Round 1

  • Polish-Aztlano Confederacy discovers mass production.
  • Roman Republic is founded.
  • Union of German States stabilizes.
  • The Shogunate States of Japan create the first working airships. This creates faster travel between the Japanese islands and mainland Asia.
  • Famous Caribbean classical music artist Luis Alimenez starts his world-wide tour, with estimates predicting this to be the most successful classical music tour in the world. We also begin developing more efficient tanks.
  • the Socialist commonwealth states of Scandinavia and Britain mass produce naval ships, and develop the Cruiser mark 25, a medium tank designed to counter other tanks on the battlefield. The infantry tank mk.10 is also produced. The socialist republic of Greenland-Iceland looks to the Canadian islands to expand.

Round 2

  • Polish-Aztlano Confederacy develops several Tanks and Aircraft Carriers as they move into inner Mexico and the Baltics. Meanwhile, the Aztlano Socialist Party begins to rise, despite the fact that the current monarch is heavily opposed to socialism. Plans for developing a solar fusion reactor are set into action.
  • Union of German States begins repairing and improving factories and infrastructure damaged by civil war. Work begins on designing tanks with thicker armor and larger cannons. Expansion begins into the mineral-rich territory west of the border (OTL Alsace-Lorraine (part of France)).
  • Socialist Commonwealth states declares war on Germany, attempting to seize the border areas. We expand into the Canadian islands.
  • The Gambian Catholic Hippie League declares war on Senegal in hopes of annexing them. Gambia begins hyper modernization and creates numerous tanks and bombers in hopes of total defeat of Senegal. They also annex Vatican City. The Hippie League finds a remaining strand of Stalin's DNA and begins a scientific project, hoping to clone him so they can bring him back to life and make him their leader.
  • The Prime Minister of the UKC, Agustín de Almanha, denounces the Empire of Zimbabwe's decision to ban the color white and the genocide of white people, saying that "all men of each color in the rainbow should be able to visit Zimbabwe without being publicly and privately discriminated by the ridiculous government." The UKC declares multiple trade sanctions on Zimbabwe, and begins to develop more efficient military weapons.
  • A Japanese airship goes off course and crashes in North America. After recovering from the disaster the Shogunate States of Japan eagerly begin setting up colonies all across the East coast of this newly discovered place. They claim North America as their own and name the land グレートノース or Gurētonōsu which means the Great North.
  • The Confederate States of America considers the prospects of war with the Empire of Zimbabwe (since they are black people genociding whites). We ask to trade with the United Kingdom of the Caribbean and The Commonwealth of States of Britain and Scandinavia.
  • UKC Response to the Confederacy: We accept your trade offers, and we propose an alliance.
  • SCSBS response: refuses.

Round 3

  • Polish-Aztlano Confederacy: In fear of a possible invasion of North America from the Pacific Ocean, The Confederacy offers a non-aggression pact with the Shogunate. Meanwhile, The Polish Racial Equality Party begins urging the Monarch to declare war on the Confederate States, word has yet to be received from the Monarch. The Confederacy also offers a trade agreement with the Socialist Commonwealth.
  • The Shogunate accepts the Polish-Aztlano non-aggression pact and continues to spread along the coast of North America. Japan also begins collecting rare minerals from their coastal colonies and establish trade ports.
  • The German Socialist Party begins to agitate, but their grumblings are eclipsed by the (primarily white) populace's outrage toward the Zimbabwean white genocide. In a public speech, Kaiser William said, "When we do find our place in the sun, it shall not be shared with the barbarians of Zimbabwe." Trade sanctions begin against Zimbabwe, and negotiations begin with the American Confederacy about a possible anti-Zimbabwe alliance. Trade agreements are proposed to the PAC, CSA, and the SSJ. German forces push into Denmark, aided by the new heavyweight tanks. Massive naval buildup begins, focusing on dreadnoughts, capital ships, and especially submarines, or "u-boats". Research begins into Zeppelins capable of carrying fighters, bombers and paratroopers, and mainly nonviolent expansion begins starting south from the protruding eastern portions of the country.
  • The commonwealth states of Scandinavia and Britain push back Germany, and push into the border areas. We accept the Polish trade agreement, hoping to have them help in the war against Germany.
  • Japan decides to end its isolationism and open up trade with the Germans on account of fear of an oncoming war. The Shogunate state that they may outnumber most nations with their amount of military but their weaponry is weak and mostly consists of ancient samurai style weapons and minimal guns. The Japanese allow the Union of German States to access colonial ports and the harbors in Kyoto, Tokyo and Formosa (Taiwan in OTL) and trade precious stones and things exclusively found in Japan and East Asia. In return they ask for German military-grade weaponry such as tanks, guns, etc.
  • The UGS will agree to these terms, so long as the Shogun shall agree not to use the weapons they are being sold to attack Germany. This should seem fairly self-explanatory, but you can never be too careful.
  • Following the recent proposal of an anti-Zimbabwe alliance, the UKC asks to join the coalition with Germany. We continue researching more efficient tanks and machine guns.
  • The UGS gladly welcomes the UKC to the AZA.
  • Gambia invades deeper into Senegal and goes into parts of Guinea-Bissau and Mauretania. They also place sanctions against Zimbabwe due to their predominantly white population, and asks to join Germany's coalition, and places an embargo on Zimbabwe. The GCHL also invests more money into their scientific projects in hopes of successfully cloning Stalin.
  • The UGS welcomes Gambia as another member of the coalition.
  • Roman Republic begins research on "superships" (Can be battleships, destroyers, anything), which are four times bigger than the biggest U.S. ships along with their ammo, guns, etc. They are also investing heavily on building a massive navy.
  • The Polish-Aztlano Alliance accepts the Anti-Zimbawean alliance. However, it will not declare war against the Socialist Commonwealth, and will place sanctions on the Confederate States until it reforms its segregation laws.
  • The Kaiser welcomes the PAC into the AZA, understanding that a war with the SCBSS would be an extremely bad idea.
  • Confederacy: Jeb Bush is President, and implements policies further integrating black people into society (slavery was banned in WWII after a genocide), including multiple laws recognizing the "Byrd Genocide". He agrees to an alliance with the UKC. He is careful about the situation in Zimbabwe, as he does not want to seem like a white supremacist by preventing whites from genocide. We begin to expand into the Bahamas, mainly for resources, land, and tourism. More money is spent on the military, and the Naval Academy at Pensacola is improved.

Round 4

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy finalizes the Solar Fusion Reactor in Krakow and begins developing several more. The Confederacy also begins expanding further into the Baltic and the Mexican Peninsula. The Confederacy also offers a trade agreement with the Shogunate and the Gambian Catholic Hippie League.
  • The Japanese accept the Polish-Aztlano's trade offer and allow Polish-Aztlano traders to enter one of Japan's most treasured ports, Hong Kong and ask for an alliance with them. The Shogunate States continue to spread Northward and establish more states along the coast of North America. They also begin developing specialized weapons and place their massive imperial navy on and around OTL Madagascar for reasons unknown.
  • The UKC begins to invade Belize, and offers trade agreements with the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy. We also begin to improve our infrastructure in our main metropolitan areas (Havana, Port-au-Prince, etc.).
  • The Union of German States continues its invasion of Denmark, using the new navy to prevent supplies and reinforcements from reaching Commonwealth troops. Research begins into how to mount artillery to tanks. The navy continues to be increased in much the same way as before.
  • Scandinavia and Britain break the blockade, and reinforcing the danish. The troops put the war at a stalemate, pushing back Germany to pre-war borders, and we sue for white peace. IF they accept, we will consider joining the coalition. BTW, sorry the IP was me, don't know wh6y it keeps logging me out.
  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy accepts The Shogunate's alliance and the UKC's trade agreement. The Confederacy is also willing to share its Solar Fusion technology in exchange for certain natural resources and a few of the Caribbean's top scientists.
  • The Union of German States accepts the Commonwealth's offer of peace. The Kaiser also hopes that trade might begin between Germany and the CSBSS.

