21:32, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • Great Britain builds more tanks and aircraft. The Royal Navy halts expansion. Research on an new monoplane continues. Great Britain deploys more soldiers to its colonies in the Caribbean and South America, this due to the tensions in the Americas and the war in Spain.
  • Hungary: Hungary joins the pact of Steel ( 62).
  • The Third Reich: The Third Reich attacks Czechoslovakia, and this time, thanks to improved panzer and blitzkrieg tactics, the Reich wins. Czechoslovakia is divided between the Reich, Poland and Hungary.
  • The US: The US keeps attacking Brazil.
  • China: The country continues to modernize the country, building schools (civilian and military), building and upgrading their army, navy, and air force, and attracting businesses worldwide by cheap labor. Factories for both economical and military uses are being built. New weapons have been researched by the government for the army. It also asks the US to support it in any war.
  • Just to let you know, I switched positions from Gran Colombia to China since the previous country I played brought me me confusion. RandomWriterGuy


  • Italian Empire: With Third Reich's victory over Czechoslovakians, they take back their paratroopers and position them around the country to maintain peace, law and order.
  • Empire of Japan: Ichirō Hatoyama passes a law that gives all (including minorities) of the citizens more rights and freedoms. Japan also continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • The Third Reich: The German states of Bohemia and Moravia are incorporated into the Reich. The Czechs under go Germanization programs to incorporate Bohemia & Moravia into the Reich properly.
  • Great Britain moves more soldiers to its colonies in the Americas and two battleships are sent to protect the colonies. Infrastructure is continued to be improved.
  • Kingdom of Iceland orders to attack any German ship that dares to enter the North Atlantic.
    • Great Britain politely ask Iceland to back down and reconsider the effect of attacking German ships.
    • Kingdom of Iceland will back down if the Germans give back Czechoslovakia.
  • USSR: The Soviet Union builds up its military and advises the Third Reich to abandon its invasion to Czechoslovakia or the Union will declare war on it.
    • Kingdom of Iceland and most of the Baltic Sea nations back the USSR.
    • Great Britain sides with Iceland, the USSR, and the Baltic Sea Nations and sends the USSR, Iceland, and the Baltic Sea nations an alliance and trade agreement.
    • The USSR accepts.
    • Kingdom of Iceland and the Baltic Nations Excepts
  • Mexico: Mexico demands that Bolivia become separate from Brazil after months of fighting. Brazil is forced to accept this and the war ends, that leads to withdrawing of American and Mexican troops from Brazil. These forces return home, now that there is nothing to fight.
    • You cant control other player-states, even if they aren't that active... I was actually about to edit a peace agreement when the EDIT CONFLICT thing came up with your edit. I will make the most efforts to stay active so I suggest you stop trying to control other nations' war outcomes! -Lx (leave me a message)
    • Strike 2.-Lx (leave me a message)
  • Sucre Peace treaty copy

    red is what remains Brazil, lighter red is the new Bolivia.

    Fighting intensifies in Bolivia, with the Bolivians pushing them back, a final destructive blow is made in the cold of the southern winter. Many Brazilian troops get lost in the rain forest, never to be seen again. the Brazilian Government purposes a peace treaty with Bolivia in Sucre, giving area in West Brazil to Bolivia. This angers many people, and reduces the popularity of the government. The Brazilians are narrowly escaping death as the Bolivians agree to the treaty in Sucre. This acts as a great wake up call to the Brazilian military, and are humiliated after the defeat they have suffered. The Brazilian military starts to think up new ways to fight in the rain forest...but not training as the winter (southern hemisphere winter=northern hemisphere summer). (I gotta get more active in this game!)
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Mexico recognizes the peace treaty with Bolivia and Brazil and pulls all troops out of Brazil and calls for America to do the same thing.
    • United States Diplomacy: The US recognizes the peace treaty and pulls its troops, ships and planes out of the country.
  • United States: The US builds tons of oil derricks in Texas, after a significant deposit of oil is found. American businessmen also like Mexico's offer and offer to build derricks there. With the interstate highways completed, the new oil easily supplies the country and there is an excess. The US offers to export oil to any nation that wants it.
    • Italian Empire would like to get some oil from US.
  • China: Chinese mining companies manage to discover oil and natural gas fields in Western China and Mongolia. Oil wells are being built around the country to support its growing industries. Also, the agriculture production has been modernizing, thus food production soared. It also asks the US to help the country in its modernization. Economic growth continues to rise, and schools are being built all over the country. The military keeps expanding and updating. New tanks and guns have been invented and are being made by the government.


