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Here are the Archives for all the turns to free up space and to review on previous issues.


Canada surrenders to the German Reich and is divided into two parts, German and Japanese. A lot of anti-Axis movement if found in regional areas of Canada and the Alaskan area.

A rebellion against the German Reich in New York is brutally suppressed leaving the city in flames after battleships opened fire.

A talk in Berlin is held about making a new satellite nation of the German Reich in America. Many are for this idea as it will decrease the amount of rebellions in the area.

The Aryan population reaches three hundred thousand. An expansion of the Aryan nation is proposed.

A German space program is being launched but money is low and little support is shown for the idea.

Adolf Hitler is diagnosed with a heart disease and the largest hospital in Berlin is trying to resolve the issue but little progress is shown. The heart disease could be fatal in the next ten years of Hitlers life.

Many small armed militia are formed in Argentina against the German Reich.

German Reich: The suppression of riots is high on priority, and in particular, of the ones in the United States and Canada. The development of the second Maus is still under place taking some new weapon techniques and more advanced armor. The riots in South America are very little on our priority as they show little threat of successfully forming a rebellion.

Hungarian Empire: Prepares to regain territory lost to Romania in the Hungarian-Rumanian war as the land they took is ours by right.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We suggest that you don't do that. Especially knowing that you already own the Transylvania region and most of Romania already.
  • Hungarian Diplomacy: The land we lost to Romania in 1918 is not all regained we want the borders of 1918 before the war.
  • German Reich Diplomacy: The land you already own is large. The land you own of Romania is an enormous amount already and to take more would virtually wipe the country out.

Australian Eureka Revolution: The AER has sprung up in Melbourne and is rioting in the streets and flying their new flag above Flanders street, signs of revolution against the Japanese Empire are springing up all over the city. it will take time for word to get out to surrounding cities and even more time for the Empire to take action. We will try to gain as much support as possible and we will make Melbourne the home of the Revolution.

British Army Remnant: The BAR, made up of scattered army personnel, forms into a decentralised organisation, in contact with one another. The forces have moved to the hardest parts of the country to patrol, and are killing German soldiers in the thousands.

Alaskan Freedom Fighters: A raid against the Japanese captured Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Field Air Force Base near Anchorage, gaining a small number of M4 Sherman Tanks and M3 Light Tanks, as well as an assortment of Japanese and American small arms. The raid results in minimal casualties on both sides, as it was conducted during a shift change at night. The small group of people, led by Former Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, one of the few high ranking officers not to be captured during the Japanese occupation of Alaska. Propaganda is spread, mainly to Anchorage, attempting to inspire the American people in the city to rise up and fight against the Japanese. Attempts are made to contact a possible Canadian resistance effort.

Cascadian Resistance Group: Cascadian forces are spreading propaganda in the local farming towns east of the Cascades to recruit more members to the Resistance. Bases are set up in the mountainous Cascades setting up small artillery outpost and bases all across the Cascades. A raids are sent against Forts George Wright and Okanogan, with minimal casualties on both sides, securing armaments and a single M4 Sherman. "This is Captain Dewayne August Edwards broadcasting we are seeking to know if there are any other resistance groups out there fighting against either the Japanese or Germans, we wish to bring talks of cooperation."


The Cascadian and Alaskan resistance groups are at first successful and are joined with some smaller resistance groups. Many people join them to fight against the Japanese occupation of America.

Many people join the Russian resistance group in an effort to push back the German Reich.

An earthquake hits Chile at 5.5 causing several deaths and injuries.

A resistance militia forms in Togo against Germany. 

The BAR are confronted with a lot of civilians trying to join the group and is very discrete.

A desert storm hits Dubai.

Hitlers goes forward with the proposal to make a satellite on East America.

German Reich: We go through with the Satellite of Germany and it is called New America. It consists of German held United states and Canada. We are also looking into expanding the new satellite. We increase military presence in Russia and South America. We begin many artillery raids on Russian towns and cities. We continue to produce more nuclear weapons but our economy is looking really weak. We also look into making another satellite in Arabia. Research into a new artillery gun begins.

BAR: The BAR gives Instructor training to several civilians, who they set to training the rest. The heart of the organisation is high up in the Highlands, away from prying eyes. A radio message is received from Cascadia, and is replied to 'This is the British Army Remnant, do you copy, we are fighting the Nazis. Although we cannot aid each other as of yet, it is heartening to discover we are not alone in this fight, over'. The BAR create another branch in Cornwall, and use the Fishing boats to travel to France, the irony of which is not lost on the Men. The men sent across are given the Task of training the French Resistance. A speech by General Montgomery, commander of the BAR goes thus: 'Britain was once a proud and noble country, but then came the Second World War. Things may look hopeless, but Britain is down, not out. We are outnumbered ten to one, but we can use guerrilla tactics, coupled with the Lightening war. Know your enemy. The first time the Nazis shall feel our wraith is upon us. We have located the Encampment our friends are held in. Free the rest of the Army, and we triple our size. We are punching above our weight Gentlemen, and cannot hope to win a fair fight. So we fight dirty. We have fought them on the Beaches. We have fought them at the landing grounds, bland we must never surrender!'. The BAR then raided the POW encampments, freeing the majority of the imprisoned BEF.

AER:  We have spread our influence into most of Melbourne and continue to do so. We are trying to take the equipment from any Japanese soldiers that we kill but we only have a small amount of weapons and ammo and they have been given to the most experienced revolutionaries. We will be going on the offensive as soon as we find out a good target to hit. We are trying to get out a message to any surrounding areas but we don't have any good radios.

Alaskan Freedom Fighters: We begin fortification of our main base of operations in the former Denali National Park and Reserve, using camouflage netting around much of the equipment and buildings to disguise the area from Japanese patrols and aircraft reconnaissance. Simon Buckner begins and expansion of the fighters agriculture in an attempt to stop supply raids that continually get more dangerous, and would allow more resources to be placed against direct raids against the Japanese occupying forces. A small, second base, mainly used for resupplies and hiding out, is established near Fairbanks, Alaska, in the mountains as well. A scouting group, as response to the broadcasts heard from the Cascadian Resistance Group, travels to the Yukon in former Canada, and reply with a signal of their own, stating that there is a resistance group in and around Alaska. They do the signal far away to prevent any positioning, or relevant decryption of the message.

Cascadian Resistance Group: We continue to recruit members from around local towns around the Cascade mountain range. We continue to build in artillery positions within the Cascades for defense and maybe an offensive movement when time comes. We have a successful raid in the city of Vancouver, WA as we use the newly acquired Sherman tank to cause as much destruction on Japanese forces. The Japanese suffer mediocre loses for the troops stationed, while the CRG suffers minimal.


The Japanese Empire opens fire on Cascadian resistance and raids many towns and cities to eliminate the threat. Many people had died, in particular, the civilians from the area. This makes more people want to join the resistance.

A massive cloud of smoke is seen over Liverpool after the German military burns forest to evacuate some of the BAR from regional areas. Many towns and cities are evacuated. Lots of suspected people are put into extermination camps.

An Earthquake hits regional Siberia at 6.5 on the Richter scale leaving many injured.

The New American satellite nation is at first successful eliminating a lot of resistance in the region.

The Italian and German budget is greatly reduced from a large amount of active personnel in occupied areas.

Many thousands of Jews are killed in an effort to eliminate the entire race. This happens most in New America.

German Reich: A large focus is set on the Russian resistance group and we send in a lot of our Maus tanks to eliminate large amounts of the people. We focus on increasing the amount of oil out put of Oil fields in the Caucasus. We continue to fund extermination camps and in particular, ones in Great Britain and New America. The research of a new Artillery gun, now called the "Fire Fly I" is slowed after a lack of money. We focus on destroying the BAR and the population of the United Kingdom after a large threat is made after they raided POW camps. We continue to burn forest area and open fire on and suspected towns and cities to cause a massive amount of panic in the area.

AER: With enough men and supplies we are aiming to secure the entire city and make it the first city of Free Australia, we will be sending patrols to the nearby Japanese Military airport as well to make sure that no surprise attacks come from the air and we have managed to eliminate one of the commanding officers in the outlying areas but we have lost seven men in the attempt and such actions are becoming to seen more and more suicidal but they are acceptable losses for the gain. Most of the city is now either in our ranks or aiding us and any collaborators will be imprisoned in the old Melbourne Gaol since its not good for our image to be shooting our fellow Australians we will have a constant watch over the collaborators and they will be trialed before justice is served. we have managed to get a short message to anyone withing a 50 km radius of the centre of Melbourne, "People of Australia, the Japanese Oppressors are not welcome here, we must take the fight to them. Attack any Japanese Soldiers on sight but leave the Japanese civilians alone, they are in the same boat as us and if they can help us then we might have an edge. Keep fighting and make sur......." after the our radio has finally broken beyond repair and we will have to find another one.

American Resistance:In NYC's remains a resistance begins to form by a bunch of people loyal to the American president and they start gaining members and start adding pro-resistance propaganda and start simultaneous raids on the Nazi locations across Occupied America. The resistance gets the nickname of "Wolverines" from the teen's school mascot. They get the nicknames of "The Resistance" and the "American Loyalists". Membership in the initial stage rises to 20,000 and is rising all over America. 900,000. We find a radio and transmit the following "My fellow Americans, at the current time, our nation is at crisis. Occupied by not one but two oppressive nations. America has become a dying nation, but as you can see, it will not die. Not today. It is time to rise up my fellow Americans. Rise up against the German and Japanese oppressors and fight!!!".  This speech contributes more and more members to our cause. We raid several POW camps and extermination camps to bust Jews and political prisoners out and our numbers begin to increase across both Japanese and German America.

That seems to be taken from the movie "Red Dawn". Although the name is plausible, I don't think it is necessary to use a name already taken for an American resistance group. Also, a stage of people rising at the amount of 900,000 is implausible, especially after the German Fleet open fired on New York half a year ago.

I know that Red Dawn is good movie, Ract, but I don't think that you can base your entire revolution on it, after all that was based in 2010 or sometime around there and this is in the late 40's. I wish you could base it on the movie, that would be cool but I think that that's plagiarism. Darwin is God (talk) 05:21, September 1, 2013 (UTC)

Cascadian Resistance Groups: With the Japanese raids on towns and cities on innocent civilians to try to smoke us out, we do not strike in Washington, but plan a raid on the town of Astoria, Or attacking Japanese soldiers and taking supplies, but in the process we destroy a Japanese destroyer. The image of the burning and destroyed Japanese destroyer begins to inspire people in Oregon to begin to join.

That isn't plausible, you do not have the necessary firepower or weaponry to destroy a Japanese vessel.

Not unless you destroy it from the inside, or the engine explodes. We didn't shoot artillery at it.

Their boats would be positioned off shore and would be heavily militarized. Partisans wouldn't be able to capture them, let alone face them.


The Cascadian resistance groups successfully form to become a nation after taking several towns from the Japanese. Many more people join the group but face the severe threat of the Japanese navy open firing. 

An Earthquake hits Pakistan at 5.6 on the Richter scale killing several hundred people.

A carrier raid begins over the Indochina region to reduce resistance.

India begins to have severe riots against them being part of the Axis. A new surge of people begin to take power in Mumbai.

Strong communication if formed between the BAR, the CRG and the AR.

German Reich: We open fire on BAR and suppress it so that little resistance can form. We send in our German Atlantic fleet III to cause as much damage to the area as possible. We send supplies to help India with their riots and we also focus on destroying what's left of the Russian resistance. The proposal for an Arabian satellite is scrapped after American resistance was formed. We send some small raids on New York to suppress any further expansion of the resistance. We also begin to use our newly developed Maus II tank against British cities. A massive bombing raid is launched against Britain to secure its place of being part of our empire. We threaten to nuclear bomb any resistance areas.

BAR: From our positions, deep in the Mountains and Fens, out of the Reach of the Nazi Reich, we lament for the Civilian Resistance Groups dying in our stead, and begin to move, raiding a POW camp with former Pilots in, and then several airbases, gaining Henkel Bombers, which we hide away in the Caves of the Mountains, or in the tall reeds of the Fens. We make contact with the American Resistance, and discover that we are the strongest resistance group with have contacted, numbering 300,000. A daring Henkel raid on the Nazis main airbase in the UK, using Paratroopers, gains us five nuclear bombs, which we hide in an undisclosed, undetectable location. We threaten to 'Obliterate one German city for every British city they destroy' We raid a Nazi Airbase, and take 20 Messerschmitts, hoping to be able to shoot down the Nazi Bombers if they come.