Round 5

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy grieves over the death of their current monarch, Jan IV. Attempting to reignite patriotism in a time of sadness, the succeeding Monarch, Phillipe II, begins construction of the University of Tlapan, a place where the world's greatest masterminds can organize and share ideas. Meanwhile, the Confederacy starts researching better aircraft and submarines.
  • The Union of German States, no longer at war, begins to work on industrial and economic improvements. Research begins into possible application of paratrooper tactics to tanks.
  • The Shogunate States of Japan claim what is called Madagascar in OTL and name it アフリカ県 or Afurika-ken which means The African Prefecture. The Japanese allow the natives to work and live in the newly industrialized area of the island. They also give their land in North America full statehood and turn the sixteen colonies into The Gurētonōsu Prefectures. The Shogunate States of Japan are now made up of four states (Japan, Korea, Formosa or Taiwan and now The Gurētonōsu Prefectures) and one territory (Afurika-ken).
  • The socialist commonwealth states expand their American colonies and into Russia, as well as colonizing OTL Iberia and Morocco.
  • The Communazist Republic of West Russia begins mass production of War vehicles and starts building airships. We also develop a series of new tanks and war vehicles such as the T-56 Medium tank and the B-29 Armored Anti-Aircraft/Infantry vehicle.
  • the socialist commonwealth states declare that the fascist-communists are unholy and a threat to Europe, therefore must be eliminated, and forms a coalition to deal with them.

Round 6

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy begins sending research vessels to Antarctica in hopes of setting up a research base in the area. Word about a vast amount of petroleum found in the Arabian Peninsula is brought to the Monarch, and in response, the Confederacy begins annexing the territory. The Confederacy also offers a trade agreement to The United Neruviks of Mammothia, in hopes of speaking a friendship with their neighbours to the north.
  • The Union of German States, afraid of being left as a small regional power without overseas territory, annexes the Sinai Peninsula, and begins work on connecting the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean (OTL Suez Canal). Research begins into heavier Zeppelin armor. Hearing of the PAC's Antarctic research attempt, a proposal is made to the monarch to create a joint research effort in the frozen wastes. An Academy of Sciences is constructed in Berlin in hopes of attracting the great minds of Germany and proving German scientific prowess to a world that has started to leave it behind.
  • The UKC continues to research military technology, and we send our most intellectual scientists to the Berlin Academy of Sciences to assist in Antarctic research.
  • Japan is halted by a countless number of deserts surrounding the Easternmost portion of their American colonies. They begin exploration of the area but do not further colonize yet due to the harsh conditions. Back in the homeland the Shogunate continue their expansion into OTL China & Russia. They easily defeat the weak native armies and establish territories all along the coast of OTL China. They also annex a large portion of what is called Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy in OTL. Japan quickly learns of their ally's discovery in the Arabian Peninsula and implores the Confederacy to share the land with them and in return they will provide the materials and such necessary to retrieve the petroleum. The Shogunate States also send scientists to the Berlin Academy of Sciences due to the fact that they look up to the Germans and their intellectuals and are interested in researching Antarctica.
  • The Communazist Republic of West Russia starts sending colonist airships South, to OTL Pakistan and OTL Western India, we defeat the natives and establish new cities and trading posts in the area. While in the Russian Mainland, colonists start to expand to OTL Krasnoyarsk and to OTL Ukraine, we defeat the natives there and establish new cities in the area. Research on new and better planes and jets starts. We propose a research agreement with the PAC for the research in Antarctica. We also start militarising our borders ranging from four million troops, tanks and aircraft due to ongoing militaristic presence from the socialist commonwealth. We offer a trade agreement with Japan and The Roman Republic.
  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy agrees to the Communazi Republic's research agreement and the UGS's joint research proposal, and looks forward to working with the two nations in the barren south. The Monarch also agrees to the Shogunate's land proposal.
  • The Shogunate States are willing to trade with West Russia only if they stop expansion into Asian states such as OTL India, China, Mongolia, etc. and look to Western Europe for expansion instead. Also the Japanese, eager to begin annexing the Middle East, send the needed materials to the Arabian peninsula and set up small camps all along the Eastern half of the land. They also help the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy set up camps in the West and help to heavily militarize the North and the Westernmost portions of the land, as to prevent a foreign invasion. [Sorry to be a bother but can someone please add the rest of my colonies in NA and my new territory in Asia. Thank you! ^_^]

Round 7

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy annexes the ports of Hue and Hong Kong, and begins industrializing and modernizing the two cities. The Confederacy also grants the Shogunate access to the ports, in case the nation needs to use them. In fear of a violent uprising, the Confederacy also places heavy anti-apartheid laws within its Arabian Colonies; This grants any Tribal Arab the same rights and liberties as any others that may come to the colony. The laws also completely abolishes slave ownership and prostitution, however, the slave trade is still very vibrant between the many crime lords of the region. The Confederacy also discover some prehistoric bacteria and virus samples hidden beneath the Antarctic ice, which could prove useful in future situations.
  • The Union of German States annexes lands around the Bosporus Strait and begins development of these and their lands on the Sinai Peninsula. The Germans are willing to allow the Russians to use the Bosporus, but reserve the right to close them in the event of a war. Recent innovations in Zeppelin technology have allowed the Union of German States to create a super-blimp known as the Flying Citadel. These, along with fighter and bomber aircraft, begin to be produced in large numbers. The Flying Citadel is able to carry troops, tanks, bombs, and even entire airstrips, and is capable of withstanding various types of antiaircraft fire. The problem is that they are about as subtle as a nuclear bomb going off underneath a Geiger Counter Expo. One was painted white for testing purposes, but this turned it from massive gray blimp looming over the horizon to massive white blimp looming over the horizon, and considering how hard it was to find people willing to paint that one, it was decided that the rest would remain unpainted. However, the white one kept its paint, because the painters refused to remove it, no matter what they were offered. So the engineers decided to just roll with it, naming it the Moby Dick and making it their flagship. They tried to make the specifics as secret as possible, but understood that it would be impossible to prevent knowledge of its existence from escaping. A trade proposal is made to the Mammothians and the Socialist Commonwealth.
  • The Japanese offer to decide to make Hong Kong a joint port between Polish-Aztlano and the Shogunate States since they had ownership over the port before the Confederacy claimed it and they hope to prevent a war between their ally. The Japanese also begin building a wall on the border of West India as to prevent the Russians from further advancing into the East and they claim most of what is called India in OTL. The Japanese surprisingly find oil off the Southern coast of Madagascar and immediately begin building stations that will collect it.
  • The UKC begins to experience their highest economic peak in over 50 years, and scientific research significantly increases.
  • The socialist commonwealth states colonize New York, expand all their colonies, discover Persia(and colonize it) and colonize Australia. Not much else.
  • The Communazist Republic sends 2 colonist airships to colonise OTL North-West Saudi Arabia, OTL Syria, Jordan and Iraq. We also send colonist airships to colonise OTL New Zealand and to colonise OTL North USA. With the abundance of oil in Russian Arabia we quickly establish oil fields and oil rigs in there. With civil unrest happening in the colonies, we set up anti-apartheid laws to suppress the civil unrest between the natives and the Russians in the colonies. We send four research submarines to Antarctica from India and New Zealand. In the Russian mainland we develop and start mass production of the Landcruiser, a machine that can shoot down any aircraft accurately, destroy land vehicles like a tank destroyer and can travel fast like a light tank. But suffered two major flaws: oil use and strength. We propose a trade agreement with the PAC.