  • Italian Empire also suggests Third Reich to give back the Czechoslovakian independence, first of all, because it doesn't have any natural resources which may be useful for Third Reich. Italian Empire also begins building up the infrastructure, connecting cities with villages and towns.
  • Romania fears for it's nations security as the threat of a Communist take over, Romania wants to open trade to the other Nations of Europe and the World with the exception of Socialist Countries, it also want's to open Alliances too more with its neighbors.
    • Italian Empire proposes Romania to sign an Alliance, Trade Agreement and Non-Aggression Pact.
    • Romania diplomacy agrees to the proposition from Italy and opens trade with Italy and a Non-Aggression Pact.
    • Great Britain: The British offer Romania an alliance and a trade agreement.
    • Romania agrees to an Alliance a Trade agreement with Great Britain.
  • Great Britain updates more of its infrastructure and improves their defenses. More tanks are being produced and two new battleships are built.
  • France: starts recruiting more people into the air force and navy, but most of all the army.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan also continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Kingdom of Iceland is waiting for the Third Reich Response
  • The Third Reich:

    What the Reich proposes

    The Reich tells the world that Czechoslovakia is German land. They remind Iceland that the Reich would crush their small puny country, even easier than Czechoslovakia with the fleet of German U-boats. They also tell Italy that Czechoslovakia is needed for Lebensraum, and that the Italians should stick to the so-called Fascist ideals they stand for rather than cowering in fear from the Russian Socialist dogs. The Reich tells the USSR that the Reich has, is & always will be anti-communist, and to stay out of affairs that don't concern them. They tell Britain to stop jumping on the band wagon, and warns them that if the Reich falls, then the world will be at the mercy of the communist menace. The Reich, however, offers a compromise: the creation of a Czechoslovakian Rump state from the land gifted to Hungary, Poland and Germany. Romania is also offered membership into the Pact of Steel alongside Italy, Hungary and Poland; as the pact of Steel is also deeply anti-socialist.
  • Mexico: Mexico celebrates its victory against Brazil with the United States and gives economic aid to Bolivia to help the country recover from the war. It also continues to build up the military and improve the infrastructure.
  • United States: The US builds more oil derricks and oil tankers.
  • China: The economic growth is still staggering. Factories are being built all over the country, and mining companies begin searching for natural resources at home, mostly iron and coal for the steel industry. The becoming more and more upgraded, just like the rest of the country. The banking industry also begins to develop.