1-You do not have the power to do that, raiding the POW camps with lots of people in them or hijack or even steal Henkel bombers and hide them in caves. 

2- You are not the strongest resistance group, that would be Cascadia with its connections with smaller Canadian and American groups.

3- You raid an airbase. OK, that's fine, but you don't have airborne divisions or the equipment needed to launch an air raid. And the nuclear bombs, no way would you be able to get them because they aren't even held in Britain. They are in Germany. And you wouldn't be able to have the firepower to even access the base yet.

The difference is that I am made up of well trained soldiers, they are civilians with guns. I am just as powerful as I was two turns ago, I am in the Fens and Mountains, you can't reach inside the fens, they have only a few paths, only known to those that live in the fens, i e. out of Germany's reach. Also, I have the pilots I took from the base. I have 300,000 soldiers. I would be able to storm a base. Also, please go on chat if you want to continue this discussion Mafia (talk) 10:11, September 1, 2013 (UTC)

AER: We are starting to move 20,000 of our resistance followers into Geelong and are hoping that from here raiding the nearby airfield will be a lot less tiring and out of our reach. With the assassination of the region commander a few months ago we have noticed that the Japanese Military have become slightly lazy in their patrol routes and are often irregular with the time of their "Friendly Visits" and that could make things very dangerous for us as we could be searched before we had sufficient time to hide any plans or weapons. We are arming 10,000 of the resistance going to Geelong to hopefully claim that area as well and to try to take the airport. We have received the German Reich's message about bombing any resistance threats and even though we are a long way away from Europe we are still concerned that the Japanese Empire won't follow suit so we are hoping that with the airport we will be able to shoot down any bomber carrying any kind of ordnance that could wipe us out and maybe attack some of the larger military bases in Victoria.

American Resistance:After several bombing raids in NYC, despite Germany's best efforts the numbers increase all across the Americas from 20,000 to 1,500,000 across Occupied America. We finally liberate the city expand establish another base in Washington DC where heavy fighting breaks out between the American Resistance and German Forces. We continue our raids of POW camps and extermination camps and begin to expand. We also receive the message regarding the nuclear strikes, and we threaten that the Germans that we will retaliate should any nuclear weapons be used and we raid a nuclear weapons facility in Germany itself after being sneaked onboard a German vessel heading for Germany and we are able to steal a nuclear weapon and begin improvisation of the nuke.

Cascadia is the largest resistance at the moment and they only have 250,000 people. New York was severely suppressed a few years back and little population remains if the city. America isn't occupied anymore, it is a satellite nation. And no, you can't raid a German facility by sneaking on a vessel and securing a nuke.

I'm the largest, actually. I have 300,000

Cascadian Resistance Group: With founding of the new nation the CRG is changed to the Cascadian Army. Many more join us to defend from the Japanese destroyers off in the Puget Sound, with the Japanese expelled we claim the supplies and military equipment/vehicles from military bases. Artillery is moved secretly into the cities of Seattle, Vancouver,  BC, Portland, Astoria, and part of the Olympics to protect from Japanese vessels. The Army grows to nearly 250,000 soldiers American and Canadian.


Cascadia comes under heavy fire after the Japanese Pacific fleet I open fires at Vancouver followed by an invasion from California. Cascadia loses some ground to the Empire but gains some into regional Canada.

The Alaskan freedom fighters expand but lacks population to become a nation.

The BAR is trying to be located after major bush fires are lit trying to flush them out from regional areas.

The area I am in is not really flammable, nor is well, any of Britain

Strong resistance forms in South America.

India comes into severe riots.

The American Resistance wins some smaller battles against New America and Germany but fins itself suppressed in a large battle in DC. More people come to join the American Resistance bringing their population to just over 100,000. Not too many people join the Resistance after the several strikes that have occurred and New America being established.

The live map is now editable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Uhhhhh........News Flash: WHAT ABOUT THE AR!!!!!!!!!!!!Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 23:37, September 1, 2013 (UTC)

All right, first of all I hadn't finished with the Mod events. Secondly, I haven't even looked over your past turn yet. Thirdly, don't be talking with that attitude or in any manner like that or you will be banned from the game. Aternix (talk) 01:35, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

OK, whatever. Just post already.Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 01:36, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

American Resistance:We establish ten large bases in the Appalachian Mountains as well as begin to spread pro-resistance propaganda across North America and begin to target German POW camps and extermination camps. The state of New York and the city of Washington DC have bases established and heavy fighting break loose. We also raid a few military bases, the Philadelphia, Massachusetts and Montreal Naval Bases and an air base to launch more of a head on fighting. We are successful in these attacks and the bases are secured and prepared for combat. Despite Germany's best efforts our numbers continue to rise thanks to pro-resistance propaganda.

No, you don't have a nuke, and no, you barely hold New York or even DC. Your best option is to make regional bases and plan for raids and organised resistance instead of going head on with the fighting. If you want help with the game please message me.

German Reich: After severe fighting against the BAR, a lot of our money begins to run out for more military progress. Heavy resistance in Russia also occupies a lot of our time. We send in some more of our Pacific fleet to deal with issues in New York and regional New America after the American Resistance begins to slightly expand. We also send some supplies to South America to deal with their conflicts. We recruit a lot of people from South America and West Africa to help with fighting in Great Britain and offer these people homes in New America. We focus on developing the Aryan Reich and our farmland, that particularly of regional Russia.

AER:  After a few months of reconnaissance we are finally making preparations to assault the Japanese Airfield just north of our new position in Geelong. The assault will be conducted in three main stages, First, we will have 500 of our fighters distract the patrols on the east side of the airfield and hopefully draw out some of the other garrison (these men know that their survival is not guaranteed). Second, while most of the garrison is distracted to the east, the real force consisting of 3000 will be coming in from the north and taking a position behind the bulk of the garrison. And third, kick some Japanese ass. if all goes well we are expecting to take no more than 300 casualties but in a worst case scenario we believe that we would lose 2500. A major loss here could mean the end of the revolution before it has even started.

Cascadia: We open fire on the Japanese fleet with our artillery that was set up in Seattle, Vancouver, and the Olympias. We send a majority of our forces to our southern borders and set up defensive positions to deter Japanese attacks from the South.

  • American Resistance Diplomacy: We request for help from the nation of Cascadia to help in proving soldiers, equipment and vehicles to the American Resistance and help with securing and improvisation of a nuclear bomb.

My post from earlier today is gone and replaced by Ratc's so I'm a little angry - LightningLynx89

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BAR: We launch an assault on Cambridge, defeating the garrison, killing them all, then retreating (with the civilian population) into the marshes. We also raid a POW camp containing Naval Officers. We use Fishermen boats to travel out to the German Atlantic Fleet, where we climb aboard them at night, and murder the crew of the submarine, taking it. We then pilot the submarine up to Scotland, and dock it in one of the hundred-fold small channels, and cover it, making it impossible to discover.

No you don't, you cant win against an entire city, you can cause havoc and possibly overthrow it in several turns. No, you cant face or even hijack a vessel or submarine of the German Navy. Especially that of our Pacific fleet III while it is still open firing.


A nuclear explosion occurs in Bangkok after a large revolt happened in the city. The Japanese Empire bombed the area killing millions to reduce partisan population. More riots in Indochina occur.

A nuclear explosion is detected by the German Reich in Houston destroying many German military and Air bases and a lot of civilian population. This comes to a huge blow to the German Reich. The nuclear bomb was said not to target civilian population. Germany quickly accuses Japan for the incident and almost declares war but is very quickly discovered as a left over nuclear warhead owned by a smaller resistance group. Germany believes they have possession of another nuclear warhead.

Cascadia almost loses Portland and some regional cities but hold on to them strong against the Japanese Empire. Japan wants to nuke the area but fears natural resources will be destroyed. The Cascadian resistance population dramatically drops after heavy fighting to 150,000.

The AER is completely successful on their raid on a Japanese airbase and manage to capture Geelong. The Japanese have extreme casualties and this makes a huge step forward for the Revolution. Their population increases to 100,000 and get a strong grip on Melbourne but now face the Japanese fleet after they open fired on Melbourne. The attack was well co-ordinated by the AER.

The Alaskan Freedom Fighters come into communication with Cascadia.

The AER almost becomes a nation like Cascadia.

Cascadia: We open fire on the Japanese mobile division from our artillery set up in the Cascades, hoping to deal damage, while a counter armor division rolls in along with tank busters to push back the Japanese forces. Artillery from Portland and Astoria fires upon the main Japanese offensive on the Southern border of our nation. Seattle, Olympian, and Vancouver artillery continues to fire upon the Japanese fleet in coastal waters. Secured aircraft are being used to raid the Japanese artillery East of our border. A radio transmission is sent out across Cascadia to unite to fight and rally support. "This is Captain Dewayne August Edwards, head of the Cascadian army, in times of despair humanity has banded together to fight back against its opposition. Families will join together to fight, neighbors cooperating with neighbors, and coworkers working alongside his coworker we ask in this time of need that the Cascadian People hear this call to arms to fight for the basic principles of life: One's own Life, Liberty to all those in shall fall under the flag, and the Pursuit of happiness, to be willing to go through impossible to do what is right. Captain Dewayne August Edwards, signing off." A separate transmission is sent to the Alaskans for aid.

AER: With Melbourne under the threat of the Japanese Navy we are trying to train as many people as we can in the basics of flight but progress is slow as we do not have many experienced pilots and our combat skill are lacking in the air as well. A proposal was made that we could use a few of the Japanese Zero's in the airfield to hit the Japanese back in the one way they have never been hit before, Kamakazi. For this to be successful we would need maybe 50 people willing to sacrifice their lives to save thousands. While reluctant to accept this idea, very few others have been put forward and a few of the somewhat trained pilots have already shown their devotion to the idea. If we manage to hold off the Japanese Navy we will be confident enough to call ourselves a nation and we are thinking of calling ourselves, Galicia. We have found a fully functional radio in the airfield and immediately try to transmit a message to the other resistances in the world but have so far only got brief contact with Cascadia, we will try to improve the range of the radio whenever possible.

Slovakia: We ask for more land from Hungary since they occupy 40% of our country and Hungary has already occupied large chunks of Romania and Ukraine.

          Slovakia diplomacySlovakia offers an alliance to Romania

You already have an alliance being part of the Axis.

BAR: Raids increase against Cambridge, and more and more of the Garrison are killed. The Fens are flooded, and Cambridge cut off. The Garrison is now unable to get aid, or supplies. They number a mere 500 after only two months.

I have messaged you Aternix (talk) 02:09, September 4, 2013 (UTC)


Cascadia fights hard against Japan and gains more land.

The AER becomes a nation of successfully holding parts of Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The AR becomes a nation.

A snow storm hits Siberia.

I will attempt to make a new map based on Google maps engine. I hope that this could possibly make infinite markers on the screen at once.

German Reich: We invade places that the BAR own and try to push them out of suburban areas. We invite some of our carriers from the Pacific fleet to commence air raids. We also send some carriers to aid the advance on the AR but is slowed after heavy fighting slows down our advance. We send in a large naval force to rescue major cities and hopefully to destroy the group. We also said Southern Americans cities to find the second nuclear warhead.

Galicia: With our success in holing enough of Victoria we are now focusing on making contact with other resistances and training pilots to deal with any large threats. We took a few prisoners in a quick jump on a Japanese patrol, we only managed to take three out of 15 alive and one of them is wounded, when we jumped them there were ten alive but seven killed themselves in some kind of death or honour rule. We are hoping they will either aid us or give us intel on their movements but we know that we could just be wasting our time so if we don't get anything out of them in three months we will let them think that they're escaping and follow them back to their command post and make a decision when the time comes.