Round 8

  • As the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy finishes construction of the University of Tlapan, the Monarch seeks to propose a scientific alliance with the Berlin Academy of Sciences. The Confederacy also begins expanding into Indochina, Indonesia and The Philippines. The Confederacy also begins researching Heli-carriers in an attempt to cut travel-time between the colonies. Finally, the Confederacy also agree to the trade agreement with the Communazi Republic.
  • The Japanese continue to expand and claim all the land area of OTL Indonesia and Papa New Guinea. They expand their colonies in North America to reach all the way to the Mid-West. Also the Shogunate States launch a raid on the coast of the Zimbabwe Empire taking most of the coastal land and expanding into OTL Botswana with little or no resistance from the much smaller military. They offer to end the sudden war if Zimbabwe ends its genocide and joins the Shogunate States as it would greatly help both nations.
  • The Union of German States begins mass-producing paratroop tanks, as well as training troops to conduct parachute drops. Because the Japanese started an invasion of Zimbabwe, the Kaiser decides to do the same, landing paratroopers on the northern portions of the country with devastating effect, as the troops they are facing are of inferior quality and are already fighting another superior foe. Colonies on the Sinai Peninsula expand to the west to grab unclaimed land on the Arabian Peninsula, and the valuable resources that come with it. Development continues in German colonies, as well as the mainland German Southwest.
  • The Communazi Republic sends a hundred thousand tanks and landcruisers, paradrops and send 900 thousand soldiers, Ten thousand aircraft and send half of the the Indian Russian-Indian fleet to The Zimbabwe Empire to support the invasion from Japan and Germany. We occupy and attack deep into OTL Mozambique. We expand our American colony northwards to OTL Ontario and OTL Southern Quebec and colonise the land. We also expand our Indian colony westwards to colonise OTL Afghanistan and OTL East Iran/Persia. We also expand our Middle Eastern Colony southward to OTL Saudi Arabia. We colonise Western Australia and establish cities, mines and agricultural structures in the area. After many months our researchers and scientists in Antarctica discovered the first ever comet dust in the earth in Antarctica.

Round 9

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy decides to stay militarily neutral in the Co-invasion of Zimbabwe, however the Monarch will be sending medical and menial support to the Coalition, Instead the Confederacy begins annexing surrounding territory, in case Zimbabwe tries to form a government in exile. The confederacy also expands deeper into Mesoamerica and OTL Belarus. The Confederacy also begins commission of Project Purple Sun.
  • The great socialist commonwealth states expand their territories, including colonizing India, South Africa, Brazil, and Algeria, and Tunisia.
  • The Union of German States continues its invasion of zimbabwe, with the navy finally able to arrive and support amphibious attacks on coastal targets. Development begins into the StG 45 assault rifle and plans are made to make it the standard armament of the infantry. Knowing the successes of American countries, the kaiser orders a colony established in OTL Brazil. Industrial development begins in German colonies.
  • The Shogunate States bomb the coast of Zimbabwe and their secret government group known as The Shogunate Shinotenshi, an elite assassin organization, manages to reach the capital of Johannesburg and assassinate the leader of the Zimbabwe Empire. With the state in turmoil Japan claims Zimbabwe, Botswana and its coastal territory and installs a puppet ruler over the now weak nation. They are willing to continue to fight and free the now anarchic North Zimbabwe Empire. The Japanese also conquer the entire land area of Manchuria and the Eastern half of OTL Mongolia and place a new capital called Xīkyo in the middle of this new area. They also spread colonies around where the Incan Empire was in OTL in South America. Finally they warn the Socialist Commonwealth to stop their expansion into asia and begin making plans to expand their wall that surrounds West India and put it around the Commonwealth's new area in India. [Small note: Japan owns Papua New Guinea too so it needs to be added to the map. Thank you :)]
  • The Communazi Republic starts to attack and invade deep into west Zimbabwe. We also start to colonise OTL Congo, OTL Brazil, OTL Balkans and OTL Hawaii. We also initiate Operation Cossack, which starts the additional garrison of one million troops for each colony with a small exception for our Indian colony, which will have an additional garrison of three million troops because of the militaristic presence of the socialist commonwealth. Our American colony starts expansion into OTL Saskatchewan, our Arabian colony expands into OTL Turkey and OTL Armenia and our Indian Colony expands into OTL Turkeministan. We also send a trade agreement to the CSA and to the United Neruviks of Mammothia. We also start modernising all of our colonies. [Note: Russia owns Western Australia, so please add it in the map.]

Round 10

  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy captures the North Zimbabwe Empire's capital, and detonates newly developed Purple Sun Bombs in surrounding cities. The Monarch decides to leave the remaining territories to the Confederacy's allies, as Polish-Aztlano scientists have found nothing too useful in the area. Instead, the Confederacy expands into OTL Colombia, OTL Austria and OTL Thailand. Following the recent attacks on the Arabian Colony by terror group, Alshy‘e Haram, the Monarch decides to make the colony into the Asiri, Yemen and Mecca provinces. This way, the Confederacy is able to supply support and combat troops more easily.
  • Japan, thanks to help from its allies, captures all of Zimbabwe but keeps it split between North and South in order to prevent the evil government from rising again. They now work to help to end the poverty and hunger in their newly acquired land in Africa. Japan continues its Asian expansion and colonizes OTL China (along with Tibet), Nepal and Southeast Kazakhstan. The Japanese also establish the state of Yōroppa in what is OTL France and the remaining portions of the Iberian Peninsula. Their reason for doing this is to set up trade that is closer to its allies' capitals.
  • The Communazi Republic starts development on the Balkans-Arabian Railway, which stretches from The Russian Balkans to Russian Arabia. There are future plans on making the railway go to Russian India. We expand our American colony to OTL British Columbia. We expand our Indian Colony to OTL Kazakhstan. We expand our Hawaiian Colony to the rest of the Polynesian islands. We expand to OTL Irkutsk. We expand our Australian Colony to the west. We expand our Brazilian Colony to OTL Minas Gerais and OTL Bahia and we expand our Congoese colony to OTL Namibia. We colonise OTL Egypt and we colonise OTL Benelux. We only colonised OTL Benelux to make it a trading port for Germany, Japan and the PAC. We will also use it as a military base filled with a small deposit of nuclear weapons, only stored in case of war with the European powers and Japan does happen. With our new Garrison of one million troops in the Arabian colony, we suppress terrorist attacks and eliminate terrorists quickly from terrorist group Alshy‘e Haram.
  • The great socialist commonwealth secures all of Australia and more Islands in the Arctic. We land in Alaska and claim it as our own. Nigeria is also colonized.
  • The Japanese warn the Russians to stop expanding into Asian territory or they will begin placing embargo on the Western Indian area of West Russia.
  • The Union of German States expands its colonies in Arabia into North Africa, colonizing Egypt and Libya. German Brazilian colonies are also expanded into Argentina and Colombia. The German air force expands with more fighters, bombers and Flying Citadels. New policies are passed that attempt to improve the economy.
  • The Communazi Republic stops its Asian expansion before serious consequences from Japan continue. We then build an underground railway tunnel from Russian India to Russian Arabia.