  • France: continues recruiting.
    • Great Britain offers France an alliance and trade agreement.
    • France accepts on condition Britain does not try to interfere with its fascist government and its aims.
  • USSR: The Soviet government builds up its military. Stalin and the Soviets tell the Reich that they will not allow the Nazi expansion in Europe, and, if it's necessary, they will fight among the capitalist powers of Europe against the menace of a new kind of tyranny, lead by a racist and self-workish demagogue.
    • Italian response: "Dear Soviets, I am writing this message to you to inform you of a few facts that you weren't aware of. You, have millionth sq km wide land in Asia, and fifty thousandth sq km in Europe. I thought we had very same ideologies, but now I see that you have changed. Word of warning, my friend. EUROPE IS NOT YOURS. Now, to solve this diplomatically, I've attached a banana to this letter, as a proposal of non-caring treaty of Rome, stating that you will not give a damn hell about non-socialist Europe."
    • Kingdom of Iceland ask for an alliance with the USSR.
  • Italian Empire begins building infantry tanks of their newly developed Italia M1941.
  • Great Britain builds more ships and aircraft, and submarines are deployed across the North Atlantic and South Atlantic.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan also continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • Romania agrees to the Pact of Steel with the Third Reich as it deeply opposes Socialism in any Romanian lands. Ion Antonescu takes over Romania who is heavily favoring towards the Third Reich, he also begins building Bases along near Romania's border in case of a Soviet Attack.
    • Romania begins to train a mass number of Troops, it begins sending exports to it's partners in it's Trade agreements, and Arms and Minerals to it's allies in the Pact of Steel.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler is pleased with Romania for joining the Pact of Steel and hopes that the nations will make sure communism doesn't spread into Europe proper. Italy is also praised for remembering the anti-socialist demeanour of Fascism. The Czechoslovakian rump state is also created in response to global concerns about the situation. The newly formed Czechoslovakia is however a puppet state of the Reich similar to Poland, and its forced into the Pact of Steel as well.
  • Mexico Gran Americana: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile all officially joined the new country of Gran Americana (formerly planned as the United Spanish States). It also manages to complete the portions of the Pan-American Highway in Colombia, and are currently connecting Ecuador and Venezuela. Concern about lack of public opinion on the War in Brazil, Mexico tells the people the reason they helped Bolivia was because they wanted to cooperate with all Spanish Latin American states, and believed Brazil was threatening its existence at the time. They also try to get more countries announcing signing the Second Treaty of Mexico (the first one united the countries above into that state).
    • Not all Central America at once, please - Lx
    • Not all of these countries are Central American. Besides, they include countries in South America as well.
    • Either way you need to show the numbers for this agreement.
      • Valencia: The Valencians ask the Gran Americanos for a trade agreement.
  • Kingdom of Iceland tells Germany that unless they let Czechoslovakia free by 1941. The kingdom will be forced to declare war on Germany. Also the king would like to tell Hitler that he did not take kindly to Hitler's threat and that a "Puppet State" is really a Slave State.
  • United States: The US starts exporting oil to Italy, and offers a trade agreement for other resources between the two nations. The military is expanded, with a large focus in the navy and air force, with large amounts of fighters and bombers being built, and battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and submarines are built.
    • Kingdom of Iceland asks for oil.
    • Romania would like to offer the United States a trade agreement, and will trade Iron ore for Oil.
    • US: The US starts trading oil with Romania for iron ore and to Iceland.
  • Brazil: Brazil looks upon Mexico's acts of union as a hypocritical move by a hypocritical nation. More training for the troops is provided and research gives in to the development of a better way to cross rain forests. Brazil shows some support for the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Socialist Union Party, a new breakaway form the Brazilian Communist Party. The BSUP gains many supporters that dislike the current regime. Orientation against the German Reich continues amongst the people.
    • Mexican Response: It begins to do the same thing Brazil is doing and also begins to send military aid to Bolivia to prevent another invasion by Brazil.
  • Valencia: Valencia declared their independence against Spain, and started a new type of government, Democarcy, a government where the Supreme Emperor is in charge, while the King and Queen are the head of country, the President as the head of State, and the Senate that approves on the Supreme Emperor, King, Queen and President's decisions. Their religion is now officially Taoist. They had begun to trade with Mexico, by trading Iron for Wood.
    • Great Britain: The British asks Valencia for an alliance and trade agreement.
      • Valencian Response: The Valencians accept the alliance and trade agreement with Great Britain. Valencia is willing to trade Iron for wood.
      • Great Britain: Great Britain is pleased and begins to trade wood for iron.
  • China: The modernization of the country continues. New schools are being built around the country. The infrastructure also begins to improve, as road systems are being built, telephone poles being established, and public facilities being fixed or being built. The military continues to grow, expand, and modernize.


Spain declares war on the breakaway province of Valencia. Troops move in to reoccupy the region.