Hey, whats with the Galicia title? Did you change your name? Aternix (talk) 10:52, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Aternix is being implausible. I quit until he stops Mafia (talk) 07:36, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

You don't understand what the Aryan race is. The race that Hitler had created, and that has nothing to do with descendancy from the Scandanavian or Northern European area. Those people are called Germanic descendant. The Aryans have the image of being the perfect race and have nothing to do with the battle against the Germans. Britain was wiped out just like France and then had the population mass murdered. Little did Hitler care as they had wanted to reduce the population. You have very little understanding of how weak the BAR would be up against the main German Army and Navy. You are only a guerrilla group and hiding in the Ferns in the middle of Europe won't work against the successful German Empire. I am not being implausible, I am only saying what is reasonable and a guerrilla group overthrowing a major German occupied city against the worlds largest air force and most technological navy and winning is implausible. I have also posted this as a message to you Mafia. Aternix (talk) 10:52, September 4, 2013 (UTC) In no way 'created' by Hitler. Learn what words mean before you argue with others. Hitler never had any intention of murdering all the British People Mafia (talk) also, you have no idea what the fens are

Aryan:  In Nazism and neo-Nazism, a non-Jewish Caucasian, especially one of Nordic type, is supposed to be part of a master race. that was in the link you put there, learn to read. Darwin is God (talk)

I am perfectly capable of reading thanks. Learn what words mean before you quote them at people. For example, SUPPOSED, not created as, and Nordic. Also, Cambridge is not a 'Major' city in terms of population, industry or anything like that. It is FAMOUS, for the University, but not major. not even slightly major. Also, ferns? seriously? FERNS? Have you ever been to a swamp? Like in Florida? The FENS are like that. And besides the basic concept of the game is ASB anyway. Mafia (talk) 16:24, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

Hungarian Empire: Invades Romania with 800,000 men the king gets cancer and the prince takes charge of the nation

You cant invade Romania, you are part of the Axis. You are allied with Romania and if you were to invade, you are completely surrounded by Axis powers. Also, please keep the correct format for turns. Aternix (talk) 23:08, September 4, 2013 (UTC)


Germany deals heavy blows to the BAR and almost wipes them out. The German navy was occupied against the BAR and most carriers were used in Britain allowing the AR to slightly expand.

I made a new map called map engine. Please use that map from now on as the other one uses a limited amount of markers. Use the other one only for referring. Please place your military markers in the same format.

India has once more severe riots and threatens the nation to leave the Axis or face a civil war.

The Japanese Empire takes heavy blows after Cascadia and Galicia expands. Then riots appeared in West China and more in Indonesia.

Cascadia: With new vigor the Cascadian army begins to steadily fight the Japanese back from Cascadia, slowly but surely pushing them out of major strongholds.

German Reich: The heavy bombardment and extermination of the BAR is successful and limits their claimed area to only a small forest with no large cities. We continue to drive the BAR back. We also fight hard against the American Resistance but isn't very successful. We also continue the development of the Fire Fly gun to its second system. We enlarge some of our Atlantic Fleets to 11 destroyers more. We are ashamed by the fact that the Hungarian Monarchy has cancer. We develop more military presence in America and Occupied Russia. We hope to develop more airbases and naval bases in occupied territory. We develop more bombers to secure America but they are now showing strong resistance.

American Resistance:Our forces with pro-resistance propaganda continues to expand, albeit now an at alarming rateWe launch a daring raid on German vessels along the Atlantic and secure some German ships for our own use. We expand our operations to the Caribbean and attack the airbase in Cuba and secure it thanks to air support from the captured airbases in New America. After nearly a half year trying to take Washington DC,we finally retake the city and the resistance leader raises the American flag over the Congress building.

You don't have the power to capture German vessels, you are just holding onto area North of Philadelphia. Your population is increasing but you have large casualties against them. No, you cant attack Cuba.Aternix (talk) 02:32, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Clase maldito hijo de puta

You have been kicked from the game. Don't think for one second you can abuse me or anyone else on this game by posting insults in Spanish. This is what Bing translator had turned your comment into. "Class damn son of a bitch." Aternix (talk) 02:32, September 6, 2013 (UTC)  

Just remember that this is just after the Second World War and lots of the revolutionaries you have are just civilians, and they may not be the best at manning an entire German vessel themselves. Darwin is God (talk)

Galicia: After the Japanese soldiers didn't tell us anything we decided to just skip the last three months on the plan and just go straight to Plan B, let them escape and follow them to their command post. Unfortunately, that's not how it went, when the watchman pretended to be asleep and the prisoners in loosely done up cuffs, the took their chance and killed the guard and grabbed some rifles that were nearby and started shooting up the place. They killed seven and injured 32 before they were finally put down. As a result of this failure some of our members are starting to question the authority behind the nation of Galicia. In an attempt to move the Captured Planes to a makeshift airfield closer to Melbourne has resulted in some damage to eight of them, but we still have 42 fully operational ones and we will be soon using ten against the two carriers in the bay. The goal here is to limit the air to air combat the rest of the planes will have to deal with on the second attack on the battleship. We have raided a supply depot containing food, medical equipment, Weapons and Ammunition and what appears to be some kind of remotely detonated explosive device, this we will keep in a safe in the cache that we are storing all our surplus gear. Our fighting force has gone up by 50% increasing our count to 15,000. Our radio that we recovered from the now derelict Japanese Airfield will be ready to broadcast on a higher level in another month, when we establish contact with Cascadia we will start talking Diplomacy and ensuring that we will be able to give tactical information to each other. A scouting expedition has found a Japanese Artillery Division near the front, the problem will have to be dealt with quickly before they inflict major damage on the city.

Alaskan Freedom Fighters: After many months of buildup and silence, we begin a move against Fairbanks, utilizing the recovered or stolen equipment from ambushing various Japanese patrols, and raiding some of their smaller forts.


Extreme amounts of people begin to join the AR and makes the nation extremely strong. Many civilians begin to make stronger weapons and even strong guns.

Cascadia drives the Japanese back to just North of San Francisco destroying several bases and making the Japanese navy plan for a nuclear strike by sea.

More raids and riots make the Japanese Empire terribly weak.

Galicia expands slightly.

An earthquake hits the Austrian area killing several hundred.

Cascadia: We continue to push back the Japanese to San Francisco and stop to fortify and rest our soldiers, when morale and strength had picked up we made a final push on Japanese positioning in San Francisco. We capture any grounded Japanese aircraft and add them to our air force.

America:Our forces, using stolen German tanks and WWII era equipment, launch major offensive codenamed Operation:Eagle's Flight. The offensive begins to gain ground as our forces advance and by the time German re-inforcements arrive, the country has already secured most of New America. We also capture the puppet government of New America and threaten to kill them within 24 hours if Germany doesn't leave the Americas.

German Reich: We continue to encircle the BAR and we almost wipe them out. We have also killed hundreds of thousands more people from death camps in Britain and in the General Government. We develop some FOB's to tackle the situation more seriously against the AR as they are now growing far out of control. We send in more of our fleet to push them out of major cities but stopping them from expanding into regional and even some suburban areas are now out of our control. We send some aid to help the Japanese against the Cascadian resistance and their failing empire. We send in some newly built Fire Fly II guns to America and we also complete a carrier with some jets and planes capable of doing medium range bombing runs. We ask that other nations of the Axis help the Japanese Empire from falling apart by sending aid.

Galicia: We are commencing the attack on the Japanese Naval Division in the bay, ten of the working Japanese Zeros have attacked the two carriers and have destroyed one and damaged another severely, but in response the Japanese have opened fire with their Battleship and wiped out some of the city near the northern part of the bay and in retaliation we have sent a further three after the battleship and it is now damaged and the main guns are broken and as a result the three destroyers are gathering close to the damaged ship and defending it while repairs are made to its engine. 


Sorry about yesterday, I wasn't able to post events. My apologies. Aternix (talk) 02:59, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Germany undergoes extreme fire against the American Resistance. Fighting continues and German forces are slowly pushed back to their major fortifications. The resistance population slowly grows but has extreme casualties. 

More resistance is formed in Asia against the Japanese Empire and the once powerful nation becomes increasingly unstable. Resistance groups form across Asia and threaten the occupation of many areas.

Galicia's attack on the Japanese Fleet was very successful and had damaged many ships and made the Japanese very concerned about the strength of Galicia. However, the Japanese bring in more of their fleet and commence an invasion on Melbourne and push Galicia back very far. Galicia continues to expand into regional Victoria and grows influence in New South Wales and even Tasmania.

Cascadia makes it to the Suburbs of San Francisco but are completely stopped in their tracks after discovering that the city has become a major Japanese stronghold and has the main Japanese Pacific fleet present ready to defend the city. Cascadia grows into regional areas. 

The Alaskan Freedom fighters grow larger into regional Alaska and Canada and have barely any fighting against the Japanese Empire.

Cascadia: Cascadia begins to fire upon Japanese position with artillery. Captain Dewayne August Edwards, begins to draw up a plan to create a massive offensive movement by first firing upon Japanese positions with artillery, within minutes Cascadian air squadrons would then attack important Japanese positioning in San Francisco, and while Artillery in Point Reyes fires upon the Japanese Fleet stationed, Code named, Operation: Seppuku. Meanwhile General Daley Garnett Lovell begins his campaign eastward to free the rest of Japanese occupied America.

German Reich: We launch a major offensive against the American Resistance to drive them away from major cities. We also develop defensive lines and introduce more infantry groups to drive them into regional areas. Huge artillery guns are set up to level towns. We try to preserve the natural resources in the area. We continue to develop more Fire Fly guns and we sell a lot of them to Italy and to Japan. We continue to send aid to Japan to help with their riots and revolutions. More money is put into the space project and a small unmanned probe is sent into orbit but failed after crashing in Texas after three successful orbits. We continue to exterminate a lot of Polish and British population including those of rebellion areas and members of the BAR. The world population begins to drop more after another mass extermination program is set up in Russia to kill off communists and Jews. We also set up more camps under Italian admin in Arabia and Northern Africa to kill off more Jews.

America:We continue to release pro-resistance propaganda and Operation: Eagle's Flight continues as we attempt to push the Germans out of North America entirely and now our people begin to get replenished by new recruits at an alarming rate as we continue our combat operations. We also plan to fight all out war against Germany.

All right, I'm giving you the decision of playing, but if one bad thing comes out of you, you're banned. Please put your name back down for the country.


Cascadia fights hard against San Francisco but little ground is covered, but they make large amounts of advancement in the East and are threatening German positions in New America.

The American Resistance makes large progress into suburban areas and almost manage to capture New York but is suppressed. American resistance expands into regional areas further which increases their population.

Galicia makes large amounts of ground into regional Australia and Now into New South Wales and Tasmania. They are slightly pushed back in suburbs of Melbourne, however.

India has a brief civil war and the Axis government collapses. The country is still reviving from the riots but neither Germany or Japan invade the non-Axis nation.

A Tsunami hits the coast of the Philippines causing hundreds of deaths.

Japan buys a nuclear warhead from Germany and uses it on an Indochinese city.

German Reich: Stopping the AR becomes number one on our priority and we send in massive amounts of military to stop the riots and partisans from succeeding. Riots form in regional Russia from the lack of military presence and we are nearly thrown into bankruptcy. We focus on eliminating partisans threats once and for all and we set up more camps in regional Russia to deal with the problem and to kill off the rioters. We launch a major airborne offensive against the AR followed by artillery strikes and mobile infantry storming but is not successful after many thousands of casualties. We decide not to invade India after a lack of money and military power. We strengthen our borders with the nation in fear of a threat and we send in one of our smaller Atlantic fleets to Bombay to destroy their naval yards so they cant make and navies. We also do the same with the AR. We increase military presence in Western New America to deal with the growth of Cascadia.

America: Our population continues to grow thanks to pro-resistance propaganda and we decide to try again to retake NYC as part of Operation: Eagle's Fire and continue to press on to other cities. We expand our operations into Japanese territory in North America and into Canada. Operation: Eagle's Fire continues mostly as planned.


Germany has a severe population crisis and fails to get enough recruits to form a full military against the American Resistance. Many battleships were unable to fire on targets because of a lack of explosives.

Cascadia has an enormous battle against Japan but fails to gain ground. Both Cascadia and the American resistance nearly border each other.

Galacia fails to hold onto Melbourne but captures Hobart and other Victorian cities overthrowing regional garrisons and even prompting a revolution in Sydney.

India, now not being part of the Axis, gathers an army and invades Indochina freeing many regional areas with the Japanese government unable to stop them.

Hitler is hospitalized for unknown reasons. Erwin Rommel becomes the acting Führer for the time being.