Round 11

  • Fearing another attack from other terror groups, the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy proposes the "Union of Nations Against Terrorism Coalition (UNATCO)" to the rest of its allies, and invites them to join. Meanwhile, the University of Tlapan discovers a new strain of the MRSK-1 virus in territory that formerly belonged to the Great Zimbabwe Empire, and requests a co-research effort with the Berlin Academy of the Sciences. In the Meantime, the Confederacy expands further into OTL Bolivia, OTL Solomon Islands, OTL Sri Lanka, OTL Switzerland, OTL Newfoundland, Continental America and Indochina, and sets a transnational Maglev into action.
  • Japan, thankful that they and the Communazi have made peace, colonize the areas surrounding the European states in Asia, connect their isolated colony in the North-Easternmost part of Siberia to the rest of the colonies/states and discover and colonies Eastern Kazakhstan and Western Mongolia in order to prevent further foreign expansion in these important areas. The Shogunate States also join UNATCO on account of them being so close to the terror groups. They also ask the Socialist Commonwealth if they can set up nuclear testing sites in the uninhabited dangerous area of Australia known as the Outback and in return are willing to help the Socialist Commonwealth with its own nuclear program.
  • The Communazi Republic joins UNATCO to eliminate all terrorist groups in our Russian colonies. Our African colony expands to OTL Tanzania and our Brazilian colony expands into OTL Argentina. Researchers and scientists in the University of Delhi has found the Beanstalk Virus, if the virus has been planted on fertile soil it can grow to a giant tree that can be destructive. Experiments of the beanstalk virus are carried out in the remote areas of Russian Australia. We make the virus a weapon called "Les Bomba" (Forest Bomb). We keep the virus our own to prevent the other countries having the powerful weapon.
  • Having learned of the effectiveness of the weapons which the Germans called the Armageddon (not knowing of its actual title), the Union of German States announces its entry into UNATCO. The Berlin Academy of Sciences would be glad to help in researching the newfound virus strain. German colonies in Argentina and North Africa expand further into the center of their respective continents. Research begins into the Fuer aus Gott (if someone else has a better German translation of "Fire from God" you can just put it in; I just got this from Google Translate), an attempt to create a similar weapon to the PAC's Purple Sun. Improvements in infrastructure begin in recent German colonial gains, including the addition of ports, airstrips and Zeppelin hangars. Industry is improved.
  • the commonwealth colonizes all of OTl Nigeria and we expand into Libya. The Brazilian colonies are expanded, and we attain most of northern Brazil.
  • Gambia colonizes parts of Central South America, and annex all of Mauretania. Gambia joins UNATCO.

Round 12

  • Upon hearing about the newly discovered Beanstalk Virus, the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy grows concerned that the deadly MRSK-1 strain might inter-mingle with the Beanstalk Virus, and cause all infected trees to be potential carriers. Because to this, the University of Tlapan condemns the University of Delhi's actions. Also fearing the absolute annihilation of the world, the National Reconciliation Party demands that there should be a code of conduct for the usage of Purple Sun, Fuer Aus Gott and Les Bomba bombs. This way, the nations of the world don't risk accidentally scorching the surface of the Earth or causing the entire planet to turn into a plague-infested jungle. This code of conduct could be compared to OTL's Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Confederacy also expands into OTL Uruguay, OTL Kazakhstan and OTL Yukon Territory.
  • the socialist commonwealth asks to join UNATCO. We create a bomb 2x greater than anything the world has ever seen before. Places as far as far as 5000 miles were destroyed or damaged, the lab itself had a giant hole torn in its wall. We immediately announce that we will sign the code of conduct. We only produce five bombs, they are not nicknamed as of yet.
  • The Communazi Republic sign the code of conduct in fear of the loss of civilian lives. The Communazi Republic then starts the expansion to OTL Nunavuk, OTL Angola, the remaining land of OTL Argentina and OTL Sudan. We also start building up our Air Force and navy in our colonies. We send our scientists to the University of Talpan to research on a newly found metal in Antarctica nicknamed "Zeronium" with our Polish-Aztlano peers.
  • Japan expands their Zimbabwe state all the way to OTL Uganda and begin hunting for precious resources and studies rare African fauna. The Japanese expand their Asian colonies and colonize the Far-Eastern portion of OTL Russia with ease. Also the Japanese develop a special biological weapon that is able to paralyze the victim and slowly destroy the nervous system. Japan worries that if this virus were to spread then there would be major casualties in a matter of hours. So, to prevent a breakout of the unnamed bio weapon, the Japanese store it on a specially designed man-made island known as Kyoufu.
  • The Union of German States will sign the code of conduct. After discovering the power of the MRSK-1 virus, a proposal is made to Kaiser William to begin research into its application as a biological weapon. The Kaiser refuses to grant the scientist permission to conduct this experiment. A little over a week later, he is found dead of cancer in his bedroom. His son, Frederick the Third, also died around this time. His son, William the Second, approved the research, in part because of his own somewhat bellicose nature and because of the fact that he was not a complete moron and was able to identify the somewhat-suspicious nature and timing of his predecessors' deaths. The military begins being equipped en masse with the StG 45, and the German colonies on the Bosporus are reinforced with some of the navy and a sizable number of U-Boats. Colonies in North Africa continue to expand inland, and with them come roads and railroads.