  • Italian Empire issues an embargo against Kingdom of Iceland, stating: "Czechoslovakia is none of your business. Now, you either pay $5,000,000 for the your actions, or I will be forced to destroy your native ice." Meanwhile, Italian Empire continues to research and develop new kinds of weaponry for a cold weather and underwater shooting.
  • Valencia: The Valencian King, King El Cid II issues an embargo against The Third Reich, stating: "The Valencian people oppose the way of Nazism, and will not tolerate even one German soldier inside of the borders, or they will be captured and tortured until they pay us a sum of €500,000 or we will declare war on Germany.". For this statement, the King was sentenced to three months in exile, and the statement that was sent back to the German people was: "We apologize for threatening the German people like that. Our king was not obviously the smartest man on Earth. Therefore, we retake everything we said, and canceled the embargo on the Reich.". This message was said by the Empress herself. Meanwhile, Valencia continues to recover the damage caused by Spanish soldiers in Valencia and researching on how to make vehicles that can drive along steep mountains easier, and better faster firing weapons.
    • Italian response: "Well well well, look who has spoken. Now who is more racist here? Germany or you, dear Valencian king? You don't even know what's going on, and I don't see what's wrong in Nazism nor fascism. To be honest I see problems in monarchy. That's a completely another thing. I would suggest you to stay neutral. Spain was neutral so many years, and now you state the most stupid threat ever seen in the world. You should really think about it. I would also like to create a trade agreement between our countries. Not for relationship, but for stabilizing the economy of our countries."
    • 'Valencian response': "To completely understand, sir, we happen to not support what they are doing to innocent people. With deaths close to over thousands per month, it makes us tremble weary. We have nothing against fascism nor anything that is related to Italian or European fascism. Another thing, our government is a mix of a democracy and a monarchy, but that is a completely different story. But, you say we should stay neutral after how many times that the Spanish people had deliberated us? How interesting. You said that we were neutral for so many years, when we were conquered by Napoleon and such, and have a war against Britain over four or so times. Stupidest threat, now, I'm laughing at you, kind sir. A trade agreement you say? I'll have to speak to the senate about that. For now, you will have to wait for a few more days until you hear from us in trade once more."
    • After Valencian apologies for Germany, Italian Empire decided to share the secrets of paratroopers, discovered by Italy, with them.
    • Valencian Response: The Leaders of the Valencian Armed Forces accepts this offer.
  • Great Britain: British forces are moved into colonies in Africa and the Middle East. Britain begins researching on how to make snow-capable vehicles and faster anti-aircraft guns.
  • Romania begins researching Technology that could improve the Military. Romania so to puts an embargo on Iceland and states that "A fellow freedom Fighter would side with the Devils (USSR) and weaken the Free World, I guess we were are fooled by the Kingdom of Iceland."
  • Italian Empire declares their neutrality in Valencian-Spanish war.
  • After crushing victory of Spain over Valencia, Italian Empire offers Spain a military alliance.
  • Spain politely declines the Italian offer.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan also continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
  • The USSR become allied with Iceland. The Union improves its military. The USSR asks an alliance with Great Britain.
    • Great Britain accepts the alliance.
  • Gran Americana: They will join the country in three years. Meanwhile, economic growth in the new country is staggering, as the country (including the areas added to the country) is attracting foreign businesses, harnessing its resources, building and improving education, and the construction factories. It also asks Spain for an alliance. The Second Treaty of Mexico is signed, and here are the nations that signed it:
    1. Guatemala: 64 (Yes)
    2. El Salvador: 63 (Yes)
    3. Costa Rica: 23 (No)
    4. Panama: 54 (Yes)
    5. Cuba: 22 (No)
    6. Venezuela: 25 (No)
    7. Colombia: 96 (Yes)
    8. Ecuador: 20 (No)
    9. Bolivia: 99 (Yes)
    10. Uruguay: 48 (No)
  • United States: The US sends starts sending shipments of oil to Romania and Iceland.
  • China: Chinese companies make an outrageous discovery. Gold and silver deposits have been discovered. This sets up a gold rush in China, improving the country's fortunes. To make sure the money from this was used wisely, it has been used for expanding industry, improving agriculture, building and repairing infrastructure, building schools, building roads, and building new settlements and eliminating slums in certain cities in certain areas.