Operation: Eagle's Fire is successful and the American Resistance captures not only the city of New York but also most of its suburbs. Germany is pressured into dropping a nuclear warhead on the far North to suppress the American Resistance but little damage was done. Heavy fighting in Pennsylvania stops the American Resistance advancement in that area.

German Reich: We continue to produce large amounts of military and ship them to New America to suppress the American Resistance. We develop large military groups to suppress the advance in New York and to extremely fortify Washington. We develop many forward operating bases and launch a major offensive in regional Canada and fortify Montreal. We also launch an offensive on India to stop its advance into Arabia but fails. We launch new technology called the Fire Fly III gun which will be developed over the next year. We also increase the amount of death camps which reduces the world population further.


The major offensive on America doesn't succeed causing many casualties on both sides of the conflict and devastating a lot of natural resources.

Cascadia and the American Resistance meet and divide New America into two. Dramatic procedures are called by Germany and a nuclear weapon is dropped on a regional area to destroy many resistance bases.

India advances farther into Indochina gaining huge amounts of population.

There is a massive conference held between the three main Axis powers discussing how Japan might fall, no conclusion was found.

Galicia regains Melbourne and also gains Sydney from a massive riot and then Tasmania securing the most populated areas of Australia to resistance groups.

San Francisco is still being held strong by Japanese forces and gains a stronger garrison.

German Reich: We launch another massive assault from Washington to stop the advance sacrificing hundreds of thousands of trained German soldiers and large amounts of airborne forces. We decide to nuclear bomb more regional areas which drops a lot of the local population in sacrifice of those areas and its resources. We begin to run out of nuclear weapons to use against rebellion forces. We hold onto Montreal strong due to its defensive line.

Cascadia: We begin to send soldiers around to flank Japanese forces and trap them within San Francisco. Meanwhile, our eastern campaign is going well as we continue to take land.

Galica: With the recent recapture of our capital we have found that the remaining Japanese Zeros are still there and haven't been discovered by the Japanese. We are immediately making preparations to take out the rest of the Japanese Fleet in the harbour and its re-inforcements. With the riots in Sydney and Tasmania getting stronger we have made contact with the newer resistances and have given them intel on the enemies movements and tactics, with some luck they will overthrow the Japanese in those areas and will be able to join our fight and increase our fighting force by a significant amount. The Japanese Artillery Division is becoming more of a worry for us so we are sending scouts to gain any intel on them, i e, numbers, type of weapons and patrol schedule. With this information we hope to eventually take the artillery for ourselves and maybe use it against the enemy naval forces in the area and any other large military outpost in the areas.


The expansion in America puts the Axis into a point where a conference is held in Berlin to resolve the issue. A massive attack consisting of Germany, Sweden, Vichy France, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy. Romania and the Japanese Empire will be launched on the East coast to completely wipe out the massive force.

Many new baby boomers from 1933 have turned 18 and are being recruited into the German Reich military.

San Francisco looks to being more stable and defends well against the Cascadian attacks.

Galicia regains Melbourne and quickly the entire East coast of Australia when Japanese military pulls out. Resistance forms in Perth and Darwin. The Japanese Pacific fleet II escapes with little damage.

German Reich: The invasion on America consists of just over eight million soldiers from across the world and is launched on New York to free the ruins of the city and to circle the American Resistance into radiation areas. The attack goes well but more than three million casualties were endured on the week of the invasion alone. The advance has pushed the American Resistance back to regional America but it looks as if it may not stay that way.

Galicia: With the naval fleet and most of the military off to fight the threat in America we use this distraction to take as much land as possible and fortify any major cities that we have control over. It is becoming clearer that once the Axis and its allies have wiped out the American threats they will turn their attention to us and we are woefully under prepared. even with our new fighting force of 150,000 from the cities and the rural areas we still need more supplies. 10,000 of the more or less useless revolutionaries are using their initiative and have taken some of the agricultural tools that we had and have begun to set up farms and are herding cattle for meat. this will not supply all of Galicia but it may ease the burden. When the Japanese pulled out they took their main artillery with them but have left some of the ones too large to take with them behind with a small guard, these could prove very useful in the future and we have sent 1000 men to try to take them for ourselves. While the actual strength of the force is overkill we still need lots of man power to haul them back to the city. A trade route has been set up between the state capitals and we are passing along information and communication equipment to them so that we can make coordinated attacks on the Japanese or any other enemy that shows their face. For the first time in about a decade people are finally feeling a sense of purpose, something to fight for, morale has increased significantly in the past few months.

America: In light of recent events, we decide to launch Operation: Eagle's Revenge to retake the areas we have lost to the joint-Axis military forces and declare war on the Axis. We decide to gain more recruits from more pro-resistance propaganda as our numbers continue to rise again. Those members trapped in the German-held section of the country begin to use guerrilla tactics to outmatch the Axis.


Adolf Hitler, the world's most powerful man, passes away just before Christmas from heart disease. He was rushed to hospital but had later died on the 13th of December. The new Führer, Erwin Rommel is put into the all-time Führer but many are not pleased with his position and do not think he deserves to be in that position. It is also believed that Hitler had some severe stress related issues which caused his death.

Operation: Eagle's Revenge takes a hefty toll on all Axis forces making them only able to stop and make defensive lines instead of progressing into rural areas. 

San Francisco on Christmas Day becomes a major event and the world second largest battle followed by the Battle of Perm. Millions of soldiers die from both Cascadia and the Japanese Empire and the Japanese just keep on pumping out people to defend their nation. Cascadia is put under severe pressure to withdraw from San Francisco but continues to hold strong.

Galicia expands rapidly into Australia and quickly takes control of the entire nation with all Japanese soldiers pulled out of every city. Galicia's population grows to three million recruits, almost the entire male population is fighting for Galicia.

India expands rapidly into Indochina and a massive surge of population joins India in their fight against Japan. Millions die after several nuclear warheads are used against Indian positions.

The German Reich looks as if they have completely killed off the entire grade One Jewish population in Europe with the help of all Axis nations. Many remain as refugees in Arabia and Africa.

German Reich: We are very sad for Hitler's death and we make a massive funeral for his passing in Munich. Erwin Rommel launches a new program called Operation: Northern Stormer. It will include a massive attack from Montreal into the Northern areas of American Resistance. This will hopefully push them out of Urban areas and back into the forest where we can kill them off. The attack has been planned for half way through this year. We are glad to announce the wiping out of the Jewish population and Europe is now being described as "the land of the pure, the heart of the world". We begin to sell more nuclear weapons to the Japanese to fight of Cascadia and win the battle in San Francisco but it had come as a shock when they said they didn't have enough money to buy a nuclear warhead. 

Cascadia: We begin a final bombardment of San Francisco, but we finally pull back to avoid further casualties.

Italian Empire: Begins to help the Germans deal with the American rebels. declares war on the free Indian Kingdom.

America: As the Germans advance on our positions, we decide to launch Operation: Angel Fire to deal with the attack and launch our own counterattack. The attack will involve two simultaneous attacks: a frontal assault and a flanking one over by the Montreal area in an attempt to corner the Germans and their allies. We send an attack to the Washington DC area to retake that position as well as the rest of the Eastern seaboard of the US.


Free Indian forces liberate large amounts of land from Indochina and makes the Japanese Empire incredibly weak to other forces.

The Japanese Empire deploys major defense lines in San Francisco to stop the advance of Cascadia.

The Alaskan Freedom fighters begin to lose land from the Japanese Empire.

The American Resistance gains huge amount of lands to the south but loses many suburban areas due to a massive Axis offensive. Defensive lines have been set up by New America in Montreal. Operation: Angel Fire shows little progress. The American Resistance population grows very large.

A resistance group forms in Jakarta called the Indonesian arms group which shows a lot of potential against the Japanese Empire. They already control many suburban and rural areas and show a the Indonesian area that rebellion is possible.

A further two nuclear weapons are developed by the German Reich.

Resistance in European Russia expands destroying many towns before being suppressed.

America: Despite our losses, we decide to continue Operation: Angel Fire and continue the fight. We attempt to manufacture our own nuclear device and use it on the advancing Germans to cover our own advance. We decide to send these new soldiers into the battlefield effective immediately.

Italian Empire: Italy begins to make nuclear weapon and begins making the M-51 carro tank (OTL T-62)

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We offer the Italian Empire the technology of nuclear weapons under a controlled condition supervised by Germany. We will allow you to produce nuclear weapons.
  • Italian D: we accept :p

Remember to keep your turn format, it makes the game easy to read. :P

German Reich: Our advance on American Resistance is strong and our main priority is to create defensive lines in the area. We enforce Montreal with the support of New America and we deploy two motorized divisions in Southern States to ensure that their expansion is slowed. We perform further recruiting of third world soldiers to our front line and we use our large population to our full extent. Another nuclear weapon is shipped to Washington to defend the area from a large attack. We focus on developing further farmland into Russia and Baltic areas.We discuss making South America a satellite state in coalition with Spain and Italy.

  • West Africa: More farmland and mining is built.
  • Southern Africa: The development of a new port is begun to enforce our naval presence in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Arabia: We begin to make large amounts of defensive lines to defend an attack from India. We also mobilize some Arabian motorized and mechanized corps which costs us a lot of money.
  • France and Britain: Mass rounding of suspect people is in full swing, we keep many people of an appropriate age in these camps and use a lot of them to develop our weapons and industry.

Galicia: With the total capture of former Australia we immediately begin setting up a government and a Border Defence Unit to keep any Japanese Forces out. We have also begun to develop a naval vessel to protect our waters and to possibly expand. Current population 12 million. We begin to re-open old businesses and restore our nation to its former glory. The New Prime Minister of our nation is Daniel Thompson.


The American forces are held back by strong Axis forces but manage to push farther south growing their population. A massive riot is seen in Miami and across the rest of Florida for the American resistance.

Indian forces manage to capture many regional towns in Indochina and are making their way South to Malaysia. Their population dramatically grows. Indian forces can't progress through Arabia as the defensive lines hold strong.

Cascadia gains more land into the Northern Rim.

An earthquake hits Tokyo at 4.5 on the Richter scale killing thousands.

Italy: begins to send troops to fight the American forces. Sends weapons to the Japs.

America: We continue to launch offensives farther north and develop our own nuke. We continue to advance to the south as our new soldiers are sent into battlefield to assist with Operation: Angel Fire.

Cascadia: We begin drawing up new plans to hopefully take back San Francisco and keep a healthy distance between us and the Japanese forces. We are doing well on the Eastern front, though.

Galicia: With a new government in place things are looking pretty much the same as they were before the Japanese invasion. Since most of the world is either an enemy or at war we have had to become a completely self-sufficient nation and that will take several years. We are going to focus most of our effort into getting a fully functional navy working and in place to defend from any attacks that might come in the years to follow, and also to aid Cascadia and any other resistances that are fighting the Nazi or Japanese forces. Another goal for us is to get a fully working Air Force up and running and we have our best technicians working on a new type of bomb. The bomb will take an estimated three years to complete and will be dubbed the "love bomb" as it will essentially be an ecstasy bomb and will cause no physical damage to the receivers but it could lead to lack of concentration and possibly homosexual acts. These effects would seriously demoralise the enemy soldiers in the field and an unmotivated army is no army at all.

German Reich: We send more forces to Arabia to tackle the conflict with India. We send more forces to America and we develop a large air base in Washington to raid many distant and region cities occupied by American Forces. A large naval force is deployed To New Orleans to stop an invasion on the city. Furthermore, a large amount of forces are being deployed to Japan to stop the forward advance of India. We further develop more farmland in Africa to help the economy and we make more mining areas to boost our economy. We also donate some forces to Japan to help defeat Cascadia.


Cascadia slightly advances to San Francisco.

American forces manage to capture Mississippi and dramatically expand to the South. Large resistance forms in Miami.

Indian forces capture the entire Malaysian peninsula.

America: As our forces expand southward, we decide to destroy the air base near Washington D.C as part of Operation: Angel Fire. We send our forces to assist the resistance in Miami while we continue to launch our counterattack to the north.

German Reich: We elevate our forces around New York and Washington in fear of an attack. We also deploy more naval forces to New Orleans in case of an attack. We do not send forces to Florida. We preserve some of our nuclear warheads on our naval vessels and we continue to develop another warhead. Two armoured divisions are deployed in Arabia and we attempt to storm India north of the defensive line. We also continue to develop our defensive line with India. We also send more aid to people of Africa. We recruit many people from Russia to keep resistance low and under tight administration. We also continue to develop more land in East of the Reich.