Round 13

  • A mass MRSK-1 outbreak occurs in the South Eastern Africa area leading to an estimated death count of 100,000. Reacting quickly, the Confederacy abandons its colony and advises the surrounding empires to do so as well. The Monarch begins taking in as many non-infected refugees as possible, and urges other nations working on the MRSK-1 vaccine to hurry up the process. However, the Monarch is met with turmoil, when rumors are leaked within the Confederacy that the Monarch might possibly be working with hacktivist group, Invisible Faction, in an effort to create a global spy-net. Neither the Monarch nor Invisible Faction have confirmed of its validity. The Confederacy also accepts the Communazi Republic's co-research effort on this "Zeronium" metal, and expands into OTL North-West Territories, OTL Ethiopia and Central Siberia.
  • socialist commonwealth: the colonies are accepted as part of the Union, and are promoted to socialist republics within the nation. We start to help work on a cure for MRSK-1. a potentially related virus, called MRSk-2 is discovered, it is less lethal, but seems to have similar structure to MSRK-1. scientists are working on the virus, trying to find out if this is related to MSRk-1. A harmless Variant of MSRK-2, named MSRK-3, is found in Northern Africa. This one is very rare, and only one specimen has been collected, this is sent to the university of London. A hacking group known as the"I.F." starts hacking into the network. This seems to be the invisible Faction.
  • In an event that will later be known as "The Great Asian Claim" Japan expands into the remaining area of Central Asia that has not been colonized and begins colonization. Their main reason for doing this is to provide enough land for its massive population. The Shogunate States announce to the international community that they will no longer expand and will work on making dramatic improvements in all of their states/prefectures/colonies. The Japanese's biological weapon advances even more than they could've imagined and now it is able to not only paralyze and destroy the nervous system but simultaneously bursts the intestines so it is nicknamed "Seppuku" for the ancient samurai act of suicide. Japan begins major evacuation of the southern Zimbabwe state and installs highly trained military drones there in order to protect their own land and the surrounding colonies from infection. A top secret report on a Japanese project is also released to the public around the same time entailing a special project known as Project: Surrogate but very little is known about it except its name. The Shogunate States blame the "Invisible Faction" for this leaked information.
  • The Union of German States abandons its South African colonies, but not those in North Africa. Having heard multiple reports of mass hacking, and having begun to detect breaches, effort is made to make sure that recent biological weapon advances are not discovered. German scientists in North Africa also begin reporting MRSK-2, and with the recent efforts at curing MRSK-1, biological weapon researchers begin modifying MRSK-2 to behave more like MRSK-1 while being treated by the immune system as if it were MRSK-2. The Kaiser orders the use of airships to colonize the interior of Africa, with work starting in the Congo region. Having practically run out of land on earth, the Kaiser decides that the only logical step would be space. The German Union Space Program begins, with its first launch site in Hamburg, and a test rocket is built in preparation for orbiting a communications satellite.
  • The Communazi Republic abandons its Congoese colony and we evacuate as many non-victims as possible. Our Egyptian colony expands into OTL Chad. We start on a cure for the MRSK-1 & 2 virus using various materials including Zeronium. Detailed information about a new classified and top secret operation called "Operation Bogatyr" is leaked from a hacking group called "I.F.". But the leaked information was in code, so no one currently knows about what Operation Bogatyr is. With tests running on "Zeronium" our leading researchers discover that Zeronium has similar features to uranium. Some of our scientists fear that the power of the metal can be used as a weapon. The Russian Cosmonautical Space agency is created to rival the German Union Space Program (This is just like the OTL Space Race). We create our first launch site in Yekaterinburg and we create our first test rockets.
  • In hopes of creating a larger empire, Gambia annexes Western Sahara and starts colonies in northern Alaska/Canada and central Siberia.
  • The Shogunate prevent Gambia from taking any of their land in Siberia.

Round 14

  • Joining the space race, PASA, also known as the Polish-Aztlano Space Agency, establishes a launch site in Hanoi, and begins working on a Zeronium based fuel in a neutral plasmatic form. Angered with the way the current Monarch is governing things, secessionist group, Brothers of Liberty, orchestrate a bombing of the 201st National Partisan Conference, killing ten people and severely injuring Nationalist Party of Poland and Aztlan leader, Victor Pavel. Following the bombing, the Monarch sets new security laws into measure and gives speech warning Brothers of Liberty that their inhumane acts will not go unnoticed, and that they will be brought to justice. Brothers of Liberty later posts a video on the internet threatening that if the Monarch does not comply by their demands, the bombings will continue. Not long after, a satirical video is posted by Invisible Faction making fun of Brothers of Liberty and giving outlandish demands such as, "Making slurpees free on Friday", and, "Giving employees the option to hit their boss whenever they feel like it". The University of Tlapan begins experimenting with the MRSK-3 strain, hoping to create a cure for the MRSK-1 virus. The Confederacy also begins colonizing West Africa.
  • Japan also joins the space race and begins working out of their state in Europe and at the University in Berlin. They aid the Union of German States with their special new program "Airship Space" and hope that they along with the Germans will be the first to reach space and possibly the moon. Japan requests an alliance with the Socialist Commonwealth in order for them to be able to set up a base of operations in the outback and further test the Seppuku and other specialized weapons. Also the Shogunate States' special organization Shogunate Shinotenshi manages to sneak a weaker version of the weapon Seppuku into an Alshy‘e Haram camp in Arabia and kill 13 and injure 5 of the terrorists there.
  • The Communazi Republic starts its use of Zeronium for spaceships, while a bombing occurred in St. Petersburg by a new terrorist group called "The Tsar's brotherhood" killing 26 people in a government office. The president gives a speech to warn the terrorist group that justice will prevail and they will be eliminated. The KGB are currently hunting the terrorist group. While the leaked information of Operation Bogatyr has now been deciphered by Invisible Faction, but they still haven't leaked it to the public. As a counter-measure to "Invisible-Faction" we establish the "KGB-Internet division" to stop further hackings and to defend vital property of the Internet. We start experiments of Zeronium and Beanstalk Virus in remote places in Northern Siberia and resulted to a radioactive jungle. We prevented it by using a new prevention device called "Shield mk.3"
  • The German Space Program gladly welcomes the aid of the JSP, seeing that they will need all the help they can get without access to Zeronium. Testing begins into the viability of a Zeppelin as a launch pad for a rocket. The planned test launch occurs, with the successful orbiting of a "communications satellite". Invisible Faction releases a classified document, almost completely censored save the phrase "Medical Research Station K-1" and a few random "the"'s because of reasons. The Kaiser claims this is an initiative into curing the virus whose code name is the acronym of the facility. Invisible Faction have yet to confirm or deny. Policies are passed with the desired effect being the improvement of industry, as this will be vital in times to come. Improvements also begin into espionage (which I believe has not been used once yet), placing spies into PASA and RCSA, as well as their countries' governments.
  • socialist commonwealth: we join the space race. We do not approve the confederacy using researching MSRK-3.