Spain requests an alliance with the USSR after the communists seize control of the government due to it's apparent weakness in allowing Valencia to break off. They vow that Valencia will rejoin the Republic, by force if necessary

  • Valencia: Valencian conflicts with Spain turns into a cold war rather than a hot war, and Valencian troops have been stationed all over the borders of Spain and Valencia. The Supreme Empress crowns a new King, Charles III as the new head of country as response to the foolish decision El Cid II did. His entire family was exiled to Portugal. Meanwhile, Valencia continues to seek more allies and trade partners in this newly established nation.
    • After Spain has rejected Italian alliance suggestion, Italian Empire decided to send Valencia military aid of 15'000 elite paratroopers, 150 military transport planes and 500kg of dynamite. Would Valencia accept this aid?
      • Valencia: Valencia accepts the aid from the Italians.
  • Italian Empire decides to destroy their neutrality in Valencian-Spanish war and issues an embargo against Spain and blockades the entrance into the eastern Mediterranean Sea to them.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
    • Valencia: wishes to establish an alliance as well as a trading deal with the Empire of Japan and Alliance.
    • Empire of Japan: agrees and accepts the Valencia alliance and trade deal offer.
  • The USSR builds up its military.
  • Great Britain: Great Britain moves two battleships, three destroyers and an aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean, on their way to Egypt.
  • France: an attempted assassination attempt on François de La Rocque leads to another bout of propaganda against communists. More steps are taken to work fascism into the constitution. It is announced that in Autumn La Rocque will be inaugurated as 'Dirigeant Suprême,' or Supreme Leader in English. Some criticisms are made, as this is close the Nazi system, but in a statement it is said that Germany was no longer an enemy, and that the new enemies are communists.
  • The Third Reich: Hitler once again tells Iceland to shut up & that they are simply hypocrites for siding with the totalitarian regime of the USSR, when Iceland claim to be against totalitarian states. The German navy is expanded with several destroyers being built, an aircraft carrier, and lots of U-boats. The Reich also offers military aid to Brazil to help it fight the communists rebels. A trade deal is offered to Gran America to.
    • They aren't rebels yet...but they will be soon
  • Brazil: The communist party loses supporters as many more start supporting the Brazilians Socialist Union Party. Many of the Left-Wing Parties in Brazil start joining them. Many people start calling them the "Brazilian Socialist Bloc" or "Brazilian Communist Block". The government starts to somewhat view the new communists as a threat to their regime. Military is updated.
  • Turkey: The government begins to work on the military in full force, increasing the military's budget more than twenty-fold. The Turkish Army begins preparations for a massive assault on Bulgaria and Greece as well as Persia.
  • Gran Americana: Feeling that Brazil may be a threat to the country, the country gets the Spanish-American countries to build a defense barrier around Brazil and train armies to guard the area. The first true demoratic elections have been held for the next president of Gran Americana. It also begins to build up on tourism and agriculture, adapting new farming techniques and technologies, mainly from the United States. The military is being expanded and upgraded, and defenses are being built all over the country.
  • United States: The US sends out more oil. They start building more tanks, ships, and planes.
  • China: Iron and coal deposits are discovered in Mongolia. As a result, the steel industry quickly develops there. As a result, China plans to build a system of railroads that will touch all parts of the country. The military begins to expand and modernize, and the economy begins to grow. It also asks the countries of western Europe to help with their modernization.


  • Empire of Japan: Japan continues to build up their military and improves infrastructure.
    • Romania: would like to propose a Trade Agreement with the Empire of Japan.
      • Empire of Japan: Accepts Romania's offer of Trade Agreement.

  • Valencia: The Empress, Isabella Franco I made a visit in Japan to negotiate a trade in Japan's Japanese-styled furniture in exchange for Valencian Iron.
    • Empire of Japan: Agrees to the trade.

Romania: fears from the USSR's army build up and orders drills around the country and stations soldiers near the Border of USSR. Romania starts building Tanks and building bunkers near the Border too.

  • Romania: would like to offer Brazil, Mexico(Or Gran American if you want me to call you.) and Valencia a Trade Deal. They also want to offer an Alliance with Valencia.
    • Valencia: The King of Valencia accepts this offer of alliance with the assistance of the Senate.

The USSR still builds up its military. The Soviet Government asks Japan to help it improving the naval technologies. The USSR asks a trade agreement with China and Japan. The Soviet ambassador in Iceland asks a trade agreement and help with the industrialization of the USSR. The Soviet Union sells mercenaries to Valencia, proposing it an alliance and trade agreement.