Cacadia: We hold steady and we begin to fortify our position in plan to take San Francisco.


A massive attack on America as a final assault fails, killing millions. Germany fails to hold onto the Eastern front and many main cities have been lost to the American forces. The air base in Washington is completely destroyed and many military planes with nuclear warheads have been hijacked.

America fails to complete a nuclear warhead.

Germany loses Florida.

Indian forces storm into China and millions of people die with the enormous conflict.

More resistance forms in South America and Africa against the Axis powers.

German Reich: A last minute effort is launched to slow the American advance, we preserve all our nuclear missiles on our Atlantic fleet to stop any further capture of the warheads. We withdraw many soldiers from the coast and we also destroy many figures of the United States such as the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument to demoralize the American resistance. Furthermore, we begin to destroy many important buildings that could be taken in American possession. We set up defensive lines in Mexico and Montreal more but the stopping of the American resistance seems hopeless. We plan to launch a carrier attack if we lose Pennsylvania or all of Washington. We send forces into Russia to slaughter population for resistance and we continue our military effort against India but even that's failing. We gain a lot of money from farmland and mining and we also gain a stronger boost to our industry by forcing many French and British people to work. We continue to develop more nuclear warheads. We ask that other Axis powers except Japan withdraw from America to preserve soldiers. We strengthen the European coastline in case of an invasion.

America: Just as the Germans retreat, we begin to rebuild America and its monuments while we begin to prepare for war against the Germans in South America, Africa and Europe. The military forces are able to discover the Germans' plans and stop them before they cause any more damage. We try to develop a nuke again and we decide to launch offensives along Mexico and Cuba to secure a foothold in South America. We also use some of the captured German ships to cause havoc on the German navy. We also send support to resistance groups in South America and Africa. We begin the construction of our own ships to cause havoc on the Germans.

You captured planes with nuclear warheads, not ships. You do have some main ports, though, so feel free to begin creating ships.

All right, I'll get to that.

Cascadia: We begin final preparations for the attack on San Francisco, with our forces hitting the American border, a majority of our forces are sent to sweep through the southwestern United States.


Cascadia storms San Francisco in a second attempt to capture the city and they manage to take the main urban areas and do extreme damage to the Japanese occupying forces. Cascadia also expands rapidly into Southwestern United States.

America captures New York and does heavy damage to Montreal and other regions of Canada. America is now plunging forces into Mexico.

India storms into regional China dramatically increasing population for resistance.

A surge of attacks hit Persia against Axis occupation which do a lot of damage to defensive lines.

America: With the assault on Mexico commencing we do the same for Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean. We begin to rebuild the regions already under occupation as well as rebuild our lost monuments. We continue to construct ships and develop our nuclear program, using the stolen nukes as help.

German Reich: We continue our assault on Indian positions but we are still pushed back farther. We continue to strengthen our line of defensive in case of an invasion in Europe. We pull all our Atlantic naval forces back to Europe to guard supplies to Montreal and Mexico. We also launch an offensive in the Caribbean.


American forces annihilate many German forces in Mexico.

Cascadia wins the battle at San Francisco and pushes many other Japanese forces back to Los Angeles.

Cascadia also gains Las Vegas and encircles many other forces.

Japan continues to expand in Alaska, the Alaskan freedom fighters are coming to an end as they cannot hold strong enough against Japanese forces.

India has a major battle against Japan in Shanghai, millions die from the enormous battle.

Some land deals are made in South East Asia between India and the Indonesian Arms group.

Germany loses Montreal to American forces.

German Reich: We continue to strengthen our forces in the Middle East and we expand our defensive positions against India. We launch a major offensive in the north followed by some motorized and mechanized invasions in the mountain regions of Afghanistan. More farmland is built in Russia and we claim some more land to Germany from the German Reich. We send more infantry divisions to Russia. We pull all of our forces out of regional Canada as we have lost too many people in fights against America. We deploy these people to Mexico to support our military barrier there. We also set up a military air base in Cuba to do long rang bombing runs on Miami.

America: As the Germans continue to retreat we decide to destroy the air base and secure Cuba and the Caribbean as we advance farther into Mexico and the rest of Central America. We continue to rebuild back in our territory and continue to build our navy and develop our nuke at the same time.


New America falls apart with all of mainland United States and Canada owned by American and Cascadian forces.

India has a major battle against Japan and dramatically expands. India becomes extremely unstable and looks to break into micronations.

A super storm hits regional Russia destroying many homes. 

America: We continue to rebuild the continent and monuments in America and continue to advance in Mexico. We continue to develop our nuke and build our navy. We also launch an offensive into Cuba to destroy the German airbase and secure the island for an island-hopping campaign across the Caribbean.

German Reich: We continue developing defensive lines across Mexico in an effort to halt the American advance. We give support to the Northern Rim to do air raids across the North Atlantic sea. We continue to support raids across Arabia and regional Russia into Indian territory as we continue to be pushed back. We strengthen our air born presence in the area. We also continue our raids from Cuba into America.

Galicia: We have made significant progress in the development of the ecstasy bomb and we have even tested a prototype on animals. None of the Animals were harmed and they didn't seem phased at what they had done. This may just be Animal behavior and we are going ahead with field testing once we establish an Aircraft carrier to move the planes within bombing distance. We have sent some of our early naval forces to Japan to try to offer them a deal. They stop attacking other nations and pull back some of their armies and we will take your nation under our wings and we will consider you part of Galicia. This will come with all of the perks that we have to offer, you will be under the protection of Galicia from any attacks that might befall you and you will still get to operate as your own nation. A large scale aircraft carrier is being constructed in a naval base in Sydney, this vessel will be capable of carrying 20 bombers and 40 fighter plans equipped with anti ship weapons. We estimate that construction will take between two and three years.


Japanese naval forces have been completely annihilated by Indian forces. Many nations have split apart from India and have divided ethnic groups in anti-Axis regions. A large scale revolution appears in New Zealand for the Galician government and shows much potential.

America's attack on Cuba is first unsuccessful, as well as the attack on Mexico. However, some monuments have slightly been rebuilt. Little progress has been shown on redeveloping a nuclear weapon. A nuclear weapon made by the United States is found in an underground silo in Texas and is now in America's hands.

Cascadia has a large battle against Japanese forces in Alaska.

India makes a peace treaty with Turkey and Turkey becomes a sub-axis nation. Iraq looks to gain independence from Turkey.

A small revolution group appears in South America and Africa.

Can I make a suggestion that turns go by 0.5 increments now because the turns just seem to drag on for a long time and not much is really going on apart from North America. Darwin is God (talk) 23:05, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, next turn will go to 1953.5 and will continue throughout the game. I do agree. Aternix (talk) 23:10, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

America: As we continue to rebuild our monuments and infrastructure, we launch assaults into Mexico and Cuba and use the nukes on the Germans. We continue to build and develop our nuke, using the underground silo and blueprints of the nuke.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We ask that nuclear warfare be abandoned between the conflict with our two nations. It causes too much natural damage to the Earth and resources. If you continue to use nuclear weapons, we will retaliate with an all out nuclear strike on your East coast. This includes continuing to develop nuclear warheads.

Cascadia: We begin setting up fortifications in Alaska against Japanese forces and begin preparing for further Japanese invasions.

German Reich: We launch a program called Mexican front in which a large military group will be used to attack American forces but it was later abandoned after the massive progression of Indian and Chinese forces into Arabia and now into many parts of mainland Russia. We launch an offensive to claim lots of regional land to destroy many enemy airbases. We also continue developing land and economy in regional areas. We also look to make a satellite state in South America and Africa. We continue our raids across far regional areas and we develop large numbers of military bases and a military line to try to stop the advance.


The Republic of China declares war only on the Japanese Empire and halts its invasion on German Russia.

The Kingdom of the Sword makes a peace treaty with Turkey which strengthens Arabic relations.

Japanese Papua and New Guinea surrenders to the Indonesian arms group.

Japanese forces manage to hold onto coastal cities from China. Large Japanese naval forces prevent many sea invasions. Extra military supplies have halted the Chinese advance in the area of Beijing.

Resistance in New Zealand and New Caledonia grows.

Japanese forces flee from Alaska and the region becomes Cascadian.

The American advance into Mexico grows but the island hoping campaign fails after a large air strike on many naval bases.

Siberia gains a resistance group.

Resistance groups in Africa and South America grow.

Cascadia: We begin an offensive to push the Japanese out of Alaska. If we are successful we would be willing to deal a peace treaty with Japan.

America: We decide to continue our advance into Mexico, and we continue to rebuild our monuments and infrastructure. We continue to develop a nuke and build up our navy. We refuse the offer from the Germans stating that they started using nukes, so why should we stop using nukes. We launch another offensive into Cuba to destroy the German military there and begin our island-hopping campaign again.

Germany: We tell Japan to surrender to the Cascadian and Siberian forces as you will end up losing too much land and you will end the war being anhialated. We continue to send more forces to Cuba to try to prevent the island hoping campaign but it begins to fail after a massive battle occurs on Cuba's northern beaches losing a lot of land and putting the air base in a high risk area. We send in carriers and large battleships to try to halt any more invasion. We also send a lot of soldiers to Mexico. We begin having another financial crisis.


Cuba is under full assault by American forces despite the Atlantic I & II fleets trying to prevent the invasion.

Cascadia gains all of Alaska after all Japanese forces withdrew from the area to try to stop the Chinese and Siberian expansion. Japan signs a peace treaty with Cascadia and ends a major conflict. Germany and Italy hold a private conference negotiating the current situation.

A massive hurricane hits Australia killing thousands.

German Reich: We deploy very large numbers of forces into Russia to stop Chinese and Indian expansion into Kazakhstan and Russia. We send in a large military line to deal with the situation with many long ranged artillery guns and armoured divisions. We also set up some areas of trench warfare to halt their advance.

Cascadia: With the defeat of the Japanese and the signing of the Treaty of Seattle, we declare that Cascadia and all its people are a sovereign nation and a free people. We also infer that Japan worry of its own problems in the Pacific. Current negotiations with Germany and Italy are still under way.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We offer Cascadia a peace treaty to settle our relations as being Axis and Anti-Axis nations. We believe that the signing of this treaty will be a start to a new world in which there is no World War.

America: We continue to advance into Mexico and Cuba while rebuilding our infrastructure and monuments. We ask for the other anti-Axis nations of the Earth to form the Free Allied Nations (FAN) to fight off the Axis all over the Earth and ultimately end the Axis dominance. Mod Response, Please!!!!!!!

No need to shout. A mod response will happen. Aternix (talk) 23:14, October 17, 2013 (UTC)


America creates the Free Allied Nations and the following nations join: Free Indian Kingdom, Kingdom of the Sword, Siberia, Indonesian Arms Group, the Vietnamese Kingdom, and the Republic of China. The FAN kicks off with a good start making international relations for anti-Axis groups stronger, establishes trade and shares some military technology for third-world anti-Axis nations.

Feel free to make the page for the FAN and link it in the organisations page. Aternix (talk) 23:14, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

The Sino-Communist empire breaks away from the Republic of China and becomes a neutral nation.

Greater Afghanistan gains independence from India and also claims land from the People's Republic of China.

Germany loses all of South America and it is divided into several diferent nations in a last minute effort to leave the area. Nations include New Brazil, Greater Columbia, Chile, Guyana and Ecuador.

A large earthquake hits Denmark killing thousands and causing large amounts of debt for Germany.

Cascadia: With Cascadia ending the war with the Axis we begin to focus on rebuilding our nation after the damage Japan has caused. We also continue to build up our navy to hopefully outclass the world's best fleets.

Turkey: Many men are deployed to the Iranian-Turkish border . We begin to strategically build up our navy. We also expand into Georgia. We consider renaming our nation "The New Ottoman Empire."