Round 15

  • The University of Tlapan finishes the experimental MRSK-1 cure and begins testing on small mammals. In response to the UGS' attempts at spying on PASA, The Monarch begins sending spies to infiltrate GSP and the nation's government. The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy is willing to leave Japan alone, if they do not try to infiltrate the Confederacy. Joint Task Force 27 is also willing to work with Shogunate Shi no te to hunt down the Tsar's Brotherhood. The Confederacy fears that the Brotherhood might spread its influence to Kazakhstan and the rest of Central and East Asia, and feels that it would be in everybody's best interest to stop them from expanding its influence any further. Joint Task Force 27 is also very impressed with the way Shogunate Shinotenshi handled things with Alshy'e Haram. However, they would have commenced the operation a little more covertly. The Zeronium-based Plasma Rocket Boosters are also a success, and PASA celebrates its achievement by sending five satellites into orbit. To the civilian mass, it looked like a random event, but it was not long after that Invisible Faction had released government documents about a space research station. Most of the document was censored, and only 15% of the document was accessible due to the Monarch attacking the info breach, and blocking the rest of the transfer. Also to make sure that the space race does not devolve into a full-on world war, the Confederacy proposes the "World Assembly" (This would function much like the OTL United Nations). Finally, the Confederacy discovers a new metal they have classified as "Mandorum".
  • The Japanese honor their alliance with the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy and promises to never bring harm to them and agrees that they should've of carried out their operation in the Middle-East more covertly but they wanted to show Alshy'e Haram who had the real power. They also join with Task Force 27 with Shogunate Shinotenshi and begin the hunt for the Tsar's Brotherhood. Japan's army increases dramatically in size causing many governments to ask what happened but the Shogunate refuse to answer the simple question. The Shogunate States, along with the Germans, launch a massive satellite into space with the intent of using it to survey the moon and find the perfect spot to land. The Japanese also join the World Assembly and bid the other nations in the world to follow. (Japan never gave up its land in South Africa, they evacuated but did not give it up. Right now drones and robots are there protecting those that remain in the Northern part of the land and study the disease. I just wanted to let you know because the land needs to be added back to the map)
  • Mod response: All right, I'll see if I can add your territories back. (Also, I just realized I made two Turn 14s.)
  • The Union of German States, with the help of its spies, is able to intercept the leaked transmission before it could be censored, thus gaining access to the PAC's research station's schematics. The first Zeppelin-assisted launch takes place, launching a network of "communication satellites" with coverage across the globe. For lack of a material like Zeronium, work begins into a comparatively mundane Uranium-powered rocket. Industry and infrastructure receive a boost. Also, we join the World Assembly, hoping for peace in the world.
  • The Communazi Republic starts sending spies to the USG. Our elite assassin group "vecherniye kazaki" (Evening Cossacks) has killed the believed leader of the Tsar's brotherhood "Nikodim Valentinovich Russkikh" and 46 other members in their headquarters in a forest nearby Nizhnevartovsk. Vecherniye kazaki planted a les Bomba outside the headquarters and the result was that the building was destroyed and the people inside it were killed. We celebrate our first ten satellites that have been launched into orbit to give satellite coverage to the Russian people worldwide and the first man has been sent to space by using our new Zeronium rocket spaceships. The cosmonaut who went to space "Yuri Gagarin" has been awarded with a hero of The Communazi Republic medal. We are willing to let Vecherniye Kazaki work with Shogunate Shinotenshi and Task Force 27. We also join the World Assembly.

Round 16

  • The experimental MRSK-1 cure is a success, and the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy begins mass producing the cure and shipping it world-wide. The cure is primarily sent to the Shogunate (Due to its relatively close proximity to the origin of the virus), Gambia and the Communazi republic. PASA celebrates the success of "Operation Shepherd boy", after passing a faked copy of the original space station plans to UGS spies. Fearing that the UGS might strike again, the Confederacy sends its spy team, The Black Hussars, to infiltrate GSP and prevent the transfer of any further schematics or files. Mining teams in West Africa begin smelting down the Mandorum ore into an alloy they call "Viccerium" and begin shipping samples to the University of Tlapan for research. Task Force 27 agrees to work with Vecherniye Kazaki and continues hunting down the Tsar's Brotherhood, which has now spread into the South Caucus (extremely close to Alshy'e Haram territory). After sending unmanned probes to the moon, PASA begins sending galaxionauts, Jarosław Nowak, Michal Myśliwiec, and Ibrahim Esmail to brave the void of space and walk where no man has walked before. As Nowak takes his first steps on the lunar surface, he delivers the line, "The Moon is no stranger to us, it is our friend and our closest neighbour. To really shoot for the stars is to journey past our zone of comfort, to go beyond the range of possibility, but stay within the realm of realism." Following their success, PASA begins designing Drones and Probes suitable for exploring the surface of Mars, and the deadly atmosphere of Venus. The Confederacy also invites Gambia to be a part of PASA.
  • The Union of German States, with intelligence from their spies, realizes that the space station plans (which were not going to be used anyway, due to requiring Zeronium) were bunk, and that the PAC had spies in the GSP. The Kaiser calls for a "spy armistice" among the participants of the Race to Space, and prepares his spies to leave their respective positions. Also having learned of the PAC's lunar landing, the planned lunar lander is re-purposed for landing on Mars, and is able to land xenonauts Johann Gutenberg and Xi Chihai on the red planet. The Kaiser decides to abandon the planned biological weapon, instead focusing on curing those already infected with MRSK-1. While sending aid to infected countries, a new element is reported in the German Congo. It has far more strength pound for pound than even the strongest of Titanium alloy metals, thus earning it the name Totalium. Research begins into using this new metal in places where others had been used before (i.e. Tanks, Zeppelins and rockets). German Congo colonies are expanded in hopes of finding more Totalium.
  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy agrees to the armistice and backs out its spies.
  • Japan aids the Germans and helps to build multiple rockets that will land on Mars and help to establish stations there so the two powers will be able to mine whatever precious resources are there. The Shogunate States, thankful to their Polish-Aztlano allies. begin curing those infected by the dangerous disease and re-establish abandoned colonies in OTL remaining area of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, the remaining area of Congo, Kenya and everything in between. Their reason for doing this is to provide homes for the African refuges and to create peace in Africa. The Japanese also realize that there are many precious minerals, oil and most important of all, Totalium in the state of Texas. An immediate invasion is carried out and the entire state is placed under the rule of the Shogunate States of Japan rather quickly due to their massive army. The Japanese insist that this does not mean war and that the area of the CSA will be returned when the Space Race is over but until then it is under Shogunate rule.
  • The Communazi Republic sends out free MRSK-1 vaccinations to our African colonies as we start "The Great African claim" as we colonise the rest of Africa. We celebrate our cosmonauts Sofia Ilyinishna Anishina, Dmitriy Georgiy Chernykh and Shaamil Koromathe as they completed the second landing on Mars thanks to our Cosmonautical Zeronium plasma spaceship "комета" (Comet). It took a week to arrive on Mars using only Zeronium and comet dust found in Antarctica. As Sofia walked on the dusty surface of Mars she uttered the famous words "A new planet, a new home, a new destiny" with their following arrival they set up drones and robots to scout the area. We wait for their arrival. We find new Totalium in Africa and India and we hastily build mines to produce the material and we build mines in each colony to find Zeronium, which are crucial for our spaceships. Our spies in the GSP found top secret and classified information about smugglers smuggling Zeronium to the UGS from The Communazi Republic. Our spy group "Phantom" is sent to UGS to stop German spies from delivering any information whatsoever.
  • The Shogunate States tell the Communzai's that their company, Airship Space, and the Union of German states were the first to land on Mars and will not allow the nation to further study the red planet if they do not confirm that the Germans and Japanese were the first to begin exploration there, not the Communazi Republic of West Russia.
  • The Communazi Republic was confused with the events. (I made it second, I'm sorry for the mistake! :) )
  • Japan's Response to the Communazi Republic It's fine, I've made the same mistake multiple times. Just make sure to double check next time. ^_^

