Mod event:

  1. Diplomats from all over Europe start talks on Embassy exchanges.
  2. The next meeting of the European Union is scheduled on May 1st, 1827. Five cities currently bid to host this meeting: Odense, Denmark; Munich, Bavaria; Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Torino, Piedmont-Sardinia and Liege, Belgium.
  3. Colonization will top the agenda in future EU meetings. Countries will discuss their plans to divide the world and cooperate for the next European colonization target.
  4. Belgium proposes that Europe should be united to defeat China, and meetings will be conducted to build an allied force to fight in China and also there will be talks on how to divide China. Many countries are happy with the plan and hope for a European victory over China and Japan to more easily conquer the rest of Asia.

Switzerland: Ask other European states whether it could abandon full neutrality. It is happy with the Belgian plan and starts training its army to help with a possible expedition in China. Talks are on with France and Austria to build roads connecting the different countries. It is proposed that European countries should build as many roads as possible to connect European countries, and in the future open the borders between countries so people can freely travel across Europe. It proposes to the rest of the EU that a common European Commission, formed by the Heads of States of the members and the President of the Southern German Alliance System, should be formed to regularly discuss matters of joint interest. This commission should meet every year in a fixed headquarters. Also, it proposes that there should be regular, six-month cycle meetings between the Prime Ministers (Heads of Government) and the Foreign Ministers of the members.

UKLC Diplomacy: We suggest that the Hague be considered to be the headquarters of the European Commission, due to the Hague's ideal location in the center of Western Europe. In exchange, we would be willing to release the obligation of neutrality provided that the Swiss state does not engage in any mercenary or aggressive military actions.

The United Kingdom of the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) announces to the world that it is officially fully integrated and that the formerly independent states under a personal union are now officially one nation. The UKLC pushes for the Belgian proposal of a common war to divide China, and maybe later on Japan. Additionally, the UKLC asks for permission to seize the remainder of Borneo and requests exclusive rights over New Guinea in exchange for staying out of Australia. We work on roads to connect the three integrated states of the UKLC and begin to enter talks with France over the possibility of an international road system.

United States of America: The USA proposes an alliance with China to halt the growing power of Europe. Military development begins and we begin building cannons and rifles for the Army. Settlers begin moving west into areas like Louisannia. We also ask for an alliance with Japan.

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