America: After many months of research we finally get shots at the first American manufactured nuke and test it in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. We continue to rebuild our infrastructure and we finally capture all of Cuba and Mexico. We begin to advance into Central America and begin an island hopping campaign. We continue to build up our navy and begin research into ICBMs. We also develop the F-2 Jamenson Jet Fighter. We also begin a massive manufacturing of nukes in order to counter Germany's arsenal. We decide to use a German V8 to launch a man into space from the state of Florida in an area called Cape Canaveral. We also decide to ask more nations to join the FAN. BTW, since I'm using the phone I need somebody else to make the page for the FAN.Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 21:34, October 19, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, no problem. Aternix (talk) 03:08, October 21, 2013 (UTC)


Sorry everyone, I went to Melbourne over the weekend and I wasn't able to post new turns. My apologies.

Turkey is renamed to New Ottoman Empire as it highlights its Axis stance. Relations between The Kingdom of the Sword and the New Ottoman Empire worsen.

American forces completely liberate all of Central America after Axis forces leave.

Relations between the Russian resistance and Siberia worsen over land claims.

Japan signs a peace treaty with the Republic of Chibna after losing many main cities. The Oceanian League is created.

German Reich: We enforce our borders to the Atlantic to hold off an attack. We also send large amounts of forces into Russia to destroy resistance and to eliminate Afghanistan. We increase our regional farming output and we continue to exterminate many British populations. Our naval forces are all pulled back from America. 

America:After liberating much of North America and Central America, we begin to turn our attention to Europe. We continue to build our navy and nuclear arsenal. We continue to develop the F-2 Jamenson and reconstruction of monuments and infrastructure continues. We also continue ICBM research and research the M-16 assault rifle. We also decide to test a hydrogen bomb (a thermonuclear bomb) in the Arctic Circle. Meanwhile, we begin building an early warning system and ask for more nations to join the FAN. We also send troops to India's assistance to help create a distraction the Germans can use and we begin preparing to attack Africa from there.


Germany develops an intercontinental weapons system capable of launching long range ballistic missiles over thousands of km. The system runs on a large system network slowly being developed and looked over.

America develops some small amounts of ICBM's but their system is slightly un-updated due to damages to the economy. Lots of progress is shown, however.

Greater Afghanistan joins FAN.

Japan leaves the Axis in an anti-Axis move across the nation which overthrows their government and destroys the empire.

The Philippines gains independence from the Indonesian arms group.

A massive flood destroys regional Ukraine leaving German defensive lines broken against Russia.

German Reich: We look into using nuclear power to use in power plants. We also look to find a system that can identify radioactivity. We also use a process to develop some solar panels but are at a rate of only 2% efficiency and are not commercially sold. Our front line war against Russia struggles and we fail to end the Communist government. We send large amounts of military infantry groups, motorized divisions and some armoured divisions to Ukraine and regional European Russia. Our defensive lines in Europe grow to defend against a possible American attack. Our ICBM silos grow and we go into large amounts of research for radar bases to intercept enemy positions.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We ask for a peace treaty with America to settle our issues of war and to finally end the world war. We do not wish to fight and although relations will remain terrible, we believe that it is best for the world to end this ongoing conflict. Please accept or we fear a global thermonuclear war.
  • American Diplomacy: Sorry, but nope. We are going to have to refuse for the following reasons: one you are comitting genocide against your own people; something America and the rest of the FAN will make you Germans pay dearly, two: you are suppressing the freedoms of the people of the world and have been known to commit atrocities against these people. You wanted war in the beginning. Well, we'll give you war.

America: We continue to research ICBMs and continue to press on further into Africa. We continue to build up our navy and rebuild our infrastructure and monuments. At this point the monuments have been completely rebuild. We finish the F-2 Jamenson Jet Fighter research and it is set to full production. We also begin researching the B-52 Stratofortress and the M-9 pistol. We also begin to send satellites and more humans into space and we continue building up our atomic arsenal. Preparations for an air invasion of the British Isles begin and we start to instigate rebellions in the British Isles so they can assist us with the liberation of Europe from the Germans.

Please understand India has no longer any borders with Germany but they do support Russia in the world war.


Mass populations leave cities in Europe and America in fear of a nuclear war. Both nations nuclear arsenals rapidly grow and warning systems are on extremely high.

Italy gains nuclear weapons from German distributors and also a small ICBM weapons system.

Soviet forces liberate large amounts of land from the Axis and are nearing Moldova and Finland. The Soviet Union asks for nuclear technology from America so that if a nuclear strike were to happen they would have close range on nuclear silos.

Germany begins developing a nuclear submarine and long ranged missile systems on battleships.

A resistance group in Africa forms called South African Resistance.

German Reich: Our weapons systems are on highest alert and are pointed at known American Silos and Russian positions. We dramatically grow our nuclear silos and radar systems. We drop a nuclear warhead on Russian forces at their Ukrainian front. We also force develop some more armoured divisions which dramatically drop unit quality. We try to not force unit quality. We gain some money off our mining output. We sell some nuclear weapons to other Axis nations such as the Northern Rim and Turkey to gain strategic strongholds.

Galica: After a long time developing and testing our ships we now have a successful fleet and we are going to send some to America to aid them in the struggle against the Nazi Forces. The extacy bomb is complete and fully functional. We would like trade the technology of the extacy bomb with America for some designs of Nuclear Weapons, we may even be able to aid you in your race to develop an ICBM. We would also like to join the FAN.

America: As fear of global thermonuclear war continues we begin to continue building more nuclear weapons, and we also decide to give the Soviets nuclear technology. We continue our naval buildup, and we accept the Galicians into the FAN. We also trade the technology of the Extacy bomb with the nuclear technology and accept the assistance of Galicia in the ICBM race. We continue to instigate armed rebellions within the British Isles to help use it as a staging ground for our invasion of Europe. Northern Africa is invaded from India and the KofS and we decided to do the same for the New Ottoman Empire in an attempt to invade Europe from the Russian side in an attempt to create a distraction for the aerial invasion force. We continue to prepare for an air invasion of the British Isles as preparations are nearing completion. We decided to send support to the South African Resistance.

Cascadia: We wish that peace can be brokered between both the Axis and Non-Axis nations to end the conflict that has destroyed our world. As of his election current Cascadian president Alex Myers had this to say:

"With the people of Cascadia free and building towards a bright future our children and their grand children can enjoy we wish to ensure peace in this world as use nuclear weapons would undo all of humanities progress of the past 2000 years and reduce within 20 minutes. We hope to say a day where both Axis and Ally can co-incide and not fight over petty governmental disputes or dispute over land, but where both embrace in brotherhood and community to help each other rebuild our land, our country and even our Earth."


A nuclear fallout between Soviet Russia and Germany destroying many cities on both sides causing a slight nuclear winter in the area. Places hit the most are Moscow, Warsaw, Koningsburg, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Astrakhan, Gorky, Kiev, Dnepropatravosk and even suburbs of Berlin and Munich. Many nuclear silos have been destroyed on both sides and military forces are completely annihilated and subnations quickly form from the lack of military and political control of many areas. Neither side surrenders causing just over 60 million deaths.

Galica manufactures their first nuclear weapon from American technology.

Germany fails to create a nuclear submarine.

Russia advances dramatically into Northern regions but are dramatically slowed down by radiated areas.

A hurricane hits the Philippines killing thousands.

America: As the Germans are busy with Russia, our air invasion of the British Isles begins and we are able to sneak past the German fleets since its a nighttime invasion. We continue to advance into Northern Africa and the New Ottoman Empire. We start to send our fleets to engage the German fleets. We continue to build our atomic arsenal and navy as we finally finish rebuilding infrastructure and monuments. We continue to launch satellites and humans into space and we finally complete the B-52 Stratofortress, the M16 and the M9. We also begin to deploy squadrons of F2's to protect the planes carrying the troops. After the Germans nuke our forces in the British Isles we decided to launch a full-on nuclear strike against the Germans and all our nuclear weapons are ordered to launch and civilians to be evacuated to fallout shelters.

Italian Empire: Turns on the Axis by siding with the anti-Axis. Begins Operation: Firestorm, the invasion of Spain's colonies. Drops two nukes on Germany.

Implausible, Italy is Germany's strongest ally and is completely run by people who have close relation with Germany. Declaring war, let alone having bad relations is implausible. Only when liberated would Italy declare war. Furthermore, please keep the correct turn format. Aternix (talk) 22:41, October 24, 2013 (UTC)

Galica: We start making more nuclear weapons - including bombs and the explosive parts of missiles. Bombers are being manufactured in order to transport the bombs but the distance may be too far for a hit and run attack so we have begun developing an aircraft carrier, the previous carrier design was scrapped after we found out that it would not be able to carry the amount of weight that we were planning. We have also started researching a new type of aircraft. It will be jet-propelled and is planned to achieve speeds of 500 km/h. This design will be in research stage for a maximum of eight years. A new Prime Minister has been elected to rule the country, Gil Aitkin. He was one of the first revolutionaries and was one of the leaders of the revolution as well. He knows the enemy and their weaknesses but he also has a remarkable way with words. He plans to strengthen the relationship between Galicia and the rest of the FAN.

German Reich: Our last hope of stopping the American advance has begun and we have no other option but to nuclear strike many American positions including those areas taken from us on the British Isles - such as Liverpool, Manchester and Dublin. We enforce our military presence in Britain but resistance dramatically grows after the invasion and we begin to have severe casualties on the beach heads and suburban areas. We continue to nuclear bomb main Russian cities and nuclear stockpiles. We also have an enormous naval battle against America just off the coast of France and most of our fleet was destroyed before we could pull back to the port of Brest. Positions in Africa have been abandoned and areas of Russia are being invaded include newly formed sub-nations. We enforce our airborne into Russian areas as we have destroyed many airbases and ports.

ROC: Begins preparation for the invasion of Japan.

I thought you already posted as Italy? Again, keep turn format, post only as one nation, and implausible, Japan already surrendered. Aternix (talk) 00:09, October 25, 2013 (UTC)


Since Aternix hasn't posted I guess I'll make the next turn. Mod Events soon. Darwin is God (talk)

Thanx to Darwin. I wasn't able to post over the weekend again. My apologies. Aternix (talk) 23:25, October 27, 2013 (UTC)

After the American unification of the British Isles, Great Britain has been reformed including the entire state of Ireland as German forces withdraw.

Global thermonuclear war ends Russia's nuclear capabilities after a final nuclear attempt by both nations. Russia remains a complete wasteland and micronations overthrow their destroyed government. Germany has most of its main cities hit by Russian weapons and Germany's nuclear stockpile drops to zero which halts their nuclear war against America and Britain.

Japan has forcefully lost Peoples Korea (North) after a failed holding of Pyongyang and pressure put on them by Sino-Communist Empire. Korea becomes a Communist state.

Sino-Communist Empire gains nuclear power and begins constructing their first weapons. They declare war on the German Reich after the nuclear apocalypse and ask to aid the Americans and British in their effort to annihilate Germany.

A large volcano explodes off of the coast of Iceland leaving ash looming across the European sky in the nuclear apocalypse.

America advances into the Ottoman Empire and Spain's occupied areas.

German Reich: We fail to hold onto western cities and we ask the power of other Axis nations to help us in our last effort to stop any further Russian invasions. We try to rebuild some of our cities despite failing to protect them. Large farming and bunker areas have been assigned to try to stop the death of our entire nation. We increase our military presence into other German areas and its occupied areas. We increase our defensive positions in France and we begin to help Spain against America. We continue to try to produce more nuclear weapons from our nuclear reactors that remain. We dramatically increased our efforts to rebuild areas of Brandenburg but hope seems lost and we decided to make some agreements with other nations to settle short term relations. We also continue our smaller invasions into what remains of Russian land but are slowed down after our millions of civilian and military deaths. We also ask other European Axis nations to send some food and water supply to our civilians and also to newly formed fallout nations.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We ask that newly formed micronations have a non-aggressive attitude towards the German Reich as we do not wish to pose a threat to non-Communist nations.