Round 17

  • Upon hearing of the GSP's successful Mars landing, PASA also sends Galaxionauts, Luis Vargaras and Riming Lei to survey the Red Planet. Upon discovering more Zeronium on the moon, the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy begins trading the precious metal in exchange for the newly mined Totalium. Joint Task Force 27 continues hunting down the Tsar's Brotherhood, along with Alshy'e Haram, with newly created and fully operational Viccerum based Plasma rifles. The Confederacy sends a few to Shogunate Shinotenshi and Vecherniye Kazaki to aid them in the war against terror. PASA also begins sending satellites to orbit Venus and Jupiter, and report on the atmospheric conditions.
  • Japan discovers a rare mineral underneath the surface of Mars that is strong enough to break diamond. They name this mineral Tokugawum and immediately begin mining it. The Shogunate Shinotenshi successfully tracks down a few members of the Tsar's Brotherhood hiding in Siberia and eliminate them. Shinotenshi warns the terrorist organization stating that if they do not turn them in they will receive a fate worse than death. The Japanese also begin work on Tokyo Skytree 2.0, a special broadcasting tower that will be big and tall enough to signal all over the world and help to track down the Invisible Faction and other organizations that have been hacking governments worldwide. (The Shogunate Shi no te is now called the Shogunate Shinotenshi because I got my Japanese wrong ^_^)
  • The Union of German States asks the Shogunate if it would be necessary to ask for permission to mine Tokugawum, and if so, if said permission could be granted. Now having access to Zeronium (apparently), experimentation begins into retrofitting uranium-powered rockets with Zeronium-based propulsion. The Union pledges to use its network of "communication satellites" to help in tracking down those who would disturb order and put a stop to their evil ways. (Yes, I realize how much that sounds like something out of a comic book.) Having realized that Russia would not return its spies to Russia, German spies are moved from Polish-Aztlano positions to counter-intelligence in Hamburg and Berlin, as well as further infiltrating the Russian government. A prototype is built for a tank capable of functioning without a high-oxygen environment. The United German-Shogunate Mars Exploration Base begins construction of a suitable launch site for rockets.
  • The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy asks the Shogunate for permission to mine Tokugawum.
  • The Communazi Republic asks the Shogunate for permission to mine Tokugawum. We build the Global space station (much like the OTL International Space Station but kind of different) and launch it into the orbit of Earth. Every country can use this station as a stop over for fuel, food or materials. We warn the UGS to stop using Zeronium from us or else we will impose sanctions on them (you have to remember that smugglers smuggled Zeronium from Russia to Germany illegally). Our Mars Exploration base starts launching numerous satellites to orbit Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. We build and start mass production of the Landcrusier Mk.II a tank that is suitable in any environment (especially of Mars), has the strength of a heavy tank can attack aircraft and is as fast as a light tank. Vecherniye Kazaki eliminated 23 Alshy'e Haram hideouts and camps in the Russian Middle East as well as eliminating 50 Tsar's Brotherhood hideouts and camps in the mainland and the Russian Balkans. The KGB Internet division finally hacked into Invisible Faction and eliminated top members in Russia.

Turn 18

  • With the newly gathered Totalium, PASA begins working on "Operation Aphrodite". PASA also asks the Shogunate for permission to mine Tokugawum. Following a bombing of the Tower of Caracol by the Brothers of Liberty, Joint Task Force 27 begins hunting them down and raiding their bases. Wanting to help the Shogunate, PASA begins construction of A.R.K. Alpha, a giant satellite which would not only be able to broadcast information to areas where Tokyo Skytree 2.0 might not reach, but can also be converted into a temporary broadcast station, in case Tokyo Skytree collapses or is forced to shut down. PASA also plans on making A.R.K. Beta, a series of hive satellites that would be able to refuel other satellites and re-position them in case they orbit too close to the Earth. The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy also begins upgrading their plasma rifles. Invisible Faction released a shocking new video on the internet. The video featured key political figures from every one of the UNATCO nations, blind-folded and tied up in a dark room. The captors then began telling the world that they have enraged the Faction by killing their top leaders. The captors then began releasing a gas they have called "MRSK-1N7Z", a gas that seems to combine the effects of MRSK-1, Beanstalk Virus and Seppuku gas. After the politicians were killed, the captors warned the world's governments to end the war on Invisible Faction, or else they will release the gas on the rest of the world. Infuriated by the video, Joint Task Force 27 immediately begins tracing the IP of the captors, and locates the warehouse where the video was filmed. Joint Task Force 27 is able to retrieve the MRSK-1N7Z vials, however, the perperators are no where to be found.
  • The Communazi Republic after gaining much Viccerium in Africa our researchers in The University of Istanbul discovered that certain chemicals from Zeronium modified in Viccerium make more powerful damage if used in a plasma rifle. After making this discovery we begin mass production of the PPSH-VZ1 Plasma assault rifle. We also find a new type of oil in Russian Arabia we nickname it "Termitov kerosin". After the video from Invisible Faction we start sending certain members of Vecherniye Kazaki to eliminate top members and officials of Invisible Faction using our new explosive Termitov Bomba (a special bomb that can burn unflammable materials like bricks using a Terminitov Kerosin). After a week of hunting Invisible Faction members, we eliminated 40 top members in each of our colonies. We find a new metal in Mars and nickname it "Red Zeronium". After many days one of our scout land-drones called "Igor" fell in a hole and found a structure that looked like an Ancient Greek building, Igor then continued to go inside the building and found symbols unknown to humans and found a light leading underground. Igor went down the hole but then lost connection because of damage from falling. Many experts believe that an alien civilisation might be hiding underground Mars. We call for other nations that are part of the Mars exploration program to investigate this.
  • The Japanese allow other nations to mine Tokugawum but due to the extreme rarity of the material on the red planet they charge ¥60,292,500 or half a million dollars per pound. The Shogunate States thank the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy for their support of the Tokyo Skytree 2.0 and are able to finish the tower in record time. It becomes the tallest man-made structure in the world. The Japanese Shogunate Shinotenshi are angered by Invisible Faction's actions so they invade many of the groups sites worldwide and use specialized technology combined with the Seppuku weapon to take down the enemies and demand their surrender. This event is quickly known worldwide and it is revealed that the Japanese had used alien artifacts that they discovered on Mars long ago. Now that the cat is out of the bag the Shogunate States are willing to work with West Russia and help to uncover more areas of the alien society that could be on the red planet.