    • Valencia: Although their goal is supposedly to keep the communists out of Valencia at all costs, the Head of the Armed Forces does not recognize this as an effort to promote Communism, but for assistance. After a few days, the Senate of Valencia had agreed to both offers, under one condition. The Condition is to not attempt to promote communism in any way, shape or form in Valencia. They must also remain neutral from any other communist attack from another communist nation. Does the USSR agree to this?
      • USSR: They agree
  • Empire of Japan: Agrees to the trade deal and also agrees to help them in improving naval technologies.
  • Valencia: The Head of the Valencian Armed Forces, had begun to sell the surplus of weapons to Great Britain to add to the Iron trade they had with Great Britain. They are still improving on making Mountain compatible vehicles, and should be finished in four years time.
  • Kingdom of Iceland: will like to say that to shut Iceland up, they must do it by force. Also Iceland would like to say that Iceland is an ally of the Greatest Navy on Earth. The navy continued to expand.
  • Great Britain:The Royal Navy continues to be expanded. The Head of the Navy says that the Royal Navy has only one rival Iceland. The Royal Air Force continues expansion and technology for faster monoplanes continues.
    • Kingdom of Iceland: Ask for sharing technology with Great Britain.
    • Great Britain: agrees with Iceland and begins sharing technology with each other.

  • The Third Reich: The Reich & its puppet states increases each of their military capabilities respectively. Poland builds a series of forts along the USSR border & Czechoslovakia also builds forts in their nation. A trade deal is made between Sweden and the Third Reich
  • Swedish alliance retconned due to Finland being in your alliance already, and regular Swedish neutralityAzecreth 20:43, November 22, 2011 (UTC)
    • Great Britain: asks for a trade agreement and a non-aggression act between the two great nations.
    • The Third Reich: The Reich agrees.
  • Gran Americana: The country meets with the United States about concerns for the threat of Brazil. It asks the country to declare sanctions on Brazil, freeze their assets, and break off all ties to Brazil. It also begins to arm several Latin American countries to defend themselves against Brazil. Infrastructure in the country begins to improve, and farm production increases at a large rate. New transportation systems are being built around the country. It also passes a law that forces the rich to pay their share (on terms of taxes) while the very poor people don't have too.
  • Romania: as it is Anti-Socialist, it does not hold any aggression toward the USSR and had some Friendly Relations with Russia in the past. Romania proposes a Non-Aggression Act with the USSR to be signed in Bucharest, would the USSR Accept this Non-Aggression Act
    • USSR: Stalin accepts the pact.
    • Romania: Antonescu is pleased, with him in control, he "liberalizes" the Romanian government and breaks the Trade Embargo with the USSR and Iceland. Also if Stalin wants, in a terms of apology, Romania offers a Trade Agreement with the USSR and Iceland plus a gift of Iron Ore.
    • The USSR accepts. Stalin is pleased to be friend of the Romanian nation.
  • United States: The US would like to offer Valencia a trade agreement to send them oil and other resources to help their nation grow. They would also sell surplus military equipment and vehicles. The US accepts Romania's trade offer and Iceland's request for oil.
  • US-Valencian alliance retconned due to US wouldn't support a dictatorship in a country that hasn't been in existence for less than a year unless it was vital to US interests. Support of capitalism is not strong enough a reason. Azecreth 20:43, November 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • France: concentrates on modernising the navy. It starts building a new aircraft carrier and two battle cruisers. Meanwhile, La Rocque is now supreme leader of France. Many people are seen cheering in the streets (many people are also arrested and never seen again for protesting).
  • Brazil: Brazil updates its military. Attack from Mexico seems eminent as their actions are being seen as war-like. The BSUP gains more popularity and plea for national elections. The Brazilian government denies this in face of the war like actions of Gran America.
  • China: The country begins to modernize and expand the navy, building navy bases around the coast of the country and building new harbors and docks for international trade. Airports, subway stations, and more tranportation infrastructure is built around the country. It also continues to modernize and expand the military in all sectors.

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