Cascadia: We ask for America to release all land it owns to Mexico and release them as a sovereign nation, you may help them set up a government based on your own. We also wish to give you all lands owned by us in Ontario and Iowa. We ask for in return you give us the lands of Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Galica: We ask America and all other nations to not launch any nuclear devices on the German forces. However, we advise that nuking their nuclear weapon facilities may be required in order to prevent them from manufacturing more of these weapons. Then it would be relatively safe to send in an army to take the Nazi Territory without killing millions of civilians. The development of the aircraft carrier is slow and we ask any nations in the FAN if they would be able to share any progress in this feild so that we could join the real fight against the Axis Forces before it ends. We have made some progress with the Super Speed Jet, we have all of the aerodynamics perfect but we need to find a way to fit a powerful enough engine into the small space that we have and under a certain weight as to make the plane maneuverable if it comes under AA fire. We have started to incorporate the technology of the V2 rocket with our ICBM goal. Since we had no actual working model of one of these we haven't made much progress, but we have managed to get 200 km at speeds of 2000 km/h before it had to be shut down. The next test will take place in 6 months and will have a goal of 500 km. A new ambition that we have is to create a nuclear device with explosive capabilities of 80 megatons. This goal is going to be funded for two years.


Since Ratc hasn't posted, I am assuming they have retaliated by nuclear launching after I had bombed many of their cities.

Germany gets divided into several different states after the Axis government collapses. A small Nazi sub state remains in the Hannover-Brandeburg region while areas such as Austria and Bavaria gain independence ending the nuclear war against Germany. Many millions of people die in the event and cause nuclear winters in several areas of the northern hemisphere. France gains independence.

America also targets other Axis nations after they gain nuclear power and launch silos. The advance into Spain  is halted at Gibraltar. Iraq gains independence from the Ottoman Empire as an American vassal.

Large riots in Mexico and Alaska occur after people want to gain independence from these regions.

Sino-Communist Empire and the Republic of China enter a war against each other over Communist expansion in the area of East Asia.

Other African nations gain independence.

German Reich: We have fallen from the overturned state of Germany and the remains of the nuclear explosions and we have lost the strength of our empire and as a result, we have divided into many states. But yet, the German Reich is still here, and we will continue to stand until the very last day, and on that day we will show the world what power we have. We will show how the Reich is superior and the people of Germany are one to form the greatest nation in the world. We begin construction of facilities to provide food and water to distant towns and cities. We begin trying to communicate with Metz to establish good relations with other European states. We pull what remains of our fleet back to Frisburg and we establish some more military and influence bases in Hannover. We thank other nations of the Axis for sending much needed supplies. We withdraw from attacking Great Britain and France.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: Other nations of Europe and those fallen states. We ask that we not look back to what we have lost, instead we look for a bright, strong and technologically superior future and we ask any other nation for trade agreements.
  • Galician Diplomacy: Considering that you're largely responsible for the fact that half of Europe lies in ruins at the hands of nuclear weapons, we don't believe that any nations, even desperate ones in Europe, will join you in a so-called Superior Technological Advance. We will offer you one chance to surrender your nuclear technology and retire your military, navy and air force back to Germany and end this fighting. You would also have to abolish your current government and replace it with a more peaceful one.
  • German Reich Diplomacy: Never shall the German Reich surrender to a threat like this. We forcefully decline your diplomacy. Our military, despite the nuclear fallout, remains superior to yours and we suggest you do not have such an aggressive attitude towards main European powers. 

Galica: More progress with the V2 Rocket prototype, we have achieved speeds of 3000 km/h. We are now focusing on increasing the distance of the rockets. We are aiming to get 500 km in the next year. The aircraft carrier has had some major developmental progress and we have started construction of the final product. This will have a schedule of three years. Gil Aitkin has been voted out of Parliament and has been replaced by Angus Treglown.

America: We decided to allow for Cascadia's proposal several months ago, and we decided to try to reconquer our lost land, especially since the German nuclear strikes have destroyed much of the country. We attempt to rebuild infrastructure in lands we already own. We grant independence to lands beyond the Eastern US and Canada. We decided to negotiate with the Reich for peace, seeing that they are on the verge of collapse. We decided to propose a plan to Earth's remaining nations to evacuate the planet and establish some kind of permanent space colony on planet Mars.


Sorry I couldn't post earlier, my school computer was stuffing up. Aternix (talk) 04:57, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

World War II ends as Germany signs a peace treaty with America followed by several resignations of Axis nations which, in turn, collapses the Axis government and grants micronations of Europe freedom. The casualties from the second world war are just above one billion including both civilian and military casualties. 90% of these casualties are from nuclear explosion or radiation. 6% of the world's surface remains uninhabitable, especially in Eastern Russia. 

A few months after the collapse of the Axis, the Ottoman Empire falls apart into many micronations under a league of governments in Arabia.

All Axis nations are left to pay of an extreme sized debt to Allied nations.

Indonesia is hit by a Tsunami off the West Coast killing 180,000 people.

The War in China becomes a full fledged attack by both the republicans and the Communists.

Only three nations remain Fascist: the German Reich, Switzerland and Sweden.

Major nations that have gained independence include Portugal, Norway and Yugoslavia. (All on nations area.)

Millions flee into Switzerland from Germany to avoid radiated areas.

German Reich: Most of our nation remains a barren wasteland filled with smoke and fog as efforts to rebuild our nation seem hopeless. Our cattle remains dead and our food supplies plummet leaving millions of people starving. We continue trading with Sweden to try to regain our economy but all hope is lost for our people. We emerge from the military bunkers to find nothing better than abandoned towns and cities. 

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We ask that other German states please trade with us to reform our nation and end this famine. (Mod response.)
  • Republic of Metz: Accepts.
  • Switzerland: Accepts.
  • Bavaria: Declines.
  • Central Government: Declines, resigns from being a state of Germany and shows more signs of Independence.
  • Austria: Declines.

Cascadia: With the end of World War 2, Cascadia celebrates its fourth year of independence from Axis reign. Cascadia begins to contact all nations to reform the League of Nations, but actually allowing to have actual power and not be an organization using a piece of paper as its main weapon. We begin give aid to all nations affected by the nuclear war that ensued, believing that all mankind no matter race, nationality, or belief should deserve to die. All nations willing to participate in the reforming of the League of Nations respond, do what is best for humanity.

America: As we continue to reclaim our lost lands and clearing out the radiation, we decide to merge the FAN with the League of Nations and ask for the nation of Cascadia to assist us in establishing a second home for humanity on Mars. We start to rebuild our infrastructure and monuments and preserve as much of the human species as possible.


I was unable to post early for the same reason. I will be making a map of the Moon and Mars when the time for space travel finally comes into action and the world goes head to head in exploring the final frontier. I will be making space travel very plausible and simply just landing a man on the moon after very little research isn't going to cut it. More on this when I post the map of the Moon and Mars.

Russian governments go into complete turmoil and are having masses of population starved from the apocalypse. Clean up from nuclear explosions in America goes well. In Europe the effort to save the land seems hopeless.

Newly formed African nations go well after gaining their independence.

The League of Nations skyrockets with new nations joining and the world is being reformed under the guidance of this world organisation.

Sino-Communist Empire overthrows seaboard cities from the Republic of China.

Great Britain and France gain nuclear power. Massive protests against nuclear weapons swing into action across the globe. A massive riot hits Philadelphia against the use or storage of nuclear weapons.

German Reich: Our government continues to fall apart and our people are helplessly fleeing our nation to areas not devastated by nuclear explosion. We ask other European nations for help against our fight for food and radiation. We try to build farmland in areas close to Denmark and we dramatically increase our wheat output.

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We join the League of Nations in an effort to reform our nation and other around us to end the ongoing famine.  

America: As the world suffers from massive starvation, we decide to attempt to find alternate agricultural methods to traditional modern methods. One such method involves the use of hydroponics and we decide to attempt this new farming method to provide food not only to America but to all mankind. We decide to stop the Sino-Communist Empire and decide to ask Japan to allow us to station troops in the former Korea. We need Korea to invade the Sino-Communist Empire is the RoC is to ever survive their relentless onslaught. We ask for the nations that once composed Germany to reunite under a democratic regime and we ask for Galicia, Cascadia and other powerful nations on Earth to help with the new space race as we want to explore, expand, colonize and at this point conquer, the Solar System. Since the Japanese have refused our request to use Korea as beachhead for an invasion, we decide to go ahead with plan B: naval invasion. We secure several coastal cities in China to use as a beachhead for our invasion.

  • Japanese Empire (Mod): We decline as we do not want to disturb our relations with either of the two Chinas. We do, however, give you permission to use and enter our waters to perform a naval invasion.
  • Cascadia Diplomacy: War at this point is unnecessary if war is declared we will back out all funding in a united space program, which would hinder America as Cascadia is the least damaged and most prosperous nation left.

Cascadia: We begin creating mass agricultural fields in the Midwest hoping to help nations who are need and starving. We continue to be a leader in world politics hoping to be an example to lead to a brighter future. We continue to help cleanup in devastated nations and help guide the new nations. Hopefully, the world can see that war is unnecessary and building a better future is what's best.


After America secures many coastal cities of the Sino-Communist Empire, they declare war in retaliation. As Korea is also a Communist state. They, too, declare war on the the United States in retaliation of a close friend of their nation. The republic of China asks for an alliance with America.

Relations between Siberia and Alaska worsen after land claims from both nations cause heated arguments.

The League of Nations has now new members from Russian states and the Republic of China which dramatically strengthens the organisation.

An organisation called Fallout Collective Union Organisation (FCUO) is signed by all Central and Eastern European nations impacted by the nuclear apocalypse to protect the lands of these nations from a possible invasion from the "outside" world.

America's dependencies in West Africa hold strong and influence grows in the area.

Siberia launches a space program with the main goal to land a person alive on the Moon and to return after one full cycle. This program is greatly funded by the Siberian government.

Spain, after failing to win in the World War, remains strong and hold onto many of its territories gained during the war leaving many nations worried of its continued power.

Greece has a financial crisis and many people starve on their streets.

Yo, Aternix, can I have a go at a mod event? This time since I want to make this game more interesting. Let's see how massive worldwide food riots can turn out in an atomic winter.Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 16:11, November 2, 2013 (UTC)

You can propose for a mod event, but you cannot make mod events. I was about to get into the atmosphere dying and world food crisis sort of thing next turn. I will also be making the space travel and everything. Sorry about not posting over the weekend as well, I wasn't able to go on every day. Aternix (talk) 07:31, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

German Reich: After signing the FCUO, we feel as if the bright future for our nation isn't as far away as we had once thought. With a massive debt to pay off, many of our efforts to feed our nation are abandoned and our currency dramatically drops below what it was during 1929. Many of our people flee through into Denmark and the Netherlands to escape our war torn nation. We hold off on even thinking about launching a space program and we decide to focus on rebuilding our nation entirely before any efforts are made into space. 

America: Due to Korea's declaration of war, we decide to invade them as well and notify Cascadia that we are merely trying to protect a member of the FAN, which is already a part of the League of Nations. We accept China's offer, now that they are already within the membership of the FAN. We decide to begin research into Project Apollo to begin manned missions to the moon by testing equipment on orbit around the Earth and simulating lunar landings. We continue to launch offensives into the Sino-Communist Empire's territory and Korea's as well and attempt to install a democratic government in Korea while securing territory on the RoC's behalf against the Sino-Communist Empire. We decide to ask for Cascadia a member status in the LoN.

Remember the FAN is now the League of Nations and no longer exists. Aternix (talk) 07:31, November 3, 2013 (UTC)


The Fallen World map game is going to get very interesting. First of all, the world's largest war has just ended leaving a lot of the world a wasteland. There is a world-wide hunger problem causing many wars. The atmosphere is turning over from the disturbance and many weather conditions are going to impact everyone - all of this in the middle of a space race. This is going to be fun. :P 

Support for America in the fight against the Sino-Communist Empire dramatically drops as nations question if they really need to be there. America's stability drops and many U.S. positions are being fully attacked by Communist groups killing many soldiers.

The world is now being described as the Second Imperial age as stronger nations begin expanding into more affected nations without resistance of the civilised world. Fear of the collapse of civilization grows. A group in Africa forms to protect these nations from colonization.

Siberia successfully gets the first man into space and lands him safely from an early manned rocket. Siberia dramatically increases its spending on its space program.

German Reich: Our nation is slowly crumbling as we fail to solve our food hunger problem. We decide with the help of the LoN to develop an organisation to help world hunger. We try to increase our food output but much of our land is becoming unstable. We increase our trade with Denmark and other European nations and we ask for help as well from France to feed our people.  