Round 19

  • After Operation Aphrodite was a success, PASA began launching Totalium drones to scout around he atmosphere of Venus. After a full 250 hours of footage, one of the drones, "Prometheus", was able to discover what looked like "three metalic pillars" on Venus' surface. The drone got a measly five minutes of footage before mysteriously shutting down. PASA blames the shut down on bad engineering. However, skeptics aren't so sure. One of the skeptics, Professor Ross Ebraums, noticed a blue sphere of energy form around the three pillars right before the drone deactivated. Other skeptics studied the footage some more, and noticed other underlying things in the video. Upon hearing about Igor's discoveries on Mars, PASA begins sending research probes to aid the Communazi Republic and the Shogunate on their efforts.
  • After Igor's discovery of the underground Mars Civilization, The Communazi Republic sends ten more drones to search the area and what they found was a whole city underground Mars. The observers that were controlling the drones stated that the city had technology similar to 19th Century technology. The light was from the glow of Red Zeronium that grows in the rock. Our drones mainly spotted buildings of Saharan design and aliens that resembled reptiles. One of our drones "Vladimir" spotted a form of railway made out of a different type of metal. After an hour of observing the drones arrived back to the Russian Mars Exploration Center, we then send cosmonaut "Vitomir Vladislavovich Bychkov" and five other cosmonautical soldiers to make contact with the aliens. Because our cosmonauts had no understanding of the alien's language the aliens gave the cosmonauts a device used on the head to translate each other's language. Surprisingly, Vitomir communicated with the head leader of the alien's city, the leader/Chief's name was "Sytgera Iritkisin". They said that they were citizens of the Iritkisin Empire, they then propose a trade agreement with us, we accept because of our curiosities. We aid the PASA for exploration in Venus by sending five Red Zeronium Probes. We replace the standard gun of the infantry with the PPSH-VZ1 Plasma assault rifle.
  • The Shogunate States - intrigued by the news of PASA's discovery on Venus - build a machine using Tokugawum and name it Lancelot for it has the same design as one of the robot from Shogunate Kai's favorite anime, Code Geass. The Lancelot it piloted by Koto Shinji and quickly reaches the surface of Venus. The Lancelot is nearly destroyed by the strange device on Venus but manages to shut down and go into hibernation putting Koto into suspended animation. Thankfully the mission was not a complete failure because Koto Shinji was able to capture a photo of the sight and a strange looking figure. The Japanese also receive heavy rebellion from the citizens of Texas which they now occupy and the Shinotenshi suggest using the Seppuku on the citizens in order to quiet them down but Shogunate Kai of Kani refuses to do so because it is the wrong thing to do and he would not want to anger the CSA. Three Shogunate Shinotenshi insurgents, Fukui Akane, Yamada Jiro and Ueda Kohaku, carry out operation and end up killing 53 and injuring hundreds of Texans. The Japanese government immediately begins the search for them and the top secret biological weapons plans that they took with them.
  • The Kaiser reads the Communazi ultimatum. He knows that such a thing could and likely would eventually lead to war. He agrees to the terms presented, but just in case, he commissions a project that might give the Union an edge in such a war. The project is called the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte (similar to the OTL equivalent, except made of Totalium). The Germans attempt to make contact with Martian life, with similar translators and the Martians being proposed a trade agreement. The industrial capacity and armed forces are significantly increased, and a probe is launched to orbit Mercury.

Round 20

  • PASA sends out Two drones, one probe and one lander. The probe is for further exploration of Northern Mars, one of the drones is for retrieving the Lancelot Mech and rescuing Koto Shinji, the lander, filled with galaxionauts Pawel Hermaszewski, Bingmai Tong and Jose Almanez, is for establishing communication and peace with the aliens and the other drone is for re-postioning the Ozymandias satellite (which is currently headed on a collision course with Neptune). All of the drones are fitted with Hive-Lock cameras, which can withstand a direct collision with a planet's surface, can resist 21 G's of force and will not shut off if EMP-like fields are emitted within the camera's vicinity. The Poe probe is able to explore much of Mars' northern ice before being captured and abducted in what looks much like a helicopter. The probe is then taken to a facility much like Earth's Area 51. The probe records for a full ten hours before the camera is taken apart and the interior cam is smashed. Curious, the galaxionauts show the Martians the probes footage, and through custom-made translation devices, the galaxionauts learn that Mars used to be unified before "The Great Collapse" and that the existence of the Northern Martians were thought to only be tall tales. PASA makes a trade agreement with the Martians and proposes a military alliance, in case the more technologically advanced "North Martians" tried to invade Southern Mars (and possibly Earth). The Pandora drone is able to locate the Lancelot Mech and Koto Shinji, and is also able to get some more footage of the mysterious Iron Pillars. Right when the Pandora drone is about to rescue Koto, the same sphere of blue energy forms around the three pillars. The drone shuts down, but the cameras are still functioning. The cams were able to record a tank-like object coming out of the portal, only for the shielding to be dismantled and the interior camera to be destroyed by an ant-like creature in what looked like a Hazmat suit. The Polish-Aztlano military begins construction of "tank landers", while PASA begins commission of "Operation Asimov". The Huang Jiang drone is able to set the Ozymandias satellite back on course, however, the drone itself is thrown into the direction of Pluto, and misses by a hair, only to collide with Eris. The drone is able to scout around the surface of Eris, before falling into a deep crater which leads into what could only be assumed as the dwarf planet's core. the drone continues falling until it hits the planet's blue core. Surprisingly, the core did not damage the drone or its camera and the drone was able to record its surroundings. At first glance the footage looked normal, however, upon close inspection, one could notice that the planet's blue transparent core was surrounded by a metal frame. The drone was able to record for a few seconds before being ejected into deep space. The camera stopped working, as could not handle the sheer force. The military begins outfitting soldiers with modified Veth M300 Plasma Snipers, Veth TR21 Plasma Assault Rifles and Veth PS75 Plasma Pistols. The Confederacy also sets to developing non-eutectic melee weapons. The Confederacy also proposes to end the space race, fearing that the world might not be united if a possible alien invasion were to take place.
  • The Japanese are thankful to the Polish-Aztlano confederacy for rescuing Private Koto. They also reveal that they have discovered a civilization on Venus known as the Dominion of Oll'ekda Demaarvys and set up trade there and negotiate trade for the Polish-Aztlano Confederacy. While there they learn that the blue orb is a security device that guards an ancient relic of the fallen Venusian Empire. The Shogunate States also set up trade with two countries on Mars but there are complications because one of the countries, Ika-kidla Delai, is at war with Iritkisin Empire which could threaten the peace between Japan and West Russia. The Japanese agree to ending the space race and hold a meeting at one of the World Assembly HQ's in London. Almost every country agrees but they are still awaiting the Communazi Republic and the Union of German States. The Shogunate States of Japan also improve their armies and begin using drones to aid in the search for the Shinotenshi insurgents. (Can you please add the rest of the land in Africa and also change Texas to red because it is currently controlled by the Shogunate States. Thank you ^_^)
  • The Communazi Republic agrees to end the space race and propose an alliance with Japan and The PAC. After many days of conversations with the Iritkisin chief, we were told that they were once the greatest empire on Mars but collapsed due to corruption. They give us a map showing every country on Mars. Currently the countries in Mars are the Iritkisin Empire, Ika-Kidla Delai, The Great Northern Martian Empire, Ertugynavvee, Lmvnopp, Genistiwakkan Order, The Old Empire (Xunrue) and The Farlands. We also start mass production of "Bogatyrs", mechs that can finish a whole platoon of any kind in a mere five minutes. We develop Bogatyrs to get an edge if such war happens with the UGS. We start garrison of an additional 5 million troops for each colony. We also replace military weapons with new plasma weapons.
  • The UGS agrees to end the Space Race, and makes a proposal of an alliance to the PAC. The Kaiser commissions delevopment of plasma weaponry, using Red Zeronium, in the form of the S41 plasma rifle for infantry and the Howitzer Z1 plasma cannon for tanks and mobile fortresses. Mass production of Landkreuzers and heavy para-tanks begins, with reinforcements sent to colonies across the globe. More factories are also built.
  • The Shogunate States of Japan are unable to accept the alliance with the Communazi Republic of West Russia due to their alliance with the Socialist Commonwealth. But they do state that they will keep peace between themselves and Russia and continue trade throughout the world with them.

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