Galicia: With the current state of the world we have closed our borders and are focusing on trying as hard as we can to become fully self-sufficient. In a tragic turn of events Prime Minister Angus Treglown has been assassinated by a lone gunman and police assure the public that he is in custody. The new Prime Minister, Connor Hodges, has put forward an action that will change the title of Prime Minister to President. This is one of the first steps toward leaving the influence of the remains of Britain. Our V2 rocket ICBM plans have been scrapped and instead have been replaced by a space program called The Australian Rocket Institution or TARI for short. We launch a test flight of one of our V2 rockets left over from the ICBM program and achieve a test height of eight km from a vertical start.


A massive counterattack by the Communists is launched in China pushing back large amounts of American forces. World relations with America continue to drop and America loses many coastal cities. Siberia enters an alliance with the Sino-Communist Empire and funds the Communist expansion.

The world population dramatically drops as food and water sources plummet with less amounts of fertile ground. The places worst effected are German states and European Russia. Areas of America are beginning to become infertile from the spread of radiation. The disturbance in the atmosphere leaves places in Africa and South America unstable and cause a massive drought in Greece and Yugoslavia.

Areas of Northern Africa are being re-colonised by European nations without resistance. These nations include Spain, Italy and Great Britain.

German Reich: Our food stockpiles remain empty after our entire nation is announced as unstable and we are now no longer able to feed our people or supply them with water. Our currency drops and all that remains is the abandoned cities of Hannover and Hamburg. 

  • German Reich Diplomacy: We ask that the nations of France, United Kingdom and America give us a loan so we have enough time to rebuild our economy.
  • Cascadia: We will help in the rebuilding of Germany.

Sino-Communist Empire: An invasion of the Chinese republic commences.

What are you talking about? You have been invading China since about two years ago. If you need help with the game, just let me know. Aternix (talk) 05:24, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

Cascadia: We continue to be a lead member in world wide aide, and we continue our research, efforts and tests into space flight and potential colonization. We have pulled out all aid in America's space flight program and continue plastering as unnecessary warmongers.


Everyone please understand that after the second world war, the world has now evolved dramatically. Nations have greatly advanced from being included in the war, and as the year is 1960, in real life the technology is closely related to 1965. Please message me if you have no idea what I just said.

Siberia becomes the first nation to successfully make a satellite orbit the Moon. Siberia becomes the leading power in the space race.

Cascadia advances their space technology and are becoming space race rivals with the United States.

Great Britain funds America in the space race.

Massive floods and rising waters put areas of India and Vietnam in extreme conditions killing millions and making many people flee those areas.

Nova Scotia becomes an ally of Great Britain and relations between the two nations rise.

Italy's expansion through North Africa continues and threatens the Libyan government to fall apart.

France reclaims most of Algeria.

German Reich: We finally get a hold on our falling economy and our people are slowly recovering from the lack of food and water. We begin to mass our food production to feed those in need and a force labour policy is endorsed so that our nation can recover quickly. Every man, woman and child must work to rebuild the nation. We thank Cascadia for helping us with our food and radiation crisis. We begin to expand our naval presence to defend our naval borders from a possible first world attack. We abandon our ICBM projects and we withdraw from being a nuclear power of the world. We do however look into nuclear technologies such as nuclear power. We also look into increasing solar panel efficiency.

Yes, solar panels existed back then. Aternix (talk) 05:34, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

America: We thank  the UK for their support in the space race and decide to challenge the nations of Cascadia and Siberia into a space race and decide to withdraw most of our troops from China, leaving only the special ops troops and advisors to assist in their war to stop Communist expansion in hopes of helping China and restoring our image and decide to launch our own human into space. We begin Project Orion which involves the usage of nuclear bombs to propel spacecraft, hoping to use this in interplanetary and (possibly?) interstellar travel. We also decide to launch a space probe to Mars and another one to Venus and another to Mercury. The probes go by Mariner 1, 2 and 3. Mariner 4 is launched to the Moon to find a location for a permanent outpost. We begin to focus on researching ways to create Direct Energy Weapons and begin researching the MRIV to add to our ICBMs. We begin to suppress Communism across the country and we commence operations to make sure Communism remains a less problematic situation.

Unless they are satellites, I see no reason why you would do this as the probes would simply burn up when entering their atmospheres. Aternix (talk) 07:45, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

France: Funds America in their space race. Sends 300,000 troops to China to help the republic.

By doing so, you have now declared war on the Sino-Communist Empire. You also had the font incorrect again. Warman, this is your last chance. Use bold when it is required. Aternix (talk) 07:45, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

Cascadia: With recent advancements in Space Flight we begin launching probes to explore the moon and our solar system including the CSS Lionheart, CSS Evergreen and CSS Dougfur. We become the first nation to hold a satellite in orbit around the Earth: the CSS Vancouver. Two more are scheduled on the CSS Portland and Los Angeles. With the recent activities of America investing their technology into weapons we begin condemning their actions because the world needs peace and advancement not more war. We begin influencing the League of Nations members to be wary of America's actions. We continue rebuilding the war ruined Asia and Europe.


Siberia, America and Cascadia land their first probes on the Moon. The world rivalries in the space race are now growing and each nation has their own technological and economic advantages to the race. Please, no landing probes on Mercury or Mars as it is implausible. They would simply burn up even getting close to these planets. No landing on gas planets either. You can, however, make satellites of these planets.

Wait a sec, don't you mean Venus? And no, the ones I launched last turn were orbiter/flyby probes, not landers. Ratc3333 Here, Prepare for Combat (talk) 12:01, November 7, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, my apologies, I meant Venus. And if they are flybys then yes, that's plausible.

The great Sino war becomes a stalemate between the two sides. Advancement is halted and neither nation makes any ground in the massive conflicts casing even more deaths. Popularity for the war dramatically drops causing riots in Detroit and Southern States.

Colonising African nations has halted for the time being.

Yugoslavia and Greece have small armed conflicts over ethnic land claims.

Belgium and Netherlands begins to fund the Cascadian space program.

Natural disasters mass across the Free Indian Kingdom causing massive floods and rising ocean waters leaving areas of Pakistan and Burma under water. The state of Florida has massive floods in the Southern regions. A massive bush fire devastates Cascadia's southern states. Slight amounts of UV light is passing through the atmosphere making people only able to stay outside for short times before developing cancers. The League of Nations calls an emergency conference to deal with the current atmosphere situation called "Free Light" conference.

German Reich: We decide to attend the Free Light conference to help deal with the current situation. We make plans to fund Cascadia's space program and hopefully bring a solution to the coming nuclear winter. We try to fertilise some more lands to the East and South and we also spread influence to Bavaria in hopes to re-unify Germany into one nation. We increase our trading port sizes to bring more money to our nation.

America: We continue to develop our space based technologies and begin to launch two humans into space at the same time with the Project Gemini. We continue research into Project Orion and begin to rebuild Southern Florida. We ask to join the League of Nations and want to attend the "Free Light" Conference as we want to show our proposal to preserve humanity. We launch the satellite Explorer I and also thank France for its aid in the space program. We begin to send the National Guard to stop the riots before they escalate across the nation. We continue to send advisors to the RoC and special ops teams continue to cause havoc on Sino-Communist forces. We decide to found the Department of Strategic Resources or "DeStRes" for short to focus on rebuilding the irradiated zones as the nuclear summer worsens. We propose a plan to Siberia and Cascadia to build a starship together in an attempt to evacuate the dying Earth using the research of Project Orion. We continue to develop Project Orion and launch the interplanetary craft simply called "Orion." We begin to test out a method of landing on the moon via a lunar module or space shuttle of some sort that we can use.

Cascadia: We currently have three satellites in orbit around the Earth, the CSS Vancouver, Portland and Los Angeles. We launch the first manned ship to orbit the moon, the CSS Olympia. We attend the Free Light conference and continue to influence league members to put more resources into our program. We begin working with America and Siberia to help build a collective ship.


The Free Light conference, attended by 32 different nations has come to a conclusion that working on a long term program to colonise Mars in fear of the Earth's atmosphere completely destroying will begin and will be hosted by the League of Nations. Other things such as floods and rising sea levels will also be funded but not as much.

Massive rising sea levels put large amounts of areas of Africa and Australia under water. Further lands begin getting flooded in Vietnam of which nearly destroys the entire nation causing just over 25 million deaths. More fires in North and South America break out and areas of Antarctica become inhabitable as ice is no longer present in summer or winter.

The League of Nations asks that America leave any positions in China or America will be kicked until they do so. Too many conflicts and too much money is being put into the attack on China.

Another wave of probes is landed on the moon by several nations. 

Siberia withdraws support of the Sino-Communist empire from the Great Sino war.

Apologies for not being able to post yesterday. Aternix (talk) 07:59, November 9, 2013 (UTC)

America: We decide to withdrawal our troops from China entirely, but still we would like to remind the League that the Sino-Communist Empire's expansion is potentially dangerous. We continue to research Project Orion and the starship, the LNS Unity begins construction using the Project Orion research. Our plan is to send the LNS Unity to Alpha Centauri to colonize the system. The Orion craft is becoming top priority right now as all the money once spent on the Great Sino War is now spent on the construction of the ship. We also decide to build both ships in orbit around Earth, since they are going to be too big to be built on Earth. We ask for Cascadia and Siberia to assist in the construction of both ships. We launch the first few sections of the ship into orbit as well as the construction crew. We are able to begin research on the space shuttles we are going to use to transport people out of Earth and into the ships. The crew capacity of both ships can carry up to a few hundred colonists and only the chosen will be selected for this endeavour seeing we can't save everyone while the rest will remain on the dying Earth. We begin to launch more satellites and begin construction of the space station Washington in order to make the construction of the ships easier.

German Reich: We highly invest in the LoN space program and we ask that we can have one probe built for our nation and launched. Our post-war nation has dramatically changed our economic stance and we are beginning to rebuild our nation but little time remains and we have to make the best of it. All people of the German Reich still are put under force labour until our nation becomes functional again. Areas of farmland have been successfully rebuilt and trade with other nations has secured our existence. We decide for the time being that we will not be running our own space program but we will be involved with the LoN space program of which is hosted in the France. 


Nations of Europe have evolved from the war and their economies boom. Other places include Japan. These nations have a quickly changing economy and their industry is large making them capable of producing and developing quicker than usual.

Floods in South East Asia hit breaking point and massive evacuations of those areas leave people with no choice but to shut down borders between Vietnam and the Free Indian Kingdom. 

Millions begin dying across the world from radiation exposure and poisoning causing cancers and other life threatening illnesses.

The Great Sino War comes to an end after America withdraws from the region. A proper border between the Republic of China and the Sino-Communist Empire is established.

The LoN lands their first wave of probes on the Moon.

German Reich: We are glad to see that the LoN is making progress in landing probes on the moon but we urge that colonising begins immediately or we will not have much time before living in bunkers is required to survive on the Earth. We also look into funding and developing a better way to produce foods and clean water.

America: We continue to build the "Orion" and the LNS Unity. We ask the Germans and other European economies assist us and we continue with constructing the orbital space station Washington. More sections of both ships are being launched and we finally send a human being to the Moon. We decide to found the League of Nations Mars Authority or LoNMA for short. We decide to use the LoNMA to make sure Mars is colonizable for all nations.


The LoNMA is off to a good start and is greatly funded by all members of the LoN. 

Project Orion gets funded by the LoN.

A Siberian space team land on the moon and set up a probe there marking the second nation to step foot on the Moon.

Tensions between Italy and France rise over land claims in North Africa and who gets to claim Tunisia. Italy expands their influence to the area and adopts a larger military.

An alliance between Communist Kazakhstan and Siberia is formed.

The entire world goes under extreme panic after millions more people die in third world nations from radiation exposure from an unstable atmosphere.

German Reich: We expand our nation and we increase the amount of farmland into areas that were radiated. We begin rebuilding lots of towns and cities to boost our population. We are glad to know that we now also have a satellite orbiting Earth which was launched and monitored by the LoN.

America: We complete the construction of space station Washington and thank the League of Nations for providing for Project Orion. With their combined research the starship LNS Unity is completed and the Orion interplanetary craft. We ask for the nations of Italy and France not to go to war, since we learned our lesson from the Great Sino War. We think that the Lunar Landing doesn't matter anyway and dare the Siberians to land a man on Mars. However, because we want to make Mars colonizable for everyone, we invite all nations to the LoNMA. The National Aeronautics Space Administration or NASA is founded in an attempt to make space exploration and colonization a possibility